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Monday, August 6, 2012

Magneto vs Sarah Kerrigan-Battle

  A breeze swept sand in his eyes, forcing Magneto to  cover them. This turned out to be wise. The  breeze kicked up suddenly and for a second he had to struggle, struggle against the wind that threatened to blow him away.  With a mental command his magnetic shield activated, providing him with a very useful barrier against the sandstorm though it was clear he was nevertheless at an disadvantage. Visibility extended  just ten feet ahead of him and the loud roaring of the winds prevented him from hearing a approaching foe. Something was off about it, as the storm utterly resisted his ability to change it. However his senses of  Magnetism were intact  and that alone would be enough....depending on the degree of which she managed to dull her electromagnetic  impulses. He concentrated, looking for traces of natural iron nearby. It quickly became clear that she had in fact dulled it,  and if he was still able to detect her he would need to be much  closer.   


  He heard a ticking noise and looked up instinctively at it. A giant clock was anchored in the sky, ticking down from four and a half  minutes. What would happen  when the clock struck zero he couldn't guess, though it was safer to err on the side of caution and take her out before then.
 Beep beep beep!

        The seismic detection in his helmet  alerted him to movement below. One of the guns - a pistol- split apart into hundreds of miniature bullets. Magneto concentrated and sent the metal below. He did not  need to use astral projection to command the metal towards his foe-the seismic sensor and his own sensory of metals did an excellent job by themselves. It took only moments for the projectiles to reach their target , proliferating her in multiple places. Magneto did not drive them through as he normally did however, instead leaving them there within her body, giving him control over the larger vessel. 

     Forcibly he dragged her to the surface, smiling nastily at the sight of her mangled body. Kerrigan smiled back at him and disappeared into smoke.    The winds around him increased tenfold in intensity. Hundreds of Razor barbs slammed against his magnetic shield causing numerous ripples to visibly shake the barrier. Magnus accelerated geomagnetic field and burst through the cloud layer at subsonic speeds. A blast of psionic energy caught him and exploded harmlessly against his Magnetic barrier, causing him to smirk.

     "I expected a better  effort, Sarah, from someone  as trained in subtlety  and stealth such  
as yourself. Has your habit for drowning your foes in oceans of  Zerg blood dulled your aptitude for real tactics."

   From out of the sandstorm below she met this criticism with a barrage of rocks pulled  up deep from the Earth, but this merely bounced against his shielding.  Magneto laughed at his foe's complete inability to hurt him.

 " I  thought you would offer a greater challenge then this Sarah-" 

    Sharp pain in his back interrupted him as something tore into his armor at an  alarming rate. A iron less broodling- something which was only intended  to live for a few minutes anyway- had latched into his back. It had  only dealt a minor flesh wound thanks to his armor however it's  pincers were rapidly tearing through. A controlled shotgun blast  blew it off into the sandstorm below him. From down below Kerrigan cackled  
" What bothers a coward such as yourself more, Magnus? The fact that  you are now painfully vulnerable or the failure of your little shielding? "

"How did you penetrate my defenses?" he asked in the tone of a defeated chess player who couldn't figure out how his foe pulled such a move. But Kerrigan just laughed and let the question dangle in the  air.

Before either of them could make another retort a white flash cancelled out all other thoughts as the world  as Magneto knew it reversed itself.                


  Had the Zerg Swarm  not evolved to counter the freezing conditions of Kaldir  as well as  that of the void of space, Sarah would have frozen herself solid by now for she was in the exact opposite of the previous environment. In a flash the endless sand of the desert had replaced itself  with the endless snow of the arctic, the winds of a sandstorm with that of a blizzard. 

   Sarah closed her eyes and scanned the nearby terrain with her telepathy. She may not be able to sense him thanks to his helmet however it would be feasible for her mind to control a nearby animal and look for him with that creature, just as she had with a desert lynx in the last portion. An ever-changing arena could prevent a fatal complication if the next one turned out to be a city, and it was for that reason that her latest foe would need to be shown his place beforehand. 

  Unable to use her mind control to take control of another animal, seemingly because there were few if any animals on this ice-ball, she instead opted to use her shorter ranged psionic sight, which was capable of seeing through objects and around corners. With focus her variation could see even farther and-

 Kerrigan ducked as a shard of metal scraped across her cheek, another tore off her  left wing. A third that had been aimed at her neck was dodged completely, and before it could come back around she met the shard head on with her own telekinesis. 

 The shard stopped temporarily before slowing starting up again, its path guided to her throat. Kerrigan strained  as she felt the other shards cease moving. It was a tug of war between the Queen of Blades and the master of Magnetism. It was a war which Kerrigan knew she would lose. Yet Kerrigan never intended to win, merely to get into the right position.

 Without warning she shifted all of her telekinetic power from propelling the shard away from her to directing it towards her, augmenting the prodigious power Magneto had already put behind it. It was only thanks to Psionic speed that she was able to dodge, and the bullet shot past her at super sonic speeds....just as she planned. 

 The bullet crashed into seemingly empty air. A cry of pain was heard from the site however, and moments later a figure de-cloaked, voluntarily ceasing his light manipulation. His armor had a dent in it but it the bullet did not go through, that much was clear. The most Kerrigan could hope for was  a severe bruise.  

"Not bad Kerrigan. Not many people would have been bold or arrogant  enough to compete with me in my domain, much less pull a stunt like that. "

 Magnus, with curiosity clearly visible in his features, raised a hand towards her. Kerrigan felt a tingling but otherwise nothing, and continued to stare Magneto down. Magneto looked up at her once more

"Most impressive, Abathur truly is as much of a miracle worker as the Library of Babel made him out to be. To evolve out iron based blood so quickly..."

 "Hundreds of different Zerg were bred as fast as Abathur was able. The lucky ones able to survive with less and less blood were gradually bred with pieces of  Protoss DNA to ensure a iron-free solution.  You may be good at biology Magneto, but the Zerg have been at it for centuries.   "

Magneto's eyes raised slightly; this apparently surprised him and so he asked 

"I was aware  of your method of evolution, Sarah, but never have you been able to utilize Protoss DNA before."

 "That is correct, I never have. However another faction in my universe has, and thanks to the Library of Babel I know exactly how they did it."

Suddenly Magneto raised his hand. 

"You may be iron-free, Sarah, but I can still feel your active electromagnetic impulses. Abathur may be able to dull them, but he can't eliminate them!"

 With a command it felt like her nerves were on fire- or it would have, if she hadn't dulled her senses to a near non-existent state. It was painful yes but not excruciating, and her mind was too strong for Magneto to induce Telepathy. 

She laughed softly, painfully, then spat in his face. 

 The few drops that actually landed burned his face and Magneto grimaced, but did not let go. Indeed if possible he only put more force into his effort, and Kerrigan her legs unwilling to move

"How dare you, you insolent creature! You who is a mere hybrid, scum of two worlds-"

"While you may view your own words as sweet music I do not.  Nor am I going to be stopped by you or anyone else!"

(the format messed up and I can't put music below this point....)
 The word was punctuated by her fallen wing being driven telekinetically  into his back. Its sharpened tips drew blood, though didn't penetrate enough to seriously wound him. With a snarl he  turned and removed the wings but that brief second was all Kerrigan needed to make the escape.

 She cloaked and ran with psionic enhanced speed, taking cover behind a hill unseen by Magneto. Around her the intensity of the winds shifted as Magneto used his ability to manipulate the weather to full effect. Hail began to fall to the ground . A piece the size of a orange crashed into her shoulder, breaking a bone. Annoyed she focused on a series of large and well preserved icicles.

 It took but a moment to pick them up, and then like a volley of arrows, she sent them over the hill like an archer of an  ancient battle. She heard him stop and immediately activate his shield, repelling the projectiles. With her location now revealed she took flight once again, towards a precarious looking bridge that crossed a canyon. This natural ice-bridge held the only path towards safety. 

  Her levitation was not good enough to carry her across by itself and thus she there was no other choice but to cross. Hoping that Magneto hadn't detected her yet she quickly yet silently began to cross the bridge. However no matter how delicate she stepped, no matter how much she covered her tracks the blizzard made the effort for naught. A particularly high gust of wind blew snow onto her, and it was followed by the  unwelcome sound of metal gliding through the air . She cocked her head slightly, still running, and noticed a large sheet of metal overtake her. 

 Like a giant axe head it slammed into the ice-bridge, breaking all the way through it in one swing. In desperation  Kerrigan used all of her telekinetic and psionic prowess to propel her leap. If there was a deity, he/she was smiling down on Kerrigan for the Queen of Blades made it to the other side, if only just by millimeters. 

 Eager to repay him for her near death she began gathering the energy needed for a massive psionic storm. However before a single action could be taken  the giant clock in the sky beeped and the world as she knew faded into whiteness. 


  A brilliant light flashed before his eyes, and when Magneto opened them once more he stood in a metal room. It was surprisingly spartan, with only a metal bed sharing the space with him (no mattress however!), a alien lamp and two windows. Peering outside his eyes widened at the new environment. 

 It was a giant space platform that stretched out as far as the eye could see. Magneto closed his eyes for a moment as he concentrated on the structure, getting a feel for its layout and length. It was made of a exceptionally durable metal Magneto had never encountered before, one both stronger and far more conductive then most other known types. It was almost completely flat, not at all like the pictures of orbital space platforms he had imagined or seen  via the Library of Babel.

It possessed artificial gravity yet surprisingly was devoid of any oxygen. This perplexed Magneto, as what was the use of maintaining a gravitational field  if you could not breathe inside of it?

    Unless this species was like the Zerg and the Protoss, who did not require the intake of oxygen.


  Two blades; organic, the type that formerly belonged on Kerrigan's back, burst through the window. The vacuum of space immediately began to pull the air out of room and Magneto felt himself forcibly drawn towards the openings in the windows. He did not panic however, activating his Magnetic shield to preserve himself and what air remained in the room. He smashed his way outside, collecting metal as he propelled himself forward. Kerrigan would be sorely mistaken if she thinks she has the advantage here, for this platform was made of metal. Here she was a minnow in a tank of sharks. 

 Behind him the metal reconfigured into a thousand tiny shards; in front of him the platforms buckled  at his command. Kerrigan, apparently wising  up to her precarious situation, held fast her policy of cowering behind her educed invisibility. No matter if she would not decloak and engage him willingly then he would force her out of hiding! The thousands of metal shards surrounded him and then, in one movement, burst out in one giant omni-directional attack!

 The Shards utterly tore through whatever was in their way, knocking over odd looking countless odd looking towers and debris. But somehow they did not manage to hit Kerrigan, and Zerg blood did not mix with the shower of metal. Using the woman's pride to taunt her out would not work either, for in the current environment she would not be able to hear him. There was really only one thing he could do.......

    He floated towards the very middle of the platforms and then raised both his hands in one single gesture.  For a couple of moments he stood still, not utterly a word or moving in the slightest. Then he lifted his face in a grin and clenched his hands. 

 The entire platform shook as the ends of it were being forcibly raised and folded in on one another, like giant tidal waves of metal. Higher and higher the tips  skyrocketed upwards, as the entire platform shook and quaked. 

  Sweat drenched his brow, and he was slightly drained overall by the end of the exertion, but after a minute he managed to create a gigantic bowl out of the former platform with himself in the middle. Now it was time for phase 2. 

 To most of the populace of Earth Magneto was known as the "Master of Magnetism". While he was proud of his own control over metals in reality that title was an understatement ; he was the Master of ELECTROMAGNETISM, one of the four foundations to the universe! The only downside to tapping into this unlimited power was the amount of effort it took, making it far more taxing then manipulating simple metals. However it could not be denied that in some cases  it was worth  the extra effort....

 Like the ability to create lightning from within his hands, and powerful electricity to be exact. Why not quite up to Thor's standard it was nevertheless more then powerful enough to do what needed to be done. 

 He slammed his fist down onto the platform, filling it with countless volts of electricity. The metal below was much more conductive then most, and Magneto could scarcely believe the speed in which it traveled. A shriek was heard from his  left, causing to make a snap about face to the source. Standing there was a irate Sarah Kerrigan, her feet burned and charred, her face lit up with contempt. 

  His eyebrow raised; she should have been charred to a crisp, not dealt a wound that she was already starting to recover from. No matter, she would not escape now. 

 At his command metal panels lifted themselves off the platform and sprang right for her.  A psionic blast blew one chunk apart . Turning she managed to swat down another with her Telekinesis, only for a swift piece to nail her in the back. She struggled to pull it off; a fatal mistake. 

 The other pieces took advantage of her weakness and within moments she was fully encased in metal. Had this been a realm with an atmosphere Magneto might have wasted a few words for her at the point of her demise; yet fortunately it was not. As his fist clenched he crushed her between the panels. 

 Magnus snarled as smoke vapors came out; another damned clone! He was about to try another omni-directional attack when something hammered him in the air. 

 The Magnetic Shield took the full brunt of it but oddly it did not make a dent on it. Instead it stuck, the green sticky slime preventing him from seeing outside his protection field.  The slime was more potent then he had realized from viewing the Library, and it would not budge off his shield. Something pounded into his shield; it seemed Kerrigan had finally gotten out of hiding. 

  Magneto could use his mastery of electromagnetism to forcibly dissipate the goo but that would take to long instead he opted for to use the metal panels to spear her or would have had not things annoyingly faded to white once again....


    I am glad that the Zerg have evolved without the need to breathe thought Kerrigan, for I would not have survived either the space platform or this new venue. 

 The new venue was a slight improvement in terms of oxygen; at least it had some. However a normal girl would have drowned within this new setting. However that said it was certainly livelier than the last

    She stood about 30 meters under the ocean in a small Coral Reef, amid countless fish. In fact Kerrigan had never encountered such a diversity of life! She had known of course about the famous Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Earth (sadly destroyed by a British Petroleum accident in 2043) but she had never expected to be there in person!

     She could sense thousands of fish, jellyfish and  various other life forms she had only heard about in history books. However her attention was immediately drawn to a scene above her.

 A weird species of birds that Kerrigan did not recognize was trying to dive into the ocean....and each crashing into a barrier two feet above it. Clearly the Portal Master wanted this section of the battle to be underwater, which wouldn't be too hard for her-

    Sarahs last minute premonition of danger saved her life as a enormous creature nearly engulfed her, only missing by inches. It was completely unlike any Sarah had seen in her books, or at least her biology ones. She did recognize it from her history textbooks though, and from a museum recreation.


 The Portal Master hadn't just teleported them onto Earth; he had teleported her 65 million years in the past!

 The giant reptilian turned its head back briefly, causing Kerrigan to ready herself for a psionic blast. Apparently the gesture was not lost on the Mosasaur, who left for easier prey in the distance. 

 Magneto. He was a mere dot on the horizon but even from the distance she could see he was in trouble. His bubble shield was gone, green slime still clung to his torso, he couldn't breathe and to top all other matters, he was bleeding. There was already a couple of ancient looking sharks trailing him, soon to be joined by at least 2 Mosasaur (for a second had emerged from a unknown spot in the reef). 

 The guns at his side warped into a giant shield, blocking a frontal assault by a shark. Another one was paralyzed by the pain of his electromagnetic disruption. To Kerrigan it looked like the monsters were in need of help...and she was happy to oblige. 

    She reached out with telekinesis and grabbed his leg, forcibly holding him down from the surface a mere thirty feet away. He turned back around and glared at her; which was a big mistake. A shark wrapped its jaws around his midsection and pressed downwards. 

  Whatever Magneto had used for metal defenses was impressive indeed, for the shark's teeth all simultaneously snapped on it. However the crushing pressure made Magneto visibly cry out - inhaling water in the process. 

 Kerrigan was ecstatic.

Perfect! With luck he'll have a crushed rib, which will help me spectacularly later on. 

 Kerrigan was about to crush down on his leg muscles when another sea denizen suddenly seized her by the waist, its two arms pulling her into another eight. 

 The Cretaceous version of a giant squid was hungry, its desire for food flooding into her via telepathy. Normally she would have sense it and its intent a mile away, but the prospect of dealing more wounds to Magneto distracted her to all other concerns. Now her moment of foolishness had come back to haunt her. 

  The suckers dug into her flesh and pulled her closer into its beak as Kerrigan struggled. A mere moment later the beak of the creature began taking a crack at her back, fortunately fended off by her carapace. It would not hold for long however and Kerrigan, annoyed, concentrated on the creature's brain and .....

  The squid relinquished  its hold as its own brains oozed from its eyes and Kerrigan violently pushed off the rest. With her body rapidly healing its wounds she glanced back at Magneto, disappointed to find out that he had already made it to the surface. However she did get an idea from watching the sharks circle him.

  I command a whole race of mindless aliens, what is to stop me from taking command of a few mindless dinosaurs? 

 She assaulted one of the Mosasaur mentally and overwhelmed  its willpower in seconds. Another one joined her rising horde with similar ease, and in moments she had mind controlled the entire pack! Having a Hive mind came in handy, and deciding that diversity was good she added some sharks to her new-found Horde, as well as another squid. 

 Unfortunately Magneto had caught on to what she was doing and somehow froze a shark in place with his electromagnetic manipulation (something that confused Kerrigan slightly, before remembering he had done that move once before). With another movement the iron was forcibly ripped from the creature's bloodstream, the dead husk now allowed to drift to the floor. 

 Kerrigan paused momentarily at the sight of Magneto, a magnetic bubble around his head but otherwise formidable. There were three giant metal shields covering his sides and rear with the front left intentionally open; exposed to the world. To Kerrigan it was both a message and a dare. Its message was that she could not get him from the sides and the dare was "come at me". 

 She obliged and the first Mosasaur charged at him. It didn't take much time for the Mosasaur to float towards the surface, its body riddled with bullet holes. Magneto sneered at her from inside his bubble. Now annoyed Kerrigan sent her minions in from all sides. The sharks slammed into the barriers on his side, denting them while a Mosasaur charged straight towards him from the front. 

   The Metal bullets darted straight towards the behemoth-

    -only to stop suddenly as its master lost focus!

 The Giant Squid had approached from the rear and wrapped its tentacles around Magneto's defenses, ultimately grabbing the mutant and entangling him. The barriers fell as the barriers lost concentration, freeing up the sharks which proceeded to ram into Magnus  at her orders (as biting him would be fruitless). Magneto struggled with all of his might, pushing shards of metal into the squid however she had anticipated such a move, and suppressed the creature's pain receptors. Then the giant remaining Mosasaur crashed directly into Magneto, slamming him with enough force that his body actually made a dent in the metal. His body nearly went limp.

     Is it over? 

   Such wishful thinking came too soon as Magneto's body erupted into in a gigantic explosion of energy. Blood and gore and metal darted out in all directions as the gigantic shock-waves caused enormous tidal waves 40 feet high. Kerrigan, though not at the close quarters that her unfortunate minions were, nevertheless felt intense pain as the shockwaves dashed her onto rocks. Her body broken and impaled with thousands of metal fragments Kerrigan felt relief as everything faded into the familiar bright light. 



   He was only moments away from finishing the fight before that damn timer switched the clock around. Magneto had tried desperately to stop the alarm with his powers of Magnetism (on what looked to be metal hands) but some sort of  force-field covered the clock and rendered it immune to manipulation. 

 This new environment looked promising though, despite its apocalyptic feel. 

    It was once a beautiful city that much was clear. Ornate buildings, marble streets- this used to be a wonderful place to live. Key word there is used. Now, as Magneto soared to the heavens to get a birds-eye view, it was a clear victim of war and destruction. Still, it did look oddly beautiful. 

Gunfire attracted his notice from two streets away attracted his notice, and he felt adrenaline rush to his head again; he needed to reach the Queen! She was already badly wounded from the last attack, and could not be given enough time to fully regenerate. 

 This was the perfect place to hold a battle, even more so then the orbital space station. Marble underground prevented all but the shallowest burrowing, and those he could easily track. He had plenty of metal in the surrounding environment and was quite experienced in urban warfare. 

   As he entered the corner bullets collided with his metallic armor, fired by a mutated monsters that seemed equally fearsome and grotesque. One of them bellowed\


 " I don't have time to deal with abominations and monsters, so stay *out* of this!" 

 The word was punctuated by Magneto tossing them through walls like ragdolls, thanks to the ample amount of metal on their persons. A few others lay dead on the floor- though not by his hand. Blood ran from their noses, ears, eyes and mouths; a sure sign of the dreaded psychic attack!

  A sniper rifle round pounded into his armor, pissing off Magneto enough to send it right back at the sniper, blowing out his skull in a shower of gore. These abominations, for Magneto did not want to call them a term as beloved as "mutants", did not seem to get the hint. Well not everyone got could understand the subtle, so Magneto hoped he made it perfectly blunt when he ripped the iron out of one of those freak's bodies, using it to impale another through the heart. 

   This was blood-lusted Magneto, as in a situation where he knew his time was vastly running out he had no patience for negotiation. Another column of monsters was cut to the ground as the two story behemoth that guided the column, he heard them call it "Brumak", was forced to turn its own weapons on its comrades, before being encased in metal and crushed. 

  Magneto began to feel a certain weariness from all the death around him, even as he strove  to find and kill Kerrigan. Blood-lust was disingenuous to who he really was; even as the Mutant Mastermind who plotted the overthrow of humanity he allowed his enemies to surrender peacefully. It was also a terrible tactic, for it seemed to be attracting the attention of more and more of the monsters.


exertion, every kill tired him and some of those weapons were starting to dent his magnetic shield- a sure sign of fatigue. Finally he found her, already in battle with a huge army of those creatures, who were as persistent and hideous as Locusts. She was so involved in her conflict that she did not notice Magneto enter the scene, which gave him the perfect opportunity.

  He gathered energy towards him and prepared for a massive storm. However he was interrupted by a terrific sight that temporarily made him forget what he was doing.

Massive blue shockwaves of energy poured forth from Kerrigan and landed right amidst the oncoming horde. The storm erupted with psionic lightning as organic flying  creatures crashed to the ground and many hundreds screamed in agony as blood poured from every orifice. He had seen visuals of the infamous Psionic Storm of course but nothing could compete with the real thing. 

 Comon Magneto, keep yourself together. You did not come this far to get goggle at a fireworks show. 

 Shaking it off, he launched his own version of a storm as a F3 Tornado descended from the clouds onto the remains of the hapless hordes, sucking them up as well as the still raging Psi Storm. The now deadly Psionic Tornado raged across the Locust Horde, simultaneously hurling them about and wracking their minds with deadly psionic energy.  The Queen of Blades however was not one of them and  using a combination of telekinesis and psionic speed to escape the vortex. Afterwards she took flight with her psionic speed into a nearby field. 

Just where I want you.

 In a instant Magneto seized hundreds of guns from the tornado, now spiraling out of control towards another horde. The guns lined themselves up in neatly arranged columns and rows as Kerrigan stopped like a dear caught in a spotlight.

 His ears nearly popped as hundreds of guns opened fire at once, each putting out dozens of rounds. The full auto, semi and bolt action rifles formed a symphony of war with Magneto as the conductor.  Unfortunately the guns ran out and the music had to die down. Bored with the devices he let them fall to the ground, only briefly glancing back at the rifle with a gruesome looking chainsaw blade caked in blood. 

 When the mist cleared the Queen of Blades still stood, albeit with a great many wounds. Her hardened skin and carapace were good against small arms fire, but not in that quantity and many holes broke through her. Nevertheless she gave him a grim smile- and promptly disappeared into shadow. 

 Magneto was not perturbed; he had reasoned Kerrigan would try and switch out with one of her Psionic Shadows. Already his seismic sensor tracked movement underground, and he knew that the end was near. Grinning he set himself down on-top of a granite surface (where Kerrigan could not burst out of the  ground) and concentrated.  Moments later his consciousness left his body for the underground, where he now had a most difficult task before him. 

   His astral form no longer wielded the helmet, and Zerg left no tunnels on their own, as they had adapted to literally swim through the ground. It was for that reason that he was using the various metals underground as a guide, and as soon as she touched one he would be alerted. 

    The alert came moments later, and in a flash Magneto transferred his form to that location, happy to find that Kerrigan had indeed stepped on his trap. The metal that she had stepped on, a relatively small patch of iron,  quickly launched at her neck, encasing it before she could react. With a squeeze he applied pressure, only to be annoyed again as she did not repel it with telekinesis. Suddenly a sharp pain tore through him as he realized his body was unprotected!

   He rushed to the surface as fast as he could but already half way there he felt pain, as multiple creatures tried to tear through his armor. Magneto's form jumped back into his body to discover it under attack by no less then 7 iron-less broodlings, their claws digging through his form with terrifying speed. Some clawed at his chest but others methodically assaulted the supports keeping his helmet in place.  Immediately he took off into the sky, shaking all but two off. The first managed to stab its pincer through his back, digging an inch deep. In return Magneto drove a metal spike through its skull, and quickly used a plate to pry off a second poised at his throat. 

  A third hurled from ground level pounded into his chest and promptly started tearing into him, only to be cast aside by an anxious Magneto. Kerrigan was nearby, hurling her vile creations at him via telekinesis. His magnetic shield up, he laughed in satisfaction as the creature hit his shield like a bug on a windshield. Then that annoying light appeared...

    The new environment was one that Kerrigan instantly recognized, for she had spent the majority of her time on the very same planet. With its metal structures teaming with biomass, the creep infesting the ground,  and the smell of death reeking the place it was clear that this was a infested Terran base, probably one of those on Char. Yet she would find no outright advantage here, for in addition to organic creep the metal had not been broken down yet, and was still manipulable. 

      However it seemed that the environment smiled upon her first, for her line of sight was now extended over the entire creep network, and it had given her the location of her persistent foe approximately 70 meters south, hidden behind some buildings. Unfortunately the advantage had been realized by her opponent, who was now attempting to freeze the creep. Were it not for the recent adaptations on Kaldir, he would have enjoyed a smashing success. Now? He was struggling to destroy small sections, wasting energy in the process,

    And now he would have to waste more, as the Queen of Blades conjured a  massive Razor storm on his position. The barbs tore through infested buildings and creep alike, showering her with gore from her own faction. It was inconsequential for nothing mattered to Kerrigan other then victory here, plus she had already begun to expect that the brood brought along with her to the Portal Master had been tainted somehow, but in what way she could not yet fathom. If the taint was real it could not be allowed to corrupt the rest of her swarm, and had to be ended here. 

    When the dust settled her eyes widened in shock, as Magneto still stood ; defenseless, grinning and waving.  Now that she was not relying on the creep to "see" Kerrigan could  pierce through its guise immediately; Magneto had used his light manipulation to create an illusion of himself. 

    An old Confederate suit of armor slammed into her with enough force that she actually went through the walls of a barracks....and then a supply depot, command center and even a factory. Kerrigan cursed and fought back with every inch of her telekinetic power and found to her surprise- she pushed him back!

  Kerrigan slammed the suit into a nearby infested bunker before turning to regard Magneto. The mutant mastermind hovered a hundred feet over her, a grim smile on his face- but Kerrigan could tell it was only a facade. His body looked wracked by the strain of battle, due in part to the broodling attacks. He was sweating and clearly tired; but not exhausted. 

    Magneto picked up the barracks and hurled it at her, forcing her to dive underground at the last moment. 

The building crashed through the her tunnel, crushing her leg . She gritted her teeth but thanks to Abathur's work did not cry out from the pain. The metal wrapped around her leg, crushing it further. In order to stop him from forcing metal into her bloodstream she cut the leg off, swimming away as her regeneration struggled to replace the limb.    Kerrigan unearthed herself  four blocks,  with her leg now halfway healed.  As she waited on it to heal she brooded; 
 " I may have underestimated him before, but I am sure that the advantage is mine at this point. With enough pressure he should fold faster then Zeratul  when I took his matriarch." 
   Fortunately such a distraction was near for she had detected a small Zerg force that  was a mere block away. The force composed of five zerglings, two hydralisks, two roaches roach and baneling. 

Disappearing and reappearing onto the squads location, she noticed with disdain that they were feral, and promptly attempted to attack her. Fortunately she had some experience fighting feral Zerg. She only had to spear one in self defense before she had telepathically dominated the rest into control. Unfortunately as soon as she did, a metal spike popped through the brain of one of the Hydralisks, killing it.  She turned and was surprised to see the old Confederate suits fully animated with their weapons turned on her and her forces. With about 20 in all they outnumbered her forces. Magneto hovered above his makeshift army.

 "Your not the only one with an army Sarah, though mine is considerably larger then yours. I'd ask if you have any last words but that would be wasted on one such as yourself. " 

" As it would've been on you, not that I would anyway. I want to have the pleasure of watching you die, Magnus, and without your typical pompous delay." 

Magneto laughed and answered

" The sentiment is shared, Kerrigan, though I think my death overall would be less satisfactory for the tournament. I fight for something more then petty revenge."

"At least I never viewed myself as a petty genocidal Messiah-"
" No, you thought of yourself as a Goddess Kerrigan, and committed more mass murder then I did at my worst. "

   That held enough truth to hurt, and Kerrigan decided to give him a verbal victory  in place of making him physically pay for it, which was infinitely more satisfying. She had first strike and used it on the closest on the closest marine suit, blowing it up utterly with psionic blast. It twas too close to use a Razor Storm however it would be no issue to tear them in half the old fashioned way!After creating two Psionic Shadows she ordered the Baneling to burrow out of sight as she reached out with her telekinesis to slow and then stop the metal spikes pouring out of the gauss rifles. Momentarily at least, as Magneto quickly noticed and poured on the mental pressure, causing the spikes to move at 25 percent of their original velocity. 

 Kerrigan grinned; when she had first tried that trick, she had only managed to slow it to 60 percent! Magneto was winding down and they both knew it. 

  With a wave of her hand one of the suits was crushed, while another got piled upon by the remaining two zerglings (the other two dying in the charge). At her command they focused on tearing the limbs apart to prevent further use, while the two roaches methodically sprayed their acid onto the downed suits, preventing him from reusing the metal as it dug through. Meanwhile the remaining Hydralisk emptied dozens of quills into Magneto's shield in a attempt to prevent him from interacting with the battle. 

 Unfortunately it failed when he used a nearby engineering bay to slam down over 10,000 tons of steel unto her zerglings, roaches and one of her clones, crushing them. 

 "Hah! Your creatures pail before  mutantkind's might Sarah! If you won't accept my offer, if you persist in resisting progress then you deserve nothing more then extermination for your failure to ADAPT!"

 Magneto, his mind now visibly taxed by the effort of moving such a huge building while exhausted, had relapsed into megalomania. He laughed and recalled all the metal for one last terrible creation that struck fear into even Kerrigan's heart. 

     The entire line-up of Terran buildings- whether from the tiniest supply depot to the massive planetary fortress- lifted itself into the air at Magneto's command, transforming into one giant robot- Terra-Tron!

     Hideously outplayed here Kerrigan ran, using her creep and psionic enhanced speed to try and outrun the massive behemoth. She could not use implode on it with Magneto still powerful enough to repel it. No...her only choice was to create another psionic shadow, cloak and run.

    Behind her the hydralisk and the clone she left behind were crushed beneath this titan's heel, who had futilely sought to slow the monster construct down on its path to their queen. She couldn't create a clone as the sensors of the missile turret made up the right thumb of the best would see through it!

  No, no running. There was only one solution available here, which required almost all of her remaining energy. She concentrated, closing her yes for a moment as she gathered most of her internal energy. Then she unleashed hell. 

   The Razor barbs of the storm of the same name mixed with blue energy peaks of the Psionic Storm which further mixed with Kerrigan's implosion power. The scene was one of carnage as the barbs tore deep through the support of the creature, the Psionic storm short-circuited electronics and the Implosion utterly crushed the command center  of horror. Within moments the creature fell, and Kerrigan let out a sigh of relief. 

 Too soon unfortunately. 

    Two giant metal spears pierced both her lungs simultaneously and lifted her off the ground before she could so much as gag. They bent themselves around her, breaking off every wing and sealing the points with more metal thus preventing regeneration. It wrapped around her once, twice, pinning her arms to her chest and her legs together, crushing them. Yet it did not kill her oddly.

 Foolish.  Magneto should know by now that playing with his food is tactically pan-brained. 

Exhausted and maniacal, he sneered at her. 

    "Your dreams of vengeance and petty power plays are at an end Kerrigan! Your tricks are exhausted and your powers humbled! Now embrace Oblivion!" 

 He crushed harder, bringing the metal now directly against her bone, crushing even them. She gritted her teeth but nevertheless was determined to be defiant. 

" Your tactics could use a lot of work Magneto! Or did you not notice  how my broodlings destroyed the seismic sensor last round?"

  "Bah! I have you right here, and I no clone would be able to dig out of the ground fast enough to save you. "

 " My clones? No, however I believe you are missing one crucial element that is the flaw in your otherwise brilliant plan."

 " What is that?"

 " My baneling."

 Magneto's eyes widened but it was too late. The baneling, who had crawled right under the distracted and exhausted Magneto, exploded, covering both he and her with acid which quickly ate away at the metal. Magneto screamed in horror and agonizing pain as his metallic armor failed its test . Acid dripped on his bare arm, one of his legs was already a disgusting skeleton and in all other places the metal was straining to keep the vile acid out. Desperately he flung the acid covered pieces of it off him to prevent total defeat, still shrieking in agony. 

  This was the Queen of Blade's opening. With a mental command she flung off the helmet of Magneto, and before Magnus could bring it back, slashed deep into his chest with her newly freed arm.  Then she focused her entire remaining energy on his head, forcibly expanding the brain and killing him in mere torturous moments. Magneto's body fell lifeless to the ground, blood oozing from every facial orifice. 

  Kerrigan struggled, then after a moment broke free of her bonds. A portal began to open up beside her, and knowing what was going to happen next, Kerrigan quickly grabbed Magneto's mutilated body and his helmet as it sucked her in. 


 One Final Flash and the Queen of Blades, clasping the body of Magneto and his helmet in each hand, was teleported before the throne of the Portal Master. The great alien was clearly amused by the fight he had just witnessed, and welcomed her with his arms outstretched.

 " Congratulations oh Queen of Blades! Today you have triumphed over a powerful warrior who could bend an entire force of nature to his will! It was victory achieved through much hardship and many dire wounds, but ultimately your evolutionary adaptations and strategy of attrition overcame the challenges! With triumph comes opportunity, and as the old adage goes to the victor goes the spoils- and you have plenty!"

  In a flash a hologram opened up in front of her. As he spoke the gains showed on the screen.

 "I see you clasp tightly onto the helmet, Sarah. Do not fear, for I do not intend to claim it. Your room has gotten an expansion as the X-men Danger Room has now been incorporated for your own use! The C-10 has been outfitted with adamantium bullets in addition to the explosive type you favor, and as a after-note the knife Magneto carried around is now yours. Now would let us move away from the physical gains and peruse those that are truly interesting."

 As he said that he gestured at the body of Magneto, who laid at her feet. It disappeared instantly, causing Kerrigan to protest.

 "Fear not for I merely teleported it to your quarters. Though his soul is not solely yours to keep the body shall be a possession of yours, and I expect Abathur will dissect much from it. In fact I have foreseen your gains Kerr-"

 "Hold for a moment. You said I keep his body but not the soul, so where does that go?"

The being just smiled and simply said
"That question may be answered in time Sarah, but only when its your time."
Before she could continue her line of questioning he continued towards more gains, which distracted her from other thoughts

 "Through the DNA manipulation of Abathur you will require his X-Gene. You are now the Mistress of Magnetism and posses all the entitlements that come with it. Your control of metals has increased triple-fold, to the point where you can now manipulate metaloids with but the scantest concentration. In  fact when clad in sufficient metal you may even use your metal armor to carry you through the air, which will be useful as a thin layer of light durasteel now coats your carapace, to be used defensively or offensively  as you desire. The steps taken to block out Magneto's electromagnetic disruption has rendered you highly resistant to lightning based attacks, and should you carry on that path you may even acquire a near immunity. The giant shockwave that twice nearly claimed your life is also available for your use, though it will require even greater concentration then he required. You can now sense metals at a range of about a 100 yards."

 " Your gains outside of immediate magnetism have been limited however, as Magneto did not fully realize his control in his lifetime. Nevertheless you are able to create a Psionic Tornado and have increased control over machines. Finally each of your four psionic clones has a small increase in energy, being capable of minor-moderate telekinesis and you gain one additional clone."

 The screen shifted to a murky form of....Magneto! It looked like a spectre, a real ghost of the afterlife, and Kerrigan couldn't help but get a chill as she watched this twisted form.

 "Your final gain is the ability to summon a Psionic Shadow of Magneto in your next coming fights. This being shall have the ability to summon a weak Magnetic shield but have a great deal of control over Metallic Manipulation."

 With that the Portal Master teleported them both to the assembly hall, where predictably everyone was waiting. 

    In the midst of the crowd Kerrigan stood on a pedastool, held high above the others both figuratively and literally in triumph.  From his throne the Portal Master spoke
  "Fates can be fickle; they can be cruel or kind, reflect Karma or reward the despot. Today they were all of those mentioned; they were cruel and punishing to Magneto while kind on Kerrigan. The Queen Of Blades- now mistress of Magnetism- prevailed over the mutant mastermind in a long battle of wills and powers!"

    Some in the crowd were shocked- Rogue and Johnny Blaze in particular. Others such as Doctor Strange and oddly the Hulk has suspected that Magneto's arrogance would get the better of him. Eldrad was not surprised, having foreseen it, while Batman made a note to investigate briefly what exactly Kerrigan got from Magneto. The Doctor just twiddled his Sonic Screwdriver between his thumbs, as if bored by the proceeding. 
 Then the lights dimmed. 
 "However for the fourth occasion the time has come to announce future fighters. Behold...."

 The Light settled on Jackie Estacado, who visibly recoiled. Fortunately his Darkness powers weren't manifested at the time but he still gave the middle finger to the Portal Master. Now smiling, the alien continued

 "Jackie Estacado, Mafia Don and Lord of the elemental Darkness. Your powers suit you well, Jackie, as they have against all the angels and demons you have slaughtered in the past. Fortunately, your foe is neither but something else entirely. "

 The Light settled on a knight in dread armor, whose aqua hate filled gaze gave even Jackie, who already harbored something nasty inside of him, the chills. Nevertheless he maintained the stare with his new foe.

 "Arthas Menethil, fallen prince of Lordaeron and Lich King of the Undead Scourge. Among your faction you are near divinity; among your opponents you are near demon-hood. Let us see how Frostmourne will fair here!"

  As he spoke a darkling was unconsciously summoned to the assembly; its appearance startled some of them. It flashed the crowd a deep toothy smile before gasping at Arthas. 

 " What the fuck Jackie? We in a medieval jousting tournament or something? What the hell are you?"

 Arthas shifted gaze from master to servant and replied simply in his high cold voice
"Your Reckoning". 
 Before a Fight could break out here The Portal Master finished
 "You may now use the Library of Babel; use it well!"
 And with state he teleported them away. 
 Alone now the Being looked at  his edges and smiled; he had called this one!
(REMEMBER deaths are not required). 






TOTAL: 548
TOTAL: 452

LONG RANGE: This Category was predictably dominated handily by Magneto, who used his mastery of the element to overpower Kerrigan, riddling her with bullets or else pressing metal into her bloodstream and ripping her from the inside out. However Kerrigan got some kills here too, mostly from direct Telekinesis or one of those times where she got his helmet off.
MID RANGE: The exact opposite of the previous, this was Kerrigan's claim to fame. Assisted by Special 1, her storms did more damage and were much harder to avoid then Magneto's (as she just needs to go underground to avoid a top side storm). At full power his shield could resist; however lesser and it stood a risk of falling. 
CLOSE RANGE Surprisingly most of those of Kerrigan's kills were from Psionic Blast, as Magneto would have gotten the edge there without it. His Shockwave literally tore Kerrigan to pieces most times that she charged. 
SPECIAL 1 : The Function of Kerrigan's Special 1 was mainly to assist MR, however Magneto's was direct attack. Most of these kills are from Metallic Encasement, as the robots are not that effective against Kerrigan as I detail in my edges (next time). 
SPECIAL 2 : Though they have reduced attack Damage, they still have damage and many times in this battle Kerrigan's clones were able to finish the fight by either providing a attack at a crucial moment or direct kill. Astral Projection got less, and sometimes got him killed. 
MISC: Only once in a blue moon did either of these two surrender. Kerrigan only got two for the possibility of her bringing a new move completely to pre-battle. 

*Stealth: Kerrigan got about 16 stealth kills this match, and many more first strikes. 


EARLY PHASE: This was sort of the test phase, as both applied pressure to test the other's defenses. Not many kills here, though Kerrigan got  more due to superior stealth.

MID-PHASE:  Here the fighting began in earnest, with Magneto going all out. Under this onslaught if Kerrigan did not use myriad of evasion tactics well (burrow, cloak, Psionic Shadows), she died. This phase belonged to Magnus. 

LATE PHASE:  This phase shifted over to Kerrigan, where her superior traits allowed her to maintain and regain energy against a exhausted Magneto, ultimately winning. This phase belonged overwhelmingly to Kerrigan. 

Now I can't turn in my edges just yet, as I need to refine something, however ill end off on detailing the score:
(remember full votes get priority)
+ 2 point lead (lowered it when I realized 3 is too much) 
+ 1.0 for Scarecrow
+.1-0 Vir Machinae (indicated Kerrigan would win, but declined to give official vote)
+ 0.8 Master of the Boot (forgot Defense)
+1.0 Mongol
+0.5 BadOrk (may have been more then just him, but message system went haywire)
Deviantart (no one left a vote for him long enough to qualify)\
+1.0 Roker
+ 1.0 Pharsalia 
+0.8 Sweet
+0.5 (won poll)
+1.0 Dragon

Total : 4.3

 I deliberately did not add my vote to show that the winner would have won regardless, and in fact may have even without the facebook base (if I counted Vir's -Kerrigan's-gonna-win-but-I-hate-her-rage-nonvote {JK}). 

Even: I.E. Tie
Minor Edge: This signifies that the edge was insanely close however one or two factors ultimately swayed it towards one side.  I consider this edge debatable and could see it going the other way in many circumstances. In the grand scheme of things I don't expect this edge to be a game winner, or hurt the other side very much.
Fair Edge:  An upgrade to minor, this is still fairly close. Though one side may have it there is still some elbow room that could allow the other side to take the edge. The Big Picture is that this will be perhaps a kink in one side's armor, but far from overwhelming.
Solid Edge: In my view this category belongs to one side with relatively little room for argument. One side definitely benefits from having this edge. The opponent can compete but not well here.
Major Edge:  More than a solid this presents not only a substantial edge to one side but serious impediment to the other.  One fighter so strongly dominates this field that the other really doesn't gain much out of this category.
Dominating Edge: The Rarest and hardest to achieve of the edges, this edge while not an automatic game winner plays a huge role in the battle. One side so dominates that this edge that they have little to fear from the other, their weapons/powers just so damn effective that they really don't have much to fear here; their opponent can bring relatively little if everything to compete. It is going to be a significant factor in this fight.
Now onto my edges 

EDGES: Pre-Battle: 

The contestants in this batlle are of a much higher standard then the two in the last battle, as both are used to devising complex plans and enacting them over long campaigns. Here they are going to be crafting plans mindful that their enemy has full knowledge of them and their history, as well as conducting combat in a unknown setting. The initial exposure is going to benefit Magneto more then Kerrigan, as the Zerg are used to having a lot of secrecy behind them and their goals, while Magneto has members of his brotherhood frequently switch sides, and thus operates under the full knowledge that X-Men knows a great deal about him. However the second half of the initial clause benefits Kerrigan, for it had long been the Zerg policy to inhabit the harshest worlds and evolve adaptations to them. Thus no matter how often Magneto trains in extreme environments, Kerrigan is going to have the advantage for her previous evolution. I'll begin with Kerrigan, who will immediately dive into her opponents psycholy first. She will find a kindred soul in him, though she will loathe to admit it even to herself. A man with
significant childhood trauma, now an arrogant mass murderer. She will find that he is an adept planner, someone who pursues goals to the point of fanatacism and who may very well have an messiah complex. From this information she will learn to play on his arrogance, attempting to lead him in a false sense of security. She will also try to frustrate him by drawing the battle out as much as possible, which is a tactically advantageous ploy. Next she will seek to adress his powers, trying to formulate counters to the excruciatingly difficult to counter.

Metal Manipulation is a fabolous power and even Kerrigan cannot fully compete here. Sh'll decide to leave her C-10 at hom for this battle and will likely deploy a combination of telikinesis and her own psionic enhanced agility to slow and dodge respectively .Other solutions shall be covered in the next section, which contains Abathur and his contributions.Biological disruption is going to be what she focuses most of her time on countering, while for the vortex she may seek cover underground, which is traditionally regarded as a safe spot for avoiding tornadoes and other such storm.
   Now entering her proffered quarters she will note in annoyance that magneto has powers in place to stop her from taking advantage of her superior hand to hand. The lightning can somewhat be countered by Abathur, however the nuclear shockwave is going to give her fits. Other then killing her quickly before he cam gather enough concentration to pull this move off the only other counter would be for her to send a clone in first, to take the damage then kill him while is weak. Metal encasement is going to be a problem given how quick it takes to summon the required amount of power and the possibility of him slipping some metal into her by that method. That too will be addressed in Abathur's section, this is just for basic preparations. 

Luckily for Kerrigan the next two sections are almost laughably easy to counter, and in fact are already countered. Robots even regular ghosts can handle easily, blowing them up frequently with 
their minds. Even Megas Xlr wouldn't really do anything, as Kerrigan would just put a razor storm or implosion on it's location. Light manipulation too should be able to be detected via her psionic sight (pseudo heat vision) or her telepathy... as only the core Magneto gives off the telepathy blocking field. Astral Projection however is another rough spot for her, though she'll take note that while he is in this state his body is vulnerable. Defense is going to prove a huge problem however there are counters that will be covered in that section, though suprisingly it's not that big of a deal. Tactically she will try to attack his helmet whenever she can, and play a war of attrition and ambushes to wear him down enough for a finishing blow to be made in the long term.

Magneto, by virtue of greater experience, will be a bit more prepared. He will recognize early on that Kerrigan has a bit of a advantage with the ability to bring unexpected suprises to battle, and will reason correctly that most will be counters to his abilities rather than brand new ones . He'll anticipate that she will remove iron from her blood amoung other things. Her Psychic attack is already countered by the helmet, however in the telikinesis he will experience his first issue. Namely her amount of control is much better outside of metaloids while staying competitive inside his chosen range . To rectify this I believe he will cover himself with as much metal as possible to better contest control with her on direct telekinesis, as well as put quite a few safeguards on his helmet to prevent it's removal. 

The double trouble of the storms are also going to trouble him, as if he is caught without his shielding his death is pretty much gaurenteed. Even with his sheilding it would be advised to leave the  area as quickly as possible. Likewise he is going to realize that he is at a disadvantage at close range, though he would be used to being at this disadvantage and would rely on his defense and shockwave ability to push her back. Debilitating attacks have the potential to be highly annoying, especially since there is the possibility of it "sticking" to the magnetic shield. The broodling are, as other people have suggested, going to be limited to the ground for the most part ( unless Kerrigan picks them up and hurls them with telikinesis) . Psionic shadows are going to be extremely difficult to counter, as they could be used to trick Magneto into wasting one of his big 
attacks on them. I expect he'll train himself to look for subtle difference, but ultimately won't be able to do too much more. However to counter the underground a seismic sensor will be bulit and installed into his helmet , and having experience with regenerators he 'll likely build something to slow her regeneration. Magneto's overall battle strategy will be to finish this battle as early as possible, finishing her off before taking too many wounds. 

Both fighters are fairly evenly matched here, , however in the pure preparation portion I think that Magneto ultimately has the edge.He has less to prepare for, by virtue by of superior experience and defenses. However that is only half the category, as both have a series of assistants capable of stealing this already close edge.

I am going to measure this from least to most effective. 

Izsha is going to serve as tactical assistant primarily. She'll help in researching, advising her on the best course of actions and overall tactical support. Kerrigan is skilled already in these areas and won't need that much support, so Izsha's assistance will be relatively minor. 

Next up is the X-Man Danger Room, which will further help Magneto prepare for Kerrigan's psionics. In training I expect him to put the setting on harsh and extreme environments, in order to best prepare for the next potential fights. For this battle he'll train in a simulation with characteristics of Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Multiple man( the shadows). Though he'll start somewhat thanks to his long planning stage, he'll nevertheless enter the field of battle prepared for many of Kerrigan's tricks, though some things won't be replicated with sufficient programming ( psionic storm for example). 

Finally there is Abathur, who is Kerrigan's ace in the hole. This is also where Kerrigan's trait of making use of available resources comes in. SHe'll make a series of upgrades based on already existing upgrades, which will take much less to implement. She will improve her reaction time via adrenal glands and work to improve her energy and speed of regeneration. She will improve the duration of her cloak as well as decrease the amount of energy that is required to mantain it. Then she will of course work on the most important aspect of her per-baatle: removing the metal from her body, as well as dulling her nerves, which will effect both her conductivity and the effect of electromagnetic manipulation,

In the end, it is the addition of Abathur that gives Kerrigan the edge. The fact that she can mostly negate one of Magneto's greatest powers gives this to her, as well as all the other helpful nic-nacs in place. Magneto is certainly competitive however, and thus this is only a fair edge.

 Fair Edge Kerrigan


Well first off, as many of you have noted, though the psychic attack is potent it is almost completely negated by the helmet. It will only be effective in the situations where Kerrigan can remove the helmet, which is going to be rare as Magneto is going to take precautions to prevent that circumstance. 
    So now with done we can move onto base telekinesis vs Magneto's trademark Magnetic Manipulation.  In terms of who trumps who it's fairly cut and dry. Magneto, though he has some control of nonmetallic objects, cannot beat Kerrigan there just as she cannot beat him in metals. Both are capable of impressive stunts and  using their materials in highly creative ways. However there are three factors here that ultimately determine the edge. 

   The first is range: while Kerrigan normally has a telepathic range of several miles with psychic attack, the helmet brings it down to line of sight while Magneto has several miles of range. This would have been  an advantage, however Kerrigan counters by not bring metal on her or in her, lowering the detection portion though he will still have greater range. 2 is  a point for Kerrigan, and that is her direct TK. With it she could rip Magneto in half, choke him or in theory break bones. Tensile strength does not to SC psionics, so it won't matter what armor he wears to try and block it; she can cut through it. However she can't cut through the forcefeild, which is both number 3 and what ultimately gives him an edge. She can't, with guarentee, defend against the mettallic manipulation while he can to a greater extent ( but no guarantee either; see my shocker in close range comparison.)  
      Magneto gets a fair edge here, almost a solid were it not for Kerrigan's ability to ignore his metal armor.  

Fair Edge Magneto

Mid range: Storms vs. Biological Manipulation, Vortex

This  edge is easier thanks to pre-battle. With most of his direct manipulations nullified or else dulled down, this category pits Magneto's storms vs Kerrigan's. Magneto is capable of making storms witha far larger area of effect, as well as having a more diverse assortment.  However this is compensated by taking a longer time to charge up and having a lot less control over them. Kerrigan has smaller radius but a lot more control, as well as costing less energy to create. When it comes to defenses we see a clear advantage however. Both of Kerrigan's storms ignore physical armor, and may even destroy the shield depending on how much energy he is able to put behind the forcefeild . Magneto suffers heavily here because of how long it takes for him to create a storm, which allows Kerrigan ample time to get underground and into safety if she sees it coming. 

Solid edge Kerrigan. 

CLOSE RANGE: Wings, Psionic Blast vs. Nuclear Shockwave, Lightning

 This edge is actually much closer then one may think. Yes Kerrigan would dominate in a melee battle and yes she actually has melee weapons- but will she get there? Magneto possesses a VERY powerful deterant to allowing Kerrigan to get in close range, and that is the powerful, if rarely used, nuclear shockwave.  Even Kerrigan's impressive regeneration will get torn asunder by the pure power behind a point blank blast, and at other ranges she is going to have trouble regenerating. Even though she is no longer conductive the lightning will still do burn wounds, which makes this category quite dangerous for Kerrigan despite being considered her niche. 

      However she does have the powerful Psionic Blast to spam from afar, so she too has a ranged option in what should be a completely melee category. And indeed, it can be spammed with impunity, and even Magneto's protection will get tested by such a continuous assault. In the end my edge comes down to one key factor, one surprise that no one is going to see coming; can Kerrigan bypass the force field of Magneto? Surprisingly from what I have found in my research, yes! Ghosts are able to bypass Terran energy shields by blocking out all detection, and thus are able to get through as the force-field cannot perceive them. Now I assume the Magnetic Shield is going to be operating under Magnetic (Metallic ) detection in addition to standard rules, which is something I believe she has overcome in pre-battle. So in a sneak attack its highly possible for Kerrigan to assassinate Magneto even when shielded (albeit she would have to use wings), barely giving Kerrigan this edge. 

Minor Edge Kerrigan. 


This is an odd comparison between assistors and direct attacks,  an apples to oranges type of matchup. Kerrigan's three debilitating attacks are primarily going to be used to set up kills for other ranges. Corrosive spores are going to be used to degrade Magneto's armor, while ensnare will slow both his attack and movement speed(which will be crucial in stopping him from moving out of the range of the storm). Finally there is Pulse, which  briefly stuns and does minor damage (another spell to be used with the storms). Though broodlings can be deadly on the ground I expect Magneto to simply fly up to avoid them, thus they won't be totally effective in this battle unless hurled at Magneto via telekinesis  or when attacking Magneto in his astral projection form(in which his body is vulnerable). 

On the other side of things, metal encasement is going to be a terrifying move for Kerrigan, as it only takes seconds for the technique to be completed and could lead to her automatic defeat. Even if it doesn't crush her it could cripple her, resulting in imminent doom. The various robots are going to do less, as ghosts in Starcraft lore are highly specialized in taking out such machines, and Kerrigan herself possesses implosion and razor storm, which are powerful machine killers. Also using them exhausts him, making tactically disadvantageous. All in all however, victory is secured by metal encasement here, earning him a solid victory.   

Solid edge Magneto. 

This edge is pretty clear upon observation. Kerrigan's sensory, in particular psionic sight, hard counters his illusions and cloaking. Simply put, she'll be able to see through them the vast majority  of the time.  Which leaves just astral projection as a viable option, and that runs into a huge problem in which he has to leave his body behind. This leaves him vulnerable and defenseless to broodlings, psionic shadows or ( if he followed a clone Kerrigan down ) the real Kerrigan.  Burrowing helps Kerrigan heal faster and avoid the vortex, even if she is still vulnerable down there. Psionic shadows, even of they can't use her powers, will still be able to use basic  abilities such as psi blast and wings. Thus they will still be able to get kills, and will favor well in Kerrigan's strategy of non-stop harassment.

  All in  all, Magneto cannot really compete here. 
Dominating edge Kerrigan. 


    Magneto has never managed to finish off Wolverine despite the obvious advantages thanks in part due to his impressive regeneration, so a being that utilizes this without Wolverine's obvious disadvantage(admantium skeleton) is going to be hard to take down. In addition she has TK to slow projectiles and somewhat decent armor.    However despite this, it is clear the edge belongs to Magneto.  While his armor won't protect against much other then the wings, the shield will protect against everything except what I mentioned earlier. All in all it a solid defence is better then slowing down attacks, so Magneto gets a Major edge.

Major Edge Magneto

*Since I have gotten a couple requests for MORE x-factors here we go
** Kerrigan first, Magneto Second

 Stealth: I am going to try something very experimental for stealth. I am going to try to calculate by numbers exactly how many times X gets in a blow via stealth (I’ll make 3 the default beginning to take into account bad luck) by stating that in order to get a successful stealth blow/kill, you must be able to exceed the enemies’ stealth score and the percentage that you exceed will be the percentage of battles that a given character gets a successful stealth attack in. Now this won’t be a game breaker as it doesn’t factor in DR and DI, which will severely lower the kill rate…. If it needn’t be consciously activated.  Thus if you got a quick hit in on Superman, who possesses powerful DI and DR, it is very probable you will not take him out and probably just wound him. However in this case Magneto possesses powerful shields that need to be activated first, and Kerrigan has attacks that mostly ignore Metallic armor(thus nearly voiding the entire DR category) .

Stealth: 60/100
Sensory: 78/100
Stealth: 87/100 –
Sensory: 78/100 –

Alright now for the comparison
Magneto’s stealth=60/78 ==  Kerrigan’s sensory

 What this comparison shows is that Kerrigan’s sensory is pretty much good enough to block out most of Magneto’s stealth attempts, and prevent s him from achieving kills/k.os from them.  He only gets the default five or so K.Os, as everyone can be lucky or unlucky.
Kerrigan’s stealth=87/78==Magneto’s stealth
X 100
111.5 of the opponent’s sensory score
Eliminate 100 percent
Kerrigan will get in at least one sneak attack successfully 11 percent of the battles (or 110 battles- and this could occur at any point in theory). This isn’t a perfect system but I think it will show who would dominate more overall in stealth.  

Fair Edge Kerrigan


Physicality: 27/19
Raw Speed: 20(23)/21
Reflexes: 47/45
Finesse: 68/56

Every single person so far has remarked that Kerrigan would beat Magneto in close quarters combat and I fully agree, as she is both more skilled and stronger here. Magneto stays competitive in speed and reflexes but Kerrigan takes Finesse decisively too, showing that she will be more flexible in combat (in lore, this was demonstrated by her catching the Protoss equivalent of a lightsaber between her wings). 

Major Edge Kerrigan


Accuracy: 85/72
Raw Speed: 20(23)/21
Reflexes: 47/45
Finesse: 68/56

 Hmm not sure if I agree with Magneto's scoring there, as he seems to be the type who is very accurate as frequently demonstrated in the movies and comics. However Kerrigan can guide her bullets while in motions like him, so I'd actually say they are even in pure accuracy. Kerrigan still takes this due to superior dodging ability (Finesse) but only barely and not conclusively. 
Minor Edge Kerrigan


Damage Intake: 47/12
Damage Resistance: 40/72
Stamina: 66/70
Energy Potential: 65/70

 This edge is one of the hardest to give for me. On one hand Magneto has a vastly better defense yet can get tired down by a series of strikes against him, on the other Kerrigan has less stamina/energy potential  but can regenerate it and can take more strikes due to regeneration. In the end I give it tentatively to Magneto and his shield, going under the philosophy that it is generally better to take no damage at all then being able to physically take more of it. 

Fair Edge Magneto

Adaptive Creativity: 65/89
Intelligence: 76/68
Tactics: 73/63
Discipline: 61/72

 OOOOO toughie. 

 Kerrigan gets intelligence mainly due to her insane processing power from being a hive mind (she is able to thoroughly review a thousand things at once according to the novel), and does not know more then Magneto in many aspects of Science (though she is great with genetics/biology, and competent in hacking). She is a better planner then Magneto and has had a higher comparative success rate. However Magneto is also a lot more creative with his plans and his use of the battlefield, which often results in him getting a win  through pulling something completely unexpected on his opponent. In addition he'll follow his plans through more then Kerrigan due to higher Discipline, which is generally going to be a good thing unless the plan is bad.

 All in all, going to call it a tie. Magneto is by far more creative yet Kerrigan's plans are going to be better and she is going to process what he does faster. 


Initiative: 57/61
Intuition: 62/67

 Magneto takes this, though not by much. He'll get off more first strike attacks then Kerrigan as well as predict her movements more then vice versa, however neither is really decisive . 
 Fair Edge Magneto

Discipline: 61/72
Experience: 73/77
Training: 66/50

 Okay, I believe the Experience card for Magneto has been overplayed. Yes he has more experience but just barely, as the Queen of Blades can possess and use the eyes of any Zerg in her army, thus her experience extends far beyond the simply personal one. In addition her experience has more often then not been successful, contrasting to Magneto. However nonetheless Magneto is more experience and disciplined, and will come to battle with more knowledge of Magneto then vice versa.
    However Kerrigan's training proves to be the decisive category here. Ghost Training is rough and brutal, toughening her up to pain and toil. It is also the reason she is so good at stealth and evasion, as Ghosts are taught to be so good in this area that they perform flawless executions of even heavily armor or protected foes (including those behind FORCE-FIELDS!) . 

Fair Edge Kerrigan

Audacity: 70/66
Intimidation: 55/47
Psychological Warfare: 76/65
Killer Instinct: 73/62
Psychology: 55/43
Strength of Mind: 87/70 (97)
Inner Torment: 60/59 
Corruption: 55/60

  Hmm they seem kind of fairly even down the middle, or else whatever is in this category is going to be voided by something else. Neither is going to intimidate each other nor use their telepathy to inflict mental attacks (this hurts Kerrigan more then Magneto).  However Kerrigan is a noted expert in psychological warfare, and will take better advantage of that inner torment then Magneto. In addition she is going to be the first to employ the fatality card, which while it might not help her in gains, helps her here. 

 Fair Edge Kerrigan


 I am not going to give an edge here, merely note how their common energy difficulties will effect the battle. For Magneto its going to make it so that he will be conservative, saving his energy for one giant moment where it looks like he will win. Kerrigan is going to a little more liberal, knowing that she can regain energy if she needs to even if she has less. 

 I am going to keep it to environmental strengths here. Kerrigan can use her creep to boost movement and see whatever is one it, while Magneto can acquire metal from the environment to use to his own purposes. The edge to me is clear as however useful the creep is passively, the environmental metal could allow Magneto to acquire a big win. 
Solid Edge Magneto


 In terms of weakness the edge is opposite. Kerrigan's energy difficulties have been noted already, so the main issue here is her arrogance and impatience which someone skilled in psychological warfare can manipulate. However it should be noted that she is aware of this issue and claims to have learned from when Tassadar did it to her, so she isn't going to be messed around with as easily as he did in their battle (which she also won). Magneto on the other hand....
His energy difficulties play right into his main difficulty: mental instability. Getting injured hampers his ability to use higher end powers, and should it persist in doing so it taxes his mental state as well as stamina. Thus late game high end power use may lead to him acquiring megalomania, excessive arrogance or the noted Messiah factor. 
Fair Edge Kerrigan (meaning her weaknesses are less pronounced)

 This edge is almost no contest. Kerrigan doesn't know what she wants in life, and post Queen of Blades persona is confused of her place in the galaxy and what she truly wants (other then vengeance on Mengsk). Magneto knows what he wants and is eager for the opportunity to both enact his political goals and personal ones. 

 Major Edge Magneto

  Well Kerrigan won first of all because you guys voted for her (or the majority of you did). 

However I have identified three traits which probably contributed to her victory more then any other

 Kerrigan's Pre-battle allowed her to neutralize his dreaded "iron in blood" move (even though debates always assume he uses it 1000 times more then he actually does....) as well as making her much harder to track, which helped her a lot in the next section. 
Evasion Techniques
 87 Stealth/cloak-78 Sensory-Stealth Training- Psionic Shadow-Burrow/Deep Tunnel- Pre-Battle evolutions making her much harder to track...

 All these factors add up to show that if Magneto got Kerrigan in  a very bad situation, it was very likely that she could manage to escape. This combined with her regeneration meant that if he failed to find her in a minute or two, he would be fighting a mostly renewed Kerrigan while his strength had sapped. 
Magneto's energy problems
   This hurt him in two ways, both addressed above. The first is that it made his higher end powers more difficult to use as the battle went on longer. The second is when he did use them he could inflict accidental mental instability on himself, making him more susceptible to Kerrigan's psychological warfare. 


 Well folks this wasn't my best battle but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! Next up is Kratos vs. Batman followed by Jackie vs. Arthas, which should be up soon! Please vote on those if you haven't already. 

 The alternate ending for this will be out after the Jackie vs. Arthas battle. 


  1. Another kickass fight man. I knew these two would really tear it up, and you delivered :)

    The ticking clock made things very tense, and you chose a nice variety of environments for them to fight in. I wouldn't mind seeing that used again in a future fight. Maybe some good eviroments would be Apokolips from DC comics, or maybe an historical setting. A Civil War battle would be cool, as would the D-Day landings.

    I really could see the similarities between the two, both charismatic mass-murders, and both with a good sense of disdain for each-other. They would make good allies, if they didn't kill each other first. And in the end Kerrigan gets Magneto through the monologue, I love it.

    Holy crap, Sarah got A LOT of gains! Looking at the bottom tier now, I don't think anyone can stop her, let's place our faith in a savior from the upper tier, maybe Aizen. I remember you saying that everyone in your ToM got perfect gains, did Galen as well?

    And now it's Jackie vs Arthas... that's a damn toughie, but Frostmoure will be truely something titanic for Jackie to overcome, but I'll root for him anyway. He's one of the few guys in this tourny with the balls to flip the Portal Master the bird.

    So overall very nice, and now the question is: The Darkness or the the Lich King?


    1. Thanks for the comment man!

      You read my mind, I have eventual plans for both! Though it would probably be an ancient battle.

      Lol that is the problem with these classic villains; they love to monologue too much! Kerrigan is guilty of it too sometimes, but after getting kited around on char once she wised up.

      Trust me they will ALL get perfect gains. Galen got perfect, the problem was there wasn't much for Azula to give him (ill have to think of a way to remedy this). There are more then a couple people in the bottom tier who can take her next round if they get perfect (Eldrad, Mewtwo/Aang, Palpatine/Dumbledore ect).

      Glad you brought up Jackie vs. Arthas; you should check it out! Its on the next page and I am already in the process of writing it. Hopefully it will be the biggest fight yet in terms of action!

  2. Hey my man :) great fight :) sorry for being away for so long.

    but as for this fight. IT was brilliant. And I think the reason it was so great (among many) was the simple fact that you sold me to Kerrigan's brilliance. I mean, it's one to write that a character is smart, it's quite another to show it. All those times that Kerrigan fooled magneto with a psychic clone or the time she nearly killed his ass under the sea. It was truly Brilliant. And while Sarah did have flashes of arrogance, I could totally buy that this woman had outsmarted the greatest minds of her galaxy and been able to think up tactics to bring down the most able of men and woman.

    And really while the fight, your greatest strengh in this was your characterization. Magneto was the messianic megalomaniac we all know him to be, and while he was egotistical he wasn't stupid in this. He had some great plans but his arrogance led to his downfall and Sarah pounced on that weakness like an opening in armor. Plus I loved your idea of having multiple areas to fight in.

    My favorite was the prehistoric sea and Jacinto. The prehistoric squid trying to eat Kerrigan was sweet beyond belief, as was Magneto tangling with a mossosaur. One thing that made me laugh was wen Magneto killed those locusts and refused to call them "mutants" that gave me a giggle.

    Again, I can kind of see that European imperialism in Magneto.

    Plus Kerrigan's victory was great. But even more :) I'm looking forward to Jackie Vs Arthas. I think for once, Jackie is the morally superior person in the room.

    1. Yo man thanks for the review!

      The problem with Magneto is that while he is a powerful enemy, he is frequently fooled by whoever he is fighting and it is not that hard to do. Kerrigan is arrogant to be sure, but she seems to learn from these mistakes.

      Thank you! I was actually worried about getting him right since he is kind of hard to do well, but I was trying to capture upon that as well as have him lose by monologing like he does in the comics.

      LOL for perhaps the only time in his life, Jackie is indeed the "good guy" of the story. Though "heroes" don't always win, and it remains to be seen whether he will be able to conquer Arthas or join his undead army.

  3. That was SWEET!! The whole clock turning/environmental shifting aspect was F***ing awesome, it added a level of urgency while also allowing the battle to span a bunch of cool places. Personally I liked the locust's area the best, which is strange because I hate the Gears of War games more than any other series. The pre-historic earth environment was extremely creative as well, I've never seen anyone put two above ground fighters not only underwater, but underwater with some of the craziest creatures that had ever inhabited the earth!

    I knew Kerrigan would win, and I finally figured out why as to her odd but distinct specialization over Magneto: she's completely biological in almost all of her attacks and defenses. Magneto has always been a force to be reckoned with because most people rely on SOME type of metal equipment. Hell, even Thor has metal armor AND a metal hammer, both of which can be manipulated endlessly by Magneto to give him a chance (slim as it may be) to defeat the God that most in the tournament (including Kerrigan) could not hope to stand against. Kerrigan's best attacks rely on only her and her brood, so not only is Magneto limited to only his metal and the environment's metal, but he cannot really hinder her with her own equipment. I still believe that Magneto could overpower her, but her stealthiness kinda seals the deal there, as her shadows would come in very handy while she burrows under his feet and stabs him with her wings.

    Once again, great fight, and as to why it took so long to comment, this didn't ever come up on my list of new blogs, so I saw Jackie vs Arthas before this... and I'll try to vote on that ASAP.

    1. Thank you very much sir for the comment! Though I msut ask why did you hate the GOW series?

      Yea I was hoping to show with that that these battles can literally happen anywhere, so expect the unexpected (hopefully). That said the next environment is in a very specific place that happens to be one of the most dangerous planets in one of the most OP universes.

      Actually Magic seems to somewhat counteract Magneto's ability to manipulate metal, as while Magneto could stop the hammer he could not use it against thor or move it(though still was able to hurl Thor about before Thor finally managed to pull out a win in their battle.

      Stealth is of course a huge problems for many warriors, including Magneto, especially since Kerrigan's pre-battle machinations reduced Magneto's effective sensory score to 60 (since she had no metal and dulled reactions). A twenty point different in stealth/sensory can be substantial (like lets say hypothetically Batman had 80 in stealth and Kratos 59 sensory) especially if that person has means of getting away quickly whether they be shadows, burrowing or even something mundane like grappling hooks, smoke pellets and wings attached to a suit:P.

      I look forward to your vote on that sir!

  4. Great battle! I was waiting for this one but felt mixed on the outcome but that is just my opinion mainly because if what I had read is true Kerrigan won because of a majority vote which to me kinda took away the some of suspense because once you figure out who voted for who you know who is going to win like how it ended with Azula vs. Marek unless you have found a way to keep the results a secret that is.

    I'm not trying to be rude as I said its just my opinion.

    Still you were fair in your analysis of each characters abilities and it was well put together and the characters stayed true to who they were.

    I'm really looking foreward to seeing Jackie and Arthas go at it going to a nasty one! Awesome work as always dude keep it up!( ̄ー ̄)

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      Actually results are counted on three websites: blogger, deviantart, and fanfiction. Blogger mainly voted Magneto, fanfiction Kerrigan and deviant art mixed, so reading the reviews on one site does not determine a winner. Also I try to put the votes at the end so as to not spoil the fight.

      Thanks I tried to make the characters true to each other and I will keep it up, though it is hard to write these so their will be some delay.