Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hawaiian Koa vs. Shaolin Monk: Warrior Profile: Hawaiian Koa

The Hawaiian Koa brings quite an arsenal to this fight, most of which come from nature.

Long Range: Ma'a sling, Ihe,

Ma'a (sling ) and Pohaku(stones)

 The Ma'a sling was the long range weapon of choice of Hawaiian armies. While bows were known they were not used in warfare, instead only used in hunting or games.  The Sling was crafted  out of a pouch made of woven strips of Hua situated in the center of long plaited ropes. The Koa may have had one of the most deadly types of ammunition anywhere, as they carved rounded conical stones out of hard, dense volcanic rock, which when thrown with great force, may do more than just break bones...
    The sling is accurate in the hands of a trained professional, and the Koa were professionals. They could be slung accurately at a distance of 100-200 yards, at speeds undodgeable by even the most trained martial artists. Also slings, unlike bows,  were not effected by wind. The speed which the Koa threw it was apparently so fast that it was  alleged to break the sound barrier!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hawaiian Koa vs Shaolin monk: Introduction, Mission Statement and grading scale

 Get ready to meet the two  contenders  of my next match up, Hawaiian Koa Warriors  vs. Shaolin Monks. This match up will be one with a heavy martial art emphasis, where the Oriental East takes on the exotic Pacific, where steel weapons take on those that are "all natural" , all to find out WHO. IS. DEADLIEST!

  This will be just be brief summaries for each.
First up are the knights of Ancient Hawaii, the little known Koa Warriors of Hawaii.


The Koa are named after the Koa tree, which is one of the most common trees to the island. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My future matchups

My Future matchups will be (hopefully)
* those crossed off = done 
1. Alexander the great (of course) vs. Sun Tzu
2. Mayan warrior vs. Egyptian (done)
3. Amazonian Huaorani Tribemen vs. Fijian warrior(done)
4. Rajput warrior vs. Lanschrekmen
5. Japanese Woku vs. Byzantine Marines-
6. Australian Aboriginal vs. Iroquois warrior(no gunpowder)
7. Dacio-Thracian vs. Zande Warrior
8. Shaka Zulu Vs Arminius (next)
9. Assyrian warrior vs. ancient Iberian warrior
10. Dahomey Amazons vs Ottoman Janissaries
11. Incan vs Ancient Irish warrior
12. Besilarus vs Khalid Ibn Walid
13. Polish winged husssar vs Byzantine cataphract 
14. Boudicca vs Tomyris
15. Vlad vs Nobunaga oda -
16. Hawaiian Koa vs Shaolin Monk
17. Han dynasty warrior vs Persian immortal
18. Genghis Khan vs. Hernando Cortez
19. Templar knight vs. medieval Korean warrior
20. Flavius Aetius vs Hannibal( debatable)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of the Ring Part 2: Fellowship and Rules

And now onto The

Hope of Middle Earth: The Fellowship of the Ring

There are stark differences between the novel and the movie, but this blog will not choose one or the other, instead mixing both along with having a single "What if" scenario come true(Gandalf the White rejoining Fellowship before it is broken, given the time frame that he was dead in I don't consider that too unlikely) . I aim to give the Fellowship as many small advantages as possible to counter the superior Numbers of the Necromorphs.

Peregrin “Pippin” Took

Pippin is the youngest of the Fellowship, and this shows a lot during his time with the Fellowship. He is known for the curly golden hair on his feet and head.
Weapons: “Barrowblade” short sword, Elven Daggers, Rocks

"I don't want to be in a battle, but waiting on the edge of one I can't escape is even worse."


Friday, March 4, 2011

Dead Space Necromorphs vs. The Fellowship of the Ring Part 1

This lured you in, didn't it?
For this match I wanted to do something different then I usually do. Inspired by Roker's Foxhound vs. L4D special infected I have been inspired to create my own fictional matchup. The idea came to me while trying to imagine what would be another great, random matchup.
This is a battle between two icons of their respective industries. Tolkien is surely one of the best authors in history, and his Lord of the Rings books are, in my opinion, the bible of the Fantasy genre(yes I would rate him next to the authors of the bible). His influence is everywhere, whether it be in games (they need to do one on the Silmarion), movies (the series that Peter Jackson is most famous for), and books. The Fellowship is everywhere except, to my disappointment, on Deadliest Warrior ( but that will change now).

Imperator Julius Caesar vs.King Cao Cao of Wei Part 2



Cao Cao was anxious, and with reason, as he was an at least 1000 miles in enemy territory in a hostile desert. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem for the warrior king of Wei, but the desert had struck him a great blow that the Parthian could easily exploit; a sandstorm had separated most of his army. The king cursed the unpredictable and often malevolent desert, for he wasn't entirely sure if he could make it out of this foreign land. He had been planning the campaign for a while: things in China were at a stalemate, and he needed to some form of edge to fulfill his mission of unifying the land. For that cause he set out to with roughly one quarter of his massive army (rest needed to stay in China to defend against Wu/Shu incursions) to seize as much of the Parthian empire as he could, and then force the Remnants the into vassalage. In doing so he could press the formidable Parthian cataphracts into service, in addition to all sorts' horse archers. His primary reason for launching this expedition was to gain direct trade access to both India and the powerful Daqin. Just as the Chinese were the masters of the Eastern half the Daqin were said to be rulers of the West. Cao Cao had wanted to see if the tales of these people were true for a long time, and would have certainly funded a diplomatic mission if only he had had the time. "The never-ending wars drain heavily on our people's progress; Lui Bei and Sun Quan are war criminals for disputing my rightful claims, as mandated by the emperor. Soon they will be executed as such, and then Cao Cao and his family could lead China into a new time of prosperity. But first to finish the conquest" thought Cao Cao "Focus on what's ahead of you before seeing what's beyond your vision." The conquest began less than 6 months ago and for a while it seemed like it would be a phenomenal success. The Kushans had been conquered and so had much of the Parthians. Apparently (they had learned this from prisoners) they had hit the back of the Parthian at the same time that the people the Parthian called the "Romani" (Daqin?) had invaded through the West. As a result the Parthian response to the Wei invasion was lackluster at best; troops were in greater need to defend the capital- which, Cao Cao had recently learned by means of spies, had fallen to the Westerners.

Imperator Julius Caesar vs.King Cao Cao of Wei Part

Short biography:
Julius Caesar
First off is Gaius Julius Caesar the Roman conqueror of Gaul and the man who irrefutably changed a nation, and probably Western history along with it. This man is regarded by many to be one of the greatest conquerors to ever live, and I have read of him frequently compared with Alexander, Genghis, Napoleon, and the little known but impressive Khalid(sorry if I missed any). Without a doubt one of the best commanders the Greco-Roman world would ever produce. Born from a patrician family in 100 B.C. he became head of such family after his father died in 85 b.c. He married the daughter Cornelia Cinna, the daughter of a prominent Populare (populist) politician and lieutenant of Marius . Unfortunately this proved to be almost deadly for Ceaser as when Sulla, an enemy of Marius and therefor the  Cinna family, became dictator of Rome he ordered Ceaser to divorce Cornelia. Ceaser refused and had much of his inheritance and his chance of priesthood stripped (that was what his family initially wanted Julius to be) and was nearly killed. Unfortunately for Sulla, Ceaser had powerful friends even among the Optimas (think rich favored) and was persuaded to rescind his proscription (death sentence) on Ceaser. Sulla later said "Beware of that one for in him i see another maruis". Ceaser then went on to serve as a tribune where he was rewarded for heroically saving a citizens life in battle. Captured by Pirates in 74 b.c he first convinced them to nearly triple the ransom, constantly joked with them that once he got out he would crucify them, and then once he was finally released led a military expedition where he proceeded to do just that. He did slit their throat first though in an act of apparent mercy.

Mayan Late Classical Warriors Vs New Kingdom Egyptian Soldiers

Mayan Late Classical warrior Update :
First up are the Mayans. I decided to do them first as I feel they are much harder to research then the Egyptians, and I want to get them out of the way first . The Mayan warrior was perhaps the most advanced of all the Native American civilizations, and it’s advancements in science, astronomy, and architecture is well known to the world. However contrary to some of the beliefs put out about them, they were NOT peaceful. The wars between city states were exactly akin to their Greek contemporaries, i.e. it was happening all the time. At first it seemed to be just for getting captives for sacrifice (although not a crazy as the Aztecs in this, they did do it) and to avenge insults, it later became for conquest and eventually pure annihilation. The latter is the main tactic for the Mayans of the late classical age. Weapons evolved as time went on, from early weapons of obsidian clubs and stone axes, to later Atlatls and spears. The classical age for the Mayans lasted between 300 A.D. to 900 A.D. and the warriors that I will feature today will be in the late classical or 800 A. D. ish, when everything is beginning to fall apart. This period is characterized by civil wars, secession wars, wars of conquest and in extreme cases annihilation along with an increasing amount of commoners fighting over the decreasing amount of available land.

Amazonian Huaorani Tribesmen vs. Fijian warrior

Today I will try to do a battle between an Amazonian Huaorani Tribesman vs. a Fiji Warrior. Between these two exotic warriors we will have exotic weaponry that has stood the passage of time.
First up the Mysterious
Amazon Huaorani Tribesmen
Huaorani tribemen
Facts and Brief History of interactions :
bow and arrow
Between the Napo and Curaray Rivers are 600,000 hectares of land that is the home of the Huaorani, feared warriors of the Amazon Rainforest. These warriors are known and feared by their neighbors for their ferocious grudges, made particularly worse by their unpredictable and moody nature. Apparently there is nothing they love more than the idea of Vengeance, as they are famed for their paybacks and retributions on aggressors. Most of the conflicts were solved by spearing the other party, and then the family of the victim would seek revenge, thus leading to a never ending cycle of revenge. Nice kind of society to raise your kids in. Apparently it’s not just the neighbors who agree with their assessment as the first outside contact, Oil Company named Shell was driven off their drilling land by the fierceness of these people. Many missionaries who were encountered later were similarly killed. Eventually they were forcibly moved by the government of Ecuador, as the oil companies had had enough and were willing to send armed forces in to take it from them. Huaorani reaction was mixed, some were in favor , some not. Some of those extremists who didn’t want to move still live in the ancestral land, where it is reported they are still killing trespassers. Truly a warrior culture if there ever was one. They are also Xenophobic as they call themselves, Huaorani which means "human beings" or "the people," and refer to everyone else as cowode or "non-humans" or "non-human Cannibals”. The Huaronia Are a lanquage Isolate meaining no other lanquages in the area are related to them. . Edit : I wanna make it clear that they are not "savages" or at least complete savages comprising of nothing but warfare. If you scroll to the bottom, click on the second link( PAY NO ATTENTION to the pictures) you can read about their happy talkative culture, where women are equal and the natives are very economically minded(unlike neighbors they know that if they have to many kids they will drain the natural resources around them). The reason I included this part is that i felt it