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Monday, August 6, 2012

Jackie vs. Arthas Bios

The Darkness, an all-encompassing entity that has taken hold of Jackie Estacado, unleashing thousands of minions fueled by all dark places—meets the ancient evil warlord spirit of the Lich King, as wielded by Arthas Menethil, able to use the power of the dead to raise an army of eternal skeleton warriors. The Portal Master wants to know, with two days of prep time to study and train for their foe—

* P.S. credit goes to the guys/girls who gave me the pictures/videos. Thank you.

Name: Jackie Estacado
Height: 6’1 
Weight: 195 lbs 
Class: Master of the Darkness
Grade: 7.0 Higher Being 
Theme Song: 


Jackie Estacado woke the morning of his 21st birthday to find a helluva birthday present; he had control of the Darkness! This elemental force gives him full control on one half of the Earth’s daily cycle, and he is able to utilize the Darkness to manipulate his surroundings in incredibly innovative ways. Practically any weapon he wants, he can forge out of Darkness; be they assault rifle, grenade or rocket launcher. He cans shape shift into many forms, including a Balrog like creature! However Jackie does have a preference for close combat, and can summon all sorts of tentacles and claws to aid him. He can even summon his own army in the form of Darklings! He also possesses extremely powerful armor, capable of tanking rocket blows and punches from Superman.
 Pre-Battle: Street Smart, Resourceful
  Jackie grew up under the care of a Mafia don, and learned to be resourceful in order to survive on the streets. He has come up with creative solutions many times before and is very good at using what he has available to him to win, considering that more often than not he had limited resources (before acquisition of Darkness). Jackie is a noted tactician, and is somewhat good at using his enemies’ weaknesses and actions against them.
Pre-battle assistance: Johnny Powell, Darklings

For pre-battle he will have the help of Johnny Powell, who is a brilliant yet estranged occultist who acts like an advisor to Jackie and will give information about the supernatural world. He is an expert and unparalled  source of knowledge on ancient  and even fictional histories, and his advice will benefit Jackie greatly against some of his magical foes. Jackie can also summon his Darklings at whim to train with him.

A friend’s  NOTES:
I am classifying Jackie Estacado as possessing a type of “omega power” called the Power of Imagination. In Jackie’s case, he is capable of recreating anything he imagines out of the “mass” of darkness that is available to him. If it exists, or he thinks it can exist, it will be so. This can range from dragons to highly complex machinery, and includes firearms, real and imagined. All beings and creations he comes up with have the powers that he envisions.

As a power, the exact limitations and extent depends entirely on a combination of his Intelligence, Tactics, Training/Experience, and more importantly Adaptive Creativity. However, he is limited in that he cannot create any magical weapons, he cannot make anything that utilizes light, and human (or complex) life forms are extremely difficult for him to replicate.

LONG RANGE: Dual Berretta 9m handguns, Darkness weapons
Type: Solid Slug | Range: Pistol | ROF: 60 rpm | Ammo Cap: 16 rounds each
Usage: Low-Very High (outside of Darkness mode) 

Jackie Estacado’s primary weapon outside of his darkness mode is his dual 9m handguns, which he seems to have an affinity to. He is a master marksman, and is well used to street shootouts. However this is a rather weak weapon compared to the rest of his arsenal. 

Type: Darkness
Range: Variable | Effect/ROF/Ammo Cap: Variable
Usage: High

Jackie has been shown to construct a variety of weapons outside of the darkness to use at range. In one of the earliest scenes, he fired off a series of claws and blades to use against the witchblade. He can really form just about any type of gun or blade out of darkness though; assault rifles, min-grenades, machine guns, pistols, rocket launchers etc. He can also furnish more mundane weapons like chains and throwing knives. These also fire a higher caliber of ammunition (Darkness), as its been consistently shown to do more damage than normal types of ammunition. His highest known feat was constructing a fortress out  of Darkness.

MID RANGE: Shape Shifting, Black Hole 
                          (The giant flying demon is Jackie)
Range: Basic Line-of-sight | Type: Prepared | Effect: ??? | Usage: Moderate
Jackie’s most common form of shape shifting is to create wings which enable him to fly, and he can reach all the way into the upper atmosphere with them. He can extend his limbs dozens of feet in a whip fist like move that has been shown to smash helicopters. In another prominent instance he transformed into a Balrog like demon, capable of shooting green flames, flying and possessing deadly claws. 

Range: 40 feet | Type: Prepared | Effect: Vortex | Usage: Low
In the games Jackie Estacado is capable of summoning a black hole. The Black Hole sucks nearby enemies in and crushes them, though stronger enemies are able to  resist its pull.

CLOSE RANGE: Tentacles, Darkness constructs 

Variable | Material: Darkness | Effect: Variable | Usage: Very High
Jackie’s primary instrument of close range destruction is his tentacles, which spawn outside his body. The basic tentacle is a claw-like in form, being used primarily for holding/crushing someone or even impaling them. He can turn these tentacles into biting heads too, which somewhat resemble the mouths of anglerfish or the aliens from the series Aliens. Another instance he spawned a mini-dragon head which breathed fire, and he has demonstrated that he can make these heads very demonic in appearance. These tentacles are also able to pick up and throw objects with deadly accuracy. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the amount of tentacles he can spawn/control at once. 

Other than the tentacles, he is able to create all sorts of blades and claws at will (including chainsaws!), and is strong enough to physically rip heads off or pull out skeletons. He can also form a vampire like mouth.

SPECIAL 1: Shadow Manipulation (Darkness inside) 

Range: Assault Rifle | Type: Prepared | Effect: Internal destruction | Usage: Rare
The Darkness inside ability refers to Jackie’s power to literally pull someone apart from the inside out, utilizing the shadows buried deep within their bodies. This is an insanely powerful move, however it’s limited by its rarity of use and the fact that it has not been used on anyone with superpowers before (though it could). He does make more frequent use of this power’s ability to disable guns from the inside. The exact limits is unknown, but he once absorbed an entire city’s worth of darkness—and then completely reshaped it, seemingly drowning out and killing everything in the area.

Tactical Aid | Usage: Moderate

Jackie has shown himself capable of teleporting through shadows should he need to, or even walking through solid matter. He can use his mastery of the darkness to have a clear line of sight over all shadows , amplifying his sensory. 

SPECIAL 2: Darklings, Doppelgangers
Type: Innate | Effect: Summon | Usage: Very High (pretty much ever-present) 

The numbers of Darklings Jackie can spawn are nearly unlimited in scope; there really seems to be no-limit to the amount. The most basic form of Darklings, and the most common, are little two foot tall imp creatures that possess sharp claws and wicked teeth. However he can create further variations of these, such as mimics of superheroes (Spiderman imp uses web-slinging, batman version has bat belt) or other famous characters (Sith Darkling with min lightsaber, general imp etc). Sometimes these imps can be seen riding min raptors or accompanied by min-dragons/mini airplanes. He has been demonstrated to summon hordes of these things multiple times, and can sometimes equip them with weapons like a light destroying device and minigun, though for the most part they rely on their own strength and claws as weapons. At his height his armies were described in the millions. 

Though those are the most common version, they are far from the only version of Darklings. He is capable of summoning huge hulking gargoyles or even min-hulks if he puts some effort into the thought. Very rarely he has been known to summon truly gigantic constructs, including a Darkness dragon which ate Superman (while Jackie rode it), a literal giant, or a hulking behemoth capable of holding a space ship. This of course would require a certain amount of concentration to do.  In a reverse move, he has also demonstrated the ability to create Darklings small enough to climb inside clothes or even down throats.  It is possible for him to create humanoid zombies, though this was only done when the darkness had direct control.

 Darkness constructs are crude, mocking and rude, and serve to boost Jackie’s overall psychological warfare. They also possess a great deal of strength and a moderate healing factor, as well as animalistic agility ( can scale any surface) . He can also see everything they see, communicate with them telepathically, possess them, and can teleport anywhere in the shadows. 


Type: Innate | Effect: Summon | Usage: Low
He has demonstrated the ability to make multiple clones of himself, carrying many of the same characteristics as the original such as darkness manipulation.  In one occasion he made many copies to fool and confuse the police into thinking they had caught him. However they don’t seem as strong as the original, and take fewer hits. 

DEFENSES: Darkness Armor

The Darkness’s nectoplasmic armor is powerful enough to tank shots, high caliber rounds, suicide bombing and blows from superhuman. It rarely fails him, and is costs him little to no energy to maintain. Jackie is also capable of impressive regeneration, able to regenerate from many wounds in seconds. He can teleport out of danger via shadows, but he rarely does so. 

Accuracy: 77/100
Combat: 80/100 – Jackie is said to be on par with Batman in an established crossover, was able to effectively duel Superman, and was already a martial arts expert before wielding the darkness.
Physicality: 55/100 – Was able to damage Superman in a single punch, can lift up cars, regularly rips off skulls and can smash through tanks. 
Damage Intake: 62/100 – Is capable of healing from lethal gunshots, point blank explosions, and superhuman blows in seconds. 
Damage Resistance: 72/100 – His armor is capable of withstanding point blank tank shots, high caliber bullets, c4 strapped to his chest blows from other super beings and much more. Also immune to all aliments and diseases, heat resistance, can breathe underwater or in space. Finally he possesses a slight reactive adaption; while not Doomsday’s level this allowed him to become immune to a disease made to kill him. 

Raw Speed: 39/100 – Described as being able to move faster than any vehicle and can fly outside of the Earth’s atmosphere at high velocities. 
Reflexes: 55/100 – Seems to be able to dodge bullets and match blows with powerful figures such as Superman.
Stealth: 76/100 – Due to his Darkness manipulation and the fact that he can travel anywhere there is shadows, he can be really stealthy when he needs to be. He is a former Mafia Hit man, and is familiar with assassinations. 
Sensory: 77/100 – Possesses telepathy, can see/hear everything that his Darklings can, possesses night vision and enhanced senses.
Stamina: 78/100 – Has fought against the Witchblade for many hours before, and is rarely shown to be tired in anyone of his fights.  
Finesse: 87/100 


Initiative: 62/100 – More often than not his darkness enhanced reflexes allow him to get off the first shot.  
Adaptive Creativity: 90/100: Inside the Darkness he can construct almost anything he imagines, even create permanent non-darkness life like he did with his lover, Elle. He is frequently seen creating or revealing a new trick in his fights. 
Intelligence: 62/100 – Jackie is capable of both seeing the future and the past, and is smart enough to figure out his opponent’s weaknesses, as well as devise counter measures to that. 

Tactics: 66/100 – Though not a tactical genius per say, Jackie has demonstrated multiple times that he can defeat enemies without using the Darkness, and exploit opponent’s weakness. 
Intuition: 68/100 – Though he isn’t capable of long term foresight, he can see events in a person’s life and how they dealt with them. To an extent, he can also see their future when they are directly in his sight. He does have to activate this power though. 


Experience: 68/100 – Has fought against many varieties of mafia, the U.S. army, super humans (like Superman) and supernatural entities (like the Angelus).
Discipline: 62/100
Training: 43/100 - though raised since around 6, he only got low quality mafia training.

Audacity: 80/100 – Seeing as he controls the most terrifying thing in the universe, I can say that he would score quite high in audacity. 
Intimidation: 70/100 – Jackie’s intimidation is quite high; his Darklings often scare most normal people into surrendering outright, and he is able to shape shift into more horrifying constructs. 
Psychological Warfare: 72/100 – This man utilizes threats, taunts, his Darklings and the darkness itself to scare his foes. 
Strength of Mind: 80/100 – In addition to having lordship over the entity of the darkness, Jackie’s mind is sick and twisted, to the point where I pity any telepath that tries to get in his head.
Killer Instinct: 76/100 – Very, very rarely he’ll find a person that he does not want to kill (Batman, a mercenary girl) however more often than not he slaughters. 
Psychology: 40/100 – Sex addicted lunatic, prideful, near sociopathic and insecure, very easy to tick off if insulted. His psychology score suffers quite a bit.
Inner Torment: 65/100 – The no-sex rule digs at him so much that he nearly killed himself in anguish when he found out.
Corruption: 60/100 – More anti-hero then evil; he does have a code of honor. 


Energy Potential: 100/100 (In Darkness), In light (30/100) – He doesn’t seem to have much in the way of limits when he is inside the Darkness, and can construct almost whatever he wants without draining himself. In pure sunlight though his powers are rather restrained, though he is capable of some shadow manipulation. 

  COMMON FACTORS: Live for Combat, Bloodthirsty Killers, Mastery of Darkness
 Amazing this man seemed to have a fascination with violence since before the age of comprehendible speech, and frequently beat up kids (and once even an official!) who teased him or his childhood friend Jenny. This was part of the reason Mafia Don  Frankie "Kill-the-children-too" Franchetti noticed him at an early age and trained him to be a mafia hitman, and after training him  in fights he performed his first hit at 16.
     Like Arthas, Jackie fell in love with the violence and sex of the underworld, leading many successful hits even before he acquired the Darkness. Afterwards he had even more fun killing people, though unlike Arthas after his corruption he generally restrained it to people who deserves it in his view (he did not kill random citzens).
       Jackie is a master of Darkness whose feats can be seen throughout this profile.


Jackie Estacado is a master of the Darkness, one of the elemental forces of the universe. Thus anything pertaining to the Darkness he can use, he can manipulate pretty much at will. There will be plenty of darkness on any battlefield he goes to so that he might raise

He does have two very significant weaknesses. The first is that he can’t have sex (except with very few specific people, less he dies when a child is conceived to be next in line for the Darkness) and this serves as a frequent demoralizer to him. The second MAJOR disadvantage is that his darkness constructs fail in high powered light, to the point where all he’ll have left is a pair of M9s and street smarts should this occur. However there are four saving graces for Jackie on the subject of light. 1. It has to be very high intensity light; a normal flashlight won’t do anything to them though it will kill his darklings. In fact in a recent comic it was shown that a Phosphorous grenade had no effect on him or his armor.  2. In later comics it seems that it takes a few moments to have full effect; his constructs won’t disappear the second the light comes on, just a few seconds after that. 3. Jackie has shown the ability to create small things that function in light, including water. While he won’t be able to keep anything big around, it’s possible that crafted weapon would still work in the light. 4. Even in direct sunlight, he can manipulate whatever shadows are around him. 

Finally though this isn’t a weakness per say there are rare times where the Darkness involuntarily takes over. While this is astronomically rare (like 10  times in a thousand, as Jackie REALLY doesn’t want to relinquish control), the elemental force of the Darkness can take over—and then things just got 100 times harder for his opponent.

 Motivation: Mastery of the Darkness, Bring back childhood friend Jenny (and others)

      What Jackie is getting out of this tournament is a full mastery of the darkness. Basically he has been promised that he will acquire the ability to use his powers in broad daylight, as well as not killing himself if he impregnates a woman. He will be the one in charge of his own body, not the malicious and elemental darkness.  If he wins then various people close to Jackie like Jenny and Elle will be brought back to life, free to pursue a happy life.

= = = VERSUS = = =

Name: Arthas Menethil
Alias: Lich King
Age: ~28 
Height: 6’7” 
Weight: 230 lbs  
Class: Dark Lord of the Undead 
Grade: 7.0 Higher Being
Theme Song: 


Once the heroic prince of Lordaeron, Arthas was corrupted by the blade Frostmourne while trying to save his people from the DreadLord Mal’Ganis and an unholy fate.  Arthas succeeded in this task, however the blade’s corruption drove him insane, and gradually consumed his soul.  This caused him to kill everything he once fought for, and over a long Path of Damnation became nearly completely evil. Since then he has merged his soul with Ner’zhul, becoming the entity known as the Lich King. As the Lich King his powers have increased far beyond any normal mortal, and he can telepathically control the entire Scourge (save for a small section known as the Forsaken), a force of undead. He is a superb necromancer, able to raze whoever he kills as undead, or else rain down powerful Dark Magic spells on them. He is also a master of frost based spells, using them to compliment his dark magic, and is a superb swordsman with his appropriately named Frostmourne. As the Lich King he can summon portions of his army at will, or else try to steal his foe’s souls.
 Pre-Battle: On/off planner, Utterly Ruthless

    Since merging with the Lich King Arthas has created a few well-crafted plans, most of which is to ultimately give him more minions and kill more of the living. However he is also a man of action, a warrior who enjoys the thrill of the fight and the feel of his blade as it steals an enemy’s soul. He shows no care for his enemies, even if he respects them, and even less for his own troops who he views as cannon fodder. 

Pre-Battle assistance : Undead Scourge (Kel’Thuzard)

Arthas has a great advantage in pre-battle, namely that in addition his own brilliant mind he can call on the Scourge to aid him. His chief advisor is a Lich named Kel Thuzard, however in theory he can summon any member of the Scourge to consult with; all will willingly do so. Scholars, mad scientists, dragons—all with obey him if called. He is a master of death, and any who die from him he can summon back from the grave to either serve as cannon fodder or (if he beats significant mortals in the tournament) Death Knights.

LONG RANGE: Dark Magic
Range: ~60 meters | Type: Prepared | Effect: Various Usage: Moderate- High

An umbrella term, Dark Magic refers to a whole slew of spells which the Lich King utilizes against his foes. “Death Coil” shoots a green skull at the target, dealing dark magic damage when it hits or if aimed at himself or a minion, heals them. With “Defile”, he can permanently stain the land underneath him or a specific target about five feet, with darkness which does damage to anyone who steps in it and causes the area of darkness to grow.

“Infest” and “Necrotic Plague” infects the target with dark magic for a limited time, doing damage during that time. If Necrotic Plague were to kill someone it would move on to the next and the next, increasing in damage with each transfer. “Pain and suffering” does minor damage in a cone type area to everything in front of the Lich King."Death Storm" does a high amount of Shadow damage per target for up to 12 targets. “Summon Shadow Trap” deals a large amount of damage to all foes within ten yards, knocking them back. “Soul Reaper” strikes the target for part of their weapon damage and a great deal of shadow damage after five seconds, while also increasing the Lich King’s attack speed (so the better the weapon they possess, the more damage done).

MID RANGE: Ice Magic

Range: ~60 meters | Type: Prepared | Effect: Various Usage: Moderate-High

The second particular power the Lich King is known for is Ice Magic. Upon reading "Rise of the Lich King" it is apparent that he has uncontested control over ice, as ice magic hurled against him did no damage and was quickly turned back on the hapless mage. It is shown in the novel that he can deal frost damage with his sword, send deadly icicles hurling through the air at an opponent, or even freeze over the mouth of a major river in the summertime with but a command and a sword thrust. In addition to overall control he also possesses a series of specific moves. "Summon Ice Wall" Summons a three story ice wall on a location.   “Remorseless Winter” creates a large winter storm, inflicts a great deal of frost damage to everyone within 45 yards of the Lich King (makes it difficult for anyone to approach him). "Howling Blast" does frost damage to anything in 10 meters, and does triple damage to already frozen targets. " Tendrils of Frost" causes frost tendrils to envelop the target, stopping them temporarily and doing minor frost damage. Finally he can summon an “Ice Sphere” which either does a light amount of damage continuously over time or can explode on the target for a high amount of damage.

CLOSE RANGE: Frostmourne 
Artifact Blade | Material: Unknown | Effect: Blade, life-drain Usage: Very High

While normally a hefty two handed weapon, the Lich King’s strength and skill with this sword is such that he can wield it effortlessly. He can slice through plate armor with such ease that the blade wasn’t even slowed by the action. It also seems that it automatically cleaves through all but a select few magical weapons (Powerful holy or demonic weapons and weapons reforged after having been previously broken by Frostmourne).

But more than just a powerful combat weapon, it possesses the power to drain the very soul of anyone that it comes in contact with, including the wearer. This act gives back life to the Lich King, serving as a leech effect of sorts.. Every person/thing Arthas kills with Frostmourne gives him additional strength, as he gains their soul and would be able to add that person to his army, or even take some of their powers. It can strike incorporeal beings and has an additional damage bonus against the living.

In a move known as “Fury of Frostmourne” Arthas can deal an incredible amount of dark magic damage from this blade, which is enough to down the entire raid group. According to Blizzard, the sword also boosts the user’s stamina, intellect and strength, at the cost of their soul. Finally he is powerful enough to create small shockwaves with this weapon that once sent a seasoned death knight flying.

For hand to hand combat Arthas has a move called "Death Touch" which does shadow damage to living foes, potentially killing them.

The only thing proven to be able to destroy this sword is a holy weapon, which would be a near instant kill to the Lich King as it would free the souls trapped inside, who would then set upon him. However the blade needs to be practically bathed in holy light, as Forstmourne has matched holy weapons before without breaking (though Arthas did note that his sword was less powerful than normal).
 (Spells can be seen from :40-2:10 including "Ice Lock", "Quake", "Summon various Val'kyrs "Shambling horrors" , vile spirits, various dark magic and ice spells, "Apocalypse", finally topping it all off with Fury of Frostmourne around 2:06)
SPECIAL 1: Soul Draining Spells, Minor Powers 
Range: ~30 meters | Type: Prepared | Effect: Energy Sap Usage Moderate

Arthas possesses two soul spells of note. He can use the “harvest soul” move which deals a moderate amount of dark damage every second for 5 seconds, before trying to transfer the target’s soul to Frostmourne and “Raging Spirit”, which rips out a piece of the target’s soul, causing it to attack them. " Soul Reaper" can only be used in close quarters and does a great deal of Shadow Damage and increases his speed by 100 percent for a couple of seconds. He can also drain energy (at least related to magic) and life, giving both to him.

From videos based on in game quests as well as the lore Manuel of Monsters, the lich king is capable of teleportation though its unknown how long it takes to prepare such a move, as well as the ability to create portals. He has a move called "Apocalypse" which will hurl people back up to 90 feet and a move called "Magnetic Pull" which pulls someone towards him. Finally in lore its established he has low grade control of Telekinesis and the elements which is  evidenced  in gameby the spell "Quake" which sends out underground shockwaves and splits the land, as well as the above Telekinesis spells.

The Lich King can also use his magic to enhance himself and his warriors ". From Dark Magic, “Unholy Aura” increases the movement speed and life regeneration rate slightly of all around him. He can also use a spell called “Berserk” to increase his or his summons attack speed by 150%, as well as damage by 900% for 30 seconds. He can create a passive aura that both reduces his speed by 75 percent and does minor-moderate damage PER SECOND on those foolish enough to stand in his personal space. From Ice Magic, he can cast “Ice Lock” which completely freezes an opponent in ice, though it’s possibly limited to individuals on the ground.

SPECIAL 2: Summon Minions, Mind Powers
Type: Innate | Effect: Summon Usage: Very High(undead) – Rare (Mind Powers)

Arthas is capable of summoning a variety of minions out of thin air in order to aid him. “Drudge Ghouls” bring three weak ghouls out over three seconds, but they are really just cannon fodder ."Raging Ghouls" is almost the same as the above just that instead of 3 it summons 6 ghouls who can leap onto their targets.  “Shambling horror” is a larger minion capable of briefly increasing its own attack power, creating minor shockwaves, and briefly increasing its speed. "Summon Lumbering Abomination" summons a massive horror that in addition to possessing a high amount of health can also vomit acid on its foes.   “Summon Valk’yr” summons a Valk’yr shadow guard (think Valkryie), which will try to drop a target to his death and use life siphon, which steals a tiny bit of life and gives it to herself. “Vile Spirits” is the final summon he uses, which brings ten nasty spirits that either do small damage over time, or can kamikaze themselves for greater damage.  "Summon Risen Witch Doctor" creates 2 witch doctors who fire minor dark magic spells onto foes. In addition he can summon his black “horse” Invincible, a faithful steed that served his master in life and in death. The steed can also can fly, and turn into a specter when Arthas no longer needs him. Finally there is Singdosa, his most powerful lieutenant and mighty frost wyrm. This creature consists of the bones of a dragon consumed by the Scourge who can breathe streams of concentrated frost or one giant frost bomb. Though not proven, Warcraft lore hints at the ability of Arthas to use Singdosa as a mount. 

As mentioned, Arthas would be able to raise back from the dead any that he killed, and can communicate/order the dead around with telepathy. In total I am not sure there is a limit to the amount of dead he can raise/summon.

In addition, in lore he is capable of some limited telepathy and mental attacks, including a variant of Psychic attack. He can attempt to dominate the mind of his opponent or a nearby creature, with strength of mind determining the amount of resistance.  He possesses limited Omniscience, which is defined as follows: The Lich King's vast consciousness allows him to view up to five remote locations (on the same world or plane) at a time. He may communicate telepathically with anyone he views in this manner. He is also made aware whenever his name or one of his titles is spoken.

DEFENSE: Armor (Plate of the Damned, Helm of Damnation), Death Pact:

The Plate of the Damned is massive in form and covered with layers of arcane etchings, yet this imposing armor rests lightly upon the wearer. It was crafted by demons, along with the Helm of Domination, and given to Ner'zhul to make him nearly invulnerable, and inherited by Arthas when he assumed the mantle of Lich king. The armor is said to be nigh indestructible, but just in case, Arthas also has chainmail beneath the plate. 

The Helm of Domination was also crafted by demons, both to hold the spirit of Ner'zhul and grant the wearer his Lich King powers. The helm, which helps command undead and others, plus the Plate of the Damned, which makes the wearer nearly invulnerable, were bonded to Ner'zhul's spirit and locked within the Frozen Throne. If it were removed without beating the Lich King, the original possessor would still retain his powers, and it would either kill or mortally injure whoever attempted to wield it. 

In total his armor weighs only fifty pounds, not much considering Arthas’s strength and the bulk of the armor. 

Should the Lich King ever find himself in danger, he can kill one of his minions for up to 300 % (no typo there!) of that minion’s health using a spell called death pact. Undead also possess low grade regeneration, and will heal over time, and can take more wounds then the living on principle for the lack of requirement for vital organs. Every time he kills a little of the opponent’s health goes to him. He is also resistant to several types of magic 

== X-FACTORS == 
Accuracy: 76/100
Combat: 73/100 – Initially trained by Muradin Bronzebeard and Uther, Arthas is portrayed as a skilled duelist even before corruption. After corruption he defeated many of the best fighters of their time; his old mentor Uther the Lightbringer, Sylvanias Windrunner, Kael’thalas Illidan Stormrage (who had many thousands of years of experience), and an entire WoW raid group of extremely skilled players. He is arguably the greatest swordsmen in the Warcraft Universe, however lacks martial arts training.  

Physicality: 17/100 – Seems to be much stronger than the average human, given his size and how he is able to wield the massive rune blade Frostmourne effortlessly. 

Damage Intake: 39/100 – Normally requires a very specific set of requirements to kill (destruction of Frostmourne on his very throne), however he is shown to be wounded by a counter-scourge plague and by someone stabbing his heart. Nevertheless he is able to take 25 highly skilled players hitting him at once, still beating them were it not for a spirit’s intervention. While he can kill a friendly unit for health, this is limited by the availability of friendly units. Undead also possess low grade regeneration, and will heal over time.

Damage Resistance: 73/100: Possesses magical armor designed to be nearly invulnerable, as well as complete immunity to ice magic, highly resistant to dark magic, most diseases/chemical agents and part of him was once a shaman, meaning he’d have some degree of control/resistance to other elements. The Lich King is also immune to banishment and imprisoning effects, attacks on the soul (for he has none), death effects, disease, disintegration, all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns and morale effects), paralysis, poison, petrifaction, poly-morphing attacks, sleep effects and stunning (from lore book). He is also resistant to energy and stamina drains. 
Stealth: 47/100 – Once he teleported behind someone and snuck up on them that way, but other then that not very sneaky.
Sensory: 81/100 – Though he has been snuck upon once before (albeit he was distracted at the time) his sensory is one of the highest yet. It is stated in lore that he has two different spells that are active at all times which serve to detect all dead and living within 500 feet of him.  In addition he has enhanced senses, including limited night vision. 

Stamina: 90/100 – Not only is he of undead status (almost a walking skeleton in terms of life signs), according to lore he is immune to all fatigue drains. 
Finesse: 45/100
Raw Speed: 13/100 (24/100 Invincible) – Rather slow and cumbersome, though capable of running when he needs to. The Auras also boost this slightly. On his mount Invincible this speed is greatly increased, though post transformation he doesn’t seem to utilize this mount very much. 
Reflexes: 50/100 – Does not really dodge, but his reaction time is shown to be sufficient enough to block and destroy a highly trained Orc in a single blow, as well as compete with the night elf Illidan. In addition he once sliced an arrow out of the air, not moving his loosely held blade until the bolt was about five feet from him, before moving “unfathomably fast” for even an elf, who have superior reactions to humans.

Initiative: 44/100
Adaptive Creativity: 65/100 – Scores surprisingly well here upon reflection, given that he keeps dreaming up strange and horrible crap for his Scourge.

Intelligence: 69/100 – Is the emergence of two rather intelligent beings, Arthas and Ner’zhul, and has powerful farsight abilities. 
Tactics: 60/100 – The Lich King is able to come up with complicated plans and carry them out with deadly efficiency, able to plan several layers of plots and schemes to help aid in his ultimate conquest. 
Intuition: 80/100 – The second half of the Lich King Personality, Ner’zhul, possesses spectacularly gifted pre-cognition and had foreseen most of the events of World of Warcraft years before they occurred.

Experience: 71/100: Though young, he has fought against a wide variety of species/factions (Undead, Human, Orc, Night and High Elves, Dwarfs) as well as the demonic forces of the burning legion, and other horrors such as the Forgotten one. He also possess the experience of the second half of the Lich King persona (though a heavily suppressed one), Ner’Zhul. Nevertheless, his age stops him from achieving higher here. 
Training: 57/100 : Thanks to the mergence with Ner’Zhul he has Shaman and Paladin training, as well as self-taught training in the arcane arts and was tutored by a Dwarven King and the highest ranking Paladin.
Discipline: 83/100 – As the Lich king he really does not lose his cool, even when ambushed. In fact he has deliberately cut out his ability to feel most emotions, allowing him to be calm even in some of the direst circumstances. 

Audacity: 76/100 – Is extremely bold, willing to charge into an unknown continent in order to avenge his people, or else storm fortified positions from the front as a Death Knight. Very occasionally he does retreat if he considers the odds too stacked against him.

Intimidation: 67/100 – The deathly aura and cold speech that he gives off is enough to intimidate most foes, and only the bravest would ever attempt to fight him alone. 

Psychological Warfare: 77/100 – Everything from this man’s demeanor to speech is designed to put fear in his enemy’s heart, and he frequently engages in taunting  and ridiculing his foes, in order to lead them to anger or dishearten them. 

Strength of Mind: 85/100 – The fusion of two strong minds as well as maintaining telepathic control of the entire Scourge, he would brush off a Jedi mind trick instantly. Is highly resistant if not immune to mind altering effects. 

Killer Instinct: 87/100 – Shows no moral qualms to killing anyone, whether it is his father, his mentor Uther, or even the love of his life Jaina (though timely intervention saved her). In fact, he desires to kill absolutely everything in Azeroth. But he is not without manner, introductions, and respect for his greatest enemies.
Psychology: 55/100
Inner Torment: 34/100 – It is hinted that some small part of the old Arthas still exists, deeply regretting his current self, however this part does not show up in any of his deeds. 

Corruption: 97/100 – Nearly complete evil, desires nothing less than everyone being forced to serve him as the undead. 


Energy Potential: 82/100 – Not only does he not run out of endlessly able casting spells, he is about immune to being drained of magical energy. However he is mostly limited to casting 1 or  2 spells at a time, which somewhat lowers his score in comparison to someone who can spam them.

 COMMON FACTORS: Live for Combat, Bloodthirsty Killers, Mastery of Darkness
      From early childhood both Jackie and Arthas has lived for combat, eventually honing their skills to become the deadly killers they are today.  While his opponent got the street treatment Arthas got the best training that money could buy before being sent out on combat missions, in which he distinguished himself as  powerful and ferocious warrior. After his corruption these traits turned nasty, and he began to take a thrill from killing and standing triumphant over his beaten foe.
 Both Jackie and Arthas are masters of the Dark Arts, able to call upon its aid often and efficiently in battle (though neither is immune to dark spells/darkness either).  In Arthas’s case he uses a variety of curses, soul attacks and necromancy to fuel his bloodlust.


He is a master of death, and any who die from him he can summon back from the grave to either serve as cannon fodder or (if he beats significant mortals in the tournament) Death Knights. Also the Undead bring with them an area of land called the blight, on which nothing grows and Undead regenerate slightly faster. 

But perhaps his greatest power is his nigh-invulnerability to many hex powers; anything that would affect his skills or personal abilities (lowering his Accuracy or draining his Energy Potential for example) unless it is overpowered, basically will not work on him. His sensory cannot be affected through drugs or hallucinations, though outside trickery like holograms or fake doubles would. He is also immune to disease, banishment, any sort of imprisoning, disintegration,  soul attacks    and mind-bending affects (even through charms, patterns, and things that would affect morale).

However, the Lich King is arrogant, a trait which helped cause his downfall. As noted above he has somewhat of a weakness against Holy Equipment, as well as the inconvenient fact that if Frostmourne is destroyed he automatically loses. One final weakness is that while he does have some instant cast spells most of them take a few seconds to cast (anywhere from 3-5 seconds generally, so not too long) and a few seem to require incantations/gestures.

MOTIVATION: Kill everything, Immortality
The Lich King’s main goal is to kill the living that he can raise them as undead to serve as his servants. He is particularly interesting in powerful individuals who might lead his armies in the scourging of life. This tournament offers many such individuals. Ironically at the same he intends to “live” forever in his undead state and seeks more power to prevent his death.  

Well I hope you enjoyed the bios! One last factor though .....

 Environments are meant to be equally advantageous to both, and I intend on following through with that promise. The battlefield is going to have more then enough darkness, perhaps with only the scantest of light- but to balance that it is going to contains dozens of mass graveyards with corrupted blight land. 


  1. Ah, we gotta couple of badasses here, do we? Wielding death and darkness like batons they have slaughtered all in their path. But which one will walk away the victor in an all out massacre with each other? Darklings or Undead? That is the question!

    Pre-Battle & Assistance: Street Smart / Resourceful / Johnny Powell / Darklings vs. On/Off Planner / Utterly Ruthless / Undead Scourge (Kel'Thuzard)

    I can respect street smarts and the ability to adapt, as it tends to produce strategies that take people off guard. On the other hand, people who have been warriors a long time (or who have ancient spirits of evil) tend to have seen more then most, and are harder to take by surprise.

    Arthas seems like the kind of guy who would look up everything about Jackie, and his powers so he could find ways to counter them. Jackie seems like he would do the same thing, but also look up what makes Arthas tick, and what buttons he can push to throw him off.

    Powell is a boon to Jackie, because if anyone would know about the Lich King, it would be him. If Arthas has any skeletons in his closet, this guy will sniff them out. That said, Powell is just one dangerously unstable guy. Arthas has acess to a virtual (and literal) army of advisors, each one smarter then the last.

    And while Jackie can train with the Darklings, their powers are limited, and none of them will be anything close to the real thing. Arthas on the other hand, is not unfamiliar with powers like Jackie's and is bound to have something in his army that can produce an acceptable replica to train against. Ultimately, I have to give the edge to him, because he has more to work with.

    I also think that, if Arthas wins, Powell should have to go work for the Lich King. One, because I think he would appreciate the irony. Two, because he's hilarious, and we should get to see him even if Jackie is no longer around.

    Edge: Arthas

    Long Range: Dual Berretta 9m handguns / Darkness Weapons vs. Dark Magic

    The handguns suck, let's not even pretend otherwise. They aren't going to do anything against the Lich King's armor, and they won't do much against the undead.

    The umbrella term of spells that fall under Dark Magic all seem powerful and painful… but not necessarily lethal. They seem to focus more on transferring power to the Lich King then killing his opponent. This may be fine later in game, but early on won't be especially helpful.

    Darkness weapons are incredible, with the ability to make anything you think can exist exist, the possibilities have few limits. For instance, it SHOULD be possible for Jackie to make some sort of holy weapon that isn't light based to use against Arthas (Powell would surely know of one).

    If that's not possible, then Jackie still holds the advantage that his weapons will all have range and firepower over Arthas (missile launcher trumps catapult every time). So I give my edge to the mobster.

    Edge: Jackie

  2. (Part 2)

    Mid Range: Shape Shifting / Black Hole vs. Ice Magic

    Shape Shifting is one of those weird powers that is only really useful if you turn into the right thing. A whip fist, for instance, is not going to do much against a guy like Arthas, who'll shrug that off and keep on fighting. But a Balrog like creature, with fire breath (something that works great against the undead) would be great, especially if Jackie could get his claws around the Lich King, and may even deal a lethal blow.

    Black Hole seems like a distraction move to me. Sure it'll get rid of the minor undead, but it won't effect the big guys, or Arthas that much. At most it'll force Arthas to teleport away or resist the Hole.

    The ability to launch icicles is not going to break the darkness armor (unless Arthas can launch them at light speed… which I don't think he can). The rest of the Ice Spells are, at most, inconvenience Jackie, not kill him. Even if Arthas turns the whole area into an Iceberg, Jackie's ability to teleport will have him out in no time. At most, Ice Magic can be used to separate Jackie from his Darklings, but even that won't be for long.

    For having moves that kill, as well as distract, I give it to the master of Darkness.

    Edge: Jackie

    Close Range: Tentacles / Darkness Constructs vs. Frostmourne

    No matter how many tentacles Jackie can produce, I can't really see them breaking through Arthas' armor. Given enough time, they may find a chink, but Frostmourne's not likely to let that happen. Frostmourne, a blade that can slice through pretty much anything, should be able to cut through most of Jackie's constructs with little difficulty. Even if it can't, just being in contact with the blade is enough for the Lich King to feed off one's life-force and rejuvenate himself, something Jackie does NOT WANT!

    Ultimately, Frostmourne can match any blade or chainsaw construct. And any blow from it that gets past the Darkness armor could be near instantly fatal, due to the magic around it. While Jackie may have versatility on his side, I still have to give it to the Lich King.

    Edge: Arthas

    Special 1: Shadow Manipulation vs. Soul Draining Spells / Minor Powers

    Being able to kill someone with the Darkness inside them is an amazing ability… if only he USED IT more!

    This is a power Jackie almost never uses on a living opponent, so you know he's not going to use it until late, late in the game, and by then it could be to late. Meanwhile, Arthas throws around those Soul Spells like their candy at a parade!

    And, while the potential of the internal shadow manipulation on Super-humans is untested, Arthas knows exactly how deadly his spells will be to Jackie's soul (in such a state as it it).

    Finally, Arthas has a multitude of little powers to call on ,like blasting people away, or teleporting (though I give Jackie more points for being faster at it).

    In this instance, Jackie's restraint works against him, letting Arthat score the edge.

    Edge: Arthas

  3. (Part 3)

    Special 2: Darklings / Dopplegangers vs. Summon Minions / Mind Powers

    While Jackie can arm his minions with better weapons (guns beats swords), Arthas can boost his army with magic. Both can summon amazingly large minions, again making them equal. The Psychological factor doesn't really come into play here, as Undead cannot feel fear, unless Arthas wants them to.

    The Dopplegangers may prove better at distracting the enemy then fighting it, as Arthas mind powers would let him see which was the real one. Still, having multiple shadow manipulators around could be useful for attack from multiple sides.

    Then we have the resurrection issue to cover. Can Darklings be brought back to life if killed? The answer: Maybe. The way I figure it, if a Darkling is just plain killed, they disintegrate back into shadow, and thus cannot be brought back. HOWEVER! The magic of Frostmourne should make so that, if killed directly by the cursed blade itself, those Darklings COULD be brought back as undead servants. This means that, as the battle drags on, more and more Darklings are going to start fighting against Jackie instead of for him.

    Even if we don't allow my theory of undead Darklings, there's still Arthas' mental domination to consider, to which Jackie has no counter or parallel power. This means he'll have to dismiss any Darklings that fall under Arthas sway, or fight them. This can prove both tiring and distracting. Ultimately, the Undead take this one.

    Edge: Arthas

    Defense: Darkness Armor vs. Armor / Death Pact

    Any armor that can take a direct punch form Superman is nothing to sneeze at. Then again, Arthas has highly magical armor that is nigh-invulnerable. Jackie has high regeneration powers… but Arthas can kill a single minion for an amazing health boost. Both can teleport. I'm just gonna go ahead and call this one even.

    Edge: Tie

    X-Factor: Physical:

    Now this one shocked me to the core. You'd think little scrawny Jackie wouldn't have a prayer against big bulky soldier Arthas, right? WRONG! I know that X-Factors aren't all equal, and that having one may trump several others, but let me just reiterate: Jackie takes Accuracy, Combat, Physicality, Damage Intake, Stealth, Finesse, Raw Speed, and Reflexes.

    Clearly, while Arthas has a warriors body, and can improve it with magic, Jackie's Darkness enhanced body is clearly the better in this case.

    Edge: Jackie

  4. X-Factor: Mental:

    Now here, we have the opposite. Arthas is old, very old, and the Lich King has seen many things. He has fought many battles and seen many fantastic types of magic. While Jackie may score very highly with Adaptive Creativity, the Lich King is intuitive enough to figure things out, and what to suspect.

    It comes down to the fact that Jackie has face no one like Arthas, but Arthas is not unfamiliar to dark manipulation, or summoned minions. And he's crafty enough that'll be able to work with whatever Jackie does, in order to win. In the end, I have to give it to the ancient evil spirit.

    Edge: Arthas

    X-Factor: Preparation:

    No contest. Trained as a warrior, and having the memories of the previous Lich King, as well as all his servants, Arthas has more experience, more training, and more discipline then Jackie ever will. Street smarts can only get you so far, and anger management issues aren't helping.

    Edge: Arthas

    X-Factor: Psychology:

    Jackie's Psychological warfare abilities aren't much better then Arthas, and will have no effect on the undead. He also won't be able to intimidate the undead, or Arthas. Both are arrogant, don't like being mocked, and have no problem killing. Jackie seems easier to tick off though, which will work against him. Ultimately, because so many of Jackie's tricks in the psych department will prove ineffective against the cold Arthas, I have to give him the edge. Arthas is more likely to get a rise out of him before Jackie ticks off the Lich King.

    Edge: Arthas

  5. (Part 5)

    Energy Potential:

    While Arthas can endlessly cast his spells, he can only cast one or two at a time, not spam them. Jackie though, seems to have virtually unlimited power, and is able to make or do virtually anything… as long as he stays in the darkness. Outside of it, his powers take a major hit, leaving him with only the base manipulation. This is a big weakness of his, and something Arthas is likely to take advantage of. Still, it needs to be high powered light, something I don't think Arthas can generate. So, because he so thoroughly trounces Arthas in this area (in the dark), I tentatively give the edge to Jackie.

    Edge: Jackie


    Killing everyone everywhere doesn't really seem like a motivator… more like an evil hobby. Trying not to die is better, as some of the most insane things in history have been done trying to avoid the reaper. Jackie's goal, on the other hand, appears to be love. While he is trying to master the Darkness, his desire to bring back his friend and love will prove to be a powerful one. People have done more cruel, terrible, wonderful, and innovative acts for love then any act of cruelty. While both make people fight harder, stronger, longer, your best bet is to always bet on love… it's the most powerful motivator out there.

    Edge: Jackie

    Final Conclusion:

    Both of these guys are some mean, tough, SOBs. Both are arrogant, which has lead to problems for them.

    Jackie controls a fundamental force of Nature itself, and in the darkness can make virtually anything.

    Arthas can control souls, and summon an undead, unending army that will never waiver and serve only him.

    After weighing all the variables, and all the powers, I have come to a conclusion. While Jackie will dominate at longer ranges, as the Lich King gets closer, he'll start losing more. He cannot break the Lich King's armor, and even if he kills his army, they'll only come back. While the same can be said of the Darklings, Arthas benefits more from his army anyway, as he can kill one and increase his health.

    Jackie also cannot attack the Lich King with psychic powers. While Jackie does have a strong mind, it will wear over time. Even if Frostmourne doesn't break his armor, it will still hurt his soul, and heal the Lich King. Eventually, Jackie may just drop dead from the damage to his immortal soul, without a scratch anywhere but his armor.

    As tough as he is, Jackie hasn't been around all that long. Arthas is pure evil, who will do every underhanded, dirty thing in the book to win. Jackie may hurt him, but the Lich King will outlast him. Sorry Jackie, but the Darkness is about to get a new master.

    Final Winner: Arthas Menethil

    God help the rest of the combatants after the Lich King reaps his rewards…

  6. That said, I stick by what I said about Johnny Powell. Just because Jackie is gone doesn't mean we need to lose this gem of comedy.

    Like a crazy, occult based Batman, I want to hear his opinion on everything...

  7. It looks like an even match here. However Athras' sword is a game breaker considering its ability to steal souls and heal the wielder but he is physically weaker than Jackie when the latter is in the Darkness since it gives him armor and inhanced strength will come in handy since it helped him alot in his fight with the Man of Steel. Inaddition the power to create minions on both sides will be interesting to see who's forces will outlast the other.

    I'm not a fan of WOW so I dont know alot about the lore itself but still it will be a good fight regardless of the outcome.

    No matter who wins the rest of the competition is utterly screwed.

  8. Just finished a speedrun of Spyro the Dragon... so I guess I have no reason not to do this now.


    Jackie's Pre-Battle is not looking good as far as strategies go. Sure, he can spar with his darklings, but those are nothing compared to Arthas or his summons, so I'm not sure how much good that will do. Johnny Powell will do some good in aiding Jackie against Arthas' magic, but you can only do som much to protect against Ice Magic, as the damage done is as much physical as it is magical. Arthas has a swathe of advisors that he can use, and he's already alot smarter than Jackie too, so Arthas takes it handily here.

    Handy Edge- Arthas

    Long Range: Dark Magic vs Darkness Weapons

    The Handguns are going ot be useless here so I'm throwing them out in favor of Jackie's much better long range choice. Since Jackie is limited only by his imagination here, the possibilities are endless. There's nothing stopping him from creating a line of gatling guns in front of him and decimating everything. Arthas' armor mat present a problem, but I can see Jackie lessening this during his pre-battle by adding weight and speed to the bullets he creates, allowing him to damage and eventually pierce the armor of the Lich King. Arthas' Dark Magic fares alot lot worse, and yes, I meant to put that second lot in there, because that's how much worse it fares. Many of the spells are too specific to destroying alot of semi-powerful people (I.E. raiding parties) to work well against a single entity that rivals himself in power. The most help he'll get out of these spells is later on in the fight, when the disease-type spells start to take their toll on Jackie. That's if he lasts that long though, as I'd make a comically oversized slingshot that shoots boulders made of pure darkness at Arthas if I was Jackie- that would definitely take care of his armor.

    Major Edge- Jackie

    Mid-Range: Ice Magic vs shapeshifting, black hole

    Black Hole sounds good for dealing with lesser minions of the Lich King, but past that it won't do much good. Shapeshifting on the other hand is another one of those powers that is only limited by imagination- which makes it unbelievably potent, especially to a guy with 90 in adaptive creativity. Changing into a Balrog is great, but why limit it there? He could Change into a giant, 10 story tall hammer and use himself to smash the Lich King. He could seperate himself endlessly until he was basically a mass of string, which would simply move around any physical attacks, rendering them useless (this allows him to dodge even Frostmourne, though I wouldn't risk it if I were him.) Imagination has no real limit, so Jackie has no real limit to his powers here. Lich King's Ice Magic is alot better than his dark magic, and the fact that he can control Ice like Magneto controls metal is a great tool-- unfortunately, Ice is nowhere near as effective as metal when you're trying to kill someone, and I don't see any amount getting through his Darkness armor. He could always crush him, but shapeshifting is a direct counter to that, so too bad for Arthas. Another Major Edge here for Jackie.

    Major Edge- Jackie

  9. Close Range- FrostMourne vs Darkness Tentacles and constructs

    Once again Jackie has a power here limited only by the power of imagination, which means it’s almost automatically a great power. Unlike the last two categories, however, Arthas can definitely compete, as he has a one hit kill sword that can kill literally anyone it touches… in one hit. The only reason this doesn’t automatically give Arthas the win is because it’s a sword, so it’s very short ranged. Jackie also has a lot more options at this range because of his abilities, so he could definitely use his tentacles to pin and disarm Arthas while impaling him from all angles with his constructs. Unfortunately for Jackie, the power of Frostmourne is undeniable, and Arthas doesn’t have to be creative to use it either. He just has to swing it around until it touches him, which is enough to give him a good edge.

    Good Edge- Arthas

    Special 1- Soul Draining Spells, other stuff vs Darkness draining spells and creep powers

    Arthas’ soul drain power is a great way to finish Jackie off once he’s down, but other than that I don’t see it working. Jackie’s darkness inside move is the same way, so it’s a wash as far as that’s concerned. Both of them can teleport, though Jackie’s is faster and requires darkness. Jackie also gains similar powers in darkness as Kerrigan has on her creep, so that’s a great advantage to Jackie when he’s on his home turf there. Arthas has limited Kinesis though, which could really help him impale Jackie on Frostmourne if he isn’t in darkness at the time. Berserk is one of those weird abilities that only helps in WoW or similar games. A 900% increase in damage is too arbitrary to mean anything in an actual fight (especially against Jackie, who’s damage intake is not only huge but situational) so I’m not really counting it. Still, because Jackie is limited here by needing to be in darkness to use his powers, Arthas gets the edge.

    The Edge- Arthas

    Special 2- Some kinky minion on minion action

    Arthas’ undead seem to have better general quality than Jackie’s imps, but the Imps have the numbers. In a fight like this, I can see superior numbers winning the day, as Jackie’s ability to create armies of them at a whim is hugely powerful compared to the spell-casting of Arthas. Jackie’s minions also have that magical power of imagination that I clearly love so much, so he can make them into whatever he wants with enough concentration (I would make an army of killer Walrus’ if I were him, but I doubt he’s that stupid). Having a dragon to ride is a lot better than a flying horse, so Jackie gets the edge here.
    Did I forget about mind powers? That’s because they won’t amount to much in a certified killer like Jackie. Anyone who enjoys killing so much is already messed up in the head.

    Dragon edge- Jackie

    Defenses: Death armor vs Darkness armor

    Surprisingly, they have pretty much the same Damage Resistance (I thought Arthas would’ve taken this handily) yet Jackie easily takes Damage intake, which is no surprise at all. Arthas’ Death Pact somewhat counters this, and they both have teleportation. Overall, Jackie technically has the better defenses, but since they rely on darkness and Arthas’ does not, I’m calling a tie.

    Aquafina Edge- Tie

  10. I didn't finish this yet? Jesus, I suck.


    Jackie dominates surprisingly easy here, I would've figured the Lich King to be a bit more physically intimidating than he is. Jackie takes a huge edge in damage intake, which will be crucial in staying alive (although the instant death spell is still ever present). He also scores ridiculously high in finesse, and when combined with his reflexes (which are slightly higher that Arthas') it's entirely plausible that at close range Jackie will be able to dodge and escape from Frostmourne without being touched, which is extremely helpful. He also beats him in speed, strength. Almost everything really. Jackie destroys here
    Destruction Edge- Jackie

    Quite close in most of these scores, however Jackie has a big edge in Adaptive creativity while Arthas wins big in intuition. Both of these are going to be crucial in the fight, and everything else is too close to call, so I'm calling this even.
    Calling Edge- Even

    Arthas wins in Experience and discipline, which is already 2 out of 3, so he takes it.
    5:00 in the morning and I can't sleep for some odd reason edge- Arthas

    Arthas scores high in pretty much everything here while Jackie falls short in a few areas. I still don't get how corruption works though.
    Corrupted Edge- Arthas

    Energy Potential:
    Despite having unlimited energies in darkness, Arthas has technically unlimited energy as well, and his doesn't completley die outside of darkness.

    Simply put, Jackie's weakness to light is hugely debilitating. Arthas will know this and, while he'll probably want to face him in a fair fight at first, if things turn sour he could always have a back-up plan involving light, which would destroy Jackie no matter how hurt Arthas is. Arthas also has a huge advantage in his swrd and the instant death spell, so if Jackie gets too overzealous (which is plausible) it could be over in an instant. In a fair fight without these weaknesses, I see Jackie destroying the Lich King, hell even if it was just Frostmourne he had to worry about he would probably still win. Unfornately, his weaknesses here are too great, and I have no choice but to give it to:

    Arthas Menethil

    Which is a bummer, because Jackie really is the better fighter. Arthas is just too smart to lose to someone with such an exploitable and debilitating weakness.

  11. Pre-Battle: Both Arthas and Jackie are packing some serious supernatural help. Powell may be a little…off, but his knowledge of the occult, even of fictional worlds; I really wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s a WoW subscriber. He’ll likely try to warn Jackie about the danger of getting up close and personal with the business end of Frostmoure, and will advise Jackie to hit Arthas his hardest with the darkness guns, and let the Darklings act as “meat shields” to Arthas’s magic. As for magical defenses, he will likely look into a spell that will reduce the effectiveness of Jackie’s light weakness. Not weakening it per say, but finding Jackie a spell that could summon greater amount of darkness around him…it’s probably doable. The Darklings however are not going to very effective for training. They may help for preparing Jackie for some of Arthas’s tougher minions like the Abominations and Valk’yrs, but against the man himself, forget it.

    Arthas on the other hand will summon all he has available to him, his scourge infected, generals, sorcerers, and whatever other freaks of nature he has at his disposal. Kel’Thuzard sounds like just like the kind of magical assistance needed to counter someone like Powell, and Jackie has a major weakness that I see him endlessly exploiting during prep. When you have a small army of sorcerers at your command, led by someone as smart as Kel’Thuzard, and an unlimited library at your disposal, you’re going to find some light spell in lore.
    Overall I’m giving this edge to Arthas. He’s more experienced, and he has far more advisers that can give him advice on more than just the occult. A feel that it’s a bit of a quantity vs. quality debate, but as someone once said (think it was Stalin) “Quantity has a quality all of its own”

    Solid Edge Arthas

    Long Range: Noticing a trend with Arthas’s spells at this range, they all seem at have a good AoE… but they all suffer from not doing much physical damage to his enemy. Most of them slowly drain his opponents health away, which may be useful against a tank like Jackie late in the fight, but its not going to slow him down much. I not even sure what “high shadow damage” means, or even how effective it would be against someone who main power is controlling shadows. His best spell at this range seems to be Soul Reaper as that actually benefits Arthas as well as hurts his opponent.

    Jackie in the other hand can dish out all the firepower his wants, and with prep and his imaginative mind he’s going to think up some nightmarish guns. Imagine a sniper rifle with a futuristically precise targeting system that would allow Jackie to hit Arthas in gaps in his armor with exploding rounds…yeah that would hurt quite a bit. Still he’s going to have a hell of a time trying to punch through Arthas’s armor, and will probably try to getting through the gaps in the armor as I just mentioned, rather than through the armor myself. For dealing with the minions he’ll probably stick with guns with a large AoE effect (spamming multiple rocket launchers held in different tentacles for example, or maybe even a miniature nuke launcher).

    While Arthas’s magic can wear Jackie down I’m skeptical of its ability to kill him. Jackie is packing something with a much bigger punch, and it’s much more easily spammable.

    Major Edge Jackie

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