Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Meeting of Murderers

* This is fanfiction: I own nothing below. Credit goes out to those that do. 

  Day 2, hour 15

  Magneto's hair stood on end as a concentrated energy blast whizzed by him.The gun floating beside him dissembled itself into a series of metal shards, which then bolted at Kerrigan  at his command. Proliferated, Kerrigan nevertheless possessed  Wolverine like regeneration. However he was used to fighting Wolverine, and with his powers he manipulated the shards into her bloodstream. With another mental command the metal wrapped shredded her organs, finally putting the Zerg Queen down. Kerrigan collapsed to the ground as the hellish environment switched to an artificial one; the simulation had ended.

 He sighed and chugged a nearby water bottle. The simulation had taken their toll, draining him of more stamina then he expected. This was in part due to the extreme weather conditions of the simulations, in a attempt to prepare him for whatever weird battlefield. Magneto had taken the time to review the previous night's battle, the bout between two different mutants from two very different dimensions. 

 Wiping his brow one more time Magneto exited the training room, his mind still fixed on that battle. Azula was mutant royalty from a world where mutants ruled over there non-powered brethren. Though Magneto viewed this as superior to his own world, he didn't like how in that realm evolution was stunted, with only four (three in Azula's timeline) for humanity to develop; Earth, Fire or Water manipulation. However Diversity was slowly but surely catching on, as the Avatar's friend Toph and Azula's father Ozai proved with their inventions of metal and lightning bending respectively. Perhaps one day with his help that realm could increase in diversity. 

 Marek on the other hand came from the a tyrannical galaxy ruled by an evil emperor (who unfortunately was present in this tournament)  who, despite possessing the same gift as Marek, ordered the wholesale slaughter of almost anyone else that possessed such a gift. This diabolical act would have ham-stringed the evolution of humanity (and numerous other races) in their increasing ability to manipulate the galactic entity known as "The Force". The Jedi did not properly cultivate their gifts either; taking children away from their families and denying them the right to breed, thus denying the future a outlet to take advantage of these mutations. 

 As he left his complex Magneto took the time to shake his head at such idiocy found in that realm. At least Marek had proved brighter and more generous then most, and Magneto approved of how he ultimately forced Azula to sleep. In a way Azula reminded him of his own daughter Wanda. A facade of sanity lightly painted over the immense inner turmoil beneath was not a solution, and indeed it only amplified the resulting explosion. 

 Idly the Master of Magnetism wondered what happened to Azula after her death. Did she go to  back to her realm, die forever, or someplace new entirely? While the Portal Master did indeed possess the power of resurrection, there was no gaurente that he would follow through with that promise.  Which is what brought Magnus to his next order of business, the reason he had taken this trip out of the complex when he should have been preparing for battle?

If he were to fall in combat with the alien, who then would carry on his torch as champion of mutantkind? who would best serve the very core interests of mutants everywhere? Only one such choice graced the tournament, and though magneto aimed to prevail in his bout, the hopes of mutantkind would not fall based on his arrogance.

Rogue. The name brought up mixed emotions in Magneto . She had been a frequent enemy yet once one of Magneto's own Brotherhood , and, according to the Library of Babel, a future partner.Even now Magnus could not help but feel attraction towards her, as many men did.  He did not know if this version of Rogue that the Portal Master had snatched up was part of the timeline where they were lovers but aimed to find out. 

 There she stood, her brown hair with white highlights making her instantly recognizable from afar. Rogue was a Down-to-Earth woman who didn't dilly-dally in getting to the point, and she made her unhappiness at this meeting pointedly clear. 

"Been awhile Magneto. Never called, never wrote, ah was startin' t'figure you'd forgotten all 'bout me with all you'r "preparations" that you got going on for the Zurg' Queen.  That's no way for friends to act."

 Magneto chuckled a bit, before answering

 "Friends are we? Perhaps in my distant  future, but less then a week ago we were the bitterest of rivals!"

Rogue's eyes blinked and a look of shock briefly marred her features. However being Rogue she quickly rebounded

"Bu ' that can't be possible' Magneto! We was talkin like friends jus' earlier this week -wait. You ain't from my time period are' ya? "

Now it Magneto's turn to feel surprise before shame ate at him. He had always underestimated Rogue's intelligence by looking down upon her dialect, yet Rogue had proven her intelligence multiple times in the past. He looked up once more and peered directly into rogue's eyes. 

 "In my time period we may have been enemies yes, but that can change. I would like us to be friends in this place though. My triumph tonight is all but assured, however the fate of mutantkind is more important then petty overconfidence and that is why today I offer you this gift for the future. "

"Gift, what gift?"
Rogue never got to complete that sentence.


 The Secret Apprentice sat calmly, with a plate of food untouched between his hands. He was meditating calmly, focusing on both his past success and the gifts that the Portal Master had bestowed upon him. Marek had spent the previous night exploring his new-found gift of fire, and found that with a mental command he could summon forth blue-fire. The joy that had brought to him was like that of a child who had waited hours for a particularly delicious piece of candy. 

   His improved precognition was a great boon, though it came with its own problems. Nothing involving his own death could be foreseen, and the ability to perceive the future gave him headaches, something he needed to work towards stopping. Nevertheless its use as a utility was unquestionable, and it was thanks to that power that he was prepared for Emperor Palpatine's arrival. 

"Congratulations my young apprentice on your recent victory.  The newfound power running through your veins must be  exhilarating  for one so normally powerless such as yourself. "

Marek just glared at him, his eyes pouring into the dark ones the Emperor's. Not many could bare the stare of Palpatine, the pure malice within the Sith Lord's eyes seeming to smother out all light, but Marek was one of them. 

 Palpatine just smiled and continued. 

"You are more powerful then ever before, but you still pale in comparison to me boy. Even with your recent step into the Dark Side. "

Marek's eyebrow's raised, and despite himself he couldn't help but ask 

"TOWARDS the Dark Side??"

The Emperor's smile just widened.In the corner of his eye Marek could see a flaming skeleton and a second man, this one dressed in the weirdest set of robes, looking on curiously. 

"Oh yes, my young Sith, your victory over Azula proves that malice resides in you more then it did in me when I was your age. The way you taunted her, bringing up her insecurities and ultimately destroying her carefully preserved way of life was worthy of any Dark Side acolyte. But in a true show of malice you let her live to soak in her failed and now ruined life, denying her any true mercy. There is no better feeling in the world to crush your enemy utterly then deny him the privilege of escape, relishing in their torture until you finally drain all happiness and will from them. Its only in the end when they are little more then husks do you finally allow them the gift of death; a slow and agonizing one!"

Marek's glare intensified and anger, something which he normally could control, threatened to overwhelm him. How dare this sick old man compare his mercy to his own twisted torture! Palpatine through his servant Vader had made his life into a mockery- nothing more then a pawn on a chessboard when he had been promised so much more! The Emperor's  words felt like nothing more then mockery of his past, mockery of all that he had suffered. 

Meanwhile  Palpatine's smile grew far wider at the uncontrolled anger within the apprentice; one more step back into the dark side. to seal the deal Palpatine once again spoke, malice and cruelty vibrating off every syllable. 

 "Would you like me to use your pilot as a firsthand demonstration?"
Marek activated his lightsaber and charged; the Emperor's turned on a moment later to prevent a decapitation  strike.

"YES! Give into your anger and embrace the Dark Side! Embrace it or else watch Juno die slowly and painfully."

Marek's downward slash was blocked, and with a subtle step the Emperor forced the Sith turned Jedi onto the defensive. Now Marek had to block  a flurry of thrusts to his chest. Marek moved to block another strike aimed at his his lower left forearm, only for Palpatine to switch positions suddenly. The feint paid off and the lightsaber slashed a couple millimeters into his chest, a move which Rahm called a Shiim (a very minute wound). 

 Palpatine grinned and Marek recognized that the Emperor was baiting him with Dun Moche, trying to get him to turn more and more towards the Dark Side. In response Marek's falling avalanche  movement crashed against Palpatine's blade,  which was predictably blocked. However it left the Emperor's midsection wide open, giving Marek a golden opportunity to show off his new-found power. He breathed deep and then breathed blue fire all over Palpatine's chest!

 The old man moved faster then he had expected, using the force to absorb the fire . Nevertheless the burn on his chest revealed that he hadn't expected such a move, and the Emperor snarled at him. A blast of telekinetic energy pushed Marek back, knocking his lightsaber from his grasp. Desperately Marek reached out for his lightsaber but it was all for naught as the Emperor, his face livid with pure rage, cast aside the attempt. Marek saw his life start to flash as Palpatine thrust downwards for a killing blow-and was blocked as a series of chains wrapped around his arm!

 Palpatine bared  and turned immediately to see who was insolent enough to stop him in the act-only to be taken off guard by a skeleton. To any normal man this would have been a gruesome sight but to Palpatine it was positively horrifying. Not many knew just how scared the Emperor was of death and for him to stare a personification of it in the face rendered him near immobile with fear- even more so because this version was on fire. 

 In desperation Palpatine tried to raise his lightsaber only for more chains to emerge from the ghastly creature's torso, enveloping the Emperor who struggled to crack the chains with the force. They did not budge, and the Skeleton's bony hands reached out to hold Palpatine's chin, forcing the old man to lock eyes with him. Palpatine could not restrain the fear within his voice as he spoke
"W-w-what are youuu? "

The animated skeleton replied 
"I am the GHOST RIDER! Your soul is stained by the blood of countless billions killed in your name. Feel their pain so that the souls of the countless slain may have justified vengeance!"

 For a few terrible moments Palpatine struggled frantically to break free of the Ghost Rider's grasp but by the  end of the speech he ceased all movement. The Ghost Rider dropped him to the floor where he lay limp, his eyes dead and soulless. 

 Marek took note of the wide-eyed old man who held a intricate stick aloft in the background, as well as the Ghost Rider himself who was now staring at him. Reflexively he assumed the defensive posture but there was no need.

 A giant portal manifested between the trio, and from it emerged the Portal Master, his face grim. A wave of the hand was all it took for the Emperor to be revived, his eyes once again full of malice and hate for all things. 

Before fighting could resume the Portal Master's powerful booming voice flooded the room, the tone with a touch of annoyance. 

"As I have warned previously dueling in between rounds is strictly forbidden, and punishments have already been assigned, though they will remain secret until a later period. Rest assured that all three of you, particularly you Emperor Palpatine, will find themselves to be at a disadvantage next round- for through your malice you have given your next opponent an idea of what to use against you! Anymore fighting between the three of you will result in a reduction of victory gains! Now begone!"

 With that the Portal Master vanished, leaving three fighters each eager to resume battle but scared to, and a fourth who was scratching his  long beard in contemplation. 


"Kratos the hour steadily grows near when I cannot continue to advise you. You must-"

 " I need not your advice Athena, which has given me little but agony and lies in the past. I shall find my own way!" 

"But Kratos-" 

"Silence your tongue or see it parted from your mouth!"

 The Goddess of Wisdom complied....wisely. Kratos was in no mood for her serpent-tongue.  The Library of Babel had revealed her plots and Kratos was far from amused. He had enough of divine deceit to last for several lifetime and only tolerated this bitch's presence as she was the only one clever to understand his next opponent. Still it would not be enough, and Kratos possessed enough wisdom to see that nothing he could do would be able to match Batman's prep-time. 

 Kratos resumed his previous task, raising and lowering the Golden Fleece as quickly and fast as he could in preparation for Batman's attacks.In a flash he covered his shin and in another his face.  He knew that this ...."Dark Knight" could be generally be counted on to avoid lethal blows but still the prospect of a hamstring blow was something he wanted to avoid. 

 In fact Kratos had already narrowed down his foe's arsenal down to that which would be most threatening and he was starting off with the batarangs and wrist mounted "laser". The grappling hooks and bolas just did not impress him, and though Batman was formidable in hand to hand Kratos was superior. Thus after those two weapons all Kratos had to worry about were avoiding the Pandora's box of Tricks that Batman would inevitably bring. 

  He looked around, taking notice of the Spartan dormitories and the gymnasium that dominated much of his quarters. The explosives and magical containers would be tricky to avoid, and it may be that Kratos could not avoid them at all. It was no matter as he was confident that he could sustain the damage for as long as it took to leave whatever area was hit. Kratos thrust upwards again to block an imagined headshot, before in a split second moving downwards to stop a attempted hamstring. 

 The God of War was so thoroughly occupied by his motions that he didn't even notice Athena calling for him before finally the woman's nagging broke into his concentration. Angered Kratos pulled out his Blades of Exile, internally grinning as he saw the look of fear in Athena's eyes. He marched onward threateningly as Athena backed up towards a wall.

 She stuttered for a second before meekly continuing on, like a pathetic sheep who knows a lion is nearby and is desperately trying to get help

"K-k-Krratos I was merely pointing out that Batman would likely try to to enrage you into getting into a fist fight with him, which would enable him to win. "

 Kratos was now ten feet from her, his blades whirling to motion. He was also genuinely pissed; how dare this weak god imply that he would fail in a fistcuff? She seemed to have read his thoughts for she continued  more calmly now, this time with a hint of defiance. 

" You would not lose in a normal duel Kratos, Batman possesses the power of lightning and sun within his suit, and either could cause grievous damage to a unarmored brawler. "

Kratos actually paused here as he considered what Athena had said, before putting his blades away. 
"Maybe you are useful for something Athena. A snake may prove useful in taking down one of her own kind, even if the other is of a far worthier breed then the one that stands before me."

  Athena bristled at the insult, and in a instant her god-like arrogance had returned. 

" I am the Goddess of Wisdom Kratos and do not care to be compared to a mortal who is afraid of the ligh-"

 "I do not care  for your feelings Athena. And that mortal has beaten tougher foes then you, is cleverer then you and would have beaten Olympus itself had he existed when you did. Now begone from my sight unless you find something else of use."

 With a scowl the Goddess of Wisdom vanished, off to the Library of Babel once more. At another time Kratos would have expected betrayal but since she claimed to have seen a vision of the world burning if he (Kratos) lost, the god of war did not think it likely that his female counterpart would betray him. 

 What he spoke was truth however and in some form Kratos DID admire Batman for constantly competing with the superhumans, the would be GODS of his realm to give normal humanity a fair say. Though Kratos found Batman's philosophy idiotic and his desire not to kill laughable, at least he could say that one positive about the man he would.

 Ever the warrior Kratos forced all such thoughts from his mind and went back to training, eager for tommorow's battle and many afterwards. 

 "Shouldn't you be studying that Kratos character Master Bruce?"

" Soon Alfred. He is not the only competitor in the tournament. "

  The Dark Knight did not like interruptions, particularly when he was listening to his classical music  but tolerated them from his oldest friend and Butler Alfred Pennyworth.  The old butler was a welcome sight in this tournament, and Batman was glad to have both him and a copy of his Batcave for use in preparation. It was the only positive about being forced to fight in this bizarre place, anyhow. 

"I say Master Bruce I am once again impressed by your foresight . However you are not fighting a Mister Aizen this round. Rather you are fighting a Mr. Kratos, and from what the library has told me you have quite a fight on your hands. " 

 " I know I have looked. "

" And instead of focusing on your next opponent the Library of Babel has distracted you like a child in a candy shop."

Batman grunted in reply as he was too focused on the screen's information. Aizen would be someone who he would have to watch closely. Without looking he handed over his notes on Kratos to Alfred

 "Send that information to Harold immediately. I am going those new weapons created as soon as possible. Afterwards you and Harold both can work on improving my suit's defenses towards bladed and piercing weapons. "

"Never a dull moment in your employ Master Bruce. "

Bruce Wayne rolled his eyes as Alfred dutifully took the papers away, however when Alfred turned his back Batman's eyes narrowed in suspicion at his former Butler. All was not as it seemed with his butler, or Harold or even this tournament. Batman had a couple of hunches but wasn't sure on anything yet. 

He looked on last time at the notes he had written over the past few hours on some of the other competitors :


Aka "Starkiller" 

Synopsis: Former Sith Apprentice/Assassin, recently joined the Jedi. Powerful in manipulation of a vast energy source known only as "The Force".Skilled duelist. 

-Lightsaber: Powerful versatile blade capable of cutting through most known materials. 
-Powerful Telekinesis
-Utilizes energy source to enhance own physical reflexes. 
-Can create and manipulate energy currents to create projected arc of "lightning". 
-Newly acquired Pyrokinetic abilities. 

-Apply rusting agents in projectile form to the hilt of the lightsaber.
-If possible find and create lightsaber resistant material from known knowledge of existing options. Apply to suit. 
-Psionic Dampeners 
-Invest time in trying to create a Ysalamiri-like Bubble to negate direct Telekinesis/Force Lightning
-Suit already adapted to defense against Pyrokinesis. 

CONCLUSION: Every attempt should be made to talk Marek down, but should a fight inevitably occur a surprise attack on his lightsaber with rusting agents would be advised. Once this is neutralized the Ysalamiri barrier should be put in place, with Psionic Dampeners placed around the arena to further drain Jedi. Knockout gas not advised given extreme breath holding ability demonstrated in the Azula battle. Equip darts and batarangs with tranquilizers, apply onto Marek and wait for knockout. 


Aka"Queen of Blades"

Synopsis: Like Marek was trained as an assassin as a child. History of Betrayal-both as the Betrayer and Betrayed. Now Queen of a alien race called "The Zerg". Potent Psionics backed up by physical prowess. 

- Bone Wings capable of penetrating durasteel. 
-Rapid Regeneration
-Mental Attacks capable of instantly destroying the brain of her victim.
-Telekinesis with her own personal energy source. 
-Ability to create massive fields of Psionic Energy
-Ability to create hazardous copies of herself.  
-???Soon to possesses powers of Magneto??????
-Cloaking device
-Ability to evolve self prior to battle

- upgrade suit to further deal with bladed weapons
-construct serum to slow down Zerg Regeneration
-Reconstruct version of Magneto's helmet. 
-Psionic Dampeners- lots of them. 
-Study "Psionic Shadows" closely to discover telling differences. 
-See Magneto for counters to his Threats if they are to be applied here.
-Use different visions to perceive Kerrigan when she has cloaked.


Conclusion: Kerrigan is unlikely to surrender and will likely be able to achieve first strike. Psionic Dampeners should be placed around he arena before Kerrigan detection, which will come soon as Kerrigan will be able to perceive an area in which her telepathy does not work (due to the helmet). She will inevitably get off first shot, which is why suit must be strengthened. Persevere and retreat to Specified area A. Once she is in the specified area the Psionic Dampeners should be turned on to full blast and apply Regeneration dampeners, tranquilizers and various knockout devices. Should she survive move to designated area B and repeat. 

== MAGNETO == 

Aka "Master of Magnetism" 

Synopsis: Holocaust survivor turned mutant terrorist, now seeks the complete destruction of all of mankind. Wields the powers of Magnetism and skilled strategist. 

-Telekinesis, particularly over Metaloids 
-Can create giant storms through weather manipulation.
-"Nuclear Shockwave" ability at close quarters
-Can pull rip iron out o bloodstream. 
-Light Manipulation and Astral Projection
-Potent Metallic armor as well as energy source. 
-???Soon to Possess powers of Kerrigan???


-Removal of all metaloids from suit and weapons, replace with non.
-Recommended low iron diet from this point forward
-Resist temptation to move into close range, despite obvious advantage. 
-Create substance to prevent possibility of EMP, reinforce suit with this substance. 
-Play on Magneto's arrogance of fighting non-super-powered foe.
-See "Kerrigan solutions" for her counters. 


Magneto's hatred of mankind will render the liklyhood of his surrender almost nill. He will also  bring as many metallic objects to battle as possible, and will seek try to use the iron in my blood against me from the beginning.  Plastic explosives and rusting agents are to be used freely and non-lethally, and several traps need to be set up in the battlefield before he can be brought low. Once that occurs he will likely use his more powerful attacks in desperation, whereupon plastic grenades and capsules are going to need to be used much more frequently.  


aka The Greatest Saiyan who ever lived
-Light speed (faster?)
-Powerful planet shattering energy blasts
-Can enhance own power through transformations
-Martial Arts mastery
-Super Strength
-Super-human durability

???Possible Counters???:
-If Goku were to go all out, nothing could be done to salvage the situation (currently....). However he is like Superman, and won't go all out from the beginning. 
- Appeal to his desire for a fair fight to keep him from going to his max transformations too early on. 
-Upgrade to suit capable of withstanding  Superman blows
- Synthesize a non-lethal and fast acting version of the Heart Virus. 
-Employ copious amounts of Destron Gas in small but gradually increasing quantities. 
-Utilize drugs to promote supreme amounts of hunger in him
-Never give a reason to Goku for him to go all out. 


Conclusion: Given current limitations, victory would be impossible if Goku went full out. In order to win I would have to appeal to his sense of fair play, and either best him in a pure martial arts bout or utilize Destron gas/Heart Virus to slowly take the Saiyan down. 

aka Master of the Darkness

(in Darkness)
-Creation of multiple darkness tentacles and constructs

-Can shape shift into giant creatures
-Teleportation through shadows
-can summon own personal army of  "Darklings"
-Creation of guns and other ranged weaponry via darkness
-Host of a powerful entity known as the Darkness
(outside of Darkness)
- Mostly powerless outside of Darkness stage, however he can manipulate the Darkness inside someone to gruesome effect. 
-Flashbangs. Lots of them. 
-Include Ultraviolet lighting receptors into suit. 
-Utilize environmental light whenever possible. 
-Once outside of light take him out quickly. 


This battle is going to be all about light .Recommend engaging with Jackie for a bit in his own element to lure him into a false sense of security then employing a huge variety of light to neutralize his powers, before quickly following up with a sudden knock-out blow. 

Batman nodded approvingly at his counters. None of them were full-proof admittedly and all of them required refinement but these basic templates were what would win battles later on. But for now Alfred was right, it was time to focus on that brute of a man who he was going to face next. 

 Kratos may have slain gods, but as far as he could tell those gods were weak compared to several of his previous enemies. He had beaten Darksied, Superman and punched out the Spectre- a being that would take out the entire Greek Pantheon in a INSTANT  and yet... And yet some fools truly thought that Kratos should win just because he took down some weak gods. Batman shook his head at such foolishness. 

 Nevertheless he would not underestimate Kratos; he was a formidable foe to be sure. Which was why it was time for him to leave  for his labs to develop his next counter. 


       In the background the clock hit the 7, and Magneto knew his time was up. The last two days he had trained endlessly against Kerrigan, as well as come up with quite a few countermeasures against her. In truth he was used to having far more time yet he had nevertheless improvised in a fashion he was famous for and plotted out a couple gaurented ways to win. 

 Calmly Magneto collected his equipment. With a wave of his right hand the guns that had been allotted to him; a pump action shotgun, M-16, 2 Glocks as well as a combat knife flew to his side, where they hovered.  Modifications had been made to the bullets inside, and they now contained a toxin designed to slow the regeneration of Wolverine, though he was not entirely sure yet how it would work on Zerg (there wasn't enough time). 

 With a wave of his left his helmet raced across the room towards his fingertips, pausing briefly before it touched. Magneto smiled at his best and most brilliant creation;it would be very useful in this next battle. Magneto had made a further improvement to the helmet as well, a testament to his own skills with machinery. He had included a seismic sensor to detect her when she traveled underground, which would enable him to deny her access to her enhanced healing when  underground. 

   He put it on and without another word left the building via an exit that had appeared on his left (something he knew would occur earlier, thanks to his ability to sense the electronics within his room), eagerly anticipating the next battle. 

 Light greeted him, and it was clear that he was to follow it to the end of the tunnel. Magneto resumed his confident pace, his guns hovering behind him. His outer expression of calm  hid the feelings of tension and excitement he felt on the inside. 

  Magneto could not deny his foe's strengths. In a long term battle her biological makeup would allow her to continue fighting far after Magneto collapsed, which made ending the fight early imperative. Another rather large difficulty was her pesky shadows, which stood in the way of attempts to identify and neutralize the real Kerrigan. 

 Yet despite, or perhaps because of these problems Magneto could not help to feel excited. Any victory that could result in this would bring great gains, and Magneto desired the creature known as Abathur most of all. The being was the Evolution Master of the Swarm, and with its immense knowledge Magneto could direct the evolution of not just himself but the rest of mutantkind. 

 Having read up on the Azula vs. Marek battle and its aftermath, it was a great mystery to him what exactly he'd get. Abathur seemed the most likely but would he have access to her other powers and abilities? The Psionic Storm was a power he longed for, a powerful and 

  This tournament held great promise to him, a means to fulfill all of his desires! With the powers provided by the Tournament he could end the Holocaust before it began, make certain that mutantkind achieves an early dominance, and most personally important, ensure that his family never split up. Magda and Anya alive again, with Pietro and Wanda by his side. Polaris too would be there and Magneto would finally have the life he so desired. 

    Magneto manipulated the light around him so that it did not blind his eyes, and thus instantly caught sight of the Portal Master. The being smiled and waved him over.

" Hail Magneto! I have gazed upon your impressive preparations and see now that you are a worthy match for your newest opponent! Your foresight in training under every type of temperature and environmental extreme you could think of was brilliance! But first I foresee you have some questions to ask that will all be answered in time, whether here and now or through your own introspection. "

 Magneto, a bit off-put by the being's ability to guess his intentions, nevertheless asked what he wanted to ask 

"What could I gain for beating the Queen of Blades? What environment will the forthcoming battle take place in?"

 The Portal Master gave a stained smile but nonetheless answered

"Were you to win you would achieve many things and possess more power then you ever had before. As for what exactly I tell you that Abathur shall be yours as you desire, among other gifts."

 Magneto was flabbergasted; how did this being know that Abathur was the prize his eyes were fixed firmly upon? Was it just a guess, could the being pierce through the  helmet with his telepathy or was it something more sinister. Needing a moment to think he repeated his second question

 "And the environment that the battle shall take place in?"

The Portal Master gave a real smile here
"Your experiences in the Danger Room were more then satisfactory, and you shall be rewarded for your preparations. I think you will find that it was wise to prepare for as many environments as the Danger Room possessed in its memory banks. "

 Magneto was about to ask for clarification but was distracted by the sight of the Queen of Blades entering the hall. 


 5 minutes to the battle

 Kerrigan's lips pursed at the mental notifier that her time was almost up. She had spent the last couple of days in a state of constant planning and adaption. The adaption in particular was the most time consuming and rewarding part. Her armor was....vastly inferior to his, and it would take much to long to upgrade it to the level of an ultralisk (not to mention that she prized her mobility). As a solution she had upgraded her adrenal glands, a fix-up previously exclusive to zerglings. With this her reaction time had been improved by a full twenty percent. 

    (Kind of wanted to include this song somewhere)
 Another key problem somewhat resolved  was her poor energy levels, which had been improved both in total amount and faster regeneration rate. It had taken along time to be sure,  but she fully expected the dividends to pay off as her energy output was alot closer to matching Magneto's now (and could also slowly regrow during battle). 

 "My Queen a door has opened to the rear of the complex."

 Abathur's voice rang out and broke through to her. She turned and saw that he was indeed right, and a previously undiscovered door had appeared. Already her creep seeped through the open doorway, infesting the walkway. 

 "It has, Abathur, and now it is time to see if this day shall bring victory and triumph or you and Izsha a new master. "

 Without another word she walked towards the doorway.

 Sarah was a realist and knew that it was possible that today's battle could be a loss and based on what she had seen from marek's victory it seemed obvious that Abathur and Izsha would be up for grabs. Ownership of the Zerg had always been based on the Darwinian concepts of who is "strongest" and "fittest". Neither would have any problem trading a mistress for a master provided he was indeed stronger. 

 The creep that had already covered the exit to her room gave her "vision" over a path that was a stereotypical of many Old Earth stories. It was a long tunnel with a white blinding light at the end. With that knowledge the creep also enabled her to move a whole third faster while still retaining a confident stride. Inside though she continued to brood. 

 It was already the first round and already she was facing someone more powerful then she had ever fought before. Mastery over an entire force of nature was nothing to downplay, and toi compound that he had greater direct experience. It went without saying that the risks were high but that belied the fact that the payoffs were of so much higher. 

 With his powers added to her own she would get a boost like none other before. Entire Terran armies would quake beneath her Mastery of Magnetism alone, and Mengsk would topple to the ground as surely as her own return to power. And with the helmet no other psychic in the galaxy could touch her! 

 That was why she was going to win. She had the will, the drive and now thanks to Abathur the means. It had taken her much of the allotted time but after much trial and error she had finally extracted all iron from her blood, in addition to  eliminating as many electromagnetic impulses  as possible. 

 It had only taken her a few moments to cross the hall, and already she was in sight of the Portal Master and her hated foe. 

 The Alien spoke first
"Wonderful ! With your arrival Sarah the games can begin!" Then upon gazing at Magneto he said
 "Unless your opponent would like to say a few words first....?"

"Sarah you are a mighty and powerful mutant, an Omega classification by my world's standards. However surely you realize how outmatched you are here as I am the Master of Magnetism and have fought the likes of you before, while you never fought anything like me."

 "Don't get ahead of yourself Magnus. Nothing you bring to battle is new to me either, and your best defenses will not hold me back, nor will your best offense be sufficient in putting me down. "

 " Hah! You are good but don't put yourself above your station. You ARE outmatched. "

"By who? Surely you can't mean the self-righteous man before me who routinely fails in every plan he ever makes?" 

" Not every plan my dear and if you excuse me weren't you defeated on your home planet when you possessed both overwhelming numerical superiority and knowledge of Terrain?"

 " If you mean the force led by the most resourceful man I have ever met who also possessed a alien artifact built for the sole-purpose of defeating me, yes I did lose. Still better then losing to one more small team of individuals all the time."

 "Of mutants dear. You had all the power in the world and you still couldn't take down that Terran army. Your fall from grace was a result of your own weakness and ineptitude. "

 "Funny. You had all the power in the world yet why isn't Anya beside you? Or Magda? Peitro? Wanda? Surely you possessed enough power to keep your own family together- or alive to boot? "

 That succeeded in ticking Magneto off. He briefly sputtered before dropping what remained of civility.

"Listen Wrench I was going to offer you assistance on your goals after mine but this has destroyed your chance. This battle will only end in one of our deaths Kerrigan- and it shall not be mine! You shall pay for the insults and the billions murdered. "

 "Magnus, drop the knight in shining armor routine. It doesn't suit you at all, and is the farthest thing from the truth. Yes I have killed many, many more then you could ever conceive. However so have you. Just like the Nazis of your youth you seek the destruction of an entire group of people that numbers in the billions. A group in which your wife and daughter were once included in. This ain't a meeting of a hero and a villainess  Magneto; its a meeting of murderers.  Your delusions prevent you from accepting that. "

Before Magneto could come up with a comeback the Portal Master broke in

 "Fired up already; I can tell this battle will be interesting in the least. I say to you both that the environment  shall be like the two of you- ever evolving and never static. Nothing shall remain the same for more then a few minutes and evolutionary adaptations and preparations shall be put to the ultimate test. "

And before either could ask a question he teleported the two away to their battlefield. 


  1. Nice preview man, I like how you played up Magneto and Rogue's relationship only to have Magneto get ported off to his own death. That should make for an interesting melt down after the battle.

    Kratos would beat Batman in a duel. Marcus suffers from what is referred to in the medical community as fanboyism, which is clouding his vision and allowing him to use his excellent research and speaking skills to everyone's opinions against the Greek warrior.

    Magneto vs Kerrigan... I'll concede this one to you. Congratulations, that is not an easy task.

    Despite Magneto's inevitable loss, I await the coming battle with bated breath. I know you won't disappoint.

    1. Thanks for the comment man!

      Lol well he does have facts on his side, just like you do. And Spectre >>>> Greek Gods, sorry (even though I still don't know how entirely he took on the spectre). Honestly its going to come down to how many effective solutions he can come up with prep-time, which to be fair he is insanely good at.

      Woww....Wasn't expecting that. you still want me to count it for Magneto though right?

      Thanks I hope I won't. Got the template envisioned but vacation is going to delay it a bit.

    2. The fact that the writers at DC would allow someone like Batman to punch out someone like Spectre in ANY situation other than "It's opposite day" makes me hate the DC universe.

      That's like me punching out Brock Lesnar, if Brock Lesnar was wearing a suit of Steel plate armor and carrying a Mac-10.

      And yes, count it for Magneto, if only to lessen the victory gains for Sarah.

    3. Sorry man but in my version, everyone gets perfect victory gains no matter what! And I have always taken you as a Marvel guy so that doesn't suprise me. The general rule for DC is that Batman and Superman cannot lose, though that won't apply here

  2. Woo! Good to see this rolling again.

    Nice scene with Magneto and Rouge. Just curious, what version of Magneto are you using for the tournament? The modern one is apparently a member of the X-men or something.

    And Palpatine can string Marek along perfectly. Sadistic old bastard, but seeing Ghost Rider make him shit his robes was hilarious. I almost wished the Portal Master hadn't intervened. And unfortunately for Palpy, Dumbeldore was there to see it all.

    It was interesting to see Kratos share some warriors respect with Batman. I thought Kratos might underestimate Batman as just a mortal man in a funny costume, but from seeing Batman's crazy feats (he punched out the Specter? Really?), I can see even the god killer being impressed.

    The best part defiantly Batman's strategies. I was surprised to see that Batman holds Jackie in such low regard, but I guess that he does suffer from a pretty exploitable weakness. I wonder how Batman would counter the Doctor...

    And now the battle begins! I'm sure no matter who wins, it will be great either way.

    1. Yea sorry Summer has been hard.

      Kind of a mixture but mostly the classic as I am familiar with his personality the most. So the famous human-hating-genocidal-mutant mastermind.

      Yep and it may play into the next battle. We will see.

      Batman's ability to keep up with the metahumans is something that deserves respect and may even get a grudging amount from Kratos. And yea, I was jsut as shocked as you about the spectre.

      Ehh Jackie is VERY powerful so long as you don't turn on the light. And if he beats his first foe he'll become resistant to light, so he stands a very good chance overall. Currently though he so many obvious weaknesses that Batman doesn't see much of a problem with prep-time, though in the crossover Batman did admit that Jackie would win a physical confrontation.

      Thanks! Now to get a better schedule...

  3. You know, the strongest part of this here is your characterization. Magneto in particular was just magnificent. He doesn't read like a supervillain. He reads like a holocaust survivor turned terrorist that just happens to have super powers. When I read him, I can detect more than a whiff of white European settler racism in him. It's really a thrill to read his parts. How he ignorantly views force users and benders as mutants. For him the world is black and white. And I imagine that if he was in our world, Magneto would be busy dropping bombs on Palestine with the IDF (sorry, Im getting political here)

    But really, he comes across as a very smart guy but he's weakened by his prejudices. Prejudices that kerrigan does not share, who is far more goal oriented and objective than magneto is. Though arguably Magneto has bigger dreams.

    the scene with Palpatine and Marek was great. Palps once more proves himself a master manipulator, but his fear of death is his undoing. I loved the clash with him and ghostrider. Good stuff.

    Also great was Batman seeing how to beat each foe. And to be honest, those strategies you've written down are brilliant feats to defeat each foe. Not foolproof but definitely effective ways to take down each one. And I agree that Kerrigan is the greatest foe Batman can face. It's like what the Doctor did only less Add.

    Awesome stuff my friend, I really look forward to the rest of it :) It's brilliant, some of your best work.

    1. Thank you sir for commenting!Magneto's views are a bit warped by childhood trauma, which of course is understandable but not to the extremes he takes it. He is willing to be merciful to those he thinks as alike to him but to no one else.

      Kerrigan is more open in that she is willing to work with bloodthirsty aliens and create alliances of convenience.

      Thanks! Hope to have a lot more of both actually.

      I promise you that the Doctor will get his due. He will cover more ground and look at more contestants though won't come up with concrete plans immediately like Batman.

      Hopefully I can get back to work but other events distract me