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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Delta-One Squad vs. Spartan Noble Team: Intro

                                             ( I got creative with this one....)

When humanity is threatened with outright extinction our species invariably turns to a small elite force to become our salvation. Whether it is the one-man army of Master Chief or the incredibly diverse team that Mass Effect's Commander Shepard put together it appears that our best hope is in fact super soldiers. These soldiers are then forced to beat the odds to in order to save humanity, something they succeed in doing....most of the time. Even when they fail they generally go down like badasses while attempting to, which slightly makes up for the fact that they failed. 

 This battle will seek to compare two elite squads from two hit xbox titles. Two badass teams who fought incredible odds again and again; the best of their respective armies.

  From the Planet of Sera hails the elite Delta-One Squad (often shortened to just Delta). Delta Squad is part of the elite 1% of humanity - with the 99% percent being those that were either killed by the Locust/Hammer of Dawn or turned into stranded (which are considered worse then dead to many Gears). Generally regarded as the best squad in the entire C.O.G. (Coalition of Organized governments)  army (though there is a close second...more on that later) almost every member of this special forces team has over a decade of active experience (some two!) fighting inhuman monsters that desire nothing less then  the complete extinction of the human race, the Locust as well as the mutated lambent and marauding stranded. 

 Their opponents have moved past the planetary stage and instead hail from all across the section of the galaxy under United Earth Governments  section control, though they are all tied to the planet Reach.. Noble Team was comprised of Spartans; genetically engineered soldiers designed to be the ultimate warriors. It was comprised of five Spartan IIIs and one Spartan II-more on the differences between the two later. Noble Team was arguably the most notable of all Spartan teams, and their opponent was the fantaical, genocidal species of the Covenant. 

 This will be a battle of the best of the best, of elites going against elites. As my first modern (or semi-modern) battle  the categories are a little different then last time...

Squad Bio and brief history of  war:
 Super long range: /60
Long range: /100
Mid Range: /50
Interlude: Character Bio 1:
Close range:/40
Melee: /20
*Special* Lasers: /40
Interlude: Character Bio 2:
Heavy Weapons:/70
Captured Covenant/Locust Weaponry:/40

Other Personal Defenses: /60
Interlude: Character Bio 3:
Spartan Equipment vs. Horde Defenses:/80


Health: /60
Squad tactics:/70
Leadership: /50 (10 of which is dedicated to Second in Commands) 
Interlude: Character Bio 4:
Past Opponents: /80 (Its very high because I am making them defeat each other's opponents first). 
Interlude: Character Bio 5:
Weaknesses: -/50
Martial Arts/Hand to hand skill: /20

Personal Contributions: 
A unique category, this will not be edges based. Instead points will be assigned based on how much a character's personal traits helps a team.
Interlude: Character Bio 6:
Marcus :/15 (leader bonus)
Clayton Carmine:/10

Noble Six:/10

Check out the preview thread here....which will explain how so many weapons can exist in one match:

To answer one last remaining question....yes the battle will take place on Sera, as the Gears can't travel anywhere else. Plus Noble team is used to being sent to different planets. 

Finally Congratulations to Clayton Carmine for narrowly winning the poll!Don't worry ill have something for the Dizzy fans though....


  1. I admit I was worried about Carmine, I really wanted him to be there. :) But in the end luck favored my side.

    I can't wait for this match, it'll be fun :) ANd great choice of music. I never liked the movie patton but that is one kickass song.

  2. Well, I'm a huge Halo fanboy, and I do not like GoW games at all... So despite my absolute lack of knowledge about Delta Squad, I'm voting for Noble Team.

  3. A little sad that Dizzy didn't make the cut, but Carmine's plenty cool. Should be awesome, looks like it will make Mercer vs Kerrigan look small scale in comparison. And going off of pretty much just gut instinct, I'm thinking Delta Squad takes it.