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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Table of Contents, match previews and other blogs

Table of Contents, explanation, future plans and Other Blogs of Interest

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Table of Contents

 Hi there. I realize that this site may be difficult to navigate for some people, as it is not in Chronological order  and things may be a little out of place when first viewing my page (i.e. seeing a Battle sequence before seeing any other scene). So I've decided to create a table of contents, to give some semblance of order to my lengthy blog.

So without further ado here are my blogs in the order I created them.

Page 1: Future Matchups
Here can be found the list of matchups I plan on doing. Most of these, save the ones already done or that I am in process of doing, are subject to change.

 As you can see the list is extensive and I am may not be able to do them all. In addition some will probably change in the near future. 
Link Here
Page 2: Amazon Huaorani Tribesmen vs. Fijian Warriors:

 This was my very fist match-up, though not the very first match-up that I have suggested or planned on doing (that comes later) . I was seeking to do something ...exotic for my first fight. I had always been fascinated by the ecology of the Amazon since I was a kid watching Animal Planet, and the unfamiliarity of its people drew me in as a great mystery to be explored. After finding a great site where I was able to look up the various Amazonian Tribes I was ultimately forced to choose between two tribes : The Huaorani, also known as  the "Warriors of the Amazon",  or the Yanomani or "Fierce People" . It was a tough choice, but after an in-depth dissection of the two, I ultimately chose the revenge obsessed Huaorani to be one half of my pilot fight. 

    I had always felt that the Pacific Islanders had been horribly represented by DW -these are the guys who originally dubbed  the Maori as the "cannibal warrior" - and resolved to learn more about one of their cultures, and I ultimately selected the Fijians, who were frequently referred  to in the literature I had read in my youth as "cannibals" .

 This match-up was my very first, and while it may seem sloppy compared to later battles I still consider it one of my best. I felt I did a great job at presenting these two exotic and little known warriors to the public. 

Fight Description:  Ecuador's fanatical revenge obsessed "Warriors of the Amazon" take on the famed cannibal warriors of Fiji. In this battle between two savage warrior cultures with no rules of warfare the serrated spears have been sharpened on both ends, and man-sized bows, blowguns, slings, clubs and battle axes collide in what could only be a most gruesome finale no matter who wins.
Link Here
Page 3: Mayan Late classical Warrior vs. New Kingdom Egyptian Soldiers

 Of all my matchups, this was my fastest completed, and I finished it in just two weeks. I had been wanting to do these two warriors since I first came up with the list, and it was in this battle that I first brought about the policy of introducing new categories for every new matchup. The horse drawn chariot was an obvious addition to the animal category, however the Mayan equivalent, while far less known, can be far more deadly then the horse in the right circumstances. 

 Weapons aside, these are two of the earliest civilizations of their respective worlds, and both historically went in opposite directions. The Mayans were a fragmented, war-like people, whose scientific contributions still dazzle us today.  The  Egyptians unified early in their history and were mostly peaceful, but by the time of Ramses had an increasingly militarized citizenry, and  formed the first professional armies the world had ever seen. 

Fight Description: In this battle between two advanced ancient civilizations worlds collide. In what is a deadliest warrior first there will be an Animal vs. Animal category as horse driven chariots take on hand thrown hornet bombs. Joining these war beasts is an arsenal that includes obsidian chainsaws, bows, spear throwers, sickles and axes.
Link Here
Page 4 & 5: Imperator Julius Caesar vs. King Cao Cao of Wei

     This has been by far my most popular matchup I have ever produced, and as of this writing the first part has over 3,200 views! Which combined with the second post, translates into something approaching 4,000. 

 Early on, I wanted to tackle the Han-Rome debate that so polarizes many discussion boards. Originally I couldn't decide which two historical figures to pit against each other: both Han and Roman history are full with superb generals. After a day or so of scanning through chat forums I finally found a contest that caught my eye: Julius Caesar vs. Cao Cao.  

 Both men were commanders that I had already known of ; as I was aware of the Three Kingdoms period, and Caesar really doesn't need an explanation.  After reading of their biographies, I decided I just had to pair these two up, they were just two similar not too. Julius Caesar was arguably the greatest Roman commander who ever lived, and his death  helped bring about the death of an era (Republic) .  Cao Cao made the last Han emperor his puppet, and though he called himself Han and formally recognized the emperor as his sovereign, he was essentially king of Northern China (like Caesar was of Rome in all but name) . His death brought about the end of the Han, like Caesar and the Republic.  Going further into their biographies, everything about these men are so similar that it becomes hard to fathom a better Han/Rome  matchup. 

Fight Description: There are two internet matchups that appear over and over again on every forum, even those unrelated to history. The first is the ever famous Pirate vs. Ninja. The Second is Han Dynasty vs.. Roman Republic/Empire. In this very special fight, the armies of two superpowers collide as Rome's greatest general Julius Caesar, whose name has echoed throughout time, takes on Cao Cao the vicious and cunning Chinese warlord famed for his role in the Three Kingdoms. Shield walls, crossbow lines, Cataphracts, short swords, martial arts and artillery weapons fight it out in what will surely be a bloody affair either way.
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Page 6, 7 and 10  : Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of The Ring
 The very first of my fictional match ups, this was originally inspired by TrueRoker's L4D Special Infected vs. Foxhound . In that scenario members of the elite black operatives unit take on various special infected of the Left 4 Dead universe, whose bodies were mutilated  by the body to give them perverse powers, such as the building jumping hunter and tongue strangling smoker. It was from that that I decided to do a "Heroes fighting Super Zombies" match-up of my own. 

 The idea to use the Dead Space Necromorphs was already pretty much a given; these guys are arguably the most horrifying zombie variant found in any game. In addition I was a big fan of Dead Space 2, so that helped influence my choice in monsters.

 The heroes were another automatic choice; what fictional company is more loved then the Fellowship of the Rings? Is their any other collection of heroes that possesses more skill then that of Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf? 

 Pitting these guys together was fun for me, as it pitted skill against fear, Sci Fi vs. Fantasy, unrelenting monsters vs. glorious heroes. The ending was something that I was not expecting, but a welcome one none-of-the-less. 

Fight Description:  This battle pits what is arguably the greatest company of fictional warriors to ever be conceived against some of the most Twisted, nightmare inducing monsters to have been ever imagined. The Fellowship won the battle for Middle Earth, but can they win against an unrelenting Infection? With magic, baby bombers, acidic puke and precision archery, this odd matchup will certainly be one you don't want to miss!
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here:
Part 3: Here
Page 8, 9, 12, 13, 16: Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk
*Due to my mind wandering, I often finish parts of other matches before the battle/story of another.

 After finishing the previous match up, I decided to once again dive into the field of exotic warriors, though both of these warriors are far more well known then the previous set of exotic fighters.  The Shaolin Monk were well known for their fast paced martial arts style, and famous thanks to Hollywood as a legendary martial arts master. Finding an opponent for them was a bit difficult, but after watching Terry Schappert's Warriors the answer was obvious . The Hawaiian Koa were famed for their highly lethal martial arts and if anyone could prove to be a worthy adversary for China's martial art's masters, it was these guys. 

Fight Description: The Shaolin Monk, the world's most famous martial artists, vs the Hawaiian Koa, the warriors of ancient Hawaii who were known for their unarmed lethality. WHO. IS. DEADLIEST! In this very special match up two martial arts masters go head to head. In a exotic fight between the Orient and Oceania, the gloves are off and no mercy will be given nor shown. Shark teeth clubs, devastating burial tools ,diabolical tridents, ear shattering slings,  concealed weaponry and heavy roped objects clash  in what could only be a gruesome finish.
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here
Part 4 Here
Part 5 Here
Page 11: Alternate Ending Pack 1:
  This idea owes complete credit to Scarecrowsmainfan, who was the first to conceive of such an idea. I myself decided to write these both as a sort of an apology to those fans of warriors who lost, and to give the average readers a piece of alternate history. 
Fight Description: I realize that many people who read these blogs may be a bit dissapointed that ____ lost. Well , to prove that I do indeed care about these people, Alternate Ending Packs wil be published every four matchups. This is a "what-if " scenario where instead of ____ wining his opponent wins. The first Pack covers Amazon Huaorani Tribesmen vs. Fijian Warriors, Mayan Late Classical Warriors vs. New Kingdom Egyptian Soldiers, , Imperator Julius Caesar vs. King Cao Cao of Wei, and Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of the Ring.
Link Here

Page 14, 15, 17, 18, 20: Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer 
   While finishing up the Shaolin vs. Koa, I began the tradition of using the polling application to allow readers to choose what battle they wanted to see next. As there are a fair portion of readers who like fictional AND real, I came up with the idea of alternating between the two.  This match-up was conceived as I wanted to pit two opposing concepts, Science and Magic, against each other. Other then the couple of similarities I noted in the first section these men are polar opposites in everything from personality to motivation to weapons (steel vs. biological) . So far, this battle was my only duel, and I was quite impressed with my ability to drag it out over 10+ pages, as well as utilizing everything I mentioned in the bios.

Fight Description:  Date Alighieri, a war criminal turned holy warrior who transversed all of hell in order to save his beloved vs. Alex Mercer, a borderline sociopath who caused a biological apocalypse that killed millions. In this fight opposite concepts go head to head. A man of faith vs. a man of sceince.  The magical powers of the cross vs. the most pertent biological virus ever created. In my first mano-e-mano fight holy relics, extendable fists, human blades, crusader weaponry, regenerative powers and Death's own Scythe go head to head in an awesome deathmatch.
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here 
Part 3 Here
Part 4 Here
Part 5 Here
Page  19 Deadliest Warrior Quickie one: Super Roman Praetorian vs.Super Roman Centurion-
See description
Fight Description: Hi all. This is just a quick match up whose sim and resulted I was called on to do. The term super means that each warrior got the best arsenal possible, even if various pieces of their arsenal weren't used in the same period historically.

  This one was between the Roman Praetorian, the famed imperial bodyguards and emperor makers of Rome, vs. the Roman centurion, the front-line officer who commanded his troops with iron discipline.
Link Here 
Page 21, 22, 23, 24, 25- Byzantine Kataphraktoi vs. Polish Winged Hussars 

 My second popularly chosen matchup, this was an awesome battle to do. Both warriors were some of the greatest Calvary units of all time,  and this was my first battle where all combatants were mounted.  A had to scan through Europe's history to find someone that might be able to challenge the Hussar's supremacy, and it was a tough choice between the Byzantines and the Knights. Ultimately the Byzantines were chosen, as I felt that there were too few bloggers that have covered the fascinating military history of the Byzantines, which is unfair to them, as they were a dominating force in Europe for at least six centuries. 
Fight Description:  In this match up the elite of two nations vie for supremacy as the Byzantium's Kataphraktoi face off against Poland's Winged Hussar in, for the first time ever, a completely mounted match up. This match up pits horseback archery against early carbines,  double mail vs. plate, and  swords, flintlock pistols , lances and sledgehammers all make an appearance in the titanic dual  between two constantly beleaguered civilizations
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here 
Part 3 Here 
Part 4 Here
Part 5 Here
Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker : page 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
Believe it or not  this was my planned matchup . I had conceived of this match up after observing Gamespot's Greatest  PC Villain poll  between Sarah Kerrigan and Darth Vader (Sarah ultimately won) back in September . Ever since then I have wondered who would emerge victorious between the two Sci Fi stars, and I made an impassioned appeal to Master OF The Boot to do this match up. He graciously accepted my request, and even though our conclusions were completely different (hopefully I am not disturbing anything) , his battle was superb (which I will talk about in his section). Of all the fictional battles I have done, I consider this my best. 

Fight Description:  This bout is a science fiction battle of titans. Its Star Wars vs.Starcraft as leader of the Zerg Swarm Sarah Kerrigan takes on Anakin Skywalker, the dark chosen one. Each will bring his/her minions with them , so expect to see a lot of bloodshed on both sides! This battle will feature two incredibly destructive sniper rifles, biological and mechanical weapons going head to head, and perhaps most spectacularly the Force will be pitted against Kerrigan's devastating psionic powers. This is truly a Sci clash of the ages!
Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here
Part 4 Here
Part 5 Here 
Part 6 Here

Alternate Ending Pack 2: 32
  My second Alternate Ending Pack features the alternate endings of Shaolin Monk vs. Hawaiian Koa, Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer, Byzantine Cataphracts vs. Polish Winged Hussars, and Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker. Every victor of those matchups was more controversial then the previous set, and I hoped I made the fans of the loser's somewhat satisfied with the alternate endings. 
Can be Found Here 

Arminius of the Cherusci vs. Shaka kaSenzangakhona 33,34, 35, 36,38, 39  :

 This matchup was chosen by popular demand, and it is my second army battle. I am glad that this was the second one chosen, as I feel that neither warrior is as properly appreciated as he ought to be. When we think of great military commanders we think of Alexander, Caesar, The Khan, Napoleon and rightfully so- after all all of those men earned their posthumous reputation among military historians and society at large through the scale of their conquests.  However that does not discount Arminius or Shaka's own significant military and cultural contributions. Both of them beat world domineering empires not in their dying days like Attila, but in their prime (well posthumously Shaka's tactics did, just as he predicted). On the cultural side of things Shaka completely transformed South Africa, and made one of the smallest tribes of the time into the largest. Were it not for Arminius, the English language might not exist today, and the Roman Empire may have even survived the first millennium!  Another similarity is the potent warrior cultures associated with both men, which in my opinion is just as interesting as the men themselves!

Fight Description:   Arminius, the German Warlord who in a single battle decimated 1/10 of Rome's army in a single battle vs. Shaka Zulu, a potent warmonger whose conquests transformed the Southern half of a continent. WHO. IS. DEADLIEST!  In this army on army battle, both generals come fully equipped to change the course of history. Longbows, short spears, Beserkers, British firearms, cattle and cavalry are all  brought to bear as two masters of warfare fight their toughest battle.
Part 1 here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here
Part 4 Here
Part 5 Here
Part 6 Here

Revised Table of Contents-Version 1.0 37 :

 Whereas at first the Table of contents were only intended to serve as guides to me blogs, and deleted with each new addition, now they will be kept to serve as markers and to introduce the readers to some upcoming battles, as well as some proposed ones that never made the cut.

Back for Blood Tribal championship: Amazon Huaorani Tribesmen vs. Hawaiian Koa Warriors  40:

    In my first Back for blood installment the warriors were divided into tiers based on technology and armor available to them. Thus the Koa and Huaorani, lacking much in the way of armor and possessing mostly natural weaponry, were put in the Tribal division, where upon a championship battle was made between the  two of them. These warriors, both little known, are fascinating in their own right, and the matchup between the two was very enjoyable to make!

Fight Description: 
 When two champions of tribal combat go to war, one can never be sure of exactly what level of brutality they will bring. Curare poison, deadly martial arts, weapons from the sea and ambush tactics....all have a role to play in this bout to determine the Deadliest Tribal Warrior!


Delta Squad vs. Noble Team: A preview of what is to come 41: 

   The Purpose of this preview  was mainly just to hammer out a grading scale on my upcoming Delta vs. Noble, and to give a bit of a teaser for this upcoming battle of Xbox giants.


Back For Blood Sc-Fi Championship: Sarah Kerrigan vs. Alex Mercer 42, 43, 44, 45:

    The first of the two fictional back for bloods, in this battle I chose to take a different route and "up the ante", so to speak. This is undoubtedly my most detailed match to date, and pits the Queen of the Zerg and star of Heart of the Swarm against Alex Mercer, the Biological superweapon of New York and antagonist of the second game. This battle featured two different sets of powers wielded by two god-like creatures that are extremely difficult to kill.  It was separated into four parts : the character info and edges, and then three battle sequences.

Fight Description: 
 In this battle two Sci-legends, champions of previous bouts, are after each other's blood. Will Alex Mercer consume Sarah Kerrigan, or will the Queen of Blades crush this pretentious  fuel beneath her heels? In a battle with game ending devastators, energy destruction , biological weapons and near instantaneous regeneration, nothing is certain except that nearly everything around these two warriors is in grave danger.

Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here
Part 3 Here
Part 4 Here
An Explanation:

Currently I am taking no less then 5 classes, and as such it becomes difficult to balance time. My current plans are to do work during the weekdays, and then use the weekends for blog time. Depending on the amount of homework I am given I may have to forgo that rule at times, however I swear I will not give up on it.Nor has the official cancellation of the show effected me, as the idea behind the show has fascinated me long before the show did.

Future Plans: 
       I have ideas for dozens if not hundreds of wonderful matchups, however do to time restraints I certainly won't be able to get to all of them. 
First I am going to finally write the long awaited Delta Squad vs. Noble Team, a battle of elite commando squads. 

Then after that I will do the following battles: 
1. Shaolin Monk vs. Fijian Warrior- the first of my Loser's redemption rounds.

2. Ivan the Terrible vs. Blackbeard the Pirate- requested by Master of the Boot about a year ago, this battle will finally be brought to the table. 

3. Anakin Skywalker vs. Dante Alighieri - second of my loser's redemption rounds, with several new twists!

4. Fan's choice: Basically another round of voting will determine the next match!

Potential Matchups: 

 Ideas come and go, however below are some battles that have been interesting me for a while, with what I hope is a cool preview of course!


Khalid Ibn Walid, the Sword of Allah, the great conqueror of the Middle East,has many achievements to his name and had destroyed the Byzantines in many prior engagements. He had no reason to think that this next battle would be any tougher then the last, despite the praises that the infidel prisoners sung for the new general in command of their armies. Khalid had no reason to believe this new general was any less trumped up then the rest of them, a ploy the enemy used to inspire uncertainty in his men. Giving it no more thought, he turned off the lantern and drifted off to sleep, eager to get some rest before the battle tommorow. 

 Unfortunately for a rare moment in his career, Khalid was wrong. Tommorow he would be in for the toughest fight of his career. 


 As many of you know, much of the Byzantine Middle East was conquered by the newly formed Caliphate in the 7th century. Spearheading many of these assaults was the great Khalid Ibn Walid, the sword of Allah who was victorious in over a 100 battles. The speed of the Muslim conquest over the Byzantine and Sassanid empires  shocked and horrified  all contemporary observers, who thought god abandoned them. It has been a sore point of Romanophiles ever since- who point out that if the empire hadn't been weakened the forces of Khalid and others would have never succeeded. 

 Well in this timeline the grudge will finally be decided, for on the plains of Thrace an army was sighted mysteriously appearing out of the mist, led by a man dead for a 100 years. To the tearful  citizens of Constantinople it seemed like God had answered their prayers. To Khalid Ibn Walid, the man's appearance represented a fight unlike any other other he had experienced, as he fought the most brilliant Byzantine general to ever live

     Will Khalid score another victory in Allah's name, or will Belisarus reverse the fortunes of Byzantium and thus change the course of history? 

         Belisarus vs. Khlaid Ibn Walid

The Templar Knights were no strangers to viscous battles and strange weaponry-after all they made it their personal duty to fight the heathens that befouled the holy lands. However even they felt a sense of foreboding when they spotted their next opponents, who were completely unlike any warrior they had ever fought before.

 In this battle, worlds would collide....

       A battle of East and West.....

        Korean Hwarang Knight vs. Knights Tempalr

Proposed Fictional: 

When a Yuuzhan Vong boarding party raided the derelict U.S.S. Ishimura, they only really expected a couple of captives from the mission. When they found a mysterious artifact that allowed them to communicate with the glorious dead, the priest caste was initially overjoyed. So overjoyed in fact, they brought it aboard a worldship to better study it. Within a weak of the decision, the worldship experienced a huge spike in crime, particularly murder and suicides, drawing the ire. For a naturally violent race such as the Yuuzhan Vong, the rise in such incidences had to be at least a 300 percent increase before the leaders really started to pay attention to it. The rise was much more then that, a whopping thousand percent increase to make even the most carefree Yuuzhan Vong official nervous

      The worldship was quickly quarantined from the rest of the race, much to the ire of those in charge of the ship who were trying to maintain. Now with a mysterious new virus sweeping through the Yuuzhan Vong worldship and screams beginning to echo through the Shamed ones's quarters, the warrior caste mobilizes to put down what they think is a revolt, not expecting that the true cause is something much worse.....

 Will the warriors of the Yuuzhan Vong  manage to contain the outbreak, or will the hordes of the Necromorphs prove to be too horrifying for even them?

..........Yuuzhan Vong vs. Dead Space Necromoprhs....


 The man is a legend in the gaming community, famous for killing pretty much the entire Greek Panthenon and countless mythological monsters. Wielding magical weapons and possessing items based on prominent greek mythos, Kratos is a truly formidable fighter.

 Thats why I am a bit stuck on who to have him fight, as there are some that he would destroy utterly, and then some that would destroy him without blinking a eye (like the two guys that will come after this section- suck it up GOW fans!).

Here are some considerations- tell me which you guys think should be the one to take on the god killer?

Arthas Menthil/Lich King:

 The King of the Undead Scourge, this man wields the legendary Runeblade Frostmourne, a blade with Blade of Olympus like magic. It is a blade so powerful in fact, that Arthas is considered night invincible when he possesses it. He has complete mastery of shadow and ice magic, can summon undead dragons, undead spirits  and is a naturally skilled warrior.

Illidan Stormrage: 

  The demon-king of Outland, Illidan is a powerful character with over 10,000 years of experience and is one of the best sorcerers  in the Warcraft universe.. Wielding the devastating Twin blades of Azzinoth, Illidan is capable of flight, fire and dark magic, and transforming into a giant demon.


 The most powerful villain in the Final Fantasy universe, Sephiroth is a villain that almost doesn't need a introduction. Other then his legendary longsword, he possesses flight, teleportation, magic and a whole lot of other powers, in addition to a cool theme song!

Which of these three should be Kratos's opponent? Or should it be someone off the list?


Easily one of the most powerful comic book characters, Spawn has completely defeated the forces of heaven and hell, becoming a diety himself before. It would be easier to list the powers he does not possess then list those that he does. 

 Virtually immortal, the man has defeated basically everyone thrown at him before, including Kratos!

 But can even he stand up to the psionic might of the 

God Emperor of Mankind?

.....Spawn vs. The God Emperor of Mankind....

 In a battle with psionic powers capable of destroying entire solar systems and magic capable of defeating deities, who can really be sure on the winner?

And Finally  in what promises to be one of my best fictional matches....

Two different groups of teenagers of teenagers will fight....

Both possess extraordinary superpowers...

Both fight evil....

But only one can claim to be the deadliest!

Coming soon....

The Teen Titans


Team Avatar

 Both shows. Teen Titans and Avatar the Last Airbender, were some of the most popular shows on their respective networks in their day. Both teams have fought the powerful villains and foiled doomsday plot before, and both teams are relatively  similar in their composition (4 super powers and 1 non, 2 girls : 3 females) that this fight just seemed gold to me!

The Teen Titans strive to keep their city safe from the myriad of supervillains that plague it. Five members comprise the Titan side. There is  Beast boy, a teen with the powers to transform into any animal, Earthbound or alien;  Raven a interdimensional witch with a nice blend of telekinetic powers; Starfire  a alien with the power to shoot bolts from her hands and with heightened physical attributes; Cyborg  a half man and half machine this man can transform himself into a living weapon and Robin, the leader who possesses the training and smarts of Batman's favorite disciple. 

     The Avatar Gang strives to defeat the evil Phoenix King Ozai and end the war. The Gaang consists of Katara, a waterbender who has perfected her art to extend to blood; Toph a blind Earthbender who invented a way to bend metal; Zuko former crown prince of the Fire Kingdom (Ozai's son) and magnificent firebender to boot; Sokka the man with the plans and a space sword and finally Avatar Aang, master of the four elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth) .

 I am considering including Terra into the lineup, as she formed a brief and emotionally significant part of the Teen Titans team for a while, as well as Suki, the last member to join Team  Avatar, and another emotionally significant member. Though it may seem like Terra's super powers would give the Titans an unnecessary advantage, Suki is skilled in her own right and Team Avatar also possesses Appa and Momo, two animals that could influence the fight. In addition the Titans are going to need everything they have to fend off first Ozai, and then Avatar State Aang. 

Other Future Considerations!

 (with a very brief description

My Future matchups will be (hopefully)
* those crossed off = done 
1. Alexander the great (of course) vs. Sun Tzu: Will Macedon's Great Warrior-king prevail, or will he be outfoxed by China's semi mythical strategist?
2. Mayan warrior vs. Egyptian (done)
3. Amazonian Huaorani Tribemen vs. Fijian warrior(done)
4. Rajput warrior vs. Lanschrekmen: Between two great warriors a continent apart, who will come out alive?
5. Korean turtle-ships  vs. Byzantine Dromon: In their heyday the Byzantines were renowned for their navy, but can even their Greek fire overcome Korea's formidable turtle ships?
6. Australian Aboriginal vs. Iroquois warrior(no gunpowder): The Aboriginals were some of the most crafty of the tribal warriors to ever fight the West, but can they destroy the fierce and proud warriors of the Five Nations?
7. Dacio-Thracian vs. Zande Warrior: Another great tribal battle with some of most unique and gruesome weaponry seen on either continents.
8. Shaka Zulu Vs Arminius 
9. Assyrian warrior vs. ancient Iberian warrior : Can the world "first professional' army subdue the resilient natives of Spain, or will they be overcome be the tenacious tribesmen?
10. Dahomey Amazons vs Ottoman Janissaries :  The female bodyguards of Dahomey were undoubtedly the real thing to be sure, but can they overcome the Ottoman elite?
11. Incan vs Ancient Israelite : On one side we have the pinnacle of Andean warfare, on another we have the great soldiers that  served under the biblical hero known as David ? Who is deadliest?
12. Besilarus vs Khalid Ibn Walid: Many fans of Rome attribute the rapid conquest of much of the Byzantine empire to the lack of effective leadership and war exhaustion that plagued the country. They say that had the Muslims invaded at any other time, they would have lost. Well now that claim is going to be put to the test, as the "Sword of Allah" and most imposing figure of the Islamic Conquests, Khalid Ibn Walid, takes on the greatest Byzantine general to ever live, Besilarus.
13. Polish winged husssar vs Byzantine cataphract 
14. Boudicca vs Tomyris : Boudicca, the woman who launched one of the greatest revolts against Roman rule fights Tomyris, the woman who put a stop to Cyrus's conquests- and the man himself. Who Is. Deadliest?
15. Vlad vs Nobunaga oda - Vlad the Impaler, the sadistic inspiration for the modern day Dracula, takes on Nobunaga Oda, the so called demon king . The Grizzly methods of both men will play a role in this bout.
16. Hawaiian Koa vs Shaolin Monk
17. Han dynasty bodyguard vs Persian immortal: Who will prevail between the elite of Ancient China and Persia?
18. Genghis Khan vs. Hernando Cortez: Can the advanced firearms and steel of the Conquistadors tip the scales against the Mongols, or will the Spainard meet his match against a personality just as driving as his.
19. Templar knight vs. Hwarang:  Question. If a couple of Templar Knights were to come across their Korean counterparts, who would emerge victorious?
20. Flavius Aetius vs Hannibal: Will Rome's last, great defender pull of another victory, or will the ancient world's "Annihilator" finally crush the Romans one and for all?
21. Ancient Sumerian Vs Kiribati Warrior : the world's fist civilization vs. a society that preceded it on the scale. Who is Deadliest?
22. Cao Cao vs Julius Ceaser (done)
23. Maori  vs Apache: Tribal warfare does not get much better then this, as the brutal warriors of the South Pacific face off against the guerrilla fighters of America's Southwest.
24. Masai vs Inuit: Warriors from two extreme of climate meet in a neutral zone to settle their differences.
25. ChandraGupta Maurya  vs Suryavarman II : Between Khmer and Ancient India, which exotic civilization will emerge victorious?
26. Byzantine Vangarian Gaurd vs. Roman Praetorian Guard : Rome's two greatest bodyguards square off to decide who, exactly, is fit to guard the emperor (or secretly arrange his assassination).
27. Spartan Hoptile vs Viking Raider : This is to soothe all of those crying for a Sparta vs. Viking battle.
28. Ninja vs. Gladiator:  Can the mysterious Shinobi emerge victorious against Rome's crowd thrilling killers?
29. Aztec Jaguar vs. Filipino warrior : Two powerful warriors both encountered by the Spanish around the same time. Who will prevail?
30. Ivan the Terrible vs. Blackbeard the Pirate: Can the superior training of the Stelsky's overcome the superior firearms of the Blackbeard? Which one of them will brutally finish off the other?

On sidelines(meaning I want to do them but can't figure out who to put them against): ,    some Indonesian warriors ,  Comanche, Texas Rangers , Solomon Island warrior,

And that's it. Some of these will probably change, some may be added/removed and hell I may not do all of them(laziness is the enemy of all good things).
Part 2
Fictional Matchups:
1. Dead Space Necromoprhs vs. Lord of the Rings' Fellowship of the Ring

2. Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker (assisted by storm troopers and hydralisks)

3. Ezio And Assassins vs. The gladiators of Starz's Spartacus : Legendary Assassins that are shrouded in a veil of secrecy  vs. combat experts who became legends after leading a massive revolt against their home country. Who is Deadliest?

4. Sprawl Security Team vs. Black ops Nazi Zombie Characters : Which of these two teams will survive the monsters and each other? Will it be the incredibly diverse Nazi zombie characters, with their mix of World War 2 and wonder weapons or the Sprawl Security team, who bring the latest armor and gear.

5. Ryu Hayabusa(Ninja Gaiden)   vs. War(darksiders) : The Slayer of numerous demons takes on one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in an action bout for the ages.

6. Commander Shepherd vs. Master Chief :  Biotics vs. Augmentation. Specter vs. Spartan Super Soldier. Mass Effect vs. Halo. Who . Is. Deadliest?

7. Gears Of War Delta Squad vs. Noble Team Six : Two squads who have faced apocalypse in the face unblinkingly duke it out .

8. The Predator vs. Albert Wesker : The formidable alien headhunter finds his most worthy prey yet in Umbrella Corporation's criminal mastermind!

9. Dante Alighieri  vs. Alex Mercer 

10. John Marston vs. James Earl Cash : Can a 100 year of tech advantage and a psychotic  mindset trump a legendary gunslinger's skill?

11. The Joker (Dark Knight) vs. Hans Landa (Inglorious Bastards) : If  two twisted psychopaths from opposing sides of the Atlantic were to hunt each other, who would emerge from the ordeal alive?

12.  Agent 47 vs. The Boss (Saint's Row 2) : Someone's put a hit on the brutal crime boss of Saint's Row, hiring the greatest assassin in history. Does Saint's Row's main playa have a chance, or has he bitten off more then he can chew?

13. Locusts vs. Elites : We have pitted the heroes of the Gears and Halo franchises against each other, now who will emerge victorious among the villains?

14.  God-Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer 40k-with body)  vs. Spawn (Spawn series): Some characters are so ridiculously overpowered that is hard to conceive of any characters capable of stopping them. These are two such characters. In a battle with psionic powers capable of destroying entire solar systems and magic capable of defeating deities, who can really be sure on the winner?

15. Teen Titans (Teen titans animated series)  vs. Team Avatar (Avatar the Last Airbender) (squad)  : This battle between two  pseudo-anime series would be a super powered battle for the ages. Would display a wide range of powers (and capable non-superpowered fighters) and compare some basic Western/Eastern anime themes.

16. Harry Potter vs. Luke Skywalker (New Hope) - a Death Battle rematch!

Faction Battles:

1. Zerg vs. Orks- When Sarah Kerrigan gets a WAARGH proclaimed on her, will the Zerg be able to fend off the onslaught or will they fall to the lean green machine?

2. Dead Space Necromophs  (Dead Space) vs. Yuuzhan Vong (Star Wars) : When a Yuuzhan Vong boarding party raided the derelict U.S.S. Ishimura, they only really expected a couple of captives from the mission. When they found a mysterious artifact that allowed them to communicate with the glorious dead, the priest caste was initially overjoyed. However things have rapidly deteriorated since then. With a mysterious new virus sweeping through the Yuuzhan Vong worldship (resulting in its quarantine by the rest of the race), the warrior caste struggles to contain the onslaught. Will the warriors put the monsters down for good,  or will the untold  horrors of the Necromorphs finally prove too much for this proud warrior race?
On Sidelines: Azula, Sora, Bayonetta

And now for some other great blogs worth checking out!

Ares- "And so the story began"

 A real life Knight from the Netherlands, his  blog tells the tale of a modern day Television company that goes back in time to capture warriors and pit them  against each other in a modern day Arena, for a crowds amusement. Known as AresHuls on the Spike Boards, Ares has probably been blogging the longest of everyone on the list save iHonk(mike). He has also  researched matchups that DW are doing (Genghis vs. Hannibal, William vs. Joan) in order to determine who would win in a real life bout between the two.  While he used to do fictional matchup, he seems to have discontinued that policy recently.  Check it out ! 
Favorite Match up: Real:Joan of Arc vs. William of Normandy:
 In his first review of a Deadliest Warrior match-up, Ares seeks to compare Saint Joan of Arc, the woman who helped inspire France to freedom and is currently DW's golden girl, against William of Normandy, the conqueror of England. Ares passionately  looks up the four possible weapon choices of both warriors, and compares them based on : weapon on weapon, weapon vs. opponent's armor and personal skill vs. personal skill. In the end his winner is slightly more realistic then DW's approach. 

Runner-up :Julius Caesar vs. Khalid Ibn Walid

  This is a rather excellent battle between one of Rome's greatest generals vs. the man who almost single-handily conquered much of the Islamic empire. A battle no one wants to miss

Fictional Match up :Hero of Oak-vale vs. Hero of Bright-wall 

 Ares's first fictional match-up, this match pits the heroes of Fable 1 and Fable 3 against each other. This bout contains magic, swords and guns as well as the experts we all know and love. Mimicking the style of the show, he seeks to bring gaming characters in as experts in order to supply witty humor. His writing culminates into a epic showdown between the two and you will have to find out the winner!

Runner-up: Sub-Zero vs. Batman
 Ares's only other fictional match-up to date, this match up pits Gotham's Dark Knight vs. one of Mortal Combat's deadliest fighters. 

Currently Working on: Atahualpa vs. Heke

Meibukan Master- Meibukan Master 

 This man has his own fan season and does match ups in a similar manner to the way I do. Likes to do matches  with exotic or previously unheard of warriors. He doesn't like to advertise much, and he often switches between matches without finishing one, but he has done two  matchup before that was spectacularly done. 

Favorite Battle: Praetorian Guards vs. Imperial Guards:  This battle has overtaken the match below as my favorite battle. The Rome/China theme is always an entertaining one for me to read about, and Meibukan really puts an admirable amount of detail in this match. 
Runner-up :Border Raiders vs. Crow Nation:
  This battle pits two relatively unknown horse fighters, the Crow Nation and the Border Raiders, against each other. The Profiles are very informative, and he clearly puts some detail into looking up the weapons; To date this is the only match up he completed, and his simulation was superb. 

Currently Working on : Russian Stelsky vs. Croatian-Austrian Pandur 

Master of the Boot- Master of the Boot's Deadliest Warrior

 If fictional matchups are your cup of tea then make sure to check out this guy! Master of the Boot has been doing battles for over a year now, and he takes requests for both fictional and unique real (among the fight request that he has done were Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker). He now has all 14 of his match-ups on blog spot with bonus videos, images and commentary.  I name this guy one of my chief inspirations so please check him out!

Favorite Match-up: Dante Alighieri vs. Alucard
   By far this was my favorite  fight of his, and I was not aware of who Alucard war when I read it . It took the concepts of good and evil, technology and magic, sin and redemption to an extreme, and everything from the commentary of the experts to the end sim was phenomenal

Runner Up:(tie) Batman vs. Punisher and Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker
 As I have already mentioned, I originally suggested the latter to him, and I felt he did a superb sim and testing(also the experts were awesome) , though I  did not agree with the outcome. 

 Punisher vs. Batman is his take on a classic Marvel/DC grudge match, and he does a superb job at capturing the personalities of both warriors. In particular Batman, who many people look down upon in Deadliest Warrior fandom for his unwillingness to kill. As usual the experts, testing and sim are awesome. 

Currently Working on: Back for Blood: Zombie Apocalypse!
  Master of the Boot's next epic will pit the winners of his matches(and some experts)  against the zombie horde, which upgrades itself with each round (eventually culminating in a special "Redemption Round" ). This will be his longest sim to date, and almost certainly his best!

 Also by Master of the Boot
 Hellsing and Twilight

  The name is sort of misleading; although Twilight and Hellsing are featured, its mostly about the man's political and character musings.  Is he a true artist, a madman or a little of both? You Decide! 

Mike- Warrior  cultures :

 The legendary iHonk from the Deadliest Warrior spike site, this guy was one of the first to do deadliest warrior matchups. His posts are detailed , and he shows his boundless historical knowledge in all that he writes. Does both D.W. rematches and original battles, focusing on the cultures of all warriors. His writing has developed such a following that he is currently in the process of writing his own book.  One of my chief inspirations and a aspiring author. 
Favorite Match-upIroquois vs. Gauls 
 I have been looking forward to seeing the Iroquois for a while, and Mike expands on the Celt as well (which Deadliest Warrior badly represented).  His sim has a shock ending for D.W. fans, and his bios are full of information on both the warrior's weapons and culture. 

Runner-up: Zulu Impis vs. Roman Legion: 
 Mike pits the surprisingly similar Roman Legion against Shaka's Impi, and his was one of the most expansive I have seen in terms of organization. 
Currently Working on: Napoleon vs. Washigton battle, followed presumably be Boba Fett vs. Predator
Vercingetorix712- Deadliest Warrior Showdown:

Now Back, this man has two outstanding match ups coming soon to a theater near you: Toon Link vs. Sora and Rednecks vs. Gangsters, both of which radiate extreme detail and his own personal style !  I owe a lot to this guy's style, and he is full of good ideas. The only problem is that he updates very infrequently, which is frustrating to someone looking to enjoy seeing the fighters in his two high quality match ups fight! Check these and his unique writing  philophy towards writing out here
Favorite  Match up: Fictional Toon Link vs. Sora:
 Without a doubt one of the most expansive ever in the history of blogging, this battle pits to icons of the Toon video game industry against each other. He compares everything about the warriors, from their life styles to their weapons, tactic and defining moments, against each other to determine who will emerge as the DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Runner-up: Harry Potter vs. Ash Ketchum!:
 Though he has only done the prologue thus far, this battle looks to be awesome.
Favorite Matchup: Real: Southern Redneck vs. Urban Gangster: 
  Vercingetorix pits two of America's greatest sub cultures/stereotypes against each other to determine which will emerge on top. While currently on Hiatus(due to Link vs. Sora)  , this matchup was a great success on Old Spike, and with Vercingetorix redoing it it will likely be even better!
Runner-up: None (hasn't done any others)

Currently Working on: Sora vs. Toon Link :edges! 

DaRaginCajun -DaRaginCajun 

 This relatively new blogger currently possesses wonderful little tidbits of info on Celtic Warriors and the various trickster gods of the world. On Spike he was well known for writing battles, so expect to see some on his blog in the near-future. Hasn't done match ups yet, but has done educational pieces on a variety of topics. 

Find him

Rikun85 -What IF? The Battle Simulator: 

 "The New Kid on the block" this guy seems to enjoy modern match-ups. Other then that I can't tell you much on him, other then his rather interesting incoming battle. 

Favorite(only)  Match-Up: Gestapo vs. Untouchables: 
    This matchup is very interesting in that as it pits two of the most uncompromising, incorruptible and unconventional police forces against each other. Their loyalty, weapons and tactics are all assessed, and the battle was superb! 

Currently working on: Les Apaches vs. The Highbindera 

Blog can be found here


   This guy has been doing battles at least as long as I have, and In all I believe this man has done 29-31 fights, nearly 2-3  times as much as anyone else!  His format is almost exactly like that of the show, but his fight scenes and weapons testing are extremely well detailed!

Favorite   Matchup : Vlad vs. Samurai: 

 The Sociopath ruler of Wallachia goes hunting for another trophy to add to that of Atilla and Sun Tzu. His fight scene in this battle is extremely detailed, has a fairly good plot and really captures Vlad's character well. 

Runner-up: French Musketeer vs. Apaches:
 A wonderful squad on squad battle between the elite of France and the guerrillas of America's Southwest . Another battle that I highly encourage you to check out!

Currently Working On: Unknown:

Can be found here

War-Cry: History of the Fighting Man: 

With a badass title, this man provides the world with in depth knowledge on the workings of a given warriors culture, which is even more fascinating then the warriors themselves! In the man's own words, his goal is to "Delve into each respective warrior's ethos on and off the battlefield, to truly get a grip in how they train, how they live, and most importantly, how they fought and waged war". Check him out 

Mad Abe's Death Battles: 

 A new blogger, this man does fictional bouts only. A longtime fan of  both DW and Death Battle ,(the fictional version of Death Battle), expect to see a lot of good work come out of this man's writings. 

Currently Working on: Alex Mercer vs. Sarah Kerrigan:
Blog can be found 

El Roker - Match 1: Giant Team Match Up

A man who has recently returned, he is forgoing this project to work on his next one. 

Marvel vs. Dc: 
  This tournament put up by the newly revived Roker will compare Mavel to DC, and finally address the ultimate question? Who Is Deadliest!?!?


Northern Dancing Guy- Deadliest Warrior Epic Battles 

 This man has been doing highly detailed matchups on the D.W. boards for a while, and has just recently decided to do matchups on here as well. Check out his latest epic, Rough Riders vs. Boer Commandos, as well as his Warrior Cats comedy show, which adds flavor to his blogs. Does both fictional and non. On Hiatus.
Favorite Match Up: Rough Riders vs. Boer Commandos
   Song seeks to compare Roosevelt's Rough Riders against the Boer Commandos in Africa  Both of these regiments are famed for their irregular tactics, and it ill be interesting to see who wins. 

The CowGoesMoo - Dead Space Security Team vs. L4D Zombies

 Title says it all, as he seeks to pit the Necromorph hunting Security team against the some of the most famous Zombies in video gaming history.Hiatus 

DaurB16 - The Legends of History

 Ambitious new poster who seeks to pit some of the greatest and most famous warriors of history against each other. On Hiatus

Marek The Warrior - Making the Cut

  One of the  most detailed blogger on here, Marek seeks to pit some of the greatest warriors in history against each other in order to determine who is the King of War. Suffers from being chronically busy (Hiatus) .
Favorite Match Up: Sioux Atichika vs. Ottoman Siphai: 
 Breathtakingly detailed, this match up analyzes nearly every component of the two warriors and their weapon in an extremely detailed scoring system. 

Mongol- Who is Deadliest!

  The newest blogger here, Mongol intends to do both fictional and historical battles and comparisons, starting with a rematch of Jesse James vs. Al Capone!

can be found 

* anonymous commenting is allowed... for now

Now With that done here are some questions for you.Your feedback helps me

Of the matches I have done so far, which is your favorite-fictional and real? 

What do you think of my proposed Historical matches, both the two previewed and the considerations page? Any that you don't particularly like and for what reason?

What do you think of my proposed fictional matches, both the ones previewed and on the considerations page? Any that you don't particularly like and for what reason?

Who should Kratos fight?

Any suggestions?

Thoughts overall?


  1. Ah, some great potential battles here. Again you demonstrate your skill at picking both diverse and evenly matched warriors.

    Belisarus is one of my favourite commanders of the early middle ages, and I would love to see in fetter in one of of your matches. Against Ibn Walid, ti would be a very close fight to call. Belisarus would have a slight advantage in infantry and shock troops, while Ibn Walid would have a lot of advantage at long range as well as tactics.

    Knight vs. Hwranag; While I ove the Hwarangs and Silla Korean warfare, I would have to go full out with the Templars. The Hwarangs skill with horse back archery will do nothing against the Knights far superior armour and close range weapons.

    That reminds about my potential Henry the V vs. Kim Yushin. While I'm a huge fan of both commanders, I find some of the weapons, tactics, and history between wouldn't make the best match. Not saying a fight between them wouldn't be fun to watch, but it would be slightly dull at some points due to lack of info on the two guys.

    Instead, I'm thinking of replacing the two with two other great commanders of the same region in similar times.

    Eward the Black Prince vs. A Josen Commander

    I feel Edwards stronger army is far superior to Henrys, while a little Josen commander could bring a lot more to the table to match him. Tell me what to think.


    1. @Meibukan:
      Glad you like my Belisarus vs. Khalid match. And its closeness was a big reason why I picked it.Also don't underestimate Belisarus's skills as a tactician.

      Hmm I will have to look up the Hwarang further before commiting to it, but i do hope to feature a Korean warrior one day soon.

      As for your battle it will depend on what Joseon you choose to lead ; my knowledge of Korean warfare is unfortunately small, but I hope to learn more about it. I also wouldn't mind seeing Kim yusin vs. Henry V, I remember the first from one of your earlier matches, and I am a big fan of the latter.Sorry I can't be much more help on this.

      But please continue.

  2. Hey brother :D Good to hear from you :)

    Now, my favorite fictional fight is definitely Yuzhan Vong vs Necromorphs, because as you say, it's going to frighten even the normally hard hearted Vong. Gotta love it :D Though I'm pretty stoked for Delta vs Noble, gonna be fun ;)

    Kratos, have him fight the Lich King, he's a fucking worthy adversary if I've ever seen one. And if he doesn't fight Kratos then make the freaky demon guy, and if not him then Sephiroth. Sephiroth is pretty cool, but I'm looking for someone new to fight Kratos.

    For your historical matches, I really enjoy those. I have no complaints, though to be fair you know more about them than me. I'd love to see the Korean warriors, as that's new ground to me.

    And as for Belisarius and Ibn, I say go for it. Let's fight it out, East vs West, Islam vs Christianity and we'll see who wins.

    1. I am stoked for Yuuzhan Vong vs. Necromorphs too! Though personally I like TT vs. Avatar Gang more

      I see you have taken a liking to Arthas- I know who to look forward to seeing in one of your future matches now ;)

      And I am leaning Arthas against kratos currently. He beat illidan in a duel, and many comments seem to indicate Sephiroth may not be worthy. Perhaps Illidan and Sephiroth can fight afterwords....

      Me too with the korean warriors, and your last sentence made me realize that this is a grudge match in a lot more ways then I initially suspected.

      Take Care man!

  3. This is a very good list of future matchups, with a good mix of well known, and obscure warriors

    To answer your questions: My favorite fictional matchup was defiantly Sarah vs. Alex, and my favorite real was Arminius vs. Shaka. I know that one was really tough to do because it was army on army, but I think it paid off. The simulation was epic, and you really nailed the feel that it was was really a clash of historical titans

    I think you chose the best two historical matchups to feature. Koreans vs. Templar's will be interesting even if is a blowout for the Templars. Khlaid vs.Belisarius will be awsome. I'll be rooting for Khlaid, but if there's a genral that can give him a run for his money, its Belisarius.

    As for fictional Spawn vs. The God Emperor will be crazy, I have no idea who will win, but the loser will be the universe, considering these guys are gonna trash it trying to kill each other.

    As for Kratoses opponent, have him fight Illidan, he's the least known of the three.

    One matchup suggestion is Subutai vs. the winner of Khlaid vs. Belisarus

    1. well thanks man!I am glad someone liked Arminius vs. Shaka....

      I didn't think that it would be a blowout initially, do you have suggestions for a replacement of either of the two. And I am glad my Belisarus vs. Khalid battle is soo popular.

      Lol I may actually have to post 1 restriction for that match, otherwise it will be completely impossible to judge.

      Maybe it will happen, though if not Illidan will be paired with Sephiroth, who is close to getting ruled for being Kratos's opponent. Currently Arthas looks most favorable, but Illidan has a chance.

      And sure, that sounds like a great idea!

  4. Well Sephiroth would get destroyed and I've never played WoW so I don't know anything about the other two, so I don't know. Alex Mercer could be a good match for him... a lot of weapons with different strengths and weaknesses along with the inability to die. He's the only guy I can think of who could match him without relying completely on ranged weapons.

    1. Huh I am rather confused about Sephiroth. Some people have a insanely high opinion of him while others are low. And its currently looking to be Arthas.

      Alex Mercer may get to face Kratos, though it won't be immediately. I can see the Blade of Olympus and Chains of Hades wreaking terrible damage on him though

  5. Yuuzhan Vong vs. the Necros would seem a very interesting battle to boot. I love the 'survival' type battles that you and Roker write and I would love to see the Vong in battle, especially if it's against the Necros.

    Kratos vs. any three of those other guys would be fun to see. I would personally want to see a Kratos vs. Dante fight to see who is superior between the two very similar characters.


    1. Glad you like Necros vs. Vong!

      As for Dante ill add him in the poll when I eventually make it.

      Please continue

  6. These battle are far too epic for me to say! I got to say the Templar and Korean Knight fights are ones I will enjoy.

    Necromorphs and Yuuzhan Vong is going to be a lot bigger than their battle with the Fellowship, I can tell. Speaking of which, what do you think of the Necromorphs against the Starcraft Tri-Races?

    And for the battle with Kratos: If I have to choose among these three, then let it be Arthras. From what I've read, he'll be giving Kratos a tougher time than Zeus.

    And I do want say that Ivan and Blackbeard will be a bloody battle of two Ax-Crazy maniacs. I can't wait for it.

    And I want to say that James Earl Cash and John Marston is the single BIGGEST fight I want to see here. It's far too epic for me to say.