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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deadliest Warrior Quickie one: Super Roman Praetorian vs.Super Roman Centurion-

Hi all. This is just a quick match up whose sim and resulted I was called on to do. The term super means that each warrior got the best arsenal possible, even if various pieces of their arsenal weren't used in the same period historically.

  This one was between the Roman Praetorian, the famed imperial bodyguards and emperor makers of Rome, vs. the Roman centurion, the front-line officer who commanded his troops with iron discipline.
Arsenal :

Super Centurion:

Short Range: Spatha

Mid Range: Hasta

Long Range: Cretean Bow and Pila

Special Weapons: Plumbatae and Pugio

Armor/Shield: Lorica Segmentata, Helmet, Greaves, Manaca on Sword Arm and Scutum Shield

fighting style: greek wresling, combat training vs a variaity of oppenents

tactics Tactics: Throw Pilum then charge, "cramping" , blocking and countering

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer: Edges

Here is how I will grade for this match-up:

Long Range: /30
Mid Range : /20
Close : /15
Special : /30

Strength /10
Regenerative powers: /10
Speed/Agility/endurance: /10

Basic Armor : /10
Special Armor/spell 1 : /20
Special Armor/spell 2: /20

Spells/"Biological powers" : /40

Experience : /20
Motivation : /10
Tactics/personality: /30

 While scoring won't occur till the last post, edges will be given to give the readers an idea on who scores higher in each category. The only spoiler on scoring will be when I say something gets "full points" meaning he gets the maximum amount of points that that  category allots.

Long Range: Death's Scythe vs. Whipfist:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer: Warrior Profile Alex Mercer

*updated with one more power
 The genius unethical scientist who first created the Blacklight virus, when he was killed in as the result of a government cover up attempt his own creation bonded with him, turning him into the living embroidment of the most deadly virus in human history.

Long Range: Whipfist

 Alex Mercer's greatest ranged power is the Whipfist. Useful  when you want to jack helicopters or pull a fleeing enemy closer, this power morphs Alex's hand into a long tentacle with a blade on the end, which can extend up to eight feet! This can be used to grab, hurl enemies great distances, and can be charged to inflict even great damage.  Great video of the Whipfist can be found here

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin monk :Battle and results

Read the first Four parts of the battle first!
 1st part Here 2nd part here third part here fourth part here

Hawaiian Koa names and meanings:
Main Character: Kaimana- "Diamond" or "sea filled with mana ".
Kaʻimi - "The seeker".
Kahaʻi - Name of a legendary Polynesian navigator.
Pōmaikaʻi - "Good fortune"
Kekoa - "Brave; the soldier; the koa tree".
Royal spear company:
ʻAulani - "Royal messenger, heavenly traveller"
Hanohano - "Glorious".
ʻImiʻike - "Seeker of knowledge"
ʻIolana-"soaring hawk".
Kaihe - "The spear".

Shaolin Monk names:
Main character :Tianyuan - leader of the shaolin, monk with legendary martial prowess (note: actual historical character).
Cao Ji
Li Shimin
Shi Dejian
Chi Kung
Shi XingLun
Chou Huibao
Yang Guiwu
Shi Dechan
Zhu Xi

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer Warrior Profile: Dante Alighieri

  First up we have Dante Alighieri, the crusader who fought through all nine layers of hell for the his love Beatrice. Dante brings quite an arsenal to this fight , combining  both unholy and holy weaponry for maximum devastation.

Long Range: Death's Scythe

        Pried from  the icy hands of death himself(literally), this is one of Dante's two greatest weapons.  The scythe can kill even the strongest demons with ease and is constantly upgrading itself. The scythe can change into a straight, spear-like form, or collapse into a blade on Dante's arm. It can also grow and shrink at will. This means that it would actually fit in all categories as it could extend into a spear and impale someone 30-40 feet away or be used against someone just inches away.  With so many different forms it could be used to sweep, impale, slam into the ground, decapitate, disembowel, parry, counter ect. The options are near limitless! For a listing of what Dante can do with the Scythe, click here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer : An explanation & Warrior Bios

   The warriors in this next match up  is a little out of the box in comparison to some of my other ones. On one side we have Dante, a crusader turned holy warrior who carved a path through all nine circles of hell in order to save his beloved. Using the Scythe of Death, a holy cross and his own combat prowess he even managed to defeat the devil himself. Alex Mercer, his opponent, is separated from the crusader by 800 years, making this technically a modern vs. ancient match up. Normally the time gap would make this unfair, however there are two factors which make this doable in my view. 1. Alex prefers not to use firearms, instead relying on his biologically enhanced abilities to tear through those who do rely on firearms.  2. Dante's magical cross carries spells that can protect him from any projectile, such as the divine shield.

 Now  lets dive into the intros and meet two of the most unstoppable warriors to ever grace our consoles.

Dante Alighieri

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk: Edges

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Martial Monk:


Long Range: Ma’a sling and Ihe javelins vs. Flying darts and flying knives
 Here the Polynesian Islanders have the advantage. While the flying knives and darts have the advantage of conceal ability and would be extremely hard to dodge at the range that they are thrown, they also lack in the vital categories of lethality and range. Unless the Shaolin manages to hit a few very specific parts of the Koa(face, neck, heart) it isn’t going to kill the Koa nor would it necessarily cripple him, as the damage done by the darts/knives is relatively little especially compared to the Koa weapons.  The coconut body armor is going to protect the chest of some of the Koa as well, removing another potential kill spot.
    The Ma’a sling has about ten times the range of both of the monastic weapons, and can be thrown at speeds that not even the monks would be able to dodge. Hard, dense volcanic rock is used as ammunition, which is much more lethal than any other type of ammunition used on the show. When it hits it WILL break bones and cause massive internal injuries, meaning that we will be seeing crippled monks and monk deaths way before we see Koa fatalities. When the Shaolin do manage to get in 20-30 feet range they will have to deal with a hail of barbed spears, which are designed to do incredible damage when pulled out.

 Either one of these weapons is more lethal then both of the Shaolin’s combined. The Koa get the edge for Long Range combat.
Edge Hawaiian Koa

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk: Warrior Profile: Shaolin martial monk

 The Shaolin monk carries with  him a proud tradition dating back over a thousand years(going by the time of the monk I am using), as well steel weapons!

 Warrior monks?:

   Most people have this built in image of the peaceful pacifist who only fights when provoked or to defend others. This is surprisingly far from reality. Not only were there an abundance of "poser monks" or people who people who had some martial training and became essentially thugs , but real monks were increasingly called up to serve in the mid 1500s. The Ming Dynasty's military capacity had crumbled by the 1500s and the empire was constantly beset by barbarian invasions to the North and Pirate incursions to the east, along with the ever present Peasant insurrections. Becoming increasingly desperate in their attempts to fend off such threats, many local Ming Officials began hiring or enlisting monks to protect the provinces.  The most famous account took place around 1550.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alternate ending pack 1

*Please see Amazon Huaorani Tribesmen vs. Fijian Warriors, Mayan Late Classical warriors vs. New Kingdom Egyptian soldiers, Imperator Julius Caesar vs. King Cao Cao of Wei and Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of the Rings before viewing anything below. Warning it contains spoilers. 

Alternate ending pack 1:  This is just a brief collection of "What-could-have beens" , where the loser in my other blogs wins. For every four blogs I do I will upload another of these. Yes the fights you see are rather short, as the only comprise of the endings to fights and a small "mock" conclusion. Hopefully this will give a little solace to those disappointed by the conclusions I have come to. Enjoy. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of the Ring :End battle and scoring

Please veiw this
and this first

The mood was in the air was that of jubilancy. Gandalf, who the Fellowship had thought dead as result of his battle with the Balrog, was alive again.  Coming out of the darkness, he had startled the Fellowship, who had at first perceived him to be Saruman. After deflecting their attacks, the ancient wizard had explained that he had in fact died from wounds inflicted by the Balrog, only moments after he had emerged triumphant in that duel.  Mandos refused to take his spirit however, instead telling him that the Valar had ordained him to return to Middle Earth, to replace Saruman as the white wizard.  The Valar had sent him directly to the tunnels where the Fellowship was currently traveling through, as they sensed that danger was about to come to the Fellowship.  It did not take long for the White Wizard, riding on top of his equally white steed to track them down; Pippin left a trail of bread crumbs a mile wide.
Something is most unusual about this tunnel” Gandalf announced to the Fellowship.” The cave was made almost entirely out of steel and metal, with little to no sign of stone, which characterized the Dwarven underground. It is too well made to be orc or any other foul creature, and I sense the hand of man in it  but not even the Nuemorians could build as sophisticated as this.”  As the Fellowship reflected on this, a deep sense of foreboding seized Legolas.
Legolas, speaking his mind, said “Something dark resides in this cave, something of unfathomable malice. We should go back the way we came.”
    Boromir and Gimli then proceeded to argue with the elf, saying that all other routes were infested with orcs and that here is one which seems clear, but Legolas countered that there was a reason for this, that the minions of Mordor must fear greatly whatever resides in this cave.
    Before either of them could counter, Frodo suddenly experienced a chilling vision; of inhuman monsters crawling through vents, coming upon innocent women and children and slaughtering them with animalistic fury. These monsters came in many different forms but all with the same homicidal desire. On and on the massacre went, with the creatures being able to find the humans no matter where they hid.  Finally the last few humans all made a last stand in a room that clearly was an armory, even with strange and foreign weapons Frodo could tell that they had fought until the monsters overwhelmed them through pure force of numbers. All the sudden, the one with the most inhuman face of them all, the six-eyed demon turned at him and roared.
   Frodo awoke to the concerned and fearful looks  of his comrades.
   Shakily but firmly Frodo said “We are going to leave this place. That is my decision “he added upon seeing Gimli's face. Before anything else could be said an inhuman scream was heard from deep within the cave, and suddenly the entire Fellowship reached a wordless, unanimous consensus.
       Rushing back the way they came, they thought they heard the shrill screams follow them, but they couldn’t be sure as the noise seemed to echo off the walls.   Upon reaching the entrance they found to their horror that the way was shut, something, and by the looks of the tracks, something big, had torn away the support beams, causing it to cave in.
Why is it that we are always getting trapped in dark, scary places underground?” quipped Pippin attempting to lighten the mood.
“Well hopefully this misadventure doesn’t end up like our last one” said Gandalf. Pippin chuckled a bit, but stopped when he saw that there was no mirth in the Wizard’s eye. “Now we must brave the darkness of yet another cold abyss.”
   The Fellowship, with nowhere else to go, marched deeper into the cave.