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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hopefully last update before story

After a long and exhausting week I have managed to finish every profile assigned to me, and should have something out next week (though if not, ill give another profile). Pay Attention to the end as i'll have a very important point about future matchups.

(sorry no pictures this time, though next time I promise)

AGE: Late 30s
HEIGHT: 5'10 (6'2 Ghost Rider)
WEIGHT: 180 lbs (220 lbs GR)

  Originally a motorcycle stunt driver, Johnny Blaze's life was turned upside down when he inherited the ghost rider curse.  Now he rides the night as the very spirit of vengeance, hunting down criminals and avenging the wronged. He can manipulate mystical fire at will, using it to burn the very souls of his enemies. His unbreakable chains can ensnare anyone, and can be manipulated into various forms. He is most infamous for his motorcycle and penance stare,  a power that is incapable of instant k.o.s. The Ghost Rider is near invulnerable to most types of damage, and possesses limitless stamina making him a formidable foe for any.

Type: Prepared| Effect: Burning of both soul and flesh| Range: Line of sight
Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate, control, and project mystical fire, or "hellfire" at will. Hellfire is an emphyreal and supernatural flame that burns the soul of a person and can be used to burn their physical body. He can utilize this fire in various ways, including projecting it from his eyes, hands, mouth, or even channel it from his body into his weapons like his shotgun, form walls of hellfire, and even create a motorcycle completely out of hellfire. He can also unleash the hellfire in omni-directional attacks that are incredibly powerful such as blast of fire several blocks wide in all diameter and making it rain hellfire onto a village full of Demons.
Hellfire can burn through most substances and is a product of God's rage.

Type: Rifle | Range: Pistol | Type: Plasma/Energy |ROF: Semi-automatic |Magazine: Limitless

   Johnny Blaze carries multiple Hellfire enhanced firearms, most famously is his "Hellfire Gun" shotgun. The Hellfire Gun is a small shotgun that fires bursts of Hellfire, which do both the same type of damage as above and are generally explosive. Unlike conventional sidearms, the Hellfire Gun never runs out of ammunition and can be fired repeatedly for an indeterminate amount of time. He also possesses a couple of pistols which like the shotgun can be augmented.

CHAINS Material : Unknown Range: Upper limit unknown
Arguably the most famous of the Ghost Rider's weapons, his unbreakable chain serves him unconditionally, being able to be controlled mentally by the ghost rider. It can retract and extend at will, and can be used in five manners. The first of which causes the chains to be stiffened, turning it into a staff, or it can be spun around his head to turn it into a giant saw that can cut through most materials. Of course its basic uses are either as a lasso (which can ensnare someone) or as a flail with its spiked head being used for bludgeoning. Finally the chain is capable of separating into its component links, which then each morph into shuriken-like blades to be sent at the enemy. These then reform back into the normal links and merge back into the chain. In addition to the main chain the Ghost Rider can send out more chains from his mouth and chest at will. All of these chains can be augmented by hellfire.
Johnny carries several knives, also capable of being augmented with hellfire, as well as being strong enough to punch a person's head straight off.

Type: SOUL DESTRUCTION| Effect: INSTANT WIN| Range: 30 feet
Ghost Rider possesses the supernatural ability to cause any individual who stares into his eyes to see and feel every single bit of physical or emotional pain they have ever inflicted on anyone in their entire lifetime. This move or penance stare as it's called, is almost always fatal though he doesn't like to use it on the innocent. In order to use this move the Ghost Rider must lock eyes with someone, and it will not work on those are blind, on drugs, have no soul, or are currently bonded to a symbiote. Its effect is also lessened on the mentally unstable.

The Ghost Rider's main ride can be found by its large skull on the front which makes it a very intimidating vehicle on the road. It is powered by Hellfire; and is not effected by the natural laws of physicsThe Hell Cycle is capable of moving at incredible speeds, moving up vertical surfaces, cross bodies of water and at some times capable of flight. Its speeds meet mach 1 (700 miles per hour). The wheels are constantly on fire, which leaves a trail along the road when moving at its incredible speeds.The Hell Cycle will follow the command of the Ghost Rider, even when he is not riding it.
In addition, though this won't factor much, the Ghost Rider has occasionally demonstrated elemental manipulation, telekinesis, and the ability to create a hellish lightning storm.

Johny Blaze is highly resistant to the point of being basically immune to all types of earthly physical damage as he has taken blows from beings such as an enraged World War Hulk with no sign of pain or discomfort , had his entire skull destroyed and regenerated instantlyin the same fight (though this did knock him out), and only supernatural or divine attacks or weapons can cause discomfort or harm to the Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining injury. As his bodily tissues have been transformed, leaving only a skeleton, most projectiles such as bullets simply pass through him or bounce off his bones. Ghost Rider's body is for all intents immune to physical injury, as he is evidently not able to feel pain and is able to survive with no apparent discomfort no matter how severe the injury (Unless a weapon forged from Heaven itself is used against him).
     However, if his being is damaged, the magical energies imbuing him allows the Ghost Rider or Johnny Blaze to instantly regenerate any and all damage done, even to the point of fully regenerating lost limbs in moments, and regenerating his skull after it was destroyed in seconds without any discomfort or any evident pain.
   I bet many people are wondering how exactly to you can win against the Ghost Rider? He can be knocked out by massive amounts of force, powerful supernatural attacks or weapons (Supernatural is a broad term) or by his penance stare backfiring. He can be killed by Holy weapons, which there are quite a few of in this tournament. So it's not impossible just extraordinary difficult.

Accuracy: 80/100:
Without looking, Blaze once caught and sent a bullet right back at a sharpshooter a mile way. Also his bullets/chains are controlled by his mind, and curve according to his wims.
Combat: 69/100:
Johnny is very skilled with his chains, and is competent hand to hand fighter as well.
Physicality: 38/100
He is able to lift 25 tons and punch a man's head off.
Damage Intake: 67/100:

Damage Resistance: 78/100
See defense for both.
Stealth: 40/100:
Sensory: 56/100:
Stamina: 100/100:
The mystical energy that empowers Ghost Rider prevents his muscles from producing fatigue toxins during physical activities, granting him limitless superhuman stamina.
Raw Speed:44/100:
With his bike he can reach Mach 1 speeds, though on foot he's more of a 9.

Reflexes: 47/100
The Ghost Rider can react to superhuman enemies, including fast demonic forces.

Finesse: 60/100 (82/100):
Hard to say; on his bike he can defy gravity, but on foot he just seems slightly more agile then the average man.

Energy Potential :100/100
In his Ghost rider form he never runs out of energy, especially when connected to Zarithos.
Adaptive Creativity: 71/100:
He can create whatever he imagines out of his hellfire, and has created some truly fantastic pieces of equipment.
Initiative: 50/100:
Intelligence: 64/100 :
The combination of two minds, one high school graduate and one immortal demon who takes the back seat most of the time, but can serve as an advisory role.
Above average certainly given the vast variety of foes he has defeated, but nothing super special.
Intuition: 55/100:
Discipline: 67/100:
Well he is a literal hot head …..(bad joke aside)Johnny Blaze does his best to maintain discipline as often as possible to prevent Zarithos from taking over.

Experience: 87/100:
  The Ghost Rider as a combined entity has a long, centuries spanning amount of experience fighting various foes.
Training: 30/100:
Audacity: 86/100:

Intimidation- 72/100
  The Being's fearsome reputation, looks, and nature of penance stare make this a VERY scary foe to fight.
Psychological Warfare: 59/100:
Strength Of Mind: 74/100:
The ghost Rider is the emergence of Zarithos and a human host, and the powerful demon inside of him gives him a bit of a boost to resistance to mind control (though mephisto was still able to enslave him).
Killer Instinct: 66/100:
Psychology  50/100:
The two sides of the Ghost Rider, though allied in combat, are constantly at odds with one another.
Inner Torment: 56/100:
See above
Corruption: 55/100:


For Pre-battle  Blaze possesses his other half Zarithos, a powerful immortal demon with aeons of experience and some mystical knowledge. Another key factor is the possibility, though rare, of Zarithos taking over, a being that was said to be stronger then the world war Hulk.

However his main weakness is the conflict between Blaze & Zarithos; though they often ally in battles they straight up hate each other outside of them.


AGE:  14(normal form), 30ish  (Transformed )
HEIGHT: 5'6 (normal) ,  6'4 (Captain Marvel)
WEIGHT:  130 lbs (Billy), 225 lbs (Captain Marvel)
GRADE: 7.5 High Being
Billy Batson was originally a dirt poor orphan with some terrible luck, living in the subway and struggling to make enough to get by. That was until the day where the magical wizard SHAZAM chose him to be the new Avatar of his immense mystical powers. Now a powerful hero, Captain Marvel can become more powerful still by calling upon the powerful mystic to aid him, gaining the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury- all at once! SHAZAM!
*NOTE: All the powers below are described under his Shazam transformation.
Range: Huge

Using her immense physical strength Rogue is capable of lifting up to 50 tons worth of debris and throwing it at blinding speeds. His strength is such that if he wanted to he could throw something for many miles. In truth this isn't much to go on, but should he win this battle she will gain a long range

Through Zeus, Captain Marvel has high-level magic resistance and can call down the lightning that changes him back and forth between his two personas. He has even used the lightning as a weapon before; calling it down and then dodging it to allow the bolt to strike an enemy.  This lightning attack has a range of many miles, and it is shown to be devastating when it hits.  It can also be used when Marvel is wounded to heal him. However if he is not wounded and fails to dodge it when he calls it down it will turn him back into Billy Batson.

H is for the strength of Hercules, strongest of the gods. Billy is empowered with Hercules' nearly limitless superhuman-strength which is often compared to and rivals Superman's. . As such, Captain Marvel's strength is of the highest level and is sufficiently vast enough that it enables him to lift/move unbelievably massive and/or heavy objects possibly on a planetary scale or higher with little effort. Because his strength level is so high and potentially dangerous, Billy Batson constantly uses great restraint, thus he usually only uses as much strength or force as is necessary to accomplish whatever his given task or challenge requires.  Should he choose to, he can wrap his hands in the lightning bolts of Zeus to do additional magic/electricity damage.
   Marvel has two mental powers worth noting, both from Solomon.
 Clairvoyance :Chosen ones are clairvoyant to all situations. They can understand situations from many angles including futuristic and past consequences to actions. Also understood as superhuman awareness with such clarity that chosen ones can see into the future of their actions.
 Hypnosis: Through sheer power and magic he can hypnotize people for length of time (undetermined). Only those of great willpower can overcome this ability.

Finally from Mercury he has gained :
Flight- The power of Mercury grants Captain Marvel the ability to defy gravity. With this, he is able to travel through space and through the atmosphere of the Earth at incredible speeds.

Other than that Captain Marvel doesn't have many attacks, as the SHAZAM transformation mostly boosts his stats to an unimaginably high level.

Captain Marvel has no armor or shields, rather from the gods themselves he receives the following traits.
From Zeus Marvel receives:
Magical Resistance- The power of Zeus gives Captain Marvel a resistance against magic and only magic of the highest order is able to harm him.

HEALING:  Marvel heals very quickly due to his god-like attributes, and can call upon lightning to quicken this.
Invulnerability- Captain Marvel is virtually invulnerable to all forms of physical harm. His resistance to harm is comparable to that of Superman's but he does not share his weaknesses to Kryptonite or magic.

All X-factors below relate to Captain Marvel form, and not Billy Batson unless otherwise noted.
ACCURACY: 65/100
COMBAT: 78/100:
From Solomon, Marvel gets a massive boost in the fighting arts, possessing the knowledge of all Earthly ones.
Said to be on par with Superman.
Heavily resistant to magic, has the invulnerability of Superman and does not need to eat, sleep or breathe.
STEALTH: 48/100:
SENSORY: 56/100:
From what I could find, he only possesses peak human senses.
INITIATIVE: 80/100: Like Superman he often holds back, though when he wants to attack he'll hit big.
STAMINA: 100/100:
From Atlas he has gained inexhaustible stamina.
RAW SPEED:99/100:
Though capable of speeds many times the speed of light he often limits this while on the Earth to mach speeds , partially because he fears what it would do to his enemies if he hits that fast (Like Superman). However it is stated that with the speed of Mercury he is faster than  Superman and possibly even the flash.
REFLEXES: 96/100
FINESSE: 82/100:

Energy Potential :100/100
Tied to stamina, will never run out of energy.
Thanks to Clairvoyance this trait is really high.
The wisdom of Solomon gives Billy many intellectual abilities, some known and other yet unknown. With this, his brain contains almost all of the scholarly knowledge of mankind on subjects ranging from warfare(Tactics) to the knowledge of all languages (even alien ones!).
Captain Marvel  also possess a vast amount of knowledge about facts that he had no encountered previously. Billy is able to make guesses about subjects that he had no prior knowledge to but is able to answer with incredible accuracy.
TACTICS: 76/100:
INTUITION: 74/100:
Marvel is able to maintain himself even in the direst of situations.
EXPERIENCE:  74/100:
TRAINING: 53/100:
Some training with the Justice League.

AUDACITY: 93/100:
Such is Marvel's will that he can stay cheery and positive even in the worst of situations.
Though not completely psychological warfare, Marvel is exceedingly good at talking people down.
By Solomon's power he has become near immune to telepathy.
PSYCHOLOGY:  90/100:
Again no matter how dire the situation is, he will remain positive and cheery.


For pre-battle he'll possess his own quarters, which features many terminals to view as much information as possible at once. Captain Marvel is like Superman, except he is invulnerable to ALL of Superman's weaknesses.  However he does possess three potent weaknesses:

Captain Marvel operates on the incredibly optimistic philosophy that anyone can become good again, and he'll actually fight superheroes such as Superman to protect a villain if the villain acts like he has genuinely turned a new leaf. He sees the world in black & white, and is not the most imaginative person in his ways of dealing with things.

High Order Magic: Only the strongest of magics can affect him in any particular way, such as those wielded by the Spectre.

Finally he carries  Superman's trait in that he tends to hold back, except he takes it to an even further point then Superman.


Now here are the big questions:

It turns out a horrible, horrible mistake was made in the first round. Captain Marvel, a being highly resistant to all magic, is being put up against a pure magic user who although has more moves (Reimu Hakurei) still lacks powerful ones to bypass the resistance. The best thing that can be said about that blowout is that Capt Marvell is too nice to kill her.

So with that said we have a couple of options

1. Leave the match the way it is, no changes.

2. Make the environment blatantly tilted into Reimu's favor


My current thought was to switch it up so that

Marvel vs. Goku
Reimu vs. Superman (assume full motivation for Reimu and her potent magical attacks)
Doomsday vs. Thor

do any of you have any suggestions?

And of course how do you think these two new fighters would fair against one another or the other profiles shown thus far?


  1. I very much like the switch up between those three matches, not only to make things more fair, but also to differenciate this from Marcus' own ToM. Also, Goku gets a second chance, and Thor vs Doomsday seems like the ultimate melee battle (save for maybe Hulk and Doomsday, as Hulk's increasing strength and resistance from his anger and Doomsday's increasing strength and resistance due to his adaptability would shake the galaxy apart eventually), even though Doomsday may get used to the blows and still overcome the Asgardian...

    Seriously, Doomsday is a major force to be reckoned with early on in the tournament, but once people from the other brackets get ridiculously powerful by the 3rd round and Doomsday is pretty much the same since he can't use most equipment gained, he'll fall... probably.

    What would Doomsday wish for if he won the tournament anyways?

    1. Doomsday is going to be hard for anyone to work with initially, but eventually as you said with gains they will be able to beat him (though his resistances will grow as battles go on; Thor is going to give him a immunity to lightning, while beating Goku would destroy any chance of someone hurting him with a Ki attack).

      What would Doomsday wish for? Well, that will depend if he's sentient by the end of the tournament or not.

  2. I think we should change the matchup; Marvel will win by a blowout, and giving Reimu a huge terrain advantage is both unfair and not enough; we must change the matchups.

    The interesting thing is that those matchups are very good; only Marvel vs Goku I think could be done better, but changing that into Goku vs Superman leaves Reimu with Marvel; that does nothing. Superman is weak to magic, so that works very well. Thor vs Doomsday is better than Goku vs Doomsday, and Marvel vs Goku is really good.

    I see Ghost Rider vs Marvel is a Marvel blowout; Ghost Rider's magic just isn't enough to overcome Marvel's superior attributes...everywhere.

    Out of the profiles shown, I think that I would to a degree like to see Aizen vs Ghost Rider, just for the vast variety of magic and the fact that neither can look at each other (Kyoka Suigetsu vs Penance Stare) although it was posted in the group. Other than that, I have nothing.

    1. I am going to try and solve this by taking Reimu out, replacing her with probably Sentry (unless people REALLY don't like him) and then Have Superman vs. Goku and Doomsday vs. Thor.

      Also thank you for voting on Batman vs. Kratos! The battle is progressing, just a bit slowly due to alot of summer activities on my end. Its a full vote though and may change things overall.

      And I personally hope that things end up to be Aizen vs. Ghost Rider too!

    2. also if you are interesting, here is the DW group for bloggers!

  3. Looks good, I'm glad to see that GR and Marvel can hold their own with the rest, and I really can't wait to see GR vs Spawn.

    I agree that the match-ups should up switched around if Reimu would be curbstomped. I'm not sure putting the environment in her favor would help her much, because if she can't hurt him, she's going to lose no matter what. You're lineup changes look good, although here's another version you may want to consider:

    Superman vs. Goku
    Thor vs. Marvel
    Doomsday vs...Reimu?

    Okay, the last one wouldn't work but the other two would probably be good. Another idea would be to just take Reimu out of the tournament. She's the least known of all the fighters here, and from what I've heard she isn't that powerful either. Perhaps Thanos from Marvel Comics would be a good choice. Leave out some of his more OP stuff like the the Infinity Gauntlet and the Heart of the Universe, and he could challenge anyone in the upper tier.

    1. I will consider Thanos, if not for this one then definitely TOM2.I am heavily leaning Sentry, and actually the idea of him fighting Marvel seems perfect to me.

    2. Also that, if you are interested