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Batman vs. Kratos

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anakin Skywalker vs. Sarah Kerrigan : Edges


  Close Range: Kerrigan's body vs. Anakin's lightsaber, limited hand to hand combat:

  Unarmed combat, being the closest type of combat featured in this battle, will be the starting point for this comparison. Both warriors possess formidable hand to hand fighting techniques along with some other impressive attributes ; Anakin can augument his attacks with the force, and Kerrigan brings two deadly sets of claws to this battle . In addition  both are capable of utilizing their hand-to-hand skills to strengthen their close quarter weaponry (lightsaber and wings).

 In a direct comparison at this extremely close range level I find myself shifting toward Kerrigan's side. I have doubts that even force augmented kicks and punches will be able to finish Kerrigan, though along with hilt smashes they could be part of a strategy that could accomplish this task. Kerrigan's claws are easily capable of disemboweling Anakin, and her martial arts emphasize lethality, while Anakin has little training in hand-to-hand combat. Should he try to choke her with his metal arm(not force choke)  like he tried to do with Obi-Wan he swiftly find himself thrown off, with his neck broken.

   Now that that little side venture is done its time for the main attraction, Lightsaber vs. Kerrigan's biological wings.  Right off the bat we see some obvious advantages; Kerrigan's wings out-ranges the lightsaber, Kerrigan has six blades to Anakin's one, and Anakin's lightsaber is clearly the most versatile weapon here.  The Strength of her wings against enemy flesh and bone, as well as armor, can hardly be called into doubt, and if she successfully reaches the flesh of Anakin or his allies  then whoever she hits will soon be a goner.  That said Anakin is incredibly skilled with his lightsaber, arguably more skilled then Kerrigan is with her wings as he has been utilizing them his entire life, and will be very skilled at deflecting/blocking/evading melee strikes.  As Zeratul proved the wings are not invincible and his lightsaber possesses enough power to cut clean through them, along with Kerrigan's armor.   Though capable of swiftly regenerating the time it takes to do so could be fatal for Kerrigan, and she is unlikely to know/have the opportunity of destroying the lightsaber by dousing it in water.

 Anakin's skills  with  the powerful lightsaber ultimately net him the edge and a rare perfect score, though it was a hard fought one.

Edge Anakin

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anakin Skywalker: Warrior Bio


Anakin Skywalker: 

Background: Color Scheme, Brief History, Downfall  and Great Battle
                     (Music video showing Anakin's Pre-suit Dark side battles.) 

Color Scheme: Red, Gold and Black

The Symbol of the Galactic Empire, a Sith Empire
 I have chosen these three colors to represent Anakin , two of which are the  signature colors of the Sith  , a personage which   he has fully embraced following Operation Knightfall (more to come on this later) , while the other represents pure power .Historically red has had a variety of associations, such as sin, guilt, pain, passion and anger, traits which could all  be applied to Anakin in some manner, whether it be in his deeds or personality. 

   Gold symbolizes wealth, prestige and above all, power (as well as Anakin's eyes). All of which were though to have been corrupting influences to the Jedi. To Anakin the latter would have been desired above all else as he desperately wanted the power to save his wife.By giving him a golden-yellowish  eye color like a snake's the symbolism behind that animal can also be associated with him. Vengefulness and Vindictiveness are two traits associated with the snake, and Anakin clearly demonstrated these traits   in his massacre of a Tusken Tribe, as well as in the duel with Obi-Wan where he sought the destruction of his former mentor for "turning Padme against him".

      Finally there is black, the color that is synonymous with Sith uniforms. In the Star Wars's universe it symbolized evil, dread and death. Anakin's very presence, even in pre-suit, came to radiate dread as he became increasingly involved  in the Dark Side (evil). Where Anakin went Death followed with him.   
Dark Side Anakin
( this is going to be an EXTREMELY streamlined preview. There is simply to much to be said of this man.)

Sarah Kerrigan : Warrior Bio

Sarah Kerrigan: 

Background: Color Scheme, Brief History, Downfall and Greatest Battle

             (A Starcraft 2 Theme song and music video  with images of Kerrigan in action to serve as a reading song.  Credit goes to  Vercingetorix712 for the idea)

  First up is the ruthless empire builder, the self-styled  Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan.

Color Scheme: Green and Purple
The symbol for the Zerg Swarm. Chosen by Kerrigan.

  For Sarah, I have selected Purple and green to be her primary colors.  When a Terran is infested their skin turns a deep shade of green, making it the obvious first choice. Green is also associated with Nature, which is the perfect given that the Zerg are a completely biological race that rely on assimilating other species to advance.  Green does have some negative connotations, and in some places it is associated with death and decay. Various types of sickness, such as nausea, are associated with green and given Kerrigan's infestation (which can be considered a sickness) it is isn't hard to see how this aspect applies. 

 Purple is equated with Royalty, and has been ever since Roman times (one of the reason the Liberatores were freaked out by Caesar were because he started wearing Purple). Kerrigan fashioned herself into the Queen of Blades, so it isnt hard to imagine how this color could symbolize her. Other important symbolisms  purple include magic , which Kerrigan employs frequently, and mystery, which Kerrigan is even to herself. In a practical sense purple is the color of both the race symbol and her armor. 
The Queen of Blades with Hydralisk minion

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker: Opening statements and Grading scale : Revamped!

 * The Sarah Kerrigan used in this matchup will be the Kerrigan from near the close of Starcraft 2 while the Anakin used will be prior to his duel with Obi-Wan on Mustafar, when he was at his most powerful point in his life.

( I am going to try Vercingetorix712's tactic of introducing some reading music. This song is appropriate both in title and deeper meaning behind some of the lyrics) 
Sarah Kerrigan dueling Zeratul. Note his Psi blade, the Starcraft version of a light-saber.