Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Friday, May 25, 2012

TOM: Victory and rewards system!

*sorry this preview will have no pictures :(

Hello there! Unfortunately writing Mewtwo vs. Aang is taking longer then I thought so starting on Kerrigan vs. Magneto has been a little delayed. However since I am going to try to update at least once a week (or failing that, bi-weekly).  with little miscellaneous tidbits. The first of which is going into greater detail regarding the reward system. 

What is the reward system? 

  The reward system is a format in which spoils or gains are given to the winner of each round in order to ensure both their long run competitiveness and to provide for a surprise every round. This system is also made to ensure that more factors in then just strength; it will measure how well warriors do in new sets of circumstances. 

What Can they get?

Though exceptions will exist, for the most part what winners can get is split into the following categories:


 This concept will be the most common gain in the tournament, and it refers to enhancing already existing powers in a character's arsenal. Galen Marek has acquired Pyrokinesis; the mental manipulation and creation of fire, which contains properties that actually make it a sub-category of telekinesis. Thus this will be included in the Marek's already formidable long range as a technique Marek may use. 


 This is self explanatory; some people will gain completely new powers from defeating an adversary. For example if Alex Mercer beats Alucard and absorbed him he could gain a series of completely new powers like becoming liquid-like intangible, being able to summon the souls of those he had consumed before (though it will come at a price!), and a very special unique offensive ability. 


 Another one that requires no real explanation. Some characters will be able to loot their opponents arsenal. I.E. whoever defeats Marek gets a lightsaber; the Elder Wand is up for grabs if someone can wrest it from Dumbledore's grasp. 


   If Kratos were to beat Batman, he'd get one HELL of a pre-battle bonus. As victories mount, the winning characters are going to see their compounds greatly expanded to take into account their new bonuses, which can include either their opponent's or some unique people/items from their own universe (Marek got his mentor Rahm Kota). 


 Often times this falls into the category of "new powers" but nevertheless new defensive equipment can be up for grabs here. An example is if Aang beat Mewtwo he can replicate the Pokemon's bubble shield through his new bending style. 


One of  the of the rare types of gain and almost exclusive to "consumers" (more on that later), characters capable of this gain will see various x-factors score increase. Marek got a slight speed increase from beating Azula and learning her propulsion move. 

The very rarest type of gain, this only really refers to two people initially;Alucard and Arthas Menethil. Any people these two kill join their armies and fight alongside their new masters in the next battles. 

Of course there may be some miscellaneous types of gains mixed in so this list isn't definitive but in general this is what you can expect. In addition it is possible to inherit some weaknesses from gains taken. 


 These listed below are the most notable factors but not all of them.

1. "Consumers" :
The "Consumers" trait refers to the ability gain new powers/abilities as the tournament goes on  either through personal traits (Rogue, Alex Mercer, Alucard, Arthas, Jackie Estacado) or retinue (Sarah Kerrigan).  It is also worth mentioning that it is possible for another character to become a consumer. This is a positive modifier to the amount of gains each of them will get.

2. Personality/alignment:
This modifier effects whether a person is willing to go the extra distance to gain new powers or what powers they will work for.   For example power hungry Azula would probably turn into a vampire willingly if she beat Alucard (somehow), while Batman would not.  However its a bit more then that as alignment (good, neutral , evil) is  also taken into account. 
Thus If Capt Marvel beat Arthas i'd doubt he'd pick up the cursed Forstmourne, while Mjolnir would never consider anyone with a corruption level higher then 40 worthy. Could be a positive or negative modifier.

3. Strength Level: 
Refers to how strong and powerful the character is; with the strong and powerful having less to gain simply because they already most of what they could gain. Simply put Thor already has much of what Superman could offer him, and will only get a very limited amount for beating him. However  Marek will gain a lot because he has more room to grow so to speak. Either a Positive or negative modifier. 

4. Intelligence:
The version of Doomsday used is a big dumb beast, and he would have little use for various items he'd gain along the way of killing like the Helm of Nabuu, Goku's staff ect. Someone like Batman will probably find some rather innovative uses for whatever he'd gain should he win. Again either a positive or negative modifier. 

5. Unique Applications: 
Not a plus/minus modifier per say...
When Possible I believe every character should use their newly acquired gains in ways that would be unique to their character. For example Arthas could see some certain "dark spells" boosted in effectiveness for beating Jackie and Azula would have gotten a version of telekinesis based on heat; i.e. the hotter something is the more control she has over it. Other possible applications include Kerrigan absorbing DNA from Magneto's astral projection to create a fifth clone, this one capable of some moderate powers by itself.

*Note that I am going to try to limit myself to what each warrior could ACTUALLY gain from another as much as possible; Batman won't be getting powers as he has never shown himself capable of superpowers (though there exists 1 or 2 ways that he hypothetically could). This rule will effect all characters in some way though "consumers" can skirt around it to a slight extent. This rule does not effect however "immortal gains" however. 


 Some of you have expressed concern that this tournament will eventually become a "top vs. bottom" scenario where too extremely bloated characters wield the powers of their entire half tiers. This is something I want to avoid, and for gains purposes only those that immediately precede the current battle will also be counted, and even those at a reduced rate. I.E. If Rogue fought and beat Marek in round 2, who previously beat Azula, she'd only get a limited amount of gains from Azula in addition to more from Marek. I can see her with Azula's immortal gains plus slight propulsion ability, and then whatever she gains from Marek. However if Kratos were to beat Rogue third round he'd get some of her powers/equipment, a little bit of Marek with nothing from Azula/Raven except "immortal gains". Immortal gains are the exception to this "no stacking rule".


This is what I feel makes the tournament most interesting. Each warrior will up to two  unique gains or traits about them that will never disappear from circulation, even if the current wielder cannot or will not utilize it (Batman will not become a vampire, which is Alucard's immortal, however if Kerrigan then beat him she could choose to become one if she wanted. Another example is how certain characters can "own" Mjolnir the Hammer of Thor but only a very select few can wield it).  Each immortal gain is weaker then it was when in it was in possession of its original owner. The immortal gains do detiorate somewhat as they change hnads but never completely. 
 Currently this is a rough draft of such a list that each person offers:

* note that all titles come with some powers, equipment, pre-battle ect. 
Dr. Strange: Title:  "Sorcerer Supreme" -those deemed eligible of any alignment can become the new sorcerer supreme and some of the powers that come with. 

Dr. Fate: Helm Of Nabuu/New Lord of  Order : Similar to above, with some limited power gain to those that are eligible. 

Goku: Kamehameha blast & Ability to temporary boost energy output via Kaoken (can't give anyone else Super Saiyan power up as they are not Saiyans)

Doomsday:  Low-mid tier adaptive resistance. 

Reimu: Some of her more powerful card attacks.

Captain Marvel: SHAZAM!

Thor : God/Goddess  of Thunder title/Mjolnir. The Title means some control over weather. 

Superman : Laser vision, increased durability if said character doesn't have it. 

Alucard: Ability to turn into a "true vampire", Jackal. 

Alex Mercer : Blacklight virus infection. 

Jackie Estacado: Darklings/some amount of Darkness control

Arthas Menethil : Title: Lich King/Helm of Damnation, Frostmourne

Spawn : His suit, ability to manipulate necromagic to some degree. 

Ghost Rider: Chains, some Hellfire manipulation. 

Aizen: Zanpakuto/Kyoka Suigetsu

Shadow: Chaos Emeralds

Magneto : Mistress/master of Magnetism/ Magneto's helmet. The title means some ability to bend metal. 

Sarah Kerrigan: King/Queen of Blades/psionic Storm. The title refers to the gain of several Zerg traits, as well as Abathur. 

Mewtwo: Shadow Balls/Spoon

Aang: Title: Avatar. Limited ability to greatly enhance power for a time, I have something unique planned for this state. 

Eldrad : His Staff and some Foresight abilities. 

Alduin: Dragonscale armor, FUS RO DAH!

Dumbledore : Elder Wand + some spells

Palaptine: Ability to use Fore Lightning or a variant, lightsaber. 

Rogue: Vampire Touch

Raven: Ability to manipulate "Soul self". 

Azula : Blue-Fire Firebending

Marek: Lightsaber, Proxy

Batman : Bat-cave, utility belt

Kratos : Title Gained: God/Goddess of War. Title includes temporary rage of sparta move + Blade of Olympus. 

Hulk: Hulk transformation

Doctor Who: Tardis for pre-battle only (did I mention that I have a no time travel rule at all for this tournament :p?), Sonic Screwdriver. 

There is also an additional modifier known as "victory condition" which is effected by how a person achieves victory.  These are relatively minor advantages in comparison to above but it does seek to award those who can pull off extremely difficult victories. I did not include it in the other sections as it does not effect victory gains (i.E. power equipment ect) but how some of those gains are benefited next battle. 

The five Levels of this system are 
Mortal Wound
Knock Out
Unwilling Surrender
Willing Surrender

A kill equals all post battle gains intact, but no other advantages. 

A knock out with serious injuries would give the winner some additional prep-time, about two hours. 

A regular knock out with non-life-threatening injuries would give the winner  four hours of prep time.

Unwilling surrender ups the amount of time to six hours, and would allow the winner to review a map of the battlefield for up to 10 minutes before being summoned to battle. 

Perfect Victory =  8 hours addition prep time, ability to review a map of battlefield for up to 20 minutes before battle, and starts out on the battle five minutes before opponent does ( but does not know where the opponent “spawns”, and the opponent will not be able to spawn in sight of him).

 None of these "stack" meaning that a person who k.o.s one round but kills the next will not have those extra four hours in his third round. 


 The format for the second round is going to see a slight change, which is the addition of the "acquired gains" category- which will include all those gains that are neither x-factors or augments. 

Thus the format would look like:

Long Range
Mid Range:
Close Range:
Special 1:
Special 2:
*Acquired Gains (except pre-battle, which is put in that category)

The acquired gains  category itself will be split up into many different categories based on ranges or which category it WOULD have fit in if it had been in the warriors's original arsenal. These ranges also determine into which section the power/ability/weapon will factor into if there is no competitor. 

For example if  Galen  Marek acquired the ability to utilize propulsion to briefly boost his speed or try and run away. If he was facing Kratos who acquired Batman's utility belt from beating the man of the same name then those two abilities/weapons would be pitted against each other, as they are both in the special category and are valid comparisons. 

Thus under Acquired gains category there could be this comparison

Galen Marek

Acquired Gains
Classification: Special 



Acquired Gains:
Batman Utility Belt:
Classification: Special

However if Alex Mercer, who gained a new attack form from beating Alucard, fought Mewtwo who gained no new close range instrument/power then Alex's new arm form would be factored into close range instead. Thus instead of looking like this

Close  Range : Alex's biomass forms vs. Mewtwo's spoon/Bubble Shield

Acquired gains :

New Arm form vs. no new close range

it would look like this:

Close Range: Alex's Biomass forms (plus new arm form!) vs. Mewtwo's spoon/Bubble Shield

And now for an example of an updated profile, I am going to include ONLY the changed parts for the Marek profile. 


    Proxy is Marek's combat training droid and best friend, which is ironic since he is constantly trying to kill him. His main benefit is that through study and his holographic projectors he can turn into near anyone, mimicking their combat style and approach . He can also use a series of tractor beams and repulsors to mimic powers to an extent. This will allow Marek to practice fighting against his enemy before the battle actually begins!

 This is certainly a large advantage, however its not without its drawbacks. Proxy is not as powerful as the person he is mimicking, and can not replicate the strength level of the opponent's powers and cannot take into account new changes and personality of fighters. However he will be able to replicate simulated modules, personality and all, of Ty Lee, Azula and Mai to teach him skills relevant to each or just to serve as pure training. 

 Rahm Kota was a former Jedi Master who was noted as an excellent tactician and combat controller. He later became Marek's Jedi mentor.  For the purposes of the tournament he will serve an advisory role in pre-battle, as well as being a means in which Marek can develop more light side powers. 

*Signifies victory gain
Note: He has an addition four hours for winning against Azula via a K.O. 


Range: Basic Line-of-sight -15 feet (force repulse) Type:  prepared | Effect: Projectiles to Direct/Fire Damage Usage: High (averaged) 

An umbrella term to describe a number of powers, Telekinesis comprises of both the basic environmental control powers and the more sinister direct kill powers. Force Push or Pull are self-explanatory, being used to push something back or else pull something closer to the caster (a great disarming tool!) .Galen Marek’s biggest feat here is literally pulling a Star Destroyer from the sky.  Also self-explanatory is force throw, which picks up an object or person and hurls it in whatever direction the caster pleases. Force grip allowed Marek to grab someone and lift them in the air, whereupon he could then do what he wanted to the victim (though capable fighters could still attack) .Force Repulse was a uniquely Marek move, causing him to levitate in the air and draw loose objects and force energy to him before blasting it out in a violent ring of force push. 

       More sinisterly, Marek also possessed force choke and force crush. The former cuts off a person’s oxygen, choking them while the latter could be used to crush entire organs (given Marek’s conversion to the lightside, there will likely be some hesitancy to use this). In terms of usage, force push/pull/throw would score very high, while repulse/grip high and force choke moderate. Force Crush, a power that he has never used on a living person but is in theory capable of doing so, scores very rare. 

 While Force Grip/Choke does seem to be overwhelming, I have found four effective counters to it that a opponent might research to counter. The first is to blind the Jedi, breaking there line of sight, the second is too immediately leap away, which doesn't always give a good result. the third is to break concentration with a stream of endless attacks, while the fourth and most useful was frequently used by Boba Fett, who used his jetpack's propulsion  to interfere with grip and move out of line of sight. 

 Gain:Pyrokinesis ("Firebending")

 As a reward for beating the Fire Nation princess in battle Galen Marek has gained the ability to create and manipulate blue-fire, as well as the ability to control ambient fire. Through training since his bout with Azula Marek has improved himself greatly however he is still a new student in the art of Firebending, and only knows the basic movements currently. Though his skill when it comes with fire will undoubtedly improve with time currently he can only do certain basic moves which are: Fireballs, Streams of Fire, Ability to create a Blazing Arc of Fire and ability to heat up objects. 


Range: 20 meters | Type: Prepared | Effect: Shock  Usage: High
 Perhaps the most iconic Dark Side power, it is also arguably the most lethal of any of Marek’s power.  Drawing energy from the Darkside of the Force, the user blast a beam of pure lightning at a target, either crippling them or sometimes even killing them (the longer the user can keep it cast, the greater likelihood of either). He can also augment his lightsaber with electricity at close quarters, or augment a force gripped object with electricity, causing it to explode when it hits.  Galen was one of the most powerful Lightning users ever, rivaling Darth Sidious himself. 

 From beating Azula his range has upgraded to 20 meters, and he has learned how to redirect it efficiently with his hands. 


Range: ??? Type: Innate Effect: Augment Usage: Inntate
 Farsight allows Marek to briefly peer into the future, examine past events and make predictions on probable future events.Farsight could also be applied to combat, allowing the practitioner to glimpse moves his opponent may make, as well as outside forces that might affect the battle.

Initially Marek struggled very hard with this power, and was frustrated by his inability to learn it. However upon his conversion to the light and his defeat of the Fire Nation princess Azula this power has increased in skill to the point where he is now fairly adept in it, though he has a long way to go to reach Palpatine's level. 


Shuriken Knives:

Classification: Close Range
Range: 1-2 feet (much farther if guided via telekinesis)  Type: Knife Effect: Piercing  Usage: Acquired Gain (unknown)

 Three of these weapons, taken from Azula, now function as emergency weapons for Marek. Though their use will undoubtedly be limited thanks to their extremely close quarters nature should worse come to worse and Marek's ligthtsaber is destroyed he does have a fallback point. In addition he would be able to guide these in the air via telekinesis to serve as projectiles. 

Classification: Special
Range: up to 10 meters | Type: Innate | Effect: speed boost/flying Usage: ???

   Marek has acquired the ability to use pyrokinesis to propel himself, though not for as long as Azula. He can use the power to fly in the air, slow down her descent, or rush around the battlefield at high speeds he would not normally be capable of. It also has a bit of a offensive edge, as fire being used for propulsion can easily be accessed for fighting. Should he need to flee quickly or charge at a foe, this power aids him greatly.  I expect it to serve in combination with Marek's force speed as an impressive boost. 

Range:Personal space Type: Prepared Effect : burn, defense Usage:????

  Marek has also acquired the ability to summon a quasi-fire shield around himself. Though its not as powerful as Azula's version he can still use it for some defensive purposes, as well as a ramming device. Exactly 30 seconds after activating it the power explodes in a bright light and leaves behind a smoke cloud, which serves to somewhat cloak Marek's own movements. 

X-FACTOR changes:

Damage Resistance: 41/100 (increased from 35):
Though the Force protection is a powerful shield, he only used it once and in circumstances that may have aided in his death (channeling all that electricity would not have been healthy) .Galen scores somewhat high here due to telekinesis and lightsaber blocking. From beating Marek he has gained the ability to use a temporary fire shield, boosting this score a bit. 

Raw Speed: 21/100 – (from 19)
Marek is naturally very fast and is capable of using Force speed to temporarily boost his speed, but only very briefly. However he now has increased speed from learning  Azula's propulsion ability.

Intuition: 68/100
Farsight has gotten better, and thus this score is now a 69 from previously a 68. 

And that is it for this week, I shall try to get something else up next week. In the meantime what do you think of this system? Any suggested changes? Also do you have any changes to the line-up you would like to suggest? While first round contestants are locked in I don't mind switching around 2nd or 3rd round if it turns out to be fairer for all.


  1. Looking over the tournament I see only one change that may make the next round fairer; Switching the Hulk vs Doctor match for the Rouge vs Raven match. The Hulk would win hands down over either Kratos or Batman regardless of equipment- he's just too strong and fast for them to counter. I don't know much about doctor who, but if Master of Boot is to be believed than he is a match for the Hulk, and anyone who is a match for the Hulk is not a match for those two. Galen Marek on the other hand has various force abilities to help deal with Doctor Who, while his lightsaber allows him to injure and kill the Hulk, although niether of these tasks would be easy. Rogue and Raven would be a much better match for Batman and Kratos, in my eyes at least, and the potential powers/equipment that they could gain from they could gain from each other would make any of the four exponetially more even compared to the other combatants,some of whom will be superjesus by the third round anyways (whomever wins the top two brackets will probably win the tournament).

    1. Hmm Ill consider that that, that actually is more applicable then some other ideas, and I was worrying about Rogue vs. Marek for second round (lightsaber prevents vampiric touch). Yea I may do that....though I was considering switching around Eldrad's sub bracket.

      Also you should do what the guy below did and create a fake name to join my group!

    2. I might do that. Most likely I'll either be Bill Brasky or Richard Johnson, though I may be someone with a similary ridiculous name.

    3. You should. Goku vs. Doomsday is currently being debated, though be aware that there are different rules for the TOM in that group than on here

  2. Good to see you really thought this out, and its nice to know that "stacking" will be limited, some characters *cough*Spawn*cough* are already overpowered enough.

    Also, I was wondering if a could join the Facebook group, I just sent in my request under the name Scott Stanton

    1. Thank you sir I accepted! And don't worry Spawn is not in his god form!