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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sarah Kerrigan vs. Anakin Skywalker: Battle Intro


                    A long time ago in a galaxy far,  
 far away.......

With the purpose of Clone Wars fulfilled, the man who orchestrated the war, Darth Sidious (now known by his megalomaniac title of “The Emperor”), moves to eradicate the last organization that could still cause him trouble, the remaining Separatists who know of his true identity.  Eager to tie up that last, aching lose end, he sends his talented apprentice Anakin Skywalker to annihilate the remnants of organization. Anakin however has other plans…

Anakin has come to see his former friend and mentor for the man he is; a manipulator who seeks only personal advancement at the cost of trillions of lives. Though his morals have been corrupted by the Dark Side, they are still intact, and Anakin secretly plots his own master’s downfall, dreaming of the day when he may call himself “Emperor”. These feelings don’t cause him to reject his master’s mission; quite the contrary! He has more than a few debts to settle with the Separatist Council, particularly Nute Gunray, the vile fiend who had on several occasions tried to murder the only one who mattered to him. Together with a small entourage of devoted Legionnaires, he sped off to Mustafar, revenge burning deep in his heart.

Meanwhile Sarah Kerrigan’s thoughts had been troubled lately by the prospect of the return of the Xel Naga, and even more troubled at the news that a newly discovered neighbor, the so-called “Galactic Empire” , had plans for a planet destroying machine called the “Death Star”. A weapon that could destroy planets could put a literal death blow to all of her plans, and Sarah had gone to great pains to capture a high-ranking Imperial scientist from the project. After “extracting” the information out of him (the resulting corpse had been fed to her prized Hunter-Killers), Kerrigan learned that while he did not know the full extent of the plans, he knew who did. Poggle the Lesser, whose scientists were responsible for conceiving the weapon, was currently in hiding on Mustafar. If she could capture this insect-like being(her mind did not register the question of whether he would cooperate, as she was positive that he would after some “persuasion”) , she could learn how to counter empire’s weapon, and perhaps even create one herself.  She proffered infestation over destruction, and had no plans to actually use it on any planets(though Acturus’s home world of Korhal was a tempting target), but a weapon as powerful as that would prove useful against the mysterious and god-like Xel-Naga. Together with some of her Hunter-Killers (and her pet Zergling, who she had grown fond of), she rushed to Mustafar, avoiding numerous Imperial Patrols along the way. After two days in Space she arrived at her desitnation, where she discovered that she wasn’t the only new arrival…

(Work has been slow since school started, so I have decided to give a small preview of my upcoming battle, in true Star Wars form)


  1. Oh, I didn't know you did summer school (or are you just preparing school). Great Intro man! Totally psyched on this.

  2. Oh man! THis is the bomb! Star Wars was my all time favorite thing as a kid but this takes the cake! I love this! Easily one of your best ideas yet! I love this intro XD

    Call me hyper but this was just a wonderful idea. All you need now is the intro music from Star Wars.

    I can't wait for more ;)


    Master of the Boot

  3. Awesome set for was sure to be an awesome. I can see Sarah coming out on top for this battle.

  4. As I stated elsewhere, Anakin will be my (dark) horse in this race. If you have ever read the Ender's Game books (great series), you will know about the superiority of independent squad tactics over the "hive mind" tactics such as those Sarah uses with her hydralisks.

    Basically, each clone trooper squad can react intelligently and independently to the battle conditions at hand, in contrast to the comparatively lesser intelligence of Sarah's minions, who if Sarah controls all of them at once will be less adaptable to changing conditions due to the single intelligence controlling them all at once.

    That's how I see this one playing out- while Kerrigan may be a superior one on one fighter (debatable due to Anakin's own dueling skills), Anakin has something she doesn't- intelligent soldiers trained in the arts war who can make their own tactical decisions (clones of Jango Fett, no less). Even with the psionic powers of Sarah, I'd think it would be very difficult to duel a skilled sith lord, command a bunch of minions, and try to read and corrupt the minds of all the clone troopers (not to mention snipers who may be a mile or so away)SIMULTANEOUSLY. Simply put, I believe Sarah will be mentally overextended while Anakin would only have to give a few orders to his clones, have them take it from there, and focus on dueling Sarah.

    I know I may be wrong here or perhaps even biased, but throwing minions into the battle changes this a decent bit. One on one I think it would be very close with Kerrigan gaining a minor edge, but having troops who can actually think for themselves will be a huge benefit to Anakin.

    My prediction: Anakin 530 Sarah 470