Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Saturday, March 31, 2012


The first section  was written by Marcus,  and he deserves full credit for this first it.

There were dozens of them, thirty-three in all. All confused and coming to from consciousness. At least one of the monsters there was suspended in a zero gravity orb of some kind. Villains, heroes, antiheroes, from several different universes. Some recognized each other. Others looked on strangely at the company. The smartest ones instantly realized nobody was here willfully, at least so it appeared.

“Welcome friends,” echoed a cheerily powerful voice, “to the Tournament of Mortals!”

Standing nearly seven feet high upon a two-storied Aztec temple structure was a man with bright, noble white eyes and a red-tanned body. Humanoid in form, he was clearly not normal. Mutant or alien was anybody’s guess, but at his feet was a snow white wolf with deep blue eyes. Though looking around the stadium it wasn’t hard to tell that red and white were his favorite colors.

“I brought you all here to my pocket dimensional home to a challenge you cannot refuse. A fight for the best of the dimensions, and all of you has a single important weakness: you are all mortals.”

Darkseid glanced about for a moment, noticing the figures Doomsday (currently unconscious and suspended in the floating orb), Superman, and Batman. With his bulky arms behind his back he spoke up. “Them why am I here? For I—am a god.”

Despite his confidence, the others in the room did not appear to believe him.

The Portal Master lowered his arms and smiled all the more. “I am quite positive you are not a god and able to be destroyed. It is recorded in the Library of Babel.”

Some in the room were surprised that such a thing actually existed, including Batman. There were some who didn’t even know what that was, and a certain Eldrad Ulthran defensively grabbed his staff in both hands.

“Whatever your record keepers may have,” Darkseid continued as his eyes began to burn with fire, “I am the most powerful being here,” and a pair of zigzagging red laser beams burst out, avoiding those in his path and heading straight for the figure on his temple.

A rounded portal shone brightly, bright enough to paralyze, taking the beams with it. Darkseid raised his eyes in surprise and dropped open his mouth just slightly, bending the lasers to and fro to try and find an exit or direction to the target. Another, smaller portal opened from behind him and released his own lasers so that Darkseid struck his own back.

The beams, designed to destroy anything he looked at, burned him badly (not on complete full power), but the Portal Master nodded, and a series of varying portals opened upon Darkseid, and finally caused an implosion, then explosion, of his body parts and insides. 

The Portal Master then weaved his left fingers together. A portal opened up from above and sucked the portions of Darkseid’s body through and then spit them back out as Darkseid—whole again and alive.

“Since you clearly do not want to be here, I will send you on your way back home as if you were never here.” Even as he spoke, Darkseid vanished in a stream of static energy, his presence and fate unable to be determined by even the most powerful psychics once in his midst.

“Fear not,” he said smiling once again to the crowd, “I am only tired and bored in the state I exist, and so decided to create this tournament. The winner shall receive anything he so desires.” Miniature portals, faint and weak but clear in the vision of those present appeared before them according to what he knew of them.

“Riches, fame, power beyond your imagination if you want. Or loved ones you wish to take back, perhaps a past life…”

Krypton appeared to Superman before it was destroyed, real for sure. He knew it wasn’t an illusion; the portal was opening to a place backward in time. Bruce Wayne saw his parents walking out of the theatre happy and being brought out of the afterlife. Spawn saw his wife and him together with her in an alternate reality. Even Shadow saw the girl Maria, healthy and alive.

“I can make you into the ultimate creation, you shall be known as the greatest mortal to exist!”

Goku was given a vision of himself so powerful as being capable of stopping the galaxy from being destroyed, Azula saw herself greater than the Avatar, Alex Mercer was shown the possibility of him consuming the likes of many in the room. Emperor Palpatine saw himself destroying entire warships using the Force with a clamp of his fist, Jackie Estacardo foresaw him becoming immune to the harmful effects of light, and being able to keep his powers after the birth of his son. Kratos saw himself become a true immortal, and the willpower to span the universes in alternate dimensions. Magneto saw his entire life restarted, with all the knowledge he knew, wife and children together.

“And some of you, well, may need other sets of persuasion.”

With that, Eldrad Ulthran saw the future in which a victor entered his realm and destroyed the Eldar race, ending the galaxy where he lived. Captain Marvel saw Shazam becoming a tormented slave to evil. The Doctor saw the Tardis reverse engineered and sold into the wrong hands, as he could do nothing, trapped in a pocket dimension of pure nothing. Raven saw her home destroyed and the Teen Titans tormented as slaves to some dark entity.

Whoever they were, whatever their story, each of them had a reason to be victorious and put in their best efforts to complete victory.

“As you can now all see, I am quite bored in my existence, and thoroughly enjoy researching the likes of you in the Library of Babel, but I am very curious to see who would win in an all-encompassing tournament.

“For purposes of victory simple, sound defeat by knock out is preferred, killing is not encouraged but there will be penalties if there is death; though as you can see by example of Darkseid’s demise, I can bring back any who fall fatal so worry not. My powers still have their limitations however.

“Consumption on the other hand is by all means encouraged. Take the equipment of your foes and use them in the next round. As a final note, you will be given two days of preparation for the fight. Use this time to create or modify your available weapons, and to study all you want about your opponent from the massive index of the Library. You will be at your physical peak by my hand when you fight to give each party the best possible chance, so train as hard as you like.”

  Suddenly 31 huts materialized on the grounds, causing a few among the crowd unfamiliar with such displays of magic to gasp. Plain and simple, with one exception of a giant cave ( a few cast a glance at the menacing dragon that stood out in their midst) they were all remarkably uniform.  Some scoffed or turned up their noses, guessing immediately what function the huts were supposed to serve, not liking them one bit. 

 Seeing this the Portal  Master's face once again lit up in a smile

"Fear not, for the inside of the huts is much more spacious then its outside appearance presents, and has been custom modified to fit individual tastes. Each of you will find a access point to the Library of Babel inside, as well as any personal equipment or significant people that would be of assistance in preparation."

 One of them, a bald twelve year old whose forehead was covered in tattoos, looked up inquisitively at the creature in the cage. Seeing this the Portal Master continued

"That creature will remain caged until battle, for its blood-lust and rage are such that were I to release it now pre-mature carnage would result. "

A couple among the crowd, most notable being the Superman, nodded approvingly. He had enough experience with that creature to last a lifetime....

     The Portal Master clapped his hands.

 "I shall return shortly with the announcement for our first match. Mingle, get to know your fellow contestants, some of whom you may face in the arena. Do not fear; though some of you speak different languages, all shall speak in the same tongue in my domain. "

 With that the Portal Master vanished from the spot, leaving thirty-one contestants, most of whom were still in shock and disoriented from the random teleporation, quiet and contemplative.

 The peace wouldn't last.



  A hulking brute, a being every bit as muscular as the beast in the cage, roared and hurled himself towards a man with a thin mustache and goatee, who seemed to have been warily expecting such a move. 

   The man, dressed in a colorful assortment of blue, red and black, muttered an incarnation and teleported several meters back to separate himself from the group. He knew he had a fight on his hands, and didn't want anyone else, regardless of their alignment, caught in the crossfire. The sorcerer yelled a warning 

   "Get Back! In this state Bruce doesn't care who he hurts!"

 "The only one I am going to hurt is you, Strange!" 

 The giant green figure let out a roar and charged the sorcerer, quaking the very foundations of the complex through the sheer power of his steps. Strange gestured and a beam of energy shot out of his hands, hitting the green figure and stopping him in his tracks. 

   He roared, digging its feet into the ground . The continuous beam pushed him back only two feet more, until the creature forced it to a halt. With another roar he clapped his hands together thunderously, dispelling the magical bolt and causing Strange to stagger.

    The monster charged, only to stop suddenly at the sight of a visibly enraged Strange, who now glowed blue from pure energy.

     The warning only served to visibly piss him off further, and the Hulk charged faster then normal human eyes could follow. Strange reluctantly cast one of his most gruesome incarnations, but just as he was a single hand movment away from completing it a man in blue with a red  "S" tackled the green giant, slamming him into a wall . A moment later he pulled back. 

  The Hulk emerged from the dust and debries, clearly struggling in the act of restraining rage even as the wall behind him magically repaired itself, unnoticed by all but the most keen eyes watching. He growled

 " You shouldn't have done that, this wasn't your fight."

     Superman, trying to restore the peace, opted for a calming approach

"Whatever that man did to you, there will be another time and place. We need to figure out where we are and how to-"

A big green fist hurled at his person forced him on the defensive, his light speed reflexes enabling him to dodge the blow. He countered, a punch to the green giant's gut-resulting in only a small grunt. Hulk's return punch burst open his lip, sending him reeling backwards.

  Superman rubbed his lip and stiffled his emerging headache; it had been a while since he fought someone who was physically strong enough to hurt him. Earth's mightiest hero wasn't going to let a bloody lip slow him down, and all this "Hulk" had convinced him was that perhaps more force then usual was needed.

    His eyes glowed bright red, something that should have warned the fast approaching Hulk, but the brute was too pissed off to pay attention to or be deterred by the obvious warning scene. So without much reluctance Superman let loose.

Hulk was blasted back, though not far. Slowly, despite the immense pressure kept on his chest he managed to advance, his face straining from anger and effort. Strange looked on, hands still in position to cast an incarnation, however he was torn between  who to help; the man who was attempting to help him, or his former friend and fellow defender member.

 Meanwhile in the crowd, a rather twisted old man whose face bore wrinkles from a different source then aging smiled cruelly as he looked on. This man enjoyed the very sight of pain, no matter who it was inflicted on or for what reason. However his sadism did not render him blind to happenings around him, and his glowing sword instinctively lit up to block a blow from another such weapon. 

 He promptly  force pushed the assailant back, not surprised to find out who he was. 

" You will pay for what you have done to my life  Palpatine!"

Palpatine just laughed, his shrill voice raising hairs among some of those in the crowd! He started clapping as he spoke

"Good, good! You have gone far down the path of the Dark Side! Just as I had planned from the beginning when I let that fool Vader train you. Now bow before your true master!"

 Galen Marek screamed in rage, his lightsaber infused saber rushing forward to clash with Palpatine's. Palpatine's blade blocked Marek's decapitating strike, before pressing the offensive with Pushing slash. Marek had been training with his farsight, and preemptively force pushed the Emperor, which though blocked ended the attack. However Marek's assured strike was anything but, and they soon found themselves once again in a stalemate, blades locked. 
Palpatine once again taunted his foe

"Give up boy, you are nothing compared to me! I am the true master of the dark side!"

"Wanna bet on that?"

 Both men turned their heads briefly,  surprised that a third voice had interrupted them. This man, with wiry black hair and whose form seemed to be literally obscured in darkness, charged straight for the feuding duo. 

 Meanwhile, with the Hulk and Superman pounding away at each other as Strange tried to forcibly separate both, Aang was about to initiate the Avatar State. It was his duty to enforce the peace, and peace was needed now more then ever. However just as his tattoos were about to grow blue, a finger tapped his shoulder. 

  He turned, and naturally recoiled . Before him was the slightly amused face of the woman who nearly killed him several months back, Azula. 

"What would be the point of showing off your "mighty" Avatar State Dum-Dum? You'd just be swatted down like an irritant fly while the big boys continued their show."

Aang, annoyed at being compared to a fly, retorted

"I am not going to let innocent people get hurt in the crossfire Azula! What are you doing here, shouldn't you be in the loony asylum?"

Azula, under the impression that he was just trying to insult her and not speaking literally, replied

"Oh please, at least I actually belong here  in a tournament as I am, you know, a fighter,  unlike the boy who bravely fled as his people burned."

 That comment nearly triggered the Avatar State by itself, and seeing this Azula opted for a more mellow approach, as she really did not want a fight right now.

"Aang" The Avatar was momentary surprised that she bothered to find out  his real  name rather then his title "think about it. Wouldn't it be better to observe the others now and find out their capabilities, rather then running around blind when you eventually have to face them in battle?"

 Seeing as Aang was contemplative at this point, and that she needn't study him in action since she already knew him well enough, Azula decided to share *some*, but far from all, of her observations. 

"See that green giant over there? If you look closely enough you can see his muscles grow the angrier he gets, while the red-caped man who he is fighting is clearly holding back, you can see it written in the shadow of his face. "

Next she pointed to the three-way battle, where the man shrouded in darkness was spawning all sorts of weird tentacles from his body, while the two lightsaber wielding foes were put on the defensive by all the minions he had brought with him . They still took a couple shots at each other even as they attempted to fend off their new opponent.

 "Even you can see those two hate each other, what you wouldn't be able to see is the sadistic amusement in the old man's eyes, or the way the young man grows sloppy with rage-something the old man is deliberately trying to make him give into. The third, the one covered in darkness, was just spoiling for a fight, and only entered the fray at the slightest provocation. "

 She turned to regard her familiar enemy, her pride satisfied at the sight of his impressed look. In fact, he was hoping to get her observations on a few more

 "When it comes to observations, your  good Azula. What about-"

Suddenly a harsh voice came from behind both of them-

"Arrogant Mortals! I am a the GOD Alduin, and I do not fight alongside children!"

 Before either could turn to regard the being  who uttered those words, Alduin spoke a devastating three word insult 


 A powerful burst of energy threw both of them forwards, causing them to collide into two figures in front of them; a humanoid figure with a long tail and three fingers that was purple and grey, and a sleek, black and red ....hedgehog? The quad of them landed in a heap

 The mass of bodies quickly untangled themselves, with the hedgehog immediately assuming an aggressive stance against the two benders. 

All three of them looked at the purple figure, who had spoken with such authority that his voice seemed to have reverberated in the back of their minds. The figure pointed at the dragon, charging a ball of psionic energy as he spoke

" They are not responsible for the attack; the dragon is!"

 Without any prompting, he fired his energy at the dragon, with the two benders immediately following suit. The hedgehog, after a moments hesitation, joined them as the dragon sneered. 

   Elsewhere Chaos reigned. A man with a most peculiar helmet was dueling  a another being whose suit seemed almost alive, chains spontaneously coming out of it. Unfortunately the first  man seemed to have metal manipulation powers, and the chains were being made to attack its owner.  A man in a deathly knight style armor dueled with a hooded feminine figure who utilized dark telekinesis, while another hooded warrior with a blade for a arm  had tried to assassinate a man with a powerful hammer, only to fail when said man noticed him.  Someone, somewhere yelled "SHAZAM!"

 In the background a man with freakishly long limbs and a red hat laughed hysterically , not bothering to notice an elvish figure slyly position himself several feet in front of the (clearly) insane man, for he had forseen trouble. 

  Elsewhere a man dressed entirely in black warily observed the cage of Doomsday, whose cage had been loosened by the aftershocks caused by the Hulk-Superman fight- which had grown as Captain Marvel and a man in a orange jumpsuit had joined in. 

 The cage was shaking dangerously, which worried him immensely. 

 " You shouldn't worry about things you cannot help Batman,there's nothing that can be done here."

 A voice with a British accent cased him to turn, and he instantly regarded the most out of place man he had ever seen; even the dragon fit in better. It wasn't that this man came in a spectacular shape or size; no it was the fact that this man oozed of normality . Everyone else here possessed an odd costume or had out of place powers or was, you know, a dragon. This man, to Batman's keen eyes, seemed rather normal based on outward appearances other then the weird screwdriver he was holding, that and his ridiculous bowtie. 

Batman's eyes narrowed in suspicion as the man began using the screwdriver to ..."scan" Doomsday?
"What do you -?"

"Simple my sunlight hating friend. You wear a Bat Symbol on your chest and are clearly a man,  thus Batman! I am quite good aren't I?"

 He continued to scan the creature, as Batman stared a bit annoyed at him. He wasn't going to ask "How do you know my name?", that much was obvious. 

" No, what do you mean by "there is nothing that can be done here"?

The man did not immediately answer, instead continuing to read his scanner. When he did he seemed to mumble fast  in what sounded like gibberish, but Batman knew he was reading the results of the scan. 

"Kryptonian, the strangest DNA sequence I have ever seen. It seems to radically redefine itself on contact with a substance its unfamiliar with; my scanner won't be able to work again. Hmm adaptive resistance, super strength, unshakable desire to kill everything in its path. Eureka! Err that is what you Americans like to say right? Anyway I now have correctly concluded why you and your friends were looking at it with emotions  ranging from weariness to fear! It would try to kill us all if let out!"

Though Batman was impressed by his reasoning and observation skills, he still hadn't answered his original question. Before he could repeat himself however, the doctor continued

"Oh how rude of me, I didn't introduce myself. I go by the name of the Doctor! Though as you can tell that not my real name- just as Batman isn't yours! Oh and what I meant by "what couldn't be helped" is the fact that in precisely 6.17 seconds, that Hulk creature is going to crash into the cage, knocking it down."

 Before Batman could so much as blink a big green giant crashed into the cage, knocking the creature out and replacing its presence with the Hulk. Doomsday hit the ground, his feral eyes already opening. 

" And now its time to RUN!"

 Batman didn't need the warning; nothing he could do could so much as slow down the creature. 

 Without any hesitation Doomsday's eyes opened,  not bothering to take in the surroundings but to focus on the souls around him! He roared and immediately headed for the closest, his mind focused on nothing but killing. 

     Not caring who he killed  Doomsday immediately ran for the closest, who was .... laughing?

  Doomsday felt his desire for a kill to increase tenfold. This creature reminded him of his creator laughing at him as he was fed to predators again and again-and Doomsday hated him most of all!

 Without preamble he ripped the man in half at the waist, only to get a renewal of fury as the man KEPT laughing. Doomsday stomped down on his face, smashing it against the floor. Brain matter and blood split in all directions- but the man STILL kept laughing. Doomsday was more enraged then he ever had been before, why couldn't his enemy stay dead? Not knowing much else in the way of options, he began ripping into pieces whatever he could find of the man, not bothering to notice that the scenery around him had gotten a lot more quiet. 

  No longer did they fight each other; whether evil, good or neutral, regardless of alignment, all were almost mesmerized by the scene of carnage that was unfolding in front of them. Well, almost all of them were.

"Everyone get back NOW!" 

Doomsday immediately looked up from the carnage; that hateful voice! He had always hated Kryptonians with a passion, not surprising given his upbringing. But that voice, that one voice belonged to a man who had killed him before- and Doomsday hated that sound more then even the high pitched squeals of laughter still coming from the various pieces of the corpse beneath him. 

His red eyes narrowed onto the man in red and blue, and without even bothering to give off a roar he charged, bowling through everyone in his path who was not quick enough to get out of the way. Whether they lived or died from the impact was not his concern-only killing the man before him was. 

 Superman's laser beam hit Doomsday squarely in the chest but it hardly slowed him; Doomsday had evolved a resistance to it long ago. A hammer thrown from somewhere crashed into chest, knocking him off balance but only briefly. Doomsday growled, realizing that perhaps he would have to fight others before killing his hated foe- just as a man in a orange jumpsuit  with spiky hair appeared out of nowhere and kicked him back. 

   Doomsday's reflexes were fast enough to grab his leg, pulling him back towards him. However the orange jumpsuit man broke free just as a second man, this one with a lightning bolt on his chest, joined in the fray . Doomsday punched the newcomer across the face, however that allowed that allowed Mr. Spiky hair , now having changed from black to golden, to use both hands to slam into Doomsday's cheek, even as he simultaneously dodged a blow from the enraged creature. 

 To Doomsday, this man was starting to become more then an annoyance. 

Meanwhile Aang was watching from sidelines, about to do something he wanted to avoid. He was about to turn into the Avatar State. Already singed a little from the battle with Alduin, Aang just wanted the battle to end. Once again however he was interrupted, this time by the being who had taken the place of Doomsday in the cage.

  "Hey Kid, you need to get me out of here."

 Aang jumped, surprised that the voice was addressing him . He though about it for a second hesitantly; on one hand he didn't want to make this "Hulk" angrier, on the other it had started this cycle of violence, and was partially to cause for Doomsday to get loose. 

"Hurry!You don't have much time, the others are getting slaughtered out there!"

Aang nervously turned his head around and saw that the Hulk was speaking truth: the one with the lightning bolt chest had been punched 100 feet back into a wall, while the spiky haired man had only been saved by a golden ankh appearing suddenly in front of him, blocking what would have been a fatal punch. Others had joined the fray; but none of their attacks were doing much. Only those...darkness creatures were helping, and that was just because Doomsday was forced to take the time to destroy them, sparing other, worthier targets. 

 "But if I let you out, you'll just start hurting the others again."

"I won't hurt any that don't deserve it, and not even him as long as that creature is alive. I was once a hero, kid. Just let me out, and I can help them. "

Aang had always been accused of being too soft, and perhaps he was, however he just knew that there was sincerity in those words. A piece of Earth shot towards the Hulk, its force being sufficient enough to push him out. 

 For a second, the Avatar thought in horror that he might have been wrong, that this Hulk lied and was now going to go on a fighting spree-starting with him, the Avatar!

For that reason he was a bit surprised when the Hulk mumbled a reluctant "thanks", before running towards the fight, the ground shaking with repressed anger as he walked. 

Doomsday sensed a giant creature running straight towards him, sensed it and immediately punched said creature in the face as soon as he was close enough, throwing him back dozens of feet. Smirking a little Doomsday turned just as Superman punched him at one of his bone obtrusion, something that always caused Doomsday a great deal of pain.However that did not stop Doomsday from grabbing hold of it as Superman pulled back.  He roared, and  broke the offending arm!

Before Doomsday could so monopolize his victory a great green hand pulled him away, causing Doomsday to snarl- only for a fist to land in his open mouth. The green giant was positively glowering with rage, almost as potent as the Hate Doomsday gave off. Doomsday smashed his fist into the Hulk's eye; only for the Hulk to retaliate with a blow to the chest which took off a bone protrusion. It instantly healed of course, but left Doomsday all the more pissed. 

 Again and again the two brawled, each blow doing more and more damage. Neither was going to give an inch, and indeed were actually getting stronger from the increased rage/hate. The others could only look on in total awe as the very foundations of the building began to shake from the titanic clash, each blow between the two sending out shockwaves in all directions. Realizing that victory for either would annihilate the rest, many of the remaining fighters prepared themselves to use whatever in their arsenals to blast both fighters in one ultimate, final attack, just as a overwhelming white light overcame all of them-

 At the last   instant the magic of the Portal Master activated, its effect restoring the wounds of all in its wake as well as the building itself, and putting Doomsday, unconscious, back in his cage. The Hulk felt his rage subside- forcibly, as it turned out. From out of the white light came one clapping- and amused- figure. 

" A magnificent and wonderful showing to the Tournament of Mortals! Whatever doubts I had about taking in some of you, you have all disproved it in that exhibition. Well Done!"

 A few in the crowd were amused; most were outraged. One of them, a bold man whose body was covered in ash, spoke up for the group

"Coward! You are nothing without your twisted portals; come face us like a true warrior, or are you too much of a coward for that?"

 The Portal Master continued to smile, much to the annoyance of the man who spoke up. 
"Kratos you shall be a fine addition to this tournament, for your audacity is powerful enough for you to dare take on gods!"

 The Portal Master made an excited motion with his hands, something that was rather off putting for most of the group, including Kratos. He did not expect this tournament master to get that much excitement from their fights. 

Now speaking directly to those who knew of Doomsday, in a attempt to assuage their fears the Portal Master said
" Fear not, for Doomsday shall not remember this fight, nor will his genes adapt to it. You all have performed admirably, and now the time has come to announce the fighters in the first round."

 A stillness settled over the crowd; all were eager to hear which of them would be fighting first, especially the still manic figure of Alucard, who had reformed after being torn into by Doomsday. For him it had been most...enjoyable, he had a feeling he would LOVE this tournament!

" Some other announcements first. Starting on the second day until the end of the first round, there shall be one fight per day, with a new fight announced once a day. Only those who are currently preparing for a bout may utilize the Library of Babel, which is made easily accessible at each of your lodgings. Those not  currently preparing are free to wander the facility, and those that are need not worry; mealtime and announcements shall not be detracted from your preparations. "

 With that said, the Portal Master clapped his hands together and the lights dramatically dimmed 

" For our first match, we will have a battle of teen prodigies, who have surpassed all odds through immense self training and determination, becoming two of the strongest in their respective realms. With that said I am very pleased to say that the first round contestants will be: Princess Azula of the Fire Nation-" 

A bright golden light shown above the Fire Nation princess, illuminating her for all to see. Azula, having been to theaters and who had been expecting such a  dramatic gesture, gave her most confident pose and her famous stare. Though she wouldn't admit it publicly, she was a bit excited for the upcoming battle, to prove herself against what was hopefully a worthy foe. Meanwhile the Portal Master continued. 
"- whose strategic brilliance and perfectionist mindset have allowed her to win battles without fighting and master the rare blue-fire, VS the former Sith apprentice whose mastery of the force is on par with those many times his age, Galen Marek!"

The Sith apprentice stared at the tournament master before cocking his head towards Azula, who was regarding him with both a determined and inquisitive expression. Marek knew she was scanning him for outward weaknesses and he was determined not to show any; this battle would be of wills as much as a lightsaber. Azula sneered at him, as he opted for a fake sort of calm. 

"Well with that said protective enhancements are now in place to make sure none are hurt before stepping in the ring. Good Luck Azula and Marek, and to the rest of you your lodging have now been unlocked. "

And before anyone could ask him a question, he disappeared in a purple mist, leaving two teenagers still staring intensely at each other, and the rest uncertain of their roles. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grading Scale

To start off with I want to leave an explanation: This first page isn't mine, and though I did help in making it full credit goes ultimately to a friend named Marcus for creating it. With that said let me show you the style that will be seen for the upcoming battles. Bear in mind that this was originally made as a guide to judge O.C. characters, later applied to established characters. I'll be posting an example of each category.

====Grading Scale====

Mere Mortal (Lvl 0 - 0.5) – This is the lowest in terms of life forms you can go. Weak mortals can include animals or small creatures that would have difficulty bringing down a full-sized, competent human. In general, your average Joe regular pedestrian off the street with an IQ less than 120 would also fall into this range. Even grizzly bears and large sharks are not so poorly rated as this.
This guy scores low

Skilled Mortal (Lvl 1 - 2) – People with good military training, specialized skills, or sufficient brain power to make them noticeably valuable persons, a cut above the rest. This includes regular scientific geniuses, most men in the Special Forces, and extremely minor powers. People lacking fatal powers and have no equipment may also fall into this category. Examples: Storm Trooper, Spok, Crocodile Dundee, Marine (both Halo and Starship Troopers), Ork Boy, and most dangerous children.

Arguably one of the best fighters on the show, the Navy Seals  fall in the 2 category. 

Special Mortal (Lvl 3 - 4) – These are going to include most of your mutants, genetically enhanced creatures, super-equipped people, and specially gifted persons that would otherwise fit in the skilled mortal category. However on their own or without their “nitch”, they can be taken down by squads of regular military.
            Examples: Some of the weaker X-Men, Fantastic Four, Batman, Mario, Link, Captain America, Space Marine Terminator, etc.

Immortal (Lvl 5 - 6) – Such characters are not necessarily always immortal as they are able to fight them and are always long-lived characters. A list of those in this category include very powerful and in theory, near unstoppable characters. Most that exist in this hierarchy have the potential of defeating even demi-gods given the right situation and advantages, but would be rare and one-sided fighting.
            Examples: Wolverine, Albert Wesker, Alucard, Juggernaut, Kratos

Higher Being (Lvl 7 - 8) – Characters in this category can often go toe-to-toe with Superman or best him in prolonged combat. If they are mortal, the Army would have trouble killing them. Even taking away much of their equipment or source of their power and they are still difficult to destroy. Their weaknesses are few and can only be bested by the smartest or bravest of other mortals. Such is their power they can choose not to be fatal and take on groups of special mortals still. In all, general weapons would be useless against them. They are capable of taking on demi-god class characters, but only with specialized enhancements or equipment.
            Examples: Bravestar, Superman, Magneto, Apocalypse, Shadow (Sonic)
Even Superman can die. 

Demi-god (Lvl 9 - 10) – Demi-gods are characters of such high prowess they are capable of challenging many gods and supremely powerful beings. They can cut down swathes of mere mortals and mutants, and are immune or highly resistant to weapons fatal to most mortals. In most cases, they are ethereal in nature from a higher plain of existence or have equipment and weapons that are forged in a higher plain. They can almost never be killed by ordinary (physical) means.
            Examples: Goku, Spawn, Ghost Rider, Dr. Manhattan

Deity (Lvl 11+) – Anything that is truly immortal in any means regardless, and cannot be killed or destroyed barring a few rare exceptions. They can bend reality as they wish whenever they see fit.
            Examples: Demonic Gods of 40k, Cthulhu, Q, ect

===== X FACTORS =====

Included below are the explanations for x-factors used,the overall example used will be for one Eldrad Ulthran
Accuracy: 82/100 – How good is the character at shooting weapons, throwing objects, and with hand-eye coordination? 100 means the character is incapable of missing his mark. Think of this as how many times would they score a hit out of 100 under normal circumstances.

Combat: 58/100 – Hand-to-hand combat experience and capabilities. 100 means the character knows every single martial art and fought every kind of foe possible, having been fighting as soon as they could move their limbs, and are impossible to match against a being exactly like them. Very skilled human martial artists reach about the 50 mark.

Physicality: 6/100 – While 5 represents average human strength, 100 represents near infinite strength or the capability for it (i.e. Hulk and Superman, who have no exact stated limits; it is doubtful they even have any). 99 is a character who technically has no limits, but cannot compete with 100-level strength. 

Damage Intake: 15/100 – How much damage can the character take before dying? Someone like Alucard would score very high here given his millions of souls and powerful regeneration. . 100 represents a character that is completely immortal to damage, period. They can be banished, sent to a different dimension and possibly severed or broken apart but cannot be destroyed. Peak human toughness reaches about 10.

Damage Resistance: 82/100 – This represents how well armored the character is. Alex Mercer could turn his form into a living suit of armor or pull up a giant shield. Also included in this category  are defense powers such as Telekinesis, shield charms, improbability fields ect.   100 represents a character that cannot take physical damage.

Stealth – 45/100 – Quite simply, the overall mindset and success in alluding enemies. 100 represents one who is completely invisible, with almost no known presence in the area, even to telepaths (most “cloaked” character upgrades only go up to 80). 0 represents one who can’t even stand still without making a great deal of noise heard dozens of meters away. Average human light-step is 40. Insect-sized characters would probably fall into a 60-70 zone. S

Sensory – 70/100 – The overall ability of the character to detect others and obstacles. A telepath with a range of dozens of miles to know the very existence of all in his path (even in pocket dimensions) would be about 100. Average humans with their physical sensory organs reach a good 50. This can be compared to an opposing character’s Stealth to see how well they could detect the hidden foe, and how quickly. 

Initiative: 37/100 – How fast is the character able to predict and react to get off an attack. 100 means the character will always strike first, no matter what. Most humans reach about 20, with a peak human initiative at 40.

Stamina: 70/100 – The physical energy level a character possesses before fainting or needing rest. 100 represents a character that cannot ever tire or lose energy completely. Alex Mercer is built so he cannot be fatigued.  Healthy humans reach a max of 40 (similar bar to stamina).

Finesse: 54/100 – The delicate, accuracy of hand and sense of balance. This can determine how light-stepped the character is in setting off traps or moving quickly through a hailstorm of enemy fire. 100 represents a character who is quick and careful, able to move about with a single finger in-between areas as narrow as their very mass. 0 is a character who can’t even move without falling over; wheelchair-confined characters reach a good 10-15. Finesse relies directly upon their personal ability to move their body, but even flexible humans can only achieve a max score of 80.

Energy Potential: 50/100 – The amount of psychic/magic/power energies outside of physical stamina available to use for spells and powers. 100 represents a near limitless amount. Humans without special powers sit at 0. Use your best judgment to guess this amount as this depends on the user himself.

Adaptive Creativity: 65/100 – Use of available resources, making traps, combining elements in the moment, and using the battlefield around them, as well as surprise rate to changes in their opponents. 100 represents someone who can mold and react to anything and are never surprised. 

Raw Speed: 18/100 – How fast is the character including rate of acceleration and max speed. 100 is several times over the speed of light (faster than Flash), with 15 as Olympic runner. Note, the rate of speed increases lightly with each grade.

Reflexes: 88/100 – Reaction time, ability to dodge. A character with low reaction time would be blinded by their own movements with a high raw speed. For most, reflexes and raw speed go hand-in-hand as one and the same, but not in every case. Some can see things coming and simply not physically move fast enough. 100 represents a character that can track objects moving at 100 grade raw speed (see above). Most humans reach about 10, with a human peak of 40.

Experience: 80/100 – Mostly related to fighting experience that isn’t related to training. 100 represents far over 10,000 years of constant experience or equivalent, against hundreds of different kinds of foes and situations. This varies depending on a balance of years of experience, and multiplied by the variation of experiences. Batman for example would score fairly high because of the sheer number of variations and experiences he’s fought, despite his relative short life compared to other superheroes.

Discipline: 90/100 – How focused one is at keeping up his training, keeping his cool, and how coordinated they are with allies and minions. 100 represents someone more rigid and unbending and works well with any strategy or person. Common military combatants sit at around 40.

Intelligence: 78/100 – The overall problem-solving, tactic-figuring wits of the character. 100 represents one who is nearly omnipotent (similar to Dr. Manhattan), while 40 represents average intelligence of a competent human. Foreseeing the future and remembering the past also factor into this.

Training: 66/100 – 40 is a good medium for general military or combat training, and excludes experience. Special forces would get at least a 50.

Audacity: 60/100 – How bold and daring is the character? Brave into the unknown, and risky? 100 is someone with no fear and cannot be psychologically bent in that area, while 0 is a person who always runs away regardless of odds in their favor. 50 is average bravery; someone who will face anyone they think challenges them equally, but nobody that can beat them. Kratos the god killer would score VERY high here. 

Intimidation: 40/100 – This is how overpowering and brutal the character appears through actions, words, strength of reputation, or mere morbid sight. 100 represents something that will mind-rape a human to permanent hospitalization just from beholding the entity. 0 represents something that looks so cute and innocent and also extremely weak. In this tournament, Alucard would score extremely high. 

[This can sometimes be troublesome to guess for well-designed characters, as some characters react differently depending on the situation but this is initial, first contact.]

Tactics: 80/100 – How good is the character at coming up with plans to win battles? How often do they work? 100 represents a character whose plans are always perfect in the moment they forge them. 

Intuition: 92/100 – “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Intuition cannot be explained through normal study or means, and often represents the ability to predict short-ranged success or failure in particular actions. 100 represents the ability to perceive and direct the future almost limitlessly. Eldrad can see events hundreds of years in the future, and  scores very high here. 

Psychological Warfare: 81/100 – How keen is the character at fighting the will of his opponent to fight; to bring them down through words, terror, and trickery rather than brutal, direct damage. 100 represents someone who can win battles without even fighting.

Strength of Mind: 90/100 – This represents the resistance a character has to psychic attacks, mind reading, mind tricks, and ability to see through hallucinations. 100 represents a character’s sensory cannot be tricked or tapped into. Most humans sit at a comfortable 40-60. A good way to determine this is to consider who is susceptible to the Jedi mind trick. 60 is someone highly resistant and 50 represents required concentration from most Jedi, and 30 is very easy. Most animals sit at 10 or less.

Killer Instinct: 78/100 – This is how willing and automated the character is at killing. 100 represents on-site, nonstop killing with no hesitation. 0 is a character who refuses to kill anything ever regardless of situation or cannot kill (a Genie for example rates at 0). 

Psychology: 87/100 – More about the psychological health of the character and their sound of mind, with an average human scoring 70. 

Inner Torment: 25/100 – How much inside torments the character? Characters with psychic powers that can read minds can get a good psychological edge off of this. Slater has absolutely no regrets, no morals, no soul, and a small sense of humanity and thus scores very low. Characters like Spawn (70/100) suffer heavily from this and would score very high, with a destructive past and memories full of regret and visions of hell. 

Corruption: 40/100 – If a character is pure evil, they will score very low. Certain powers can have better affect on how corruptible the character is, and shows how they can be bent in a combat through offers and bribes, but most often represents the pure evil and intent of the character. 50 is a good neutral, with 0 being the purest of unconditional love. 100 is evil in the very flesh, looking at even torturous death as petty mercies.

===Weapons, Equipment and Powers====

For direct-damage weapons or powers, use the Deadliest Warrior style (Long Range, Mid Range, Short Range, and Special) with up to two types of specials allows maximum (typically a special and an explosive). Small damage or combo weapons may be considered one weapon with something else.

The following is a guide to types of equipment and powers. While by no means a complete or exhaustive list, try to stay within one of the following types. This guide is only for weapons that are not commonly known (i.e. you can’t find a link that describes it well) or used in the real world.

It is important to note that equipment specifically includes items that are not part of the character’s body or is an external/detachable portion to them. In short they can be disarmed or disabled in some way without inhibiting the character himself. Doctor Octopus’ mechanical arms would count as “equipment”, even though they are attached to his body.

If you come across any listed category that does not exactly explain the equipment or power (example, somehow you manage to come up with a firearm that is none of the types listed), then you put “*Other” and explain before putting any more weapon lists.

But all powers and equipment must be listed in the following format.

Note these terms: Ethereal. Ethereal is used to represent the stuff or material that exists outside of our regular universe. It often cannot be studied nor explained, following different laws of nature to what we are familiar with. To keep things simple, ethereal represents all “other-worldly” material, such as what demons are made of, magical bolts, basically mostly anything that can’t be technologically or biologically explained in our real universe.

Also, Adamantium is typically understood to have the same qualities throughout different universes, from Wolverine’s bones to Warhammer 40k armor. It is several times stronger than steel, yet either as light or lighter than it. If a weapon type has a hard time getting through titanium steel, it will typically take four times the strength or time to make it through adamantium. If you want to use another type of metal that is stronger than steel in most all respects, simply use this.

There are also several types of omega damage/technology/powers that can be dealt through extraordinary means. Such types of attacks can rarely, if ever, be stopped or defended against except when countered by the same type of attack or defense.
            Chronos types of equipment, powers, or weapons utilize and bend time in some way. Most often this consists of time travel. Chronos weapons for example compromise the existence of a target and thus erase them from present existence. Time travel devices, usually “short-ranged” and expend very rare or great amounts of energy, give the character great power to avoid disaster, if only for a moment.
            Life Draining is also very powerful, as it absorbs or releases the life essence or soul of a given target (there is an unusual electronic form for computer consciousness or programs).
            Data Deletion is of the most powerful type of damage to exist. It directly erases the very existence of the target either through contact, after scanning, or an explosion. Such types are usually only ever used as offensive weapons (or shields) and usually only in the direst of circumstances. They are always dangerous to use and stop absolutely everything from existing; ethereal, energies, and all physical materials. Nothing blocks their damage or effect or bypasses them except possibly through teleportation. Even invisible targets that have a signature to exist within the effected are still vulnerable. Regeneration or rebuilding that specific affected area is absolutely impossible, only by cloning or multiplication (such as cells not touched to multiply and cover the wound) can damage inflicted by this weapon be stopped.
            Power of Imagination is a slightly broad term, but in essence it power of the capabilities of the mind. The Force is a good example; most Force users have the power of imagination, limited only by raw belief in what they can accomplish with control. Looking to a character’s Energy Potential and coupling it with their Intelligence, Tactics, Training/Experience, and more importantly Adaptive Creativity will give you a good idea of just what all they can accomplish.

Firearms – List the range, type (for solid-slug, list the caliber), effect, approximate rate of fire, and ammunition capacity. These are portable weapons of any kind that specifically launch projectiles. You must have sufficient knowledge in the effects of the type of your weapon
            TYPES: Solid-slug, Plasma (if different effect from Railgun), Photon, Railgun, Energy, Biological, Force Flex (bows and Y-slings), Ethereal
            RANGE: Doesn’t need to be specific, but if you know the exact effective and max range that’s great.
            EFFECT: List any extra effects the ammunition might inflict. If it expands and wraps the target, burrows into them, etc. live ammunition would be best for this. If there is hollow-point ammunition or the like, it will also be listed here.
            ROF: Rate-of-fire, basically how many rounds a minute (by the character) will the weapon shoot?
            AMMO CAP: Ammunition capacity, how many rounds can it hold before being reloaded? And how many rounds can be carried on the character?

Explosives – Anything that can be detached in any way from the character and is not launched through firearm force. List the type, effect, detonation, and target type, and any other special traits. List all that apply:
            TYPE: Mines, Grenades, Planted/Pliable (C4)

            EFFECT: Area Effect (list lethal and effective range), Concentrated, Local (very small area effect, like the face),
            DETONATION: Direct contact (with device), detection range, remote command (and type, voice activated, button, etc.), triggered action
            TARGET: Carbon Life, Plant, discriminate (specific species/persons), Psychic, Vehicular, Electronics/Technology

Enhancements – This includes potions or pills to be ingested/injected by the character into himself or a member of their team to boost specific powers, stamina, also includes healing factors. Such enhancements are often going to be separate equipment or organs that are used only when triggered.

Tactical Aid – Basically the “magic wand” of the character that does specialized effects instead of or including acting as a firearm of some type. Specifically, the character does not simply produce the powers on their own but require this piece of equipment to channel such powers. For all of these types, it is basically understood that all energy is energy, engineered or otherwise. Fire for example that comes from magic is relatively the same as the fire from a machine, unless it is specifically ethereal. Some of these can have multiple types, like act as a shield and weapon. Just list them all so we are familiar with the device in question.
            TYPES: Magical* (list the origin/subtype of the magic as this often makes a specific difference in effect), Mechanical, Biological
*For magical, list the specific origin/subtype of the magic as this can make a specific difference in effect. Magic from a deity is different from a demon, both different from a physical/mutative power source (such as the Warp), etc.

Transportation – This includes any method the character uses to get around in a tactical situation; Harry Potter uses a “witch’s broom”, Mario uses a feather to fly, etc. It can be biological, such as a pair of wings for an angel, or mechanical like a jetpack.
            TYPE: Flight, Extended Jump, Teleportation,
            RANGE: How far can this go and for how long?
            MANOUVERABILITY: What is the turn radius rate at low and top speed?

Shields – There are many types of shields with different effects. Please be sure you are knowledgeable of the type of shield used by your characters. You must list their maximum capabilities (and they will have them; no shield is infinitely invulnerable!)
            FORCE FIELD – General use, wards off projectiles and energy by dissipating some type of force that stops the direction of damage short of the user. Note what the range of this is.
            ENERGY – Typically, most energy shields can only stop the type of energy they emit, except for physical projectiles. A fire shield doesn’t stop a fire hose, and a plasma shield won’t stop ethereal bolts, but will reflect or plasma-based energies.
            ELEMENTAL – An elemental shield is something that can be held, stopping blows by coming in direct contact with attacks. It will have exact dimensions like any other shield, and will often be able to be worn down with the right type of material striking it.

Combat Weapons – There is also an infinite combination of different hand-to-hand combat weapons, but they should fit into one of the following categories and types. Just like shields, please be knowledgeable of the materials and effectiveness of your weapons. First trait is the size and handle of the weapon, second is what it’s made of, and third the type of weapon.
            HAND WEAPON – Any type of weapon that can be used in a single hand of the particular user.
            TWO-HAND WEAPON – This can also include bizarre weapons that need special types of gasping element or extra limbs, not just something that uses two hands.
            NATURAL WEAPON – On monsters and mutants alike, limbs and tails can form powerful natural weapons that are part of or attached to the user. Use this for something that cannot be knocked out of grasp but are clearly separate limbs or body parts that can be removed in ugly combat. (A good example is Dr. Octopus’ mechanical arms).

            MATERIAL – This is the material it is made of or special properties the weapon might possess such as magical energies or monofilament sharpness. Note that this is for the part that actually does damage, not the whole of the weapon.

            BLADES – A weapon that is designed to cut, slice and dice, and/or hack through its opponents. Most common weapons in this category are swords (and if you want to list a specific sword form, like Katana, that is fine). Some are specialized to thrust and stab through opponents such as a rapier. But all bladed weapons are included in this category to simplify the vast range of those that exist. Most weapons of this category require a great deal of skill to utilize well.
            BLUNTS – The opposite of blades, such weapons are the choice for brutes. Designed for bludgeoning targets, they are typically simple smash and bash. Such weapons are rarely parried but instead dodged. Just like blades, this category helps to cut down the vast array of existing types and includes steel rebar, giant bones, and well-crafted maces.
            FLEXIBLE – Whips are the most common example but also include large, tension-stretched bands and weapons that entangle.
            MORPHED WEAPON – Such a weapon can change many forms. Try to keep this limited using only the favorites and most powerful versions if possible, but please list the general effects of each type of form. Oftentimes, morphed weapons are also natural weapons; when this is the case, note that it is both and explain (list as Morphed/Natural). Most common forms are blades that can turn into whip-like weapons.

Powers/Effects – There are specific types of abilities that cannot be explained well from the above list, most of which come from spell casting, but produce effects on the battlefield. While these do not count as weapons (and can thus be used in addition to weapons) they should be limited where possible within weapon or equipment factors for another warrior. Typically having more than 5/6 different weapons and powers capable of affecting the battle is not very fair. Even if is feasible that they could use several powers, that’s a lot of info most people don’t want to read!
            If these can be balanced out by a time limit, power drainage, or some malicious effect on the character himself, you can consider those. For example, if one power is exceedingly powerful but nearly kills the character, you can keep that as a “last resort” extra ability, typically pretty acceptable. They must be explained in full, and one or two examples must be known at least, either in the story or listed explanation. Types of powers are typically Innate, Prepared, or Triggered. Effects are either Direct Damage, Projectiles, Augments, Hexes, or a Vortex.

            INNATE: Powers that can be done on thought-command, though a simple physical gesture like a hand wave or directional nod may be used. They require the instinct for the right timing, and typically only require the character to be alive.
            PREPARED: The power must have a cited incantation to work, a specific motion of the hands, or something in the heavens to line up. Possibly requires the bones or blood of the opponent. Whatever it is, the power cannot simply happen at the will of the user without having what he needs. Describe what needs to be done first for it to work.
            TRIGGERED: Powers that are triggered automatically happen, whether the character wants it to or not, when a specific action or time makes it happen. Regeneration is usually a triggered power, which is triggered as soon as damage is dealt.

            DIRECT DAMAGE: This type of power is designed to directly destroy its targets either through burning them up, blasting them to kingdom come, or ripping limbs apart. All direct damage attacks cannot be seen and are difficult to predict.
            PROJECTILES: Projectiles are often designed to do direct damage, but not always. They create attacks that can be seen, blocked, or dodged (provided the target is fast enough). Projectiles are assumed to come from the caster himself, unless specified otherwise. Projectiles must have a list of stats just like a firearm would.
            AUGMENTS: Spells and abilities that enhance or heal the character (or ally) in any way fit in this category. It can boost their strength, another ability, repair weapons, or project some type of shield. Do your best to use the profile of one of the above-mentioned list of equipment to explain its effects.
            HEXES: A hex spell inhibits or weakens the opponent, but does not necessarily do direct damage (at least, not much). It usually does not come in the form of a projectile and sometimes cannot be physically dodged. Hexes, unlike augments, have such a huge range of possibilities that they cannot be completely listed so you must simply describe them.
            VORTEX: A vortex creates some other form on the battlefield. A good example would be like a tornado (and all the effects of a tornado with it), a portal, or an earthquake that opens a crack in the ground.
            MIND RAPE: Usually destroys or thrashes the very mind of the target. It can have various effects from minor/extreme mind control, making their brains explode, or severe hallucinations that cause confusion and torment.
            ENERGY SAP: The effect is designed to suck the energy or life force out of the target and either redistribute it, convert it into something the attacker can use, or redirects it to destroy the very owner. (Not the same as Life Draining.)

 Well with that stated (or essentially copied from the group) lets start the show!