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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer: Edges

Here is how I will grade for this match-up:

Long Range: /30
Mid Range : /20
Close : /15
Special : /30

Strength /10
Regenerative powers: /10
Speed/Agility/endurance: /10

Basic Armor : /10
Special Armor/spell 1 : /20
Special Armor/spell 2: /20

Spells/"Biological powers" : /40

Experience : /20
Motivation : /10
Tactics/personality: /30

 While scoring won't occur till the last post, edges will be given to give the readers an idea on who scores higher in each category. The only spoiler on scoring will be when I say something gets "full points" meaning he gets the maximum amount of points that that  category allots.

Long Range: Death's Scythe vs. Whipfist:

 Just started and already I am at a tough comparison. The Scythe gives Dante an almost infinite amount of options in dealing with his foe, and its hard to say whether this or his cross is his best weapon. He can parry with it, impale from thirty yards with it, disembowel with it, slash, hack, stab ect ect ect. All of his attacks will be devastating, if he is able to get in range to do them.

   The Whipfist on the other hand can extend all the length of a football field, and can easily slice people in half. He can use this power to grapple, to throw someone at almost unbelievable distances,  and to do some awesome stabs/slashes.  Most of his attacks target the area that Dante is not armored in i.e. the chest.

 In the end I got to go with the Whipfist  for the insane amount of range and Alex's devastating street sweeper move, although the Scythe is less then a point behind. Also factored in was Alex's superior agility, which may help him avoid a initial impale.

Edge Whipfist (Alex) 

Mid Range: Halberd vs. Hammerfists

      This is going to sound strange, but I am going to have to go with the Halberd on this one, albeit a small edge.  It has slightly greater range, greater variety of use(spike,axe and hook all in one), and is a bit faster then the Hammerfists, which I think Dante will have a chance of dodging.  Both weapons have proven Lethality, and if Alex can get in close enough with those fists he will be able to swiftly beat his opponent to a pulp. Also he may be able to stun Dante or knock him off his feet if he were to slam those two hammers down onto the Earth. Deadliest warrior test's have proven the lethality of the Halberd in every match up thats its been featured in, being on of the best weapons for the warrior who utilized it every time.  While the halberd is outclassed by some of Dante's other weapons, I still feel that it will do a decent job at netting kills

Edge Halberd (Dante) 
Close Range:  Arming Sword and Shield vs. Claws and Blade

  The arming sword and shield were a powerful combination in its time. However society has advanced and the formerly predominant combo of Europe has lost its edge. It will still perform wonderfully at close range and it will be able to go right through Alex. Dante could use the sword part of the combo to hack off limbs, deliver multiple stabs in a rather quick succession, or bash with his shield. Against just the claws it would get the edge, as while the claws are great at shredding unprotected flesh they fail at doing much damage towards armor. I think the sword+ shield combo would win against the just the claws. That is only one half of Mercer's close range arsenal....

   The blade is perhaps  the most powerful  weapon Alex has in his arsenal. It can slice through tank hulls in a couple of slices and it can be used as a makeshift shield . Alex is almost a blade master, and one of his moves involves him swinging the blade around and around as he hacks through entire crowds . I can see the blade being able to slice  through Dante's shield, rather easily in fact.

Edge: Blade (Alex)

Special : Holy Cross vs. Musclemass

 The cross is one of Dante's signature weapons, and certainly one of his most powerful. The beams of holy light shot from it are like acid once they hit evil flesh . To be fair to Alex, he isn't completely evil like most of Dante's foes as  he goes out of his way to rescue his sister and rescues a squad of soldiers once his main contact asks him to. Still this man has done some terrible things in life and I have a feeling the cross's magical blasts will do horrific damage to the biological monstrosity otherwise  known as Zeus. .

   Alex's Musclemass punch, to put it mildly, is quite powerful. Hell its so insanely powerful it would probably go through Dante's chest even if  he was wearing  mail . Unlike the Hammerfists, this power actually increases Alex's attack speed, reducing the likelihood  of Dante  being able to dodge such a round winning punch. The range of these attacks is only arms length though, and Alex will have to get extremely close to deliver one of the punches.

  The lack of range of the Musclemass gives Dante's cross the edge.
Edge Cross(Dante) 

Basic Armor: Leather boots, Plate greaves,  Leather belt, Plate Pauldrons,   Plates covering left arm, leather gloves,  chain mail neck guard extending from  crown-like helmet vs. Button up, plain grey hoodie, black leather jacket, plain blue jeans and black shoes

 Dante has armor pretty much covering all of his body except for his chest. Alex doesn't have any armor. Easy 

Edge Dante's crusader armor (Dante) 

Special Armor one: Divine armor vs. Armor form: 

go away, and helps reduce a lot of damage from melee attacks.  

Edge Armor Form (Alex

Special Armor 2: Lust Storm vs. Shield 
  The Lust storm leaves Dante open to attack, but inadvisable due to the lightning that surrounds him  the shield leaves Alex completely invulnerable, but only from one side. In  addition his shield can break.While I think that the shield could block the lightning bolts for a little bit I don't feel that it could do so for very long. When Alex equips the shield he is essentially limited to only using that and whatever else is in his second hand. Dante can use both his shield and sword, or even a two handed weapon, while this power is active, allowing him to inflict the maximum amount of damage while the spell is on. For being able to multi-task Dante gets the edge, although its a slight one due to the power of Alex's shield smash/plow.

Edge Lust Storm (Dante) 

Now here come the Obvious Edges. 

Strength : Dante vs. Alex

Dante can grapple demons; Alex can throw tanks at you, even without Musclemass on. 
Alex is stronger.

Edge Alex

Regenerative Powers: Dante vs. Alex

Dante can heal whenever he cast a spell or absolves someone, Alex is capable of regenerating a limited amount of health with absorbing someone or doing anything other then getting out of a firefight.

Edge Alex(albeit a small one) 

Agility/speed/endurance: Dante  vs. Alex

Did you see the video I posted on the Alex Mercer page? Obvious edge Alex

Edge Alex

Magic vs. "Biological powers" 

 This is dead even in my view. Its always tough to compare science to magic, as they are two entirely  different  concepts. Alex's devastators are, well, devastating but they cost a significant amount of energy and health to "cast". When he performs  is powerful that it is  either going to hand him the match or cause him to lose it, in most scenarios that I envision at least. Dante's powerful spell martyrdom also shares this "win or lose" characteristic . Dante's other spells all lack the lethality of the devastators/martyrdom,  although they are still capable of getting kills. They are great at setting up a kill, but all are somewhat easy to dodge save the heathen  seeking crosses  of the "sins of a father" . The rest of Alex's powers  are unable to take advantage of this weakness. Thermal vision is going to make it so Dante both cannot hide nor set up a ambush, but it isn't going to do much else. Dante is unlikely to let anyone close enough to pull off an assassination, so Alex's disguise power will not give him any benefits besides being able to use it  to begin a sneak attack, possibly get out of a dangerous fight or even observe his prey for a while before making his move . These advantage arn't enough to give a definitive edge in this category

Edge Even 

Experience: Dante vs. Alex

 Alex has more combined experience from all of the people he's absorbed, but Dante has more personal experience. Someone else, named Scarecrowsmainfan already gave a great review of this category that i'd like to quote verbatim: 
 "Alex has it, but only through absorption. Dante got it first hand. Alex has never faced an opponent quite like Dante, but Dante has faced down similar to foes to Alex in his trips through Hell. "
  This is an edge for Dante, but a close one since Alex has fought plenty of berserker type enemies before. \
Edge Dante

Motivation: Beatrice vs. Revenge, Achieving full potential

  Dante hasn't done anything to Alex that would merit a vendetta(yet) and I doubt Alex is pissed about all the atrocities Dante committed while he was a crusader, so revenge wont initially be a factor in this. Alex is dedicated to achieving his full potential but he is also patient in this task, stalking his victims throughout New York before making his move. He'll certainly  want to absorb Dante in order to achieve Dante's combat experience, but this isn't a necessity. Dante's motivation to fight is Beatrice.  Beatrice is the love of Dante's life, and he would do anything for her. Whether its fighting through all nine circles of hell, giving up his salvation for hers, dueling the devil and even conquering death, it seems nothing can stop him from getting to her. He's done so much for her that I feel like i have to give him full points in this category. 

Edge Beatrice (Dante)

Tactics/personality: High perseverance, sinner seeking redemption, rather violent, magic,does not tire, not much of a tactician/only basic tactics used, Death could not kill him, Pain resistance vs.Vindictive, borderline sociopath, quiet, does not tire, biological super weapon, genius, excellent 

Dante is not going to kill up to his dying breath, which will take a while due to his pain resistance. ferocity and magical powers. He's a berserker that is capable of inflicting massive damage on his foes (or Alex.

     Yet none of this will hold up to the genius of Alex Mercer. Alex's biological powers is capable of tying  Dante's magic. Whats more his brilliant tactical mind is going to allow him to set up ambushes, predict Dante's berserker-like style and try to figure out counter measures to Alex's magic.He's also not going to let morals get in the way of pulling off the tactics that work best for a given situation.

Edge : Genius (Alex)  

 Well now that the edges are given do you guys have any comments/predictions/thoughts towards this battle? 

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  1. I never played these games before, but now maybe I'll try them out. Looks like Alex will win though