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After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Batman vs. Kratos bios

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The world’s greatest detective, martial artist and billionaire mastermind meets the God of War who in mere mortal state brought down the likes of everything on and below Olympus! The Portal Master wants to know, between these two titanic mere men, with two days of prep time against their known foe, WHO… IS… DEADLIEST?

Possessing little to no special powers, it may wonder many people why these two were chosen.


His status as a Dues Ex Machina helped secure his position in, as well as the fact that he has fulfilled the literal requirement of beating Superman before (though Superman has beaten him more times). He also has or has the ability to build gadgets for nearly every situation.

Kratos :
Well as his fans like (obnoxiously) to mention he did beat gods...

He is also a very capable fighter, someone with years of experience and lots of magical items that is almost a perfect comparison to his foe's technological equipment. Also he pretty much never gives up no matter what.

 *NOTE: This profile was NOT MADE BY ME, rather a friend, though I did add some segments. Now he is a huge Batman fan and he did give Batman some rather obscure armor but given who he is going against he needs it. Plus I am a bit too lazy to make an entirely new profile from scratch.

= = BATMAN = =

NAME: Bruce Wayne
AGE: mid 70s (re-aged to his peak mid 30s)
WEIGHT: 210 lbs
HEIGHT: 6’2”
GRADE: 4.8 Special Mortal 
CLASS: The Dark Knight


Bruce Wayne, the Batman probably has one of the best-known histories of all superheroes. He is known as the world’s greatest detective and has surpassed and defeated all kinds of enemies, including demi-gods though he is still himself a mortal. He possesses an intellect and ability to solve puzzles that borders the supernatural. He knows all forms of lethal martial arts that would be 127 of them, and uses them all in a highly effective mixture in the right moment. His understanding of anatomy allows him to target pressure points and kill with his bare hands in a single move if he wanted to.

But let’s talk about what’s lesser known: his involvement in Batman Beyond. In this series (now an ongoing comic book series) DC looks into what happens when the mortal Bruce Wayne gets too old and retires. He comes across Terry, a troubled teen whom he takes in to become the future Batman of Gotham City in a new crime wave after Bruce worked so hard to eliminate what was there in his time. In this tournament, we are using this form of Batman, in all of his years of experience back to his physical prime. But we’re also looking at a Batman equipped with super high-tech gear in the new Beyond Batsuit. This includes the ability to glide, rocket boots, potent explosives, incredible strength, and Batarangs that retract so small he can hold untold dozens of them, possibly hundreds and launch them with deadly aim and precision.

(I miss Toonami :()

PRE-BATTLE: DEUS EX MACHINA, World's greatest detective

Batman has been acknowledged by even those that hate him as some sort of Deus Ex Machina-some sort answer to all questions. While this isn't exactly true Batman's skill here cannot be denied (see x-factor: Mental for some feats). He is also the world's greatest detective, able to piece together little clues to look at the big picture. He is all in all extremely good at prep time, one of the best in the tournament.

Pre-battle Bonus: Batcave/Alfred Pennyworth

For this battle he'll be able to use a replica of the Batcave. The Bat cave contains state of the art facilities such as: crime lab, various specialized laboratories, mechanized workshops, personal gymnasium, a vast library, parking, docking and hangar space (as appropriate) for his various vehicles as well as separate exits for the various types, trophies of past cases, a large bat colony, and a Justice League teleporter. It also has medical facilities as well as various areas used in training exercises for Batman that feature limited holographic projection (it isn't the x-men danger room but its rather close here).

He'll also have his rather gifted butler Alfred to help him.

LONG RANGE: Batarangs
Type: Solid-slug | Range: ~500 meters | Effect: Various | ROF: 60rpm | Ammo Cap: ~100

This might seem like a laughable long-range weapon, but it is almost as flexible as telekinesis itself. The Batarangs here have a wide range of uses and types. One type is electrical, disorienting large electronics and outright shutting down any computer the size of your bed. Other than this, it delivers inhibiting shocks that would incapacitate a normal human instantly. Explosive ones have a little less impact than a grenade, but contain more flammable materials, burning more damage than through shockwave. Some can even cast energy nets to contain enemies far too powerful. There’s even one that can expand into freezing a target (enough to stick a person’s feet to the ground). All are exceptionally sharp and when thrown by hand can imbed into the strongest steel and concrete itself by at least 2”, not including when they’re launched like bullets from the forearms.

However like almost all of his weapons, Batman won't like to use them for lethal measures.
MID-RANGE: Grappling Guns/wristmounted laser, Bolas

Type: Flexible | Range: ~70 meters (roughly 15 feet with the laser) | Ammo Cap: Unknown (see range)
Take the grappling gun Batman normally used and add 50 years of advanced technology. We’re talking as strong as or stronger than Spiderman’s webbing, and make it duel-wield capable (he has them in both arms). Oh yeah, don’t forget they don’t even need to be held by the hands and are activated by thought. An android made up almost out of pure synthetic muscle took over a minute to break free. They can act as whips, distracting or entangling a person, disarming them, make trip-wire when the Batarang attached hits solid objects, etc. Though like most flexible weapons, they can be cut with sharp enough objects and sufficient inhuman strength can overcome them. He is also able to transfer electrical feed from the suit into the wire (as electrical and energy feed goes from the cable to him) making it an incapacitating weapon if need be. Another interesting weapon that the suit comes with Wrist-mounted laser shooter capable of melting metal and stunning his opponents.


 Type: Flexible | Range: ~20 meters | Ammo Cap: 4-5

The bolas originated from Pre-Columbian South America and were primarily used as hunting instruments, the weights designed to trip up or ensnare foes. Bolas of three weights(the type that is used in the Beyond series) are usually designed with two shorter cords with heavier weights, and one longer cord with a light weight. The heavier weights fly at the front parallel to each other, hit either side of the legs, and the lighter weight goes around, wrapping up the legs. In the series the new Batman makes frequent use of this weapon as a means to either trip up or restrain foes. Under the right circumstances these could easily be used as knockout weapons.

CLOSE RANGE: Claws/Batsuit Defenses

One-Handed Blades/Claws | Material: Unknown | Type: Blade
While a powerful raw strength combined with superior martial arts is what often gives Batman his edge, the Beyond Batsuit comes with a number of extra gizmos. Most notably are claws capable of embedding into solid rock and steel, comparable to what Sabretooth can do with his claws. Material is unknown as it’s integrated into the Batsuit itself, but it’s better than steel (though not quite adamantium). This is probably the same material in his Batcuffs and are great for climbing as well. He also uses forearm spikes with roughly the same use, which can extend up to a foot long, that has shown itself capable of tearing a robot in half. In addition, the suit comes with a buzz saw on the belt buckle,flexi-cuffs(handcuffs) and can emit sonic sound strong enough to crack and break copper.

The suit can also administer powerful electrical shocks, protecting Batman from being touched by just about anything that can’t directly absorb that sort of energy. I didn’t realize how potent this could be until I learned that it temporarily took out Big Barda, who has the power of indestructibility and can fight Wonder Woman to a draw (the daughter of Darkseid mind you). If that’s not enough, Batman can heat the suit up to 4,000 degrees (Fahrenheit I’m sure). That, mind you, is how hot the surface of a red star is making it deadly to the touch for sure, though it takes a little time to get to that point. On top of that, the wings can emit tear gas in the event he needs to get away.

SPECIAL: Capsules/Bat Bombs

Range: Thrown | Type: Solid-slug | Effect: Various
All the goodies Batman used to carry on-hand in situations he expected have been amplified in potency and reduced to the size of capsules no bigger than your thumb. They include acids, knock-out gas that takes moments to work, rusting agents that can eat through metal, choke out fires a la fire extinguisher, one that can encase a limb in frozen ice, and even a few dehumidifiers. On top of that, the Batsuit can carry explosives more potent than C4 in small amounts that can blast holes straight through brick walls large enough to move through. He also comes equipped with smoke pellets.

SPECIAL 2: Tracers/Grenades

Range: Thrown | Type: Solid-slug | Effect: Various
As if he doesn’t have enough stuff on him, Batman always carries gas grenades. Basically the same as his capsules minus the freezing and knock-out gas (I’m assuming that much concentration could probably kill someone) but includes smoke pellets, tear gas, and flashbang grenades. Planting a tracer on someone subtly will let Batman know where they are at all times.


Shockingly he and Kratos share a huge similarity in that they pretty much share the same types of passive equipment . The Beyond Batsuit comes with a wide range of useful pieces of equipment for the future Batman to utilize, increasing his abilities even more so than his old utility belt. He has wings that can spread out allowing him to glide (in a steady glide he can even use at least one arm independently). In addition, the suit comes with a rebreather that allows the user to breath under water and lets him resist toxic environments. Along with his rocket boots, the suit gives him incredible enhanced leg strength, lifting off massive boulders and resist great amounts of pressure.
Now if you guys want to give an edge here be my guest, or you can just call it even and skip it.
ARMOR: Beyond Batsuit

This suit amplifies the strength of the wearer by at least 200%, evident by one jump lifting them higher than Master Chief could hope, slightly increases running speed, and protects the wearer from astronomical damage. Terry has been caught in a futuristic crane claw, punched by an evil Superman (i.e. full strength punch), and stepped on by a towering machine the size of a skyscraper. The suit can withstand temperatures in excess of 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (as hot as the surface of a red star) and extreme cold. The suit is resistant to water and electricity. It is near immune to standard firearms and lasers.

*My Note: This was the last Batsuit Bruce Wayne ever made, and he did use it at times before giving it over to Terry Mcgrinnis. Given that Kratos possesses items and magic from all of his adventures, I do think its fair that Batman should get the same.



Accuracy: 78/100 – 
Batman is actually well-trained in the use of all kinds of weapons, including firearms. His Batarangs are also a testament to his extreme accuracy as he can time it to hit multiple objects and arc them back to him.
Combat: 81/100 – 
Batman has taken out Wonder Woman with a nerve pinch, knocked out the Hulk with a kick, and can dodge Superman’s punch—all because he’s mastered that many martial arts and has that great amount of knowledge of the human body. (This is of course without the Beyond suit).
Physicality: 36/100 – 
It might seem strange that Batman would score so highly, but this is all thanks to the suit.
Damage Intake: 11/100 -
He's a very physically fit figure underneath the suit, but other then that he still has human level endurance.
Damage Resistance: 50/100 – 
While the suit has a hard time withstanding sharp weapons or pinpoint pressure, against about anything else it’s extremely formidable—even against a punch from an evil Superman himself! (No, not the half-assed punches Superman usually does to avoid harm) Against temperature-related damage, sonic/shockwave blasts, energy (such as extreme radiation) and sheer force, the suit excels.
Stealth: 80/100 – 
The only reason Batman doesn’t reach above 80 is because he can’t hide himself entirely from psychics nor remove his body from the plain of existence.He can cloak in the same manner Predators do with his new suit.
Sensory: 72/100:
In addition to already possessing peak human senses his suit comes with a variety of forms that include night, binocular, infrared and ultraviolet visions.

Stamina: 48/100
The Suit puts his stamina above normal humans.
Finesse: 71/100
Agility has always been a superb trait for Batman, and he is very light on his feet.
Raw Speed: 20/100 – 
His suit gives him enhanced agility, including running speed, not to mention he’s wearing rocket boots that he can use very often.
Reflexes: 40/100 
Peak Human reflexes. Its worth noting here that although Superman can go much faster then him Batman is still able to inflict blows upon him.


Adaptive Creativity: 93/100 –
Batman wins against villains most of the time thanks to his ability to use his environment and combine the work of his tools. This combined with his excellent intellect are all that stand between him even hoping to face powerful super villains (and even a 1,000-strong damn Army!). No mortal can match him in this regard and he is rarely surprised at anything, and if he was, it wasn’t for long.
Initiative: 40/100 
Though he is capable for a human he is rarely first to the punch when fighting superhumans.
Tactics: 98/100 – 
By far, above and beyond anything and everything else, this is Batman’s greatest trait. Every tactic he has ever made and come up with has always seemed to work in one way or another, and he’s rarely wrong.He is rightfully considered a "Deus Ex Machina" by many DC fans.

However despite his high score its worth noting that he can be out outmaneuvered, something Bane accomplished a couple times, and he has lost more battles then he has won against Superman, mostly because Superman just uses his immense strength to beat him down.
Intuition: 69/100-
Batman instinct's are really good at picking out danger for some reason, giving him a high score here.
Intelligence: 80/100
He is really intelligent, probably one of the most intelligent people on his world. Managed to create a cure to vampirism in a hour, come up with almost full proof plans to defeat every Justice League member if they went rogue (something used against him when Bane captured his plans), and comes up with unique solutions all the time.

Batman is a master of numerous fields of study. He has either mastered or is highly skilled in forensics, criminology, physical fitness, chemistry & physics, computer science, foreign language (he speaks Arabic, mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and English), and excellent tracking skills. He is also advanced in self-defense, riddle solving, yoga, automotive mechanics and meditation.


Experience: 70/100 – 
He may be Batman, but he’s still only lived one lifetime! Still he fights against a variety of opponents in that life time, ranging from regular guys to superhumans to aliens.
Discipline: 90/100-
He is a highly disciplined individual, and rarely lets his emotions get the better of him.
Training: 73/100 -

Batman had a very unique style of training himself which i'll post below.
At the age 14 he disappeared from Gotham for a while. First he studied academics, attending courses at Cambridge, the Sorbonne, and other European universities. However, he never stayed long and would often drop out after one semester. Beyond academia, Wayne successfully acquired various "practical" skills. While abroad, he studied and received training in multiple martial arts under various instructors and in different countries, man-hunting under Frenchman Henri Ducard, stealth and reconnaissance under the Japanese ninja Kirigi and other certified shinobi, hunting under the African Bushman (the Ghost Tribes of the Ten-Eyed Brotherhood, among others), traditional healing disciplines under Nepalese monks and even ventriloquism under skilled practitioners


Audacity: 67/100 – 
Batman will fight to the death when cornered, even against all hopes, but he isn’t stupid in the field. He’s almost always very cautious about new opponents so he won’t be taken by surprise as much as possible.
Intimidation: 40/100
He's got some intimidation; he scares the shit out the criminals of Gotham, but he is no Arthas Menethil or Jackie Estacado in this regard.
Psychological Warfare: 80/100:
This is something Bruce is really good in; he knows all the right buttons to push and has both talked down foes successfully before and convinced them to turn against each other.
Strength of Mind: 76/100
Has fought off illusions and attempts at mind control before, and indeed is surprisingly strong in this arena.
Killer Instinct: 31/100-
I think he has killed before or at least let people die, but he generally really doesn't like to kill, preferring knockouts or talking them down.
Psychology: 50/100-
Rather antisocial at times, he also suffers from childhood trauma and a severe lack of trust/inability to form any sort of lasting bonds for the most part. He is also utterly obsessed with his goals.
Inner Torment: 57/100 
Childhood Trauma could easily be used against him by psychics.
Corruption: 40/100
  He is iffy, a vigilante yet one that does not kill, lawbreaker yet one that tries to uphold the law.


Energy Potential: 70/100 –
Batman doesn’t have powers—but his suit still does! Maybe it’s due to Terry’s wise usage of it, but I’ve never seen it run low at all, no matter what he’s done.


Batman is a true master of prep time, one of the greatest in this tournament without a doubt. He is also a master of a variety of forms of martial arts and utilizing his foes weakpoints. For environmental bonuses he'll get an area with some shadows, though his high adaptive creativity score (exceeded by only one other person in the tournament, Doctor Who) means that he'd find use for most potential environments.

Batman's biggest weakness has gotta be his no killing code; in fact its probably the worst thing about him. I mean how many times has the Joker gotten out of his cage and killed, only to just be put back in again by Batman even though he knows that Joker will be right back out again. Probably hundreds or even thousands of people have lsot their lives because of this. This factor makes his battles a bit harder to win.

Motivation: Bringing his parents back

As stated in the prologue Batman's main motivation here will be to bring his parents back, something that marks his life forever. However he'll also probably want to find out how this tournament came to be and how to stop it.


Name: Kratos Age: ? Height: 6’5 Weight: 284 lbs Grade: 5.4 Immortal Class: God Slayer (This is a mixture of all versions of Kratos) Bio: The former God of War and ghost of Sparta, Kratos’s most notable feat were undoubtedly slaying much of the Greek pantheon, as well as accompanying heroes and monsters. Primarily a close ranged fighter, Kratos nevertheless possesses the bow of the archer god, which is capable of almost automatic fire. Getting closer in he relies primarily on his signature blades of exile, whose chains allowed the blade to extend far beyond the range of most close quarters weapons. Kratos also possesses a variety of other close quarter’s weapons, but the god-killing blade of Olympus stands out. A variety of items have been forcibly acquired over the years from other gods, including the boots of Hermes and of Helios. His strength unmatched, Kratos’s boldness allows him to face any enemy he fights head on. 

PRE-BATTLE: Spartan General

As a Spartan General Kratos is no doubt somewhat used to looking up intel about his future fights prior to a battle. Based on what I know of fictional Spartans and Kratos in particular I expect his entire focus point to be war! He won't care about personality per say but weapons, armor, skills and tactics. 
Pre-battle Bonus: Athena

Kratos doesn't have much for pre-battle but what he will get is Athena, the goddess of wisdom who serves as an ally from the games. This goddess frequently lends Kratos tactical aid and  tips for the future. 

LONG RANGE: Bow of Apollo

Type: Force Flex | Range: Variable | Effect: Fire Damage ROF: if rapid fire, potentially dozens per minute | Ammo: Unlimited This legendary bow was acquired after killing Peirithous, mortal lover of the queen of Hades, in Hades’s realm. The bow has two primary firing modes; one is a very rapid shot where he can launch a flurry of arrows in quick succession, or a slower charged bolt. Kratos occasionally experiences fatigue when using this however he is quickly able to regain strength and fire more volleys, taking out his Energy Potential to use it. The longer he re-charges the more arrows he can do in one session. Both types do fire damage upon hit, though the rapid fire has significantly less range than a charged shot, about that of a pistol. Kratos seems to pull the arrows out of nowhere, or conjures them, because he never runs out! That may have something to do with the bow itself, being that it once belonged to a god archer.  

MID RANGE: Blades of Exile, Spear of Destiny
One Handed Blades | Range: 30 feet | Material: Metal | Type: Morphed: Flexible/blade Effect: Fire, Army of Sparta The Blades of Exile were given to him after Gaia betrayed him on Olympus, 
replacing the earlier blades of Athena. Unlike the blades of Athena, these came with a distinctly different design, featuring horned demon faces on the hilts, pronounced hooks on their lower edges, and an intricate pattern of orange stripes on the flat sides of the blades, which emit fire. These flexible blades are attached to chains capable of stretching up to thirty feet, and can be used to efficiently trap, entangle, slash or stab an enemy.

In times of dire need Kratos is able to summon a phalanx of Spartan soldiers to his rescue with these blades, which surround him in shields while simultaneously stabbing out with their spears. Some of them also fire arrows. They disappear after a couple of seconds. He can also imbue this blade with fire in a move known as Thera’s bane. Finally he has also managed to capture primordial fire, and can summon orbs of bright light and throw them at enemies.  

Spear of Destiny Two Handed Spear | Range: 8-12 feet | Type: Blade Explosive Projectile (explosive), Blade
In an interesting connection to the Christian religion this spear is none other than the very same one the Roman soldier Longinus used to stab Jesus. As such this spear is almost ridiculously powerful, with applications far more than normal stabbing. It can shoot razor sharp energy projectiles at foes from afar, from up to the range of a pistol. Or the user of this could choose to leave said projectiles on the ground, which would serve as magical mines, exploding whenever a unwary enemy steps on one. At closer quarters this spear has shown itself proficient at cleaving through armor or impaling through some of the toughest enemy hides. It is also capable of nearly doubling, if not tripling its original length through extension ala Dante’s Scythe from Dante’s inferno. Finally he can swing this in a wide arc, powering it up as it gains velocity. When the blade connects with something that object/person has a chance of exploding.  

CLOSE RANGE: Blade of Olympus, Nemean Cestus Two Handed Sword | Material: Unearthly Materials | Type: Blade | Effects: Life Drain
Without a doubt Kratos’s most powerful weapon, the Blade of Olympus was forged by Zeus out of heavenly materials. This weapon was made with the sole purpose of defeating deities, and has enough power to slay even the mightiest of gods. It is capable of absorbing their power into the blade, making it stronger still. However it is apparently just as draining to its user as it is to others, and its use is rare outside of the Rage of Sparta mode(though he is capable of doing so).

Nemean Cestus:
2 One-Handed Weapons | Material: Metal Type: Blunt Effects: Shockwave, electricity | Range: 10 feet The Nemean Cestus is a pair of large metal gauntlets, each forged to resemble a snarling lion's head that greatly increases the strength of its wielder when worn. Forcibly taken from Hercules, these dual gauntlets were then used to bash his face in. Naturally these weapons are limited by their short range, however they do have an alternate use. The move, “Nemesis Roar”, slams the ground repeatedly, causing waves of magic to hurt anyone just out of reach. The Nemesis Gauntlets also have chains inside, allowing its range to be extended up to ten feet in some circumstances.  

SPECIAL 1: Claws of Hades/Summon Creature
Two Handed Weapon | Material: Unknown | Range: 30 feet | Type: Blade Effect: Life Drain, Summon The Claws of Hades is a chained weapon formerly utilized by the God of the Underworld, Hades. It was later procured by Kratos after the former owner's death. Arguably one of Kratos’s most powerful weapons along with his Blade of Olympus, this could be used both in standard slashing attacks as well as the ability to forcibly pull out a foes soul, which of coarse (to those with souls, not every character in this tournament has a soul) would be a instant kill. Though powerful, powerful characters (“bosses”) such as Hades are able to put up a bit of a resistance.  

It also comes with a move called soul summon, which allows him to bring various foes who he defeated before to the battlefield. The most powerful of these are the chimera, centaur general, siren seductress and Cyclops berserker. Finally in an interesting collaboration with Persian mythos, Kratos has gained the ability to summon one Efreet from killing a Persian King. The Efreet was A Persian Demonic Spirit of fire. However it seems that only one summon can be used at a time.  

SPECIAL 2: Offensive Magical Relics Tactical Aid | Type: Magical

Boreas’s Icestorm is a minor piece that shoots out ice breath, which Kratos rarely uses, while Eye of Atlantis allows him to shoot a bolt of lightning at his foes. Charon’s mask allows him to shoot green flames at his foe. The Head of Medusa allows him to turn enemies into stone, the larger and more powerful the enemy that longer it takes to do so. These three minor attacks use some of his magic but not much. The Head of Helios is the actual head of the sun god used to blind enemies or light up dark areas and can reveal invisible enemies, all to about the range of an effective pistol shot. Scourge of Erinys gives its user the ability to summon powerful voids from merely possessing the artifact. However it doesn’t really damage armor users. Instead it will just hurl them about doing minor damage. 


Kratos bears a number of similar equipment to his foe Batman. 
Along his journey in the series, Kratos acquired many objects from the foes he defeated that help boost his stats and abilities, though only one can be used at any one time. The Icarus Wings allow Kratos to glide while Posidon’s trident allows Kratos to stay underwater indefinitely. The Boots of Hermes amplify Kratos’s speed to blinding levels, allowing him to run straight forward in short dashes, run up walls and ram foes. Aphrodite's Ambrosia increases the power of his kicks to the point where they go through bronze shields. 

ARMOR: Golden Fleece, God Armor

Other than the his own superhuman durability, agility and the brief Rage of Sparta mode (which renders him near invulnerable), Kratos possesses the Golden Fleece. This magical item allows him to deflect projectiles, whether they are physical or magic, back at the enemy. It is limited only by its one dimensional nature- it could not effectively defend against an A.O.E. attack. The God Armor was the set of armor acquired by Kratos during his tenure as the god of war, though he seems to have lost it for the third game. With this armor Kratos experiences increased fire magic regeneration, doubles his stats (magic, health and rage), a 50 % percent damage reduction and 200% damage increase.  

Kratos also possesses low grade regeneration, though I must stress that it would be nothing compared to Wolverine's or Mercer’s, and would take much longer to occur. == X-FACTORS == 


Accuracy: 78/100 -
Despite being a primary melee class, Kratos is very accurate with his ranged weaponry. Combat: 79/100 – 
While Kratos may not know as much in the way of martial arts as other mortals, he has shown excellent skills with a multitude of bizarre and otherworldly weapons, both with and against. Physicality: 70/100 – 
If not this then above. He can toss around the Colossus of Rhodes, wrestle with Ares and Zeus, stop a massive titan named Cronos from crushing him, and does a whole bunch of other strength related feats. Damage Intake: 55/100 – 
Shown to be able to take an incredibly amount of damage before dying, including being stabbed by a sword designed solely to kill powerful dieties (twice!). However he lacks the superfast regeneration or additional lives that some other characters possess. Damage Resistance: 46/100
His God Armor and Golden Fleece are very formidable pieces of equipment. Stealth: 44/100 -
Actually real life Spartans do have some training in this, however Kratos doesn't have much in the way of stealth feats. Sensory: 59/100 -
Has peak humans senses and has fought invisible opponents before, however other then that not very much. Initiative: 53/100
Most of the time he does get off the first blow, rushing into combat like a beserker. Stamina: 65/100 – 
Does not seem to tire at all in his battles, and can fight endlessly for a very long time. Only rated down here as the Barbarian King Alrik was able to exhaust him prior to his calling for Ares to aid him- and Kratos is still mortal in GOW 3, having lost his godhood. Finesse: 56/100 -
He is fairly agile however he is more known for his strength then agility.

Raw Speed: 20/100 – 
Normally he is about peak human, however he can use the boots of Hermes for brief bursts of speed. Reflexes: 42/100 – 
Peak human to superhuman, able to utilize his golden fleece effectively.  


Adaptive Creativity: 68/100 – 
Frequently solves puzzles, problems and makes great use of environmental objects to brutally slay foes
Initiative: 53/100
Most of the time he does get off the first blow, rushing into combat like a beserker. l weapons.
Tactics: 52/100 – 
He gets some scoring here from being a successful Spartan general, however he’s been successfully ambushed many times that he is prevented from scoring high.
Intelligence: 49/100
  Not very smart though I do consider him cunning.  Intuition: 45/100 – 
Is frequently ambushed and betrayed all the time in his story, so it appears this is another area he is lacking in.   PREPARATION:

Experience: 72/100 : 
Huge amount of experience over an indeterminate lifetime, has defeated the entire Greek Panthenon. Discipline: 50/100 – 
Kratos is prone to rage, which hurts his score here. Training: 65/100-
The Spartan Agoge training was renowned in the ancient world for the soldiers it produced, and Kratos scores high here.

Audacity: 95/100 – 
When he was a child Kratos vowed to never falter, and has stayed true to that vow his entire life. Does not back down from a fight, and has faced gods and beings even higher with no fear. The guy just—isn’t really affected by fear. Intimidation: 50/100
Mere mortals have been known to flee on sight of this man given his fierce reputation and ghastly appearance. Psychological Warfare: 52/100-
Makes use of threats, taunts and violent action to deliberately intimidate foes. Killer Instinct: 86/100 – 
Unless they’re willing to help him to exact his end goal towards revenge, Kratos pretty much kills them if they’re moving around him to get them out of his way.
Psychology: 44/100 – 
Is an incredibly self-centered, angry, violent individual who puts blame for past misdeeds firmly on others shoulders, willing to kill any and nearly all without remorse. The rare times he does show remorse he tries to kill himself, which he has attempted twice. Obsessed with revenge of all forms, and arrogant by every definition. Strength of Mind: 70/100 -
Kratos is able to resist mind tricks and forced hallucinations, however they are still able to affect him. Inner Torment: 70/100 -
See Psychology. Bears incredible remorse for the deaths of his family. Corruption: 65/100 I honestly don't know whether to perceive this man as a extremely violent anti-hero or villain. 

 Energy Potential: 50/100 – 
His magic is more suited for brief, limited bursts and usually requires a moderate regeneration time. In addition his most powerful spell, Rage of Sparta, only lasts for 20-30 seconds. 

Kratos is a warrior of great renown and skill, that much is certain. He is also a surprisingly adaptable fighter, able to work out puzzles and use the environment to cleverly and brutally kill people. In fact he's pretty much all dedicated to war, given that he used to be the God of war (and may still have that title, though he is a demigod).

However what Kratos fails in is his anger and predictability. His tactics don't really vary much as he invariably goes for the quickest and easier way to kill.

Motivation: Vengeance!

 This motivation drives Kratos in nearly all of his games, and will also do so here since he was picked up right before the fight with Zeus. He is probably itching for vengeance on the Portal Master to, as he doesn't like the kidnapping part. However a part of Kratos does enjoy fighting so I think he'd be happy in this tournament. Also he may like the promise of going back in time to reverse his family's death.

 With that said I want to establish two "no-nos" for this. Things that I will not count as an adequate vote. 

1. Kratos kills gods and thus equals an auto win

 This is not true in the slightest and a fairly bullshit reasoning actually. Half of the people in this tournament have defeated gods or god figures and in all honesty the gods Kratos fought were pretty weak compared to people like the God Emperor of Mankind (who can destroy many dozens of solar systems with a thought) and Galactus. In fact Zeus at his highest does not equal them at their lowest (yes I think the moribund Emperor on his throne would beat Zeus!).

2. Batman = auto win
Not ture either he has been outmaneuvered by Bane, beat down by Superman and many others, as well as experiencing recurring failures (Joker still lives). Now he is extraordinary good at prep time but that doesn't mean that that along should propel him to victory every match, he is somewhat limited by time here. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the preview and please cast votes for this when you can, this extraordinary battle between two extraordinary warriors. 
Batman starts off with 2 point lead for winning FB


  1. Hello. I'm going to comment on this. Also, this Batman will be refered to as the Unbatman, as his lack of a cape and predator-cloaking ability make him infinitely less cool than real Batman. The fact that he has a wing-suit and rockets on his feet aren't doing much for me either.

    Pre- Battle:
    Unbatman undoubtably gets the win here, in fact I was surprised when Kratos actually had a pre-battle that didn't involve yelling insults loudly at Unbatman from outside his crime lab. Athena could be of some use to him, but he generally disregards other people's advice until the plot says so. Unbatman will be able to plan and test various counter-measures to Kratos' attacks, so he gets a big edge here.

    Edge- Unbatman

    Long Range:
    Batarangs vs Bow of Apollo
    This is a tough one to judge because of everyone's armor. From what I can tell, the Unbatman has Batarangs like Hawkeye has arrowheads, so he has alot of versatility. The direct-damage batarangs like the explosive and electrical ones can be useful or detrimental due to the golden fleece. In the fairly likely case that Kratos catches those, all the energy that was meant for him gets sent right back at Batman, though he'll very likely dodge that attack. The Bow of Apollo won't be of much use in its normal firing mode, but its charged fire can at the very least knock Unbatman off his feet, if not set him on fire (though apparently he has the power of a red star in his suit...) It also has unlimited ammo, but Unbatman has alot of Batarangs, so he probably won't run out unless he's really spamming them. Overall I'd give a slight edge to Unbatman's batarangs because of their versatility and potential for more damage, even if that damage can be turned right around.

    Edge- Unbatman

    Mid Range:
    Grappling Gun/Laser, Bolas vs Blades of Exile, Spear of Destiny
    This is where Kratos begins to shine. I'll get the bolas out of the way first, as they're only useful against enemies running away from you since they can't see the bola coming. Kratos would never run away from a fight, so he would either jump to avoid these or use whatever weapon he currently has to destroy them before they hit. In the rare case that it does trip Kratos, it will only serve to enrage him, which Unbatman could use to his benefit if Kratos is sufficiently blinded by his rage, but usually Kratos just uses it as murder fuel. The Spear of Destiny is a great tool because of its strange properties, in fact according to what I've read it may be one of the best tools Kratos has. Unbatman's suit apparently has trouble against stabbing and slashing attacks, and this is excellent at both of those types of attacks. Its extension ability also adds a layer of surprise for Unbatman, who would no doubt know about the spear's abilities but can't dodge the fast barrage of stabs that Kratos can put out with it- few people can. Trying to get within the spear's attack area can result in the dreaded upwards explosion that Kratos loves to use the back of the spear for, and if this connects it can lead to a good chance for a penetrating stab by Kratos. The Laser is strange and I've never heard of it, but I'm assuming its too fast for Kratos to reliably use his fleece against, so it could be helpful in deteriorating Kratos' overall condition, but once again, most things that don't kill or cripple Kratos get turned into murder fuel.

    Mid Range continued...
    This might be awhile.

  2. The grappling gun can be seen as a non-lethal version of the blades of exile, which is why I've saved these two for last. The Trapping ability of these remains to be seen unless he gets the jump on Kratos, which is an entirely plausible situation. The problem is that the blades of exile are quite powerful, and I can see a flame-powered slice cutting through whatever material the grappling gun is made of, which leaves Unbatman without one of his best tools (luckily he has two, so he'll likely save at least one for movement purposes if he can help it.) The Blades of Exile are not only excellent weapons in their own right, but are also by far Kratos' most used weapons, so he has alot of experience with them. He can effortlessly pull off very quick, light attacks and combine them with powerful AoE attacks with these blades. Kratos get a solid edge here because of his experience and versatility with the Blades, as well as the stabbing speed of the Spear.

    Edge- Kratos

    Close Range:
    Blade of Olympus, Nemean Cestus vs Claws, Various Suit defenses
    This one is tough to judge, because both have extremely powerful weapons at their disposal here. The Unbatman's claws are strange, as his martial arts are unbeatable and his strength is huge, so claws seem a bit unnecessary. I'll just say that his hand-to-hand combat is amazing and probably unbeatable by anyone that isn't superhuman. Kratos' Nemean Cestus is very powerful, but apparently the Unbatman can withstand more blunt force than most superhumans, so they won't be of much use due to their slow speed and low range. The Blade of Olympus is an ungodly (literally) powerful weapon that is normally used when Kratos is at his strongest- during the Rage of Sparta, when he becomes temporarily unstoppable. If He hits Unbatman in this state, it will kill him in most cases, maim him in some. In nearly all cases he will win the match. The problem lies within those Suit defenses the Unbatman has. the super heating ability won't be very useful since it takes awhile to heat up and Kratos doesn't usually touch his opponents with anything other than his weapons. The armpit gas is hilarious, but not too useful, since Kratos wouldn't purposely be that close to Unbatman unless he was using the Blade of Olympus in Rage of Sparta, in which case knockout gas wouldn't even slow him. The power to administer electric shocks powerful enough to take out Wonder Woman's equal is great, and this is definitely more than just another attack to further piss off Kratos. Main problem is that Kratos will know about this power and probably be wary of it. Now, I don't know exactly how the electic shocks are delivered, so I'm not sure about this, but if it is delivered in a concentrated, bolt-type attack the golden fleece can reflect it, and at such a close range Unbatman could not dodge it. If it's delivered in another manner, it can't be blocked, however in Rage of Sparta Kratos will not be stopped by this attack, only slightly slowed. This is tough, because I don't know alot about that electrical attack. In any case though, Unbatman would likely fly away if the Rage of Sparta is released. I don't know, too close to call.
    Edge- Tie

    Still More...

  3. Special 1:
    Hades Claw vs Capsules/Bat Bombs
    Once again, Unbatman has a capsule for everything, and unsurprisingly, they have properties that are utterly impossible to replicate scientifically... but hey, Kratos can throw the soul of a fucking Chimera at Unbatman, so they're both pretty crazy. As far as usefulness in battle, the Hades Claw takes it, having range as great as the blades of exile with power matching that of his Spear. The souls he can throw at Unbatman will no doubt keep him on his toes, as it's completely unpredictable which one he will choose to use and they all have great effects. The bat bombs are trapping tools, and because Unbatman won't kill Kratos unless he absolutely has to, traps won't serve a large purpose as Kratos can break out of any trap that doesn't cripple him somehow. The Capsules are too much of a wild card, and the best use I can see out of any of these are the smoke capsules for getting away from Kratos if he goes into the Rage of Sparta mode. Overall, Kratos definitely wins here.

    Edge- Kratos

    Special 2:
    Various Magical Powers vs Grenades/Tracers
    Tracers may not be a viable weapon, but they are a great way to set Kratos up for Long range batarang attacks from places that he can't see the Unbatman. The problem is getting the Tracer onto Kratos without him knowing and without getting stabbed by one of his many stabby tools; a tough task for even the Unbatman. The grenades are slightly better than the capsules because they have more direct incapacitative weapons in them, but they suffer from high visibility, making them very easy to dodge. Kratos' magical powers are varied, useful, and are definitely some of his best assets in this fight. The heads of Medusa and Helios both serve to slow Unbatman down for a follow up attack, and because they're one handed it's entirely possible that he could still hold onto a blade of exile in his other hand and use one simultanteously to attack Unbatman while he cannot directly look at Kratos. I can't fully describe the other attacks here because they sound like they're from the PSP games- which I haven't played, but shooting green fireball is good, and opening up voids that hurl your enemies around is great, so I can reliably give Kratos a slight edge here.

    Edge- Kratos

    Almost there...

  4. Armor:
    Beyond Batsuit vs Golden Fleece, God Armor
    I hate the Beyond Batsuit. It's very, very unbatman-like, which is precisely why I refuse to call anyone who wears it by the Caped Crusader's proper nickname- he doesn't have a cape anyways, so he cannot be the Caped Crusader. What Made Batman cool for me and undoubtedly many others was his mortality- he was a superhero who could be killed by something as simple as a bullet if it hit the right spot. It made the situations he was in tense because he actually had a chance at dying- or at least it semmed like it until he pulled a new batarang out of his ass.

    Hatred aside, this suit has many useful abilities in this tournament, and it provides great defense against energy attacks. It increases Unbatman's strength to inhuman levels and give his inceased speed, flight, and a limited cloaking ability (It's limited, I looked it up and apparently it uses alot of power in the suit so he rarely uses it. I'll post the link at the end of this.) His gadgets are all more potent and easier to use too. Kratos' armor may seem more generic, but it is very useful as well. Decreasing all damage by 50% is a very large amount, and increasing his attack power by 100% is an equally large amount. His golden fleece is also a major factor, as it counters Unbatman's greatest tool: his batarangs. I could've sworn that the fleece also protected against melee attacks, but It's 5:39 in the morning and I've been typing for over an hour, so I could be wrong. Still, Unbatman's flight and energy defense gives him a decent edge, even if it doesn't fare will against sharp weapons- Kratos' main form of attack.

    Edge- Unbatman

    X Factors
    Both warriors mantain amazing physical shape for mortals, but Unbatman's suit puts him over the edge here.
    Edge- Kratos
    Kratos knows a bit about tactics, but Batman is one of the smartest people in the DC universe, which include omnicient beings. I'm assuming Unbatman shares these same X-factors despite his unbatman-ness. No contest.
    Edge- Unbatman
    Both had great training and experience, but Batman is more disciplined, and he has the batcave.
    Edge- Unbatman
    Kratos destroys Batman here. Batman knows psychological warfare, but he is a constantly confusing character who is often questioning the morality of his actions while never killing anyone unless it's by accident or by having absolutley no choice. Kratos doesn't give a damn, and will kill you because he doesn't like the color of your eyes. If you're in his way and your death will positively effect his life in any small way, he will go out of his way to make sure you die.
    Edge- Kratos
    Energy Potential:
    I am severly conflicted here. The edge would definitely go to Unbatman, however those numbers are fucked up. Sarah Kerrigan got a 65 and Magneto got a 70 if I remember correctly. Unbatman gets a 70? He matches Magneto and BEATS SARAH KERRIGAN in ENERGY POTENTIAL? I cannot in good faith support this notion in any way.
    Edge- No
    Both characters have good motivation, and while Kratos' is notably more petty, it has carried him through hell and back... twice. Batman is mostly over the deaths of his parents at this point in his life, so Unbatman would probably feel the same way if not more towards the getting-over-it side. I'll give Kratos a slight edge, becasue it is a very petty motivation, potent as it may be.
    Edge- Kratos

    To be honest I was a little worried when I saw some of the things that suit could do, but the more I saw the less impressive it became, and Unbatman simply doesn't have nearly as many direct offensive capabilities to bring down Kratos as he has to fucking murder Unbatman. Without the God armor I probably would have had to go the other way, but I forgot entirely about that tool and that would definitely put Kratos in the winners circle when combined with his offensive abilities.

    1. Hah! In your long Range reasoning you referred to Unbatman as Batman as well as throughout the x-factors!

      Yea I need to fix that energy potential, I kind of copied it from that other guy's reasoning. I do think the suit can last longer then Kratos's magic but not that long.

      Anyone full fucking point and I am now going to comment on your MC vs. Samus like you did with mine. Just wondering how close do you think things are (like 400-600 range, lower/greater?), and how close do you think things would be if Batman had his regular armor?

      Also this isn't the last you'll see of the Beyond Batsuit even if Kratos does win. While he may not get the whole piece (or want the complete set) he'll get somethings from it....

      Oh and since your the Kratos guy tell me if I missed anything of Krato's.

    2. Hey, in the X-factors I was talking about Batman's abilities under the assumption that they would be similar to Unbatman's. As for the long range... I was 5 o-clock in the morning. The fact that I posted all of this is nothing short of a miracle.

      The point spread would be exactly 566-434 with a Kratos win. That's documented.

      If Batman had his regular armor it would be closer to 800-200.

      I do remember an electrical weapon given by Hephaestus in the later stages of the third God of War game, but that would be added to his mid range, which wouldn't make a large difference since he already has two of his best weapons in that catagory.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Pre-Battle: Batman easily takes this. Kratos isn’t a complete pushover, but he only focuses on one aspect, fighting. Batman focuses on this, and a whole lot more. He’ll dive into Kratos’s psychology, motivations, and weaknesses. The things that he can do with prep time borders on the ridiculous, and will probably be the biggest advantage he has in this fight.

    Plus, Alfred is way more awesome than Athena.

    Edge: Batman

    Long Range: Tough category here. Batman’s batarangs are very versatile, but they run into a problem, that damn Golden Fleece. Most of them can be deflected back at him, except for the explosive one’s which would go off the second they even touched Kratos. This won’t catch Batman off guard, as he already knows about the Fleece, and would change up his strategy. He would probably try to use the Batarangs with the environment to try to get Kratos; using the explosive one’s to try to trap him under debris, use the electric one’s with nearby water to shock him etc. The bow, while not quite as versatile as the Batarangs, has a greater rate of fire, and never runs out of ammo. It will have a hard time hitting Batman with his fancy jet-boots, but near fully auto speed will still keep him on his toes, and a charged shot could be deadly. So we have a very versatile weapon, with not much killing potential, versus a not quite as versatile weapon with a little more killing potential. Seems to even it out to me.

    Edge: Even

    Medium Range: Based on what I’ve seen of Kratos, this looks like his range to dominate. Starting with the blades of exile, they can cut through the both the bolo and grappling hook with ease, and I can see Kratos breaking free from the former very easily. The blades also outrange the hook by 15 feet, and based on the videos you’ve posted, they look very fast. And I haven’t even gotten to the spear. It seems to have even more options than the blades, and being able to extend nearly three times its length, and lay down magical landmines are both nasty tricks that I can’t see Batman countering easily.

    Edge: Kratos

    I'll post the rest tomorrow. Now, off to play some Max Payne 3

    1. looks good so far! Tell me how Max Payne 3 is!

  7. Ah, Kratos vs. Batman. The battle of the arsenals. Truly this will be a fight to remember. I would like to say that, although I don't really approve of the Beyond suit, I understand the necessity for it. Batman is facing a god killer, so he should have a little added insurance. That said, perhaps since we are using the Beyond suit, it should be Terry fighting in the Tournament, with Bruce as his pre-battle bonus. Just saying. Let's begin:

    While Kratos is no moron, I think we can all agree that few people best Batman in research. While Batman will research all aspects of Kratos life and personality, the former God of War will likely only care about the weapons Batman will bring into battle, and less about the man behind the weapons. Athena may help some with this, but given how she's betrayed him in the past, Kratos may not be inclined to take her advice. On the other hand, Batman is much more likely to listen to Alfred. The Batcave itself… is simply top notch. Outside of the Doctor's TARDIS, it may be one of the best prep tools around, and it is in the hands of the one who will use it the best. Batman will use this to train right up until the Portal Master comes for him.

    This edge is easy to give, as Batman solidly takes it for being a master planner.

    Edge: Batman

    Long Range: Batarangs vs. Bow of Apollo
    While under normal circumstances, the Batarang would be of little use in a serious battle, the wide variety of effects they have could be useful. Now, for the electrical: Kratos has no computer based tech, and I don't think they'll cancel out magic, so let's drop that aspect right now. That said, the inhibiting shocks aren't likely to slow Kratos down much, if at all. Let's remember, this man went toe to toe with Zeus, and WON! That guy was backing way more voltage then these. On the other hand, the explosive ones could throw off Kratos aim, trip up an attack, or cause long lasting distracting wounds, so those are of some merit. The ones that are meant to slow an enemy down (such as the net or freezing ones) will be of great use, because the longer Kratos is kept from going on the offensive, the better. That said, Kratos will likely expect these if he does his research, so he'll be more likely to dodge them. But that's okay, because if he's dodging, he's not attacking. Finally, the fact that all of these are sharp isn't as helpful as you might think. Because Batman will never use these for lethal attacks, all he can really do is take body shots. This won't do much more then piss Kratos off, if anything. Also, while Batman may use these to knock a weapon from the Ghost of Sparta's hands, his deadliest weapons are quite literally chained to him, and cannot be lost. Another, more serious problem Batman will face is the Golden Fleece, which could seen his potent weapons right back at him.

    All of that said, let's talk about the Bow of Apollo. Despite its magical nature, I don't feel that any shot, outside of maybe a headshot, will do much damage to the Beyond suit, especially not the weaker flurry mode. The charged mode may have better luck, but the suits fire retardant nature renders a lot of its burning properties obsolete. Also, the rate of fire is less then that of Batman's batarangs apparently can be fired like bullets. If hit while charging, Kratos loses both the shot, and the energy expended to make it.

    In the end, while some of the powers of the Batarangs are comparatively less lethal, they are, overall, more powerful then the Bow of Apollo thanks to their versatility. The edge goes to the Batarangs.

    Edge: Batman

  8. (Part 2)

    Mid Range: Grappling Gun, Wrist-mounted Laser, Bolas vs Blades of Exile, Spear of Destiny
    Maybe its just me, but the Grappling gun sounds like a watered down version of the Blades of Exile when its said they can be used like a whip or entangling weapon. Given Kraots strength, I don't think he could be held for very long, and I've already commented on incapacitating him via electricity. The Bolas seem like a good weapon that could trip Kratos up, but it runs the risk of being reflected back via the Golden Fleece. The wrist lasers are probably the best of the three mid range weapons Batman has, as they are the fastest and the deadliest. Though Batman is unlikely to go for a headshot, a blast from these would push Kratos back and put some distance between the dark knight and the god-slayer. I'm not sure if the lasers could break Kratos armor, but repeated hits could damage it over time. Once again though, Batman will need to be careful of the Golden Fleece, which could cause Batman some serious damage if he's hit with his own laser blast.

    The Blades of Exile are Kratos' best weapons. They are the weapons he uses most often, and the weapons that have claimed the most lives. They are are capable of cutting most substances, and can burst into flames on command for a short period of time; which will be helpful in escaping anything the Batman entangles him in. They can reach up to thirty feet, meaning he can hit Batman, even at a distance. The ability to summon a phalanx of Spartans is just icing on the cake. Should he need the breathing room, Kratos can use these to force the Dark Knight to back off. On the other hand, I really don't think the primordial fire will do much damage to the Beyond suit. Finally, don't forget that one of Kratos block moves is to cross his blades in front of him and let them take the hit, and as we've seen they can take a lot of damage. I figure they could probably take at least a few shots from the Lasers.

    As for the Spear of Destiny, its a very interesting weapon. While the range of the crystals isn't the best, the fact that they explode is great, as the blunt force damage done by knocking Bruce around will help in the long run. Most importantly, the Spear specializes in piercing. If anything will break through the powerful Beyond armor (besides the Blades of Exile), this will be it. The fact that it can triple its length will only help it in that regard. Should Kratos pierce the Beyond armor, then make the blade explode, this could be the move that kills Batman.

    Weighing all the weapons in this category, it's clear that only the Lasers are worth anything on Batman's side. Kratos Blades of Exile AND Spear of Destiny though, are both clearly amazing weapons to have. In the end, I have to give Kratos a clear cut edge on the mid range.

    Edge: Kratos

  9. (Part 3)

    Close Range: Claws, Batsuit Defenses vs.Blade of Olympus, Nemean Cestus

    Alright, let me get this out of the way right now: The claws are not a good weapon. For one thing, I seriously doubt their ability to pierce divine armor. Secondly, with how close Batman would have to get for that, would put him in the perfect range to get his head chopped right off. So for this, let's focus on the myriad of Batsuit defenses the Beyond suit apparently has, because those are what might get Batman an edge. Now, the key problem with this is that, if you notice, it's the batsuit DEFENSES, not offenses. While they have offensive properties, they are not made to be weapons in the traditional sense; remember, this is Batman, and they won't be lethal on their own. As for the handcuffs… I want to see Batman try and put some handcuffs on Kratos.

    Now, I can't say much for the buzz saw, but I can't imagine it'll have any more luck with Kratos' divine armor then the claws or Batarangs. Now, the sonic emitter may be devastating if he can get close enough to use it. If it can deafen Kratos, that's a huge advantage, and may in fact cause some internal injury. For the electrical shocks… I think the Blade of Olympus might be able to absorb the energy, but I'm not sure. It has shown it can absorb the powers of the gods themselves, so electricity doesn't seem to far off. And again, Kratos is no stranger to electric attacks. Now, while heating oneself to 4000 seems impressive, I'm not sure how impressed Kratos will be. Remember, he's stood inside an active Volcano, in front of a Lava titan, and didn't seem that put off. Now, the average temperature of a volcano is around 2200 degrees, so its safe to say that Kratos can, quite literally, take the heat. That's not to say that exposure to 4000 degree punches wouldn't hurt, I'd imagine they hurt quite a bit, but I don't see it being that much more of a threat to Kratos then usual; especially if he's wearing god armor (is anyone else noticing that these two's armor is throwing everything off?). Frankly, the best defense may be the tear gas. While not lethal, it will blind Kratos, and provide a great chance for a knock out blow. Just make sure you do it fast, because if you don't all you've done is make Kratos madder.

    Now, the Nemean Cestus is a big, slow, clunky weapon. Unlike other weapons, once Kratos starts an attack with them, he's committed to that attack, given that once the heavy metal starts moving, its hard to stop. If Kratos is going to use these, he shouldn't use them to try and punch Batman directly. Because while it might seem like a good plan, the Beyond armor is apparently crush proof. Now, a concentrated blow may break some bones, and a headshot would likely crush a skull. However, Batman's speed and agility will make getting a direct shot like that nearly impossible, even with the extendable chains. What Kratos should do instead is the Nemesis Roar. As an area effect, its more likely to hit Batman then the Cestus itself.

    As for the Blade of Olympus itself, while I wouldn't say this was Kratos' best weapon, I would say it was close. Being able to cut through gods, it should have no problem with earthly armor, no matter how advanced. As I stated earlier, I think it should be able to absorb some of the suits electricity, and won't melt in 4000 degree heat.

    In the end, I have to give this edge to Kratos. While a good defense can prove to be a good offense, the suits defenses aren't meant to be lethal, they're meant for catching criminals. And while I think they may stun Kratos long enough for Batman to get in a good hit, the odds are much better in Kratos' favor when it comes to a finishing blow in this department.

    Edge: Kratos

  10. (Part 4)

    Special 1: Capsules, Bat Bombs vs. Claws of Hades, Summon Creature
    Let's get this straight right now: The Claws of Hades has been declared an instant kill. Their supernatural properties allow it bypass any and all defense the Beyond suit may have, and it will be up to Batman to keep his soul intact. He may be up to it, but I'll bet its harder then it looks. That said, I bet a capsule full of acid to the face hurts like hell, assuming it doesn't melt Kratos head from his shoulder. The difference? Batman would never try and kill Kratos with acid. Kratos most certainly would pull out Batman's soul.

    Now that said, Batman does have a powerful knock out gas bomb. That may be the best weapon Batman can bring to this game, as it will allow him to win, without compromising his 'no kill' rule. Along with that, the explosives would likely do damage to the creatures summoned by the claws. And unlike the claws, Batman isn't limited to using just one capsule at a time. And while Kratos can use the Efreet, Batman could counter with one of his freezing capsules, effectively canceling each other out.

    In the end, the Claws have the power, but the Capsules and the bombs have versatility. I cannot deny that the capsules, the Knockout gas especially, are a great equalizer. However, I lean towards the claws because of the possibility of an instant KO, and the ability to summon monsters to eat up Batman's ammo.

    Edge: Kratos

    Special 2: Tracers, Grenades vs. Offensive Magical Relics
    The tracers aren't bad in and of themselves, but they must first be placed on Kratos to work. The best time to do this would be after blinding him with a flash or tear gas grenade. At that point though, Kratos is likely to be enraged, and lose all traces of subtly, making the tracers a bit superfluous. The grenades are good, but aren't lethal on their own. And when compared to the relics Kratos has backing: a freezer, a lightning shooter, a flamethrower, a petrified a blinder (also, what is Batman gonna think when he sees Kratos whip a head out at him), etc., it's obvious that they aren't as good. Especially in terms of lethality.

    Edge: Kratos

    Armor: Beyond Batsuit vs. Golden Fleece, God Armor
    Both armors increase the users stats by great amounts, and though I don't care much for the Beyond armor, its ability to fly and turn invisible will be great assets. The Golden Fleece's ability to reflect projectiles will make Batman's life very hard. Batman's suit is resistant to electricity. And, while I commented earlier that the suits defenses didn't make for good offenses, they are better then the God Armor's defenses… in that the god armor doesn't have anything comparable. In the end, Kratos has a really good suit of armor. Batman has a suit of armor, that doubles as a weapon.

    Edge: Batman

  11. (Part 5)

    Physical X-Factors:
    Kratos takes Physicality, Damage Intake, Stamina, and Reflexes. Batman takes Combat, Damage Resistance, Stealth, Sensory, and Finesse. They tie in Accuracy and Raw Speed. Weighing both, I have come to this conclusion:

    The Damage Resistance is thanks to the suit, not Batman himself. All his other advantages, with the possible exception of Combat, are all traits one would expect a Ninja to posses. Batman hides in and strikes from the shadows, and when confronted in hand to hand, uses martial arts. Kratos is a Spartan. He takes the fight head on, with all his might and warrior skills brought to bare out i the open. In a straight up physical confrontation, it become Ninja vs. Spartan. And I think we all remember how that turned out.

    Edge: Kratos

    Mental X-Factors:
    Unlike the physical x-factors, this was Batman's chance to dominate. With the exception of Initiative, Batman takes every other category. Even if some X-Factors are weighted more then others, getting nearly all of them weighs a lot. Batman is an acknowledged genius. He's a master of tactics and will make sure he's at least ten steps ahead with a dozen contingency plans. He easily takes this edge.

    Edge: Batman

    Preparation X-Factors:
    While he may not have killed any gods like his opponent, Batman is no slouch when it comes to fighting unnaturally powerful foes. Batman has made his body the best it could be through years of hard work, but so has Kratos. On the other hand, Batman is also known for his amazing discipline, and Kratos has little, some might say none. That's something Batman will pick up on, and is likely to use against Kratos if he's not careful… which he generally isn't. In the end, I think I have to give this to Batman.

    Edge: Batman

  12. (Part 6)
    Psychological X-Factors:
    Batman is to disciplined to be intimidated by Kratos, no matter what he's done. Kratos has killed gods, so he's not likely to be intimidated by a man in a bat costume. Now, Kratos has no problem with killing, and in fact seems to relish in it, which makes him a terrible opponent for someone who doesn't believe in killing unless absolutely necessary… and sometimes not even then. However, Kratos does have a hair trigger, and is always ready to snap and lose his cool. This is just the sort of thing someone who's an expert at psychological warfare could exploit. Kratos has shown himself to be very easy to trick. History has also shown, when enraged, Kratos focuses on using only his blades, and almost never carries out the destruction of his furies target with magic. If Batman can push the right buttons, he may get Kratos to make a mistake; the only risk being he'd be on the business end of an angry ex-god of war.

    On the other end, Kratos is not likely to engage in such warfare (which is odd, given that he was a god of war). Kratos focuses purely on the physical, and at most will taunt Batman, something I'm sure he's dealt with before. So, while Batman does have some psych issues that could easily be exploited… they won't be exploited here. The worst thing Batman will face is his inability to kill. Facing an opponent who will do it easily, Batman is at a serious disadvantage in this regard. This is the only bit of psychology working against him. Other then that, Batman takes this edge.

    Edge: Batman

    Energy Potential:
    The descriptions say it perfectly. Kratos is suited for short bursts of magic, preferring to fight with blades not magic. The Beyond suit, as bizarre as it is, apparently has some strong batteries, and no doubt in a contest of who burns out first, the Beyond suit will likely last a little longer. The only way I can see it NOT winning this edge, would be if Batman spammed all his suits powers at the beginning of the fight, which frankly isn't like Batman at all.

    Edge: Batman

    Coming Up: My Final Conclusion...

  13. (Part 7) The Last Part

    Final Conclusion:
    Kratos is a man made god, who has killed gods and titan alike, and left a trail of bodies in his wake a hundred miles long on his path of vengeance. Fighting and killing a simple mortal man would be no problem for the Ghost of Sparta.

    But Batman is no mere mortal. He is one of the smartest humans on earth, and a strategist with few peers. He always has a plan, a backup plan, and a contingency for the backup plan. He may only have two days, but we've seen him accomplish more in less.

    What really decides it is this: Batman has fought people like Kratos before. But Kratos has never fought anyone like Batman. The Dark Knight has faced down demigods, and those who would call themselves gods. But think back to all those that Kratos killed… how many of them were master strategists? How many were those that planned a fight, and took the opportunity to take Kratos strengths and weaknesses into account? The only master planner Kratos ever interacts with is Athena, and he never actually fought her. Everyone Kratos has fought has tried to best him with brute strength, and sheer power. And in that arena, few can say they can beat Kratos. But against someone with a superior mind, a penchant for strategies, a very impressive arsenal, and who will soon know everything about him, Kratos will soon find himself without a leg to stand on.

    It won't be easy for Batman, as he'll more then likely try and do it without killing Kratos. That is the only thing that doesn't make this a sure thing. If Batman had no morals, he'd snipe Kratos from a hundred yards. But then he wouldn't be Batman. And Batman has managed just fine with his code up 'til now.

    So I say that, in the end, The Dark Knight of Gotham City will vanquish the Ghost of Sparta. It won't be easy, it won't be pretty. It will take everything both fighters have. But Batman will win. And he'll probably take Kratos alive to boot.

    Winner: Batman

    … course after that he'd better hope Kratos never finds his way to Gotham City. Because Kratos isn't the type of guy who let's that sort of thing go…

  14. Close Range: Batman can’t compete with Kratos in a straight up fistfight here. His suit can’t take as much damage as Kratos’s superior armor (yes I think Kratos’s armor is better, I’ll get to that in minute), and Kratos clearly has him outmatched in physical strength. He doesn’t even have enough of an edge in hand-to-hand combat to even this out. So he’ll have to fall back on his suit defenses if he wants to survive. The Nemean Cestus is probably the worst of Kratos’s close weapons. It looks slow enough that I think even regular suited Batman could dodge it, let alone Batman with suit enhanced speed and agility. The Blade of Olympus is a very difficult problem for him though. It can easily get through Batman’s armor, and will probably result in an instant kill if it hits him. His defenses though, are surprisingly tough. If the electric shock could stun Barda, then I could see it actually knocking out Kratos; he wouldn’t even have to even touch him, as most of Kratos’s weapons would simply carry the current right through him. The only problem I see with this is Kratos’s dual armor. The god armor can supposedly cut damage in half, and while I’m not sure what this means for the electric shock, I would think this negates an instant knockout. In the fight with Zeus, you can see Kratos using the fleece to reflect Zeus’s lightening back at him, which means he might have similar luck with the electric current. I can see the gas and sonic emitter being useful, if Batman could damage Kratos’s hearing and generally disorient him, then setting up traps for him would be much easier. I honestly don’t remember the Beyond suit ever heating up to red star levels, but I’ll take his word for it. Unlike the electric current though, this can’t effect Kratos through his weapons, and seems to take too long to prep.

    While Kratos has an instant killer for Batman, he doesn’t often use it often, decreasing its effectiveness. Batman on the other hand, has several ways to incapacitate Kratos, the best of which may or may not work. Honestly, neither is perfect at this range but I’ll give Kratos a slight edge, as his armor truly shines here, and the killing power of the Blade of Olympus beats out what Batman has in terms of ending this fight quickly

    Edge: Kratos

    Armor: Skipping the specials for right now, as I want to get my reasoning for armor out of the way. At first, the Beyond suit looks superior to the god armor and fleece, but as actual armor it doesn’t seem to do its job very well. I’ve already talked about how Kratos can overcome the suit’s offensive abilities, And his fleece technically has an offensive ability of its own, as it takes most of Batman’s ranged attacks and spit them back out in his face. The god armor also has a good offensive here, as it boosts Kratos’s attack power by 200%! The beyond suits best abilities are its speed and agility boosts, but judging from the X-factor scores, those aren’t really decisive as I thought they would be at first. Eventually Kratos will catch up to him, and at that point his armor just can’t compete. All four of Kratos’s best weapons (the blades, the blade, the spear, and the claws) can get through the armor one way or another, while most of Batman’s weapons can’t. Plus I think he overestimated the amount damage that suit can take; Terry was laid on his ass several times by street level thugs in Beyond, even with the suit.

    I’m pretty sure that no one’s going to agree with me on this, but...

    Edge: Kratos.

  15. Special 1: Very interesting comparison here. Batman has several incapacitating weapons that give him a great deal of versatility, the best of which seems to be the knockout gas. Now unless Batman has a way of temporarily removing his own soul during prep time, he’ll be hard pressed to counter those blades, which have the reach of the blades of exile, and the speed to match. Batman is known for his incredible willpower, so pulling out his soul could be more difficult than Kratos might expect, but I think it could be done. Now when it comes to capsules and bombs vs. summon souls, both kind of cancel each other out. Being just souls, I think Batman could violate his “no kill” rule to take out the souls quickly with explosives, or acid, but even when that’s done he’ll still have a pissed off, soul ripping Kratos to deal with.

    Edge: Kratos

    Special 2: The grenades actually seem like a weaker option than Batman’s other special; he doesn’t have any knockout gas, and no explosives. What he does have is a variety of gases that will probably end up pissing Kratos off more than anything else. The way I see it is this, Batman’s special is useful for getting away from a fight, and planning his next move. But Kratos’s special can keep in enemy trapped it the fight, and he is capable of using most of them with another weapon.

    Edge: Kratos

  16. X-Factors: Physical: Kratos has him beaten in raw strength and reflexes, but Batman has greater stealth skills.

    Edge: Even

    Mental: Kratos isn’t stupid, but he can’t compete with one of the smartest guys in the DCU

    Edge: Batman

    Preparation: He’s the Goddamn Batman; he has a plan for everything.

    Psychological: Ah, this is a tough one. From a numbers standpoint in looks like Kratos wins, but Batman’s all about using his opponents mind against them, I’m not saying he’ll be able to talk Kratos down, but he’s much better at this than his opponent is.

    Edge: Batman

    Energy Potential: Although the Beyond Suit supposedly needs to recharge, but I’ve never seen it have to before. Kratos just can’t rely on his magic in the long term.

    Edge: Batman

    Motivation: Wishing to undue the death of one’s parents in a noble motivation, but I don’t think Batman would allow himself to be manipulated into fighting for someone’s amusement, just to get them back. Powerful beings have offered him this before (usually with a price) but he’s turned them down every time. He realizes that Batman is too much a part of his identity, and even with their deaths, he has accomplished so much good. He knows that not only Gotham needs Batman, but he needs Batman. And without his parents death, the motivation for being Batman would be gone. I think a better motivation for him would be simply escaping this tournament, and he’s shown great willpower to accomplish any goal in the past. But Kratos’s willpower and pure rage towards anything that stands between him and his goal in equally legendary, and he also has family motivation.

    Edge: Even

    Overall: Batman’s biggest problem in this fight isn’t his inability to kill, it’s the fact that none of his weapons weren’t designed to kill. Most of them can only hope to temporarily stun Kratos, and buy him time to plan. But Kratos has shown to have a will that’s at least as great as Batman’s and he will not stop, no matter what Batman throws in his path. Although part of me wants Batman to win, he just doesn’t have the strong offensive/defensive combo that Kratos has, and in the end it will be Kratos that stands over the Cap…er… “Winged” Crusader’s corpse. I can still see this being a really close fight though, mostly due to Batman’s insane ability to plan for any situation. But in the end, The Ghost of Sparta stands triumphant!

    Winner: Kratos

    Whew, that took longer than I thought it would. On another note, you may want to consider posting the information for your tournament fights here:

    They have a very active DW community, that I’m sure would love to give you votes.

  17. I'm a batman fan for sure. And I realize, even without his Begins suit, Batman has used power armor multiple times in the past against enemies much stronger than him that could rip him to shreds.

    I'll post edges later or just copy and past them, but I think BAtman's greatest advantage is his laboratory where he can synthesize all kinds of stuff to beat Kratos.

    And Scarecrow put it very well, Batman's fought guys like Kratos before but Kratos has never met a foe like Batman before, who uses cunning and stealth. And while it's a close fight for Batman, I think that Batman can win. When you've got five plans, and each of those five plans have twenty backup plans then you're in the good.

  18. Pre-battle:
    To put it simply, Batman is a master of pre-battle rivaled only by the Doctor. He will research every aspect of Kratos life, and create plans to work off of any weaknesses of Kratos, and create a dozen contingency plans for any problem. Batman is great at pre-battle; so much that pretty much any thing that the Library knows about Kratos. Kratos will evaluate the weapons of Batman, and finding nothing that has a serious chance of killing him, start joking around and only think ing of simple solutions. Deflect Batarang with Fleece, stab Batman with stabby tool; which he has in spades. He'll laugh at the bolas, be slightly intimidated at the laser but ultimately decide to deflect it, and generally not care until he find the capsules; then he will decide that the best defense against those is the threat of magic; they don't kill, and Kratos for the most part will be able to keep Batman in a way that he can't effectively use them by pressuring him; notably by destroying anything that is cuttable and getting Batman to eventually come out in the open, where Kratos has a great advantage due to his more lethal and dangerous arsenal. Also, he can use the Head of Helios to illuminate the area and expose Batman if he can.

    Really, only the Doctor can compete with Batman in prep time. Batman has 12 plans for any situation and a dozen contingency plans; even Kratos' assistance by Athena (for the record, Kratos may be preoccupied by a different part of Athena...) cannot hope to turn the tides here.

    Solid Edge: Batman

    Long Range:

    The Batarangs are extremely useful; while on their own as simple batarangs they won't do much, Batman does A LOT of modifications to them, so they can successfully injure pretty much any opponent of Batman; so why is it nigh-useless? The Golden Fleece. With the exception of the exploding one (for obvious reasons) they will all be completely blocked and deflected back into Batman's face! While they won't do anything as a testament to Batman's agility, they will do absolutely nothing to Kratos. Should they hit the God Armor...They will not be useful. 50% effiency isn't good; I doubt unless they are heavy voltage, explosive, or energy web they will not do much to Kratos; much less injure. The ONLY Batarang that has a decent chance of beating Kratos is a high explosive to the face; and even then, I have my doubts against a man like Kratos. The Bow of Apollo is decent; the flurry mode will keep Batman on his toes, and the flaming arrows will do...little if anything. The limiting factor is the armor; they will do very little. Only a seriously hard charged shot point blank will do any damage to the suit, to say nothing of the flurry. Still, no one wants an arrow in your armor, so it helps by keeping Batman on the move.

    Overall, the sheer amount of arrows is insignificant to allow the weak arrows to become useful against the suit. The Batarangs, while not lethal, will not be injure Kratos unless he hits to the face; and even then, Batman will not aim to the face; it's just to possible of lethality. The usefulness of the Batarangs narrowly beat out the amount of arrows, but neither is very useful.

    Close Edge Batman

  19. Mid Range:

    Now we find Batman's weakness paired with Kratos's strength. Nice. The grappling guns are ok; while they have a seriously low chance of injuring Kratos, but they are a great assisstor and can easily bind Kratos into a way he cannot escape. The laser is a great injuror; it can probably go through the God Armor, and I hope no one even thinks of dodging it. The problem is that Batman will be hesitant to use it; Batman's hesitancy could be his downfall. The bolas is only useful on fleeing enemies, and no force in this tournament except a SERIOUSLY powerful psionic or Doomsday himself will make Kratos retreat. The Blades of Exile are insane; they whip around like a whipfist, cutting everything to bits. Even the Beyond suit will be hard-pressed to survive a really hard combo from these things. Plus, they can emit fire and mess up the plan, but Batman thought of that already. The Spear of Destiny is awesome; it could easily kill Batman if he is not careful; to say nothing of energy barbs that could easily kill Batman, magical mines that could also hurt him immensely, and Batman can't easily retreat, or fight against it from the omnidirectional swing.

    Rightfully, this is a major Kratos edge. Not even the laser holds a candle to the sheer killing power of Kratos's weapons, and this is before Batman uses his insane martial arts.

    Major Edge Kratos

    Close Range:

    To be fair to Batman, he has mastered all forms of lethal martial arts, making him a hard nut to crack. Add the added strength of the Beyond suit, and you have a formidable opponent already. But then...he declines. The claws are mediocre; while being exceptionally deadly, the God Armor is making that somewhat mediocre. I see them being a decent rack of incapacitations, but not quite as useful due to the God Armor. The batsuit defenses are potent, but note the terms; they are DEFENSES, not offenses. The spikes are decent, the buzzsaw is unlike to do much, and I pity any mortal who tries to put handcuffs on Kratos. The Nemean Cestus is a huge, hulking beast of a weapon, and precisely th reason why the buzzsaw is ineffective; any attempt for the buzzsaw's use will result in a Batman that can fit in a mailbox. But, it is slow and unlikely to get a kill unless Batman gives him the oppurtunity. The Blade of Olympus is mighty; any god-killing weapon is awesome in my book. It will cut through the Beyond suit, and will kill Batman if he is solidly hit by it.

    This is a hard edge, mostly from Batman's vast martial arts going against Kratos's superhuman strength. Overall though, I think that this follow's Goku vs Doomsday logic; if you are extremly skilled, strength may not matter. However, once you take into account that Kratos has two instant-kill weapons, and Batman has not one. This allows Kratos to fight Batman's martial arts, and he gets an close edge here.
    Fair Edge Kratos

  20. Spec. 1:

    The capsules by themselves are probably Batman's greatest weapon; they allow Batman to beat Kratos without violating Batman's no kill policy. Most notably is the knockout gas; Kratos has no defense against it and it will beat Kratos almost instantly. Also the ice can incapacitate Kratos, the explosives, well, make explosions, and the acid could do away with Kratos' weapons. However, then you find the Claws of Hades. These are instant-kills; not even Batman can stop his soul being taken away. Also, he can throw the soul of a Cyclops Berserker at Batman, so they're both pretty crazy and awesome.

    Both of these are the game-ending weapons of each of them; the capsules can knock out Kratos easily, and the Claw of Hades is a game-ender by soul-stealing. However, the claws can do something the capsules cannot; cast the soul of a freaking Chimera at Batman. That alone in my mind gives the edge to the Claws of Hades.

    Fair Edge Kratos

    Spec. 2:

    The grenades are nice; they have the same general effectiveness of the capsules, but include tear gas and flashbangs at the cost of the knockout and ice. That's not good really; the flashbangs at most will stun Kratos, and tear gas is just asking for Kratos to be even more mad; he is not one to easily succumb to nonlethal weapons. Tracers... I want to see Batman get a tracer on Kratos without getting aboslutely murdered by Kratos. Magical relics are cool; the Head of Helios and Medusa combination is a terrible situation for Batman; it lights up the area and can easily expose his stealth. The mask is good for illuminating the area with fire, Atlantis is not useful due to the Beyond suit, and the Icestorm is not a big factor from the temperature defenses of the batsuit, and it's lack of useage. The Scourge is very nice, allow Batman to be thrown off guard and into stuff, right into Kratos's arsenal of mid-range weapons.

    Overall, the magical relics seem nice, but with the exceptions of the Heads, don't really do much due to the Beyond suit. The grenades are very cool, but question they're ability to beat Kratos, especially with his rage factor. However, the Head of Helios ruins stealth, and Medusa has the ability to kill Batman. Overall, I think that the knockout ability of some grenades overrides the killing power of the Medusa head and the stelth ruining of the Helios.

    Minor Edge: Batman

  21. X-Factors:

    Physicality, Damage Intake, Stamina, and Reflexes
    Combat, Resistance, Sensory, Stealth, Finesse

    I feel that while Batman takes more edges, it might not give him an edge. The resistance is due to the suit, not him. With the exception of Combat, the traits he gets are built for stealth, not a straight conflict. Kratos's edges are built for a direct confrontation. While the stealth could in theory be nullified by Sensory, but Batman takes sensory too! The deal is that Kratos will murder him if he is taken out of stealth, so I cannot really give an edge. Batman can easily hide himself, but if he is caught he will get murdered.

    Edge: Tie

    Kratos: Initiative
    Batman: Creativity, Tactics, Intuition, Intelligence

    This is clearly Batman's game. He just dominates so hard that I can draw this conclusion; while Kratos may strike first, Batman knows how to react whatever happens.

    Major Edge: Batman


    Training, Discepline

    Really, the edges in Experience and Training are so close, they really don't matter. What does matter is Batman's great advantage in Discepline; showing that should he use his great tactics and intelligence to greatly annoy Kratos, Kratos will lose his strategy first.

    Fair Edge: Batman


    Kratos: Audacity, Killer Instinct, Corruption, Inner Torment, Intimidation

    Batman: Psychological Warfare, Psychology, Strength of Mind

    This shows another trend. Batman is superior in the mind, and he is certainly the more professional fighter. However, Kratos just uses his mind for murder fuel; and using psychological warfare isn't the best idea on a guy who took on the gods of his universe; it doesn't matter that they aren't gods, but to them they ARE gods.

    Fair Edge Kratos

    Energy Potential:
    Batman: Energy Potential

    Well, that's straightforward. Batman has a superior energy potential, but I will say it is too high; he beats Sarah Kerrigan for crying out loud.

    Edge: Batman

    Overall, we see a trend. Kratos is more likely to simply destory everything, but Batman will be able to counter that, with his superior intelligence and tactics. Even Kratos's great physicality cannot take away from the fact that Batman is far stealthier, smarter, and is more disceplined.

    Solid Edge Batman

  22. Beyond Suit vs God Armor, Golden Fleece

    First, we must take into the armor aspect; what they do for defense. The Beyond suit defends against blunt forces well, can defend from 4000 degree heat, and similar areas of cold. It increases its wearer's strength by 200%, and it protects from water and electricity. With all of that, why would it not get the edge and clearly get an edge over the God Armor?

    Think about it. The only true blunt weapon is the Nemean Cestus, which I really should have not overpowered; it will rarely kill Batman. However, the rest of Kratos's main arsenal is pointy stabby or slashy tools, which the Beyond suit isn't good against. The exception is magic, and those will be mostly useless for battle except for the Scourge and Medusa; the former ignores armor while the second petrifies through armor. However, the armor's strength increase is good, but still inferior to Kratos's strength. The God Armor gives Kratos a 200% damage increase, a 50% decrease on damage, and 'fire magic regeneration' though I think that is useless due to the lack of any magic of Batman. So this is obvious, right? The Beyond Suit not only does what the God Armor does, it also can fly, cloak, and has superior defense, right? Well, no. While it does indeed fly and cloak, what armor is designed to do is block damage, and this is where Batman's possibly greatest weakness lies; the Beyond suit is weak to all of Kratos's main weapons except for the cestus. The Blades, the Blade, the Spear, and the Claw in particular will kill Batman with the suit. Considering this, you could give the suit a bare edge by taking into account the flight, cloaking, and the strength. But I must remind you that Kratos has more; notably the Golden Fleece. This guards against all projectiles and reflects them right back at Batman. This pretty much nullifies Batman's greatest weapon; his Batarangs. And we are not done. Rage of Sparta is absolutely devastating; it makes him completly invincible, and he uses the Sword here, making him a formidable opponent. Finally, we have an answer. While the Beyond suit is awesome and makes Batman far more of an opponent, the combination of the God Armor, Golden Fleece, and Rage of Sparta barely give Kratos an edge in defense.

    Minor Edge Kratos

  23. Conclusion:

    Batman is seemingly designed to fight Kratos. He is smart, skilled, and has superior armor. Why would it not be possible for Batman to just knock Kratos out or make him surrender? I say think about it. Knocking Kratos out is not easy; only his capsules and grenades can do so reliably. I laugh at the idea of a surrendering Kratos; the man took out the gods of his world for pete's sake; he doesn't back down. On the other hand, kratos will kill Batman. 4 of his weapons do so rather easily; the Blades, the Blade, the Spear, and the Claw. I just think that even though Batman is so smart, that he is so good at pre-battle, it is not enough. Batman just doesn't pack enough to knock out Kratos to overcome Kratos's ability to murder him; and while Kratos has never fought anything like Batman before, a man with infinite experience is helpless with no tools to accomplish victory. Batman will go out with a fight, but overall the Ghost of Sparta kills the Dark Knight.

    Winner: Kratos

  24. Are the polls for this match up or any others up yet? I wanna get my vote in before the deadlines come around.

  25. hey. I have written a extended evaluation on this match already on the facebook page. I also have looked at this match again as you have written it. props for everything, i was really impressed with how you wrote it down.
    I did miss some batman attributes he got in arkham city but i can forgive that. still i think that batman would win for the same reasons i thought he would win on the fb page.
    in a straight up fight batman cannot win against kratos. the thing is, batman will not fight a straight up fight. he will be in and out, in and out, always keeping himself on a distance or a safe distance when he himself is not attacking. plus i agree with what scarecrowmainfan said. speaking of that, how realistic is it that Batman would get his hands on fear toxin and use that his opponent?