Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My future matchups

My Future matchups will be (hopefully)
* those crossed off = done 
1. Alexander the great (of course) vs. Sun Tzu
2. Mayan warrior vs. Egyptian (done)
3. Amazonian Huaorani Tribemen vs. Fijian warrior(done)
4. Rajput warrior vs. Lanschrekmen
5. Japanese Woku vs. Byzantine Marines-
6. Australian Aboriginal vs. Iroquois warrior(no gunpowder)
7. Dacio-Thracian vs. Zande Warrior
8. Shaka Zulu Vs Arminius (next)
9. Assyrian warrior vs. ancient Iberian warrior
10. Dahomey Amazons vs Ottoman Janissaries
11. Incan vs Ancient Irish warrior
12. Besilarus vs Khalid Ibn Walid
13. Polish winged husssar vs Byzantine cataphract 
14. Boudicca vs Tomyris
15. Vlad vs Nobunaga oda -
16. Hawaiian Koa vs Shaolin Monk
17. Han dynasty warrior vs Persian immortal
18. Genghis Khan vs. Hernando Cortez
19. Templar knight vs. medieval Korean warrior
20. Flavius Aetius vs Hannibal( debatable)

21. Ancient Sumerian Vs Ancient Israelite
22. Cao Cao vs Julius Ceaser (done)
23. Maori  vs Roman gladiator
24. Masai vs Inuit (not sure about this one)
25. King Porus vs Suryavarman II
26. Byzantine Vangarian Gaurd vs. Roman Praetorian Guard
27. Spartan Hoptile vs Viking Raider
28. Ninja vs. Apache
29. Aztec Jaguar vs. Filipino warrior
30. Ivan the Terrible vs. Blackbeard the Pirate

On sidelines(meaning I want to do them but can't figure out who to put them against): ,    some Indonesian warriors ,  Comanche, Texas Rangers , Solomon Island warrior, Kirbati warrior
And that's it. Some of these will probably change, some may be added/removed and hell I may not do all of them(laziness is the enemy of all good things).
Part 2
Fictional Matchups:
1. Dead Space Necromoprhs vs. Lord of the Rings' Fellowship of the Ring

2. Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker (assisted by storm troopers and hydralisks)

3. Ezio And Assassins vs. The gladiators of Starz's Spartacus

4. Sprawl Security Team vs. Black ops Nazi Zombie Characters

5. Ryu Hayabusa(Ninja Gaiden)   vs. War(darksiders)

6. Commander Shepherd vs. Master Chief

7. Gears Of War Delta Squad vs. Brotherhood of Steel

8. The Predator vs. Albert Wesker

9. Dante Alighieri  vs. Alex Mercer 

10. John Marston vs. James Earl Cash

11. The Joker (Dark Knight) vs. Hans Landa (Inglorious Bastards)

12.  Agent 47 vs. The Boss (Saint's Row 2)

13. Locusts vs. ODST
(some of these may change)

On Sidelines: Azula,  , Kratos
In Order
1. Huaorani Amazon Tribesmen vs. Fijian warrior: Ecuador's fanatical revenge obsessed "Warriors of the Amazon" take on the famed cannibal warriors of Fiji. In this battle between two savage warrior cultures with no rules of warfare the serrated spears have been sharpened on both ends, and man-sized bows, blowguns, slings, clubs and battle axes collide in what could only be a most gruesome finale no matter who wins.
2. Mayan Late Classical warriors vs. New Kingdom Egyptian soldiers -in this battle between two advanced ancient civilizations worlds collide. In what is a deadliest warrior first there will be an Animal vs. Animal category as horse driven chariots take on hand thrown hornet bombs. Joining these war beasts is an arsenal that includes obsidian chainsaws, bows, spear throwers, sickles and axes.
3. Julius Caesar vs. Cao Cao There are two internet matchups that appear over and over again on every forum, even those unrelated to history. The first is the ever famous Pirate vs. Ninja. The Second is Han Dynasty vs.. Roman Republic/Empire. In this very special fight, the armies of two superpowers collide as Rome's greatest general Julius Caesar, whose name has echoed throughout time, takes on Cao Cao the vicious and cunning Chinese warlord famed for his role in the Three Kingdoms. Shield walls, crossbow lines, Cataphracts, short swords, martial arts and artillery weapons collide in what will surely be a bloody affair either way.
4. Fictional Matchup 1: Dead Space Necromorphs vs. the Fellowship of the Ring: This battle pits what is arguably the greatest company of fictional warriors to ever be conceived against some of the most Twisted, nightmare inducing monsters to have been ever imagined. The Fellowship won the battle for Middle Earth, but can they win against an unrelenting Infection? With magic, baby bombers, Acidic puke and precision archery, this odd matchup will certainly be one you don't want to miss!
5. Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk :  The Shaolin Monk, the world's most famous martial artists, vs the Hawaiian Koa, the warriors of ancient Hawaii who were known for their unarmed lethality . WHO. IS. DEADLIEST! In this very special match up two martial arts masters go head to head. In a exotic fight between the Orient and Oceania, the gloves are off and no mercy will be given nor shown. Shark teeth clubs, devastating burial tools ,diabolical tridents, ear shattering slings,  concealed weaponry and heavy roped objects fly at each other in what could only be a gruesome finish.
6. Dante Alighieri vs. Alex Mercer:  Date Alighieri, a war criminal turned holy warrior who transversed all of hell in order to save his beloved vs. Alex Mercer, a borderline sociopath who caused a biological apocalypse that killed millions. In this fight opposite concepts go head to head. A man of faith vs. a man of sceince.  The magical powers of the cross vs. the most pertent biological virus ever created. In my first mano-e-mano fight holy relics, extendable fists, human blades, crusader weaponry, regenerative powers and Death's own Scythe go head to head in an awesome deathmatch.
Please leave comments/ suggestions about match up changes, new warriors, match ups for sidelined people, and predictions!


  1. My Picks:

    Alexander-Better Armour/Formations
    Lanschrekmen-Better Armour/ Practial Mid Range
    Byzantine- Better Armour/ More warmade weapons
    Iroquois- Overall better weapons
    Dacio-Thracain- Better Armour/ Finer metal
    Arminius- If what I saw from 'The Eagle' true, better weapons
    lberian- Better close Range
    Janissaries- Better Armour and training
    Irish- Better close range/ better materials
    Khalid Ibn Walid- Better Range and mobility
    Polish Hussars- Better weapons
    Tomyris- Better matreils
    Oda- More advance gunpowder
    Shaloin- One word: Steel
    Cortez-Armour, pikes, and guns
    Han warrior- Larger weapons basically
    Templar- Better armour and more killibilty
    Hannabial- Better weapons
    Sumerain- Longer Range
    Roman Gladotior- Better Fighting Style
    Maasai: Better close-mid range weapons
    Suryavaman- Better armour
    Spartan- Armour and sheild

  2. My predictions for fictional matches:
    Necromorphs- More members to overwhelm
    Skywalker- I've never heard of that lady
    Ezio- Same as above
    Sprawl Security- I don't know them, but the President is awful at fighting.
    Kratos- He killed All of the olypians, except for the one that he f*cked.
    Master Chief- Never played anything made by Bioware, but between his energy shields, armor, and performance enhancing drugs (alotlotlot of them)I'd say he wins.
    BoS- Laser weapons (gatling laser kills all,) better armor
    No Idea- That's a close one
    Beowulf- He fights naked

    Also I started my first match, nothing too special, but it is alot of very different people.

  3. *Sprawl security will be fighting Ricthofen and the gang, who are armed with weapons found in black ops as well as WAW
    Should be done with the all but the battle of my LOTR VS. Necro match soon

  4. I knew that they weren't fighting the president, I just don't really like CoD games so I assume that Sprawl Security is better. Also I can be quite random.

  5. yea me neither, but i have always loved Nazi Zombies and the original characters in it!
    Sprawl security team is basically the anti necromorph crew in DS(who of course fail miserably)

    Also youll be impressed kerrigan, shephard and the starz gladiators once i start previewing them

  6. Looks fun and really great to read. great diversity. but i am going to warn you. In the templar knight vs medieval Korean, i am going to be very picky. After all, i am a templar fan.

    Also maybe ninja vs Filipino warrior. Would love to see the ninja facing great stickfigthers

  7. I wanted to commend you on the creativity of your matches :D I've never been so excited about historical matches before. When it comes to fanfiction I usually prefer fictional matches but when you do it, it comes out as a work of art ;)

    I can't wait for the next match from you, fictional or otherwise :D

  8. Very good matchups man. I'm really looking forward to Commander Shepard vs. Master Chief and Ezio and Assassins vs. Gladiators from STARZ Sparticus (I'm a fan of Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect, so guess who I want to win). I do have a suggestion of who could face Azula, perhaps Cole MacGrath from Infamous and Infamous 2? I haven't played the game before, but I have a feeling that Electricity vs. Fire could be a good matchup.