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Monday, July 11, 2011

Alternate ending pack 2

Alternate ending pack 2:

*Please read the battles for Shaolin Monk vs. Hawaiian Koa, Dante Alighieri  vs. Alex Mercer, Byzantine Cataphract vs. Polish Winged hussar, and Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker before reading. Both for the sake of avoiding spoilers and understanding the story.

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk

    Tianyuan saw the spear point just in time. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, the monk focused all of his Chi or energy into his chest. When the ihe stabbed into the chest the point did not penetrate, much to the chagrin of the Islander who wielded it.

   The Shaolin opened his eyes and pressed his foot down on the crescent, decapitating his final foe. Sighing, the veteran monk sat down to meditate. For four hours he sat there, in the middle of the field, his last opponent’s head at his feet, reflecting on the events of the day. The sun passed over the mountains, and the moon rose to her perch in the night sky before he finally got up.

  He pulled the spade from the ground and went to perform his monk’s responsibility of burying the dead. There were nineteen plots to dig.

   Tianyuan later went on to win many battles against the Japanese Wokou pirates and rebels. His skill superhuman and his resolve un-crushable, within two years Tianyuan had succeeded in eliminating all threats to the peace and security the whole of the Henan province, earning the eternal gratitude of the Ming (and giving them a single stable province). His hard work was noticed among the other Monks as well, and he soon found himself elected head of the monastery, where he spent his days training students.

 On the outside, the monk appeared blissful yet on the inside he was tense. He knew that those invaders who had killed many of his friends were not usual Wokou pirates (which is what the Ming government painted them as) . Where they came from had bothered the Shaolin monk for some time, as he was not entirely sure that they were completely at fault at the town’s massacre.  Chinese peasants could be ….hasty at times.  Perhaps one day he could use his newfound fame and respect to launch an expedition, to find out where these stranger’s hailed from…

Despite the advantage of the tactics and range that the Koa possessed, the mid to close range skill of the Shaolin was such that they were able to claim victory, albeit narrowly.  The “SURPRISE!” factor behind some of their weapons was a great help, but their natural agility,  lifelong training and finesse was the greatest reason the Monks won this battle.

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer:
       Alex Mercer molded his biomass into muscles as he hardly had the energy to do much else.   In response to this Dante merely flung his cross forward, and a fiery cross hit Alex yet again, forcing him to his knees.  A second cross hit him, and now he was on his hand and knees. Dante laboriously walked towards him, just as the extremely resilient but weary Alex picked himself up. A long cold stare commenced between the two, which was only broken by Dante punching Alex in the face with his cross.  As Dante raised his hand to perform the finishing blow, Alex summoned all of his remaining biomass towards chest; he had only one shot at winning this. 

   Dante saw the movement that was occurring in Alex’s body and remembering seeing similar movement right before getting impaled by spikes; Dante decided that he had no choice but to pull out his most powerful spell.  He collapsed to his knees, and summoned all of his remaining energy towards his most powerful spell. As Tentacles shot forth from Alex’s body, godlike light burst from Dante’s. The latter was more powerful then the former and the invading tentacles were utterly disintegrated in the same manner that the atomic bomb had done to the some of the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Alex was blasted backwards and landed on the ground with a resounding thud; he would never be getting up again.

   Dante collapsed to the ground, too exhausted from his efforts to move. He was still the victor though.


   Lucifer was pissed; this hadn’t gone as he had intended. Dante’s defeat of the Devil hadn’t been avenged, and the man himself had resumed his eternal quest for Beatrice. Alex Mercer and most of the souls he had absorbed had been dragged to hell by Death, who remarked it strange that such a powerful man put up no resistance. When he had finally reached the 1st circle to be judged, the minions of Hell realized to their chagrin that the virus had bonded so thoroughly with him that it was actually part of his soul, and he retained all the powers.  While the minions of hell were numerous, Alex had absorption on his side, and merely got more and more powerful with every new soul he consumed. In addition to various inhabitants of hell; Cleopatra, Marc Anthony, Caesar, Napoleon, Herod, Great Alexander, Jesse James, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Osama, and many others had been absorbed by Alex all giving their skills, military genius, and strengths towards him. To put it simply he was raising hell in Hell. Lucifer had to find a way to end this now, or else his realm would soon be depleted of followers. There had to be a way…

This matchup was stupendously close all the way through, and with the exception of Dead Space Necromorphs vs. the Fellowship the closest to date of all my matchups. In the end t  Dante’s superior armor, motivation and, most of all, his Cross barely beat out Alex’s superior attributes, tactics and biological weapons. The ability of the Cross to stop Alex’s regeneration was instrumental in this victory, and without it Dante wouldn’t stand much of a chance.   Again I cannot begin to stress how close this battle was, and it could have easily gone the other way.

Byzantine Kataphracktoi vs. Polish Winged Hussars :

 Manuel Commenus collapsed onto his kite shield, a hole blown out the back of his skull. The King was forced to lie there, pinned by the massive weight of the shield, armor and man.  He passed out from sheer exhaustion….

 And woke up to the sight of his soldiers, their faces carpeted with worry. Assuring them he was alive and able, they tossed the corpse off of him and helped him up. When he was freed he ordered an investigation into the identity of these men, as they had spoken Greek in a dialect that he had never heard before, and continued on his way to Vienna. Afterwords they were to bury him. Commandeering a horse from another hussar, the King led his Calvary elite on.  His finest hour was fast approaching. 

    King Jan Sobrieski won the Seige of Vienna, earning him the title of “The Lion of Leichstan” from the hated Turks. His exploits were celebrated throughout Europe, and the Pope had even declared him “The champion of Christendom”. What he never told the Pope and other Christians was that the Turks were easy compared to the men he had fought in that border skirmish, whose identities were to this day a mystery to the Polish King and all he had sent to investigate the men.   

 Still the Polish King knew he could only focus on such thoughts in his idle time; for now he must worry about those who covet his kingdom (which is basically every neighboring nation). Diplomacy and Politics were an endless toil for a king and he secretly longed for the day when he could participate in that great sport of kings; war.

The superior firepower and martial skill of the Hussars won them the day, though it was close.  Despite the lack of horse armor, despite the Byzantine superiority in discipline, victory was captured by the Hussars, and with this hard-fought victory the Hussars may be the greatest regiment of cavalry in European history.

Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker:

Anakin Skywalker brought his lightsaber to bear. Bringing his lightsaber to bear again he slashed deep into Sarah's upper leg, and attempted a downward stab. Kerrigan, sensing this, closes the distance and once again grabs the lightsaber hand. Anakin force pushes her back, throwing her off her balance. Sensing a golden opportunity Anakin decides to perform the Mou Kei. Perhaps the most diabolical move in all of Jedi combat, this last resort tactic calls for nothing less than the complete dismemberment of the force user's opponent, in one fluid motion. Anakin begins the circle by slicing down low, taking off Kerrigan's legs, then moves up, robbing her of her right arm. Now he goes for the coup de grace, and completes the circle, taking off the Queen's remaining arm and head. The pieces land on the floor but Anakin is not finished. Not forgetting about the Queen's impressive regeneration, Anakin Force Pushes the dismembered parts off the edge and into the lava below. After satisfyingly watching the pieces burn up, he turned his attention to the incoming ship, which the Chosen One recognized as the Emperor's flag ship. Anger boiled in his heart; that cursed old man had sent him to eliminate the council without telling him about anyone else, and had not bothered to keep Padme away.

 Smiling, he realized that he could kill off two birds in a day, and finally make the galaxy his, bringing it the peace and security it deserves. For Padme.


On Board Darth Sidious’s flagship
“Excellent work, my apprentice. With the Queen of Blades dead the last threat to our rule has fallen. There are none left to oppose us now.  “

  Anakin’s felt his heart skip a beat, as the Emperor’s words seemed to confirm what he had before only suspected; Palpatine knew that Kerrigan would be there. Before Anakin could dive deeper into such thoughts, the Emperor approached him, hiding something in his hand.  Anakin half expected him to try to assassinate him to further consolidate his rule,   but to Anakin’s surprise he instead held it out and put its contents in Anakin’s hand.  It was a brand new lightsaber.

 “A new Lightsaber for you, Lord Vader. This one will suit you better than your old one, I think.” 

    The Emperor was right, this new blade strangely felt more …natural in his hands. Turning his back from the emperor he ignited it. The blade was a deep shade of red, which Anakin approved of. Taking out his other blue lightsaber he stared at it for a moment before tossing it aside; the person that wielded that weapon, and everything that he fought for, was no more. The new Anakin was personified by his blade; a passionate fighter who fought for nothing other than remembrance of his lost loved one, and power. Speaking of which…

     With force enhanced speed, Anakin spun around, impaling the  shocked old man through the chest. Imperial guards all around them raised their guns but Anakin waved them down. Reluctantly they obliged; they owed no personal loyalty to the Emperor, and Anakin was clearly the one about to come in power.
 The still living Emperor used his remaining strength to speak
“After all I have done for you and Padme how dare you!?!?” Taking a deep breath “I swear I will see you dead for this. How could you betray me?”

 At this Anakin silenced him with the force, and leaned in closer. Whispering in the man’s ear he said

 “It’s the Sith way.”

 Before the Emperor could respond, Anakin withdrew his blade and swiftly decapitated him, letting the head roll around the ground for the benefit of the others in the room.

 Turning to his audience he said in a loud, confident voice

 “Now the galaxy belongs to me.”
 None dared to contradict him.
 Many Light-years away, a cruel voice laughed in the dark

         His plan had gone perfectly, a flawless victory if there ever was one. The last being capable of asserting an independent, effective leadership of the swarm was dead- and that left him to seize the pieces. The being, known as the “Fallen One” or the “Dark Voice” by the few that were aware  of his existence,  had known Kerrigan would not go quietly, and had searched endlessly for someone who would be able to defeat him. Finally he had found the ideal candidate; someone as arrogant, aggressive and vicious as her. With the Queen’s death, the last pieces of an ancient plan would be set in motion. The Fallen One smiled at how the plan had come together after all these years, which he had orchestrated since before the Overmind’s birth, back in the days he had called himself a Xel-Naga…..

     As for his unknowing tool Anakin, he was pleased to discover that he had killed his master, and not all factions of the galaxy had accepted his rule. Though the boy had potential to be a problem, the Dark Voice knew that such internal conflicts would distract him from the real danger, and when he would be finally able to turn his attention  to the real danger, it would be too late for him and his empire. Soon the light of all independent sentient life would be extinguished, replaced only by …Darkness

 Laughing again, the Dark Voice spoke aloud to himself “I love it when a plan comes together.”

 Anakin possessed better allies, better attributes, a better style and the best weapon in the match (lightsaber) . Together all of these factors were able to allow him to defeat Kerrigan’s superior weapons, regeneration and her crowd destroying Psionic powers. IT was certainly a hard fought victory, and probably the toughest fight that he ever fought, but in the end the Chosen One prevailed. 


  1. I do always enjoy the alternate matches :) My favourite was how Alex was raising hell in hell. God I love that phrase.

    And as ever the Dark voice is great. I'm going to include him in my back for blood :D

    Great work and no matter who wins, you're always too good for it to really matter ;)

    For me, it's about the journey, not the ending.


    MAster of the Boot

  2. I couldn't agree more Master, the profiles are half of the match, and these endings at least show what could have been for us fans who have seen our favorites lose at one time or another. By the way, the ending to the Koa episode made me realize how much time has really passed. When was that written, February? This new season will be over in the blink of an eye....

  3. Thanks guys and Vercingetorix, I actually wrote the Hawaiian Koa in April, you must be thinking of Julius Caesar vs. Cao Cao. And my first season is almost over; if the poll is correct then back for blood will be after my current matchup!

    Also @ Master

    I am anxiously awaiting your Back for Blood more then anything. The concept is pure awesomeness!