Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tournament changes and Format:

 Hello there, this is merely a break in the story to explain both the changes that have been made based on feedback, and the format of the individual battles. First lets go over the format, with some new battles and some old.  These are in order which means that for every two battles, there will be a sub bracket. I.E. Goku , if he beat Doomsday, would fight either Strange or Fate afterwards.

Dr. Strange vs. Doctor Fate : 
  Amoung Comic book types, two companies stand out above all others: Marvel and DC. These universes contain all sorts of fantastic individuals, men and women both, with some of the most fantastic superpowers that the depths of human imagination can come up with .  Whether its light manipulation, super strength, reality warping,  overwhelming telepathic destruction; there seems to be no limit to what the minds in these two organizations can come up with. This battle will focus  on one set of superpowers and one set of superheroes, those that possess a mastery of magic beyond any other mortal in their respective universes. Doctor Strange has always stood gaurd against the threats to Earth, whether mystical or otherwise, but can he overcome the overpowering force that Doctor Fate and his helm of Nabu possess? In the ultimate battle of Marvel vs. DC, which of their opposing Sorcerer Supreme's will come out on top? 

Goku vs. Doomsday  :
Depending on the Circumstance, that may be Spawn standing behind the two.
    I will not be shy to admit that growing up Goku was my hero. I loved the anime series that he starred in, what he stood for, the fights that he fought in- I was a complete DBZ fan as a kid. While I may have grew out of the series, I will never stop admiring the man that Goku represents- a selfless hero, willing and able to stand up to the worst the universe and stop their malicious intentions. Having exhausted all capable enemies in his own universe, Goku now needs a new opponent, one even he might not be able to vanquish. Doomsday's sole purpose is destruction, cruelly bred to adapt to the toughest conditions possible and overcome them. The creature desires nothing other then murder pure and simple, growing in power exponentially as it single-mindedly pursues the goal . Goku will have to once again take up his mantle as champion of the universe in order to stop this monster from bringing about its namesake- the end of times!
*Victory will be either the death of Goku or Knockout of Doomsday, seeing as the latter cannot be permanently destroyed. 

Captain Marvel vs. Reiumu Harkurei:

Captain Marvel (ironically of the DC universe) , a boy who originally lived a miserable existence in a sewer, grew up to wield the power of the ancient wizard Shazam. Now a powerful hero, Captain Marvel can become more powerful still by calling upon the powerful mystic to aid him, gaining the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury- all at once! SHAZAM!  His opponent is a last minute contender, a relative unknown to most of the tournament. However that does not mean she isn't powerful, and despite her stature she is capable of profound magical powers, including the yin yang orb, magical cards, brief invulnerability and much, much more. 
Superman vs. Thor: 

Superman is arguably the most famous of the comic book heroes, and  a cultural icon to boot! Superman is the  antithesis of villainy and evildoers of all types, and the very definition of strength and fantastic feats. Able to fly into the sun unharmed, toss mountains with ease, and shoot power laser beams from his eyes, its no wonder that villains of Earth are scared of this guy. However his opponent seems to be Marvel's superman, and comes   comes to this battle with his own impressive feats, whether it wielding his mighty hammer wield the elemental forces of the storm, and utilizing the hugely destructive god-blast. In this famous grudge match between Marvel and DC, who will ultimately prove victorious?

Alucard vs. Alex Mercer : 

 For those familiar with the Hellsing series, Alucard is a name that needs no introduction. For those unfamiliar with the man is quite possibly the single most powerful vampire in fiction,  a monster who hunts other monsters. This man's impressive list of power and familiar army allows him to hunt down some of the most fearsome monsters the world has ever seen. He has killed the Monster of Fascism known as Millennium SS and even a monster of god known as Alexander Anderson....but never a monster of science, specifically the one known as Alex Mercer. This one man army took on the forces of both U.S. army/Blackwatch spec ops and the endless onslaught of New York infected, stemming from a outbreak he caused!Will Alex Mercer consume Alucard and make the no-life king's powers as his own, or will Alucard's familiar army gain a powerful new recruit? 

Jackie Estacado vs. Arthas Menethil :

 Jackie Estacado, current wielder of the Darkness and Mafia Lord, is American success story in a way. He went from rags to riches, poverty to a criminal empire- with more then enough power to back it off. Able to summons powerful darklings out of nowhere, manipulate the darkness in himself and in others, its little wonder that Jackie is not seriously challenged often, until now. Arthas also has his own twisted version of a success story : he went from riches, the heir of a powerful kingdom and on the verge of marrying everyman's dream girl, to rags by his own  actions- he killed his father and tore the kingdom to the ground. Now the leader of the Undead, this unholy being wields dark and ice magic, as well as a soul stealing blade named Frostmourne. In this one instance Jackie may be the good guy. 

Spawn vs. Ghost Rider: 

 In a tournament full of grudge matches, here is another one that can be added to the list. The Ghost Rider is a being whose power is often underrated; Dr. Strange, spiritual guide for Marvel, specifically said that the Ghost Rider on his full power would beat the World War Hulk, who utterly trashed almost every Marvel notable. However his opponent Spawn is no pushover . Spawn took on the forces of both Heaven and Hell , both the chief deities of each and all the angels and demons they commanded-and won. He possesses advanced Necro-magic and a living, sentient suit- but will that be enough to defeat the very Spirit of Vengeance? 

Aizen vs. Shadow The Hedgehog:

Shadow the Hedgehog. Anti-hero to the Sonic universe and on/off again foe of the more famous Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow vies for Sonic as the most powerful being in that universe. Capable of wielding the chaos powers, running at super-fast speeds and turning into the superhuman Super Shadow, one can quickly understand why Shadow has been dubbed "The Ultimate Life-form", however his opponent is going to contest that claim.  Aizen Sosuke, a powerful villain of the anime Bleach, is another latecomer to the tournament of Mortals- but one with a lot of potential. He is a  master illusionist, able to seize control of his opponent's five senses in a fight, as well as capable of utilizing a variety of spells and transformations. However his opponent is a reality warper in the truest sense and it remains to be seen if he has enough power to pull off a victory. 

Magneto vs. Sarah Kerrigan: 

    The "Master of Magnetism" Magneto, frequent foe of the X-men and famous villain of Marvel, possesses power far beyond his title. He can create giant storms, set someone's nerves on fire, bend light and even construct giant robots out of nothing.  A formidable foe for anyone... a trait he shares with his opponent, Sarah Kerrigan. A girl drilled to kill without a moment's hesitation, the Queen of the Zerg Swarm, who is capable of destroying vehicles the size of cities effortlessly, scourging the landscape with a psionic storm,  or even collapsing the brain of her opponent with a single glance. Can Magneto's helmet hold up to the psionic onslaught long enough for him to score a victory, or will the Queen prove too much a challenge for even him to overcome? 

Mewtwo vs. Aang:

     In the Pokemon and Avatar universes, two beings stand out as some of the strongest of each. Both have played pivotal roles in their worlds, and are extremely formidable fighters both. Mewtwo, bred for the sole purpose of criminal gain, a psionic of almost unfathomable potential. Aang too was born for a purpose; to safeguard peace across the land and  return balance to the world. While the former understandably rebelled against his purpose the other embraced it, returning peace to his world. 
   Their past is history now, almost irrelevant to the coming battle. When these two clash Mewtwo's psionic powers will go against the very elements themselves as Aang unleashes his Avatar State. 

Eldrad Ulthran vs. Alduin: 

   In the extremely powerful Warhammer 40k universe, the Eldar stand out as the oldest and most technologically advanced species. And among the Eldar, the farseers stand out as individuals capable of using  foresight hundreds of years in the future to both save the Eldar species and in combat, where they are known walking into battle, each step meticulously planned a century in advance to allow them to avoid every speck of dirt, shrapnel or projectile thrown there way. Among the Eldar Farseers, Eldrad Ulthran is rightfully regarded as the greatest, having saved the Eldar race multiple times in his 10,000 year tenure. His opponent, the Nordic god Alduin, seeks to destroy rather then save, and has lived much longer. While Eldrad may have his psionic powers, Alduin has his dragon shouts, as well as his very majesty of presence. Will Eldrad rise to the occasion and prevent the demise of the Eldar once more, or will the Nordic god of Destruction leave his charred remains strewn across the arena? 

Albus Dumbledore vs. Emperor Palpatine:

  Star Wars was  considered THE main thing of my parent's generation, with media surrounding it omnipresent in many aspects of life, with phrases and figures from the series permeating into American mainstream culture. Nowadays Harry Potter seems to have replaced it, with a Harry Potter theme park even in existence to show for its influence. Thus its no wonder that figures from these two series have been pitted against each other frequently in forums dedicated to fiction. Today we are not dealing with the protagonists or squads of troops, instead the powerful  men who drove the plot forward and manipulated the action, both behind the scenes and when necessary, in the heat of battle. Two Machiavellian sages, one good, one evil  will fight one  titanic duel to determine whether wands and magic can trump the force and lightsabers. Both men enter the arena  at their most powerful, however only one will leave battered and bloody, but victorious nonetheless!

Azula vs. Galen Marek: 

  Age is no barrier to getting in this tournament, and these two powerful teenage prodigies prove that. One is the sword of her nation, a hyper-intelligent weapon of mass conquest, able to infiltrate the heart of her nation's staunchest enemy and tear it out. The other the secret assassin of Vader, trained to kill anyone and everyone at his master's command. Both have proven themselves capable of destroying the strongest enemies in their respective universes, with Azula nearly killing the Avatar while Marek defeated both his surrogate master and his true master (Emperor Palpatine)  in single combat. This duel between them will be completely unlike any other either have faced before, as the force takes on elemental fire-bending, two different types of lightning soar through the air, and master  of deception tries to make the most out of a character of impeccable offense. Who will win is anyone's guess. 

Rogue vs. Raven

     Yet Another DC vs. Marvel battle- these are becoming quite common. Raven is the the sorceress of the Teen Titans, able to effectively use a variety of powers including telekinesis, empathy, mind projection, soul self and much much more.  She is a powerful and dedicated member of the Teen Titans, defeating even demons by herself. She will need  these traits against Rogue, who possesses superior strength, speed, and of course the ability to absorb a foe in a single touch. The question here is thus whether Raven can keep her foe at bay at range, or whether Rogue can get close enough to end the battle in a single touch. 

Batman vs. Kratos:
  In this category reside a special pair of fighters. These two have made it into the tournament despite neither possessing any special non-equipment related powers, showing great cunning on the part of Batman, and pure ferocity for Kratos.While neither may wield powers like the rest of those in the tournament, they both have proved their capabilities against those that do- despite very different philosophies. Kratos's style emphasizes brutality and viscous executions, basking in the glory of combat, while Batman loves prior planning and stealth, aiming for takedowns rather then kills. In this round only one philosophy can prevail, as the slayer  of the entire Greek Panthenon takes on what many consider the living embodiment of Deus Ex Machina in the DC Universe. 

The Incredible Hulk  vs. Doctor Who  :




 One of the most classic  questions asked by man has always been : Brain vs. Brawn? Our next bout pits the extremes of both against each other, as the World War Hulk(Green Scar version)  takes on the Lord of Time, Doctor Who.Both possess feats unparalleled, whether they be done through technology or a good old fashioned pounding, but only one can emerge victorious.  Can overwhelming strength and unsuppressed anger prevail, or will the gadgets and innovative mindset of the star of the longest running television series in history settle the dispute....permanently?

Well I hope you enjoyed that preview!



The following basic stats are going to be addressed here: Name, age, weight, height, grade and class (which i'll try to make creative). 

 This section is pretty self- explanatory, and will shred a little light on someone's background and capabilities, though this won't be a FULL biography. 


 On of the benefits of this tournament is that everyone except Doomsday (who is incapable of using it) will have pre-battle prep time, able to consult a powerful encyclopedia known as the Library of Babel for information on their foes. 

 This category will both describe traits of the fighters and how they relate to pre-battle (i.e. Perfectionist Azula) and any pre-battle bonuses that they may have (like Proxy the droid for Galen Marek). Bonuses do not automatically overwhelm traits nor vice versa; for example the Batcave is going to help him immensly, however the presence of Proxy the Droid does not mean Galen Marek would score better here then the Doctor, who can create a bomb twenty times more powerful then a nuclear one with the contents of your trashcan. 

Standard Categories: (Long,Mid,Close,Special 1 )

 These are the standard DW categories, and do not need much explanation. Sometimes there amy be two weapons/powers per category. 

Special 2: 
 This is for some fighters who possess enough to justify a second special category, or else have some innate ability that, while not a weapon, does effect the battle in some way (like pre-cognition) 

*Common Factor: 
 Rarely will this category will be included, but very occasionally we will have two warriors that rely on the same type of power, that they use in very similar ways. This will be a special category made for rare events, and the only such time that you are gaurented to see it is comparing Alucard's absorption to Alex Mercer's. 

Fairly standard, though it won't just include armor/shields per say. Force-fields, regeneration, healing spells...all shall be included in this category. 


28 total x-factors, organized into five categories: Physical, mental, Psychological, Preparation (training, Experience, discipline) and Energy Potential. 

Damage Intake: 
Damage Resistance: 
Energy Potential:
Adaptive Creativity:
Raw Speed:
Psychological Warfare:
Strength of Mind:
Killer Instinct:
Inner Torment:
They shall be graded by this format.

Strengths and Weaknesses: 

Herein contain all additional modifiers for a battle, whether special environment advantages, character strength/weaknesses ect. Basically anything that's a factor that doesn't fit in one of the above categories, goes here. Motivation of each fighter will also be included here. 

Determining the Winner: 

   For those of you aware of the site, you will notice that many winners have been decided. HOWEVER, I believe that those who read and vote should get a say too, that is why I am changing my policy a bit.  A voting system is in place and Every person that leaves a full vote (address all categories above, with some detail) gets 1 full vote that can be used to override/support a character victory. Even those that have voted in the facebook group can vote again. 

HOWEVER, the fact that some of these characters won on the Facebook page needs to be taken  into account, and the previous winners in the FB group will start off with a bit of a bonus. For those that won by a very close margin when we did the facebook poll (1-2 votes) they will get a 1 point lead, while moderate margins (2-5) bring a 2 point lead. For those that want to nullify Kratos vs. Batman and Kerrigan vs. guys are going to have to world extra hard to overide blowouts (5+) or a 3 point advantage. This policy is in place to both take into account the voters who defended their chosen warrior so aptly on Facebook, and to show that their votes have at least some bearing. 

 I will also have the ability to cast one vote, and to break a tie that lasts longer then two days. Other then the rare tie-breaker, my edges will usually come in the form of the Portal Master winning or losing a bet. 

and now one more issue....


Though we all like a bloodfest better then a talk down we must also recognize that a diplomatic victory is nearly impossible to do- but not impossible. Death by comparison is  the easiest, usually requiring the least 

- The absolute best victory is to make someone willingly surrender. This is them, fully conscious as themselves not influenced by drugs, injections, or magic.

- Close behind is getting someone to unwillingly surrender through any means as long as they aren't damaged very badly.

- Then there is severely injuring someone or stopping them cold, but not from beyond repair. 

- Severe injury and surrender through terror or extreme dread, scarred for life and probably not going to be very functional afterwards is below that. We're talking close to death.

- Then, there's death, with the least amount of awards. 

Also there is a type of hero/villain called  the consumer, who actually consume/steal the powers of their enemies, and thus earn a bit of a victory bonus for that (consumers: Arthas, Jackie, Alex, Alucard, Rogue, Kerrigan to limited extent by Abathur {anyone who beats her and takes Abathur becoems a consumer too}.

 I'll use Kerrigan vs Magneto as an example. 

If Kerrigan wins by killing she gets some metal manipulation, nuclear shockwave ability and psionic helmet of Magneto's. Anything unlocked pre-battle. 

 If Kerrigan wins by nearly killing Magneto she will get a bit more metal manipulation, in addition to above. 

Non-Permanent injuries would gain her metal armor, in addition to above. 

Unwilling surrender, in addition to above, get her the X-men Danger room for pre-battle. 

Perfect Victory : Sarah Kerrigan: full magnetic manipulation, nuclear shockwave,  psionic storm (using very little energy) in single bolts from her fingertips, and metallic armor/psionic helmet. Also the X-Men danger room. Anything unlocked pre-battle.

 ....As you can see, it adds up. 
However this presents two different systems, each with their pros and cons. Do we penalize those that kill, or reward those that manage to succeed in surrender? While I do have a preference, I'd prefer to let the voter decide

Punishment System: 

-Take away from post battle gains (current selection)
-Additional penalties merit less pre-battle preparations, starting out on the arena later then opponent, and some other inconveniences. 

-Rewards non kills by giving them more
-Does impose a bit of a limit on early expansion.
- "Nicer" tournament 
- In many situations, non-kills would not be possible. Thus a win or die scenario
- Though most characters will figure out the system by the end of the third round, it will ensure that some characters have a unfair advantage in abilities  prior to that, and perhaps not through skill. 

Reward System: 
 - If a perfect victory is achieved an additional 6-8 hours of prep time is given, and less from then on, till no additional prep time with death.
-Other advantages can include limited maps of environment/terrain, start out in environment a bit earlier, ect. 

-Every Victory results in perfect victory gains
-No unfair early power gain
-Funner Tournament!
-Everyone is a god by the third round.
-Again, things are going to be really world shattering  by the third round!

Well with that said, what is your opinions? 


  1. Awesome sauce bro, now I've got to read more about htis new fighter of ours. She seems very cool.

    Though this is the first time I've learned Captain Marvel's backstory. and his name always makes me snigger

  2. You know I have to say you've done a very thorough job with this. The tournament is really coming along.

    and I have to say for the first time I really appreciate the higher rewards for less than lethal victories. It adds a whole range of options for fighters to do. Some will try to talk down, others will kill even though it's not a nescessity.

    So great work, and awesome work switching up the matches. Personally I think it's a lot cooler and more fair

  3. Just now noticed this, and I'm all for the reward system, and the Rogue vs Raven match is wayyy better than the slaughters those two were going to have to face before. Also, Kratos lost by a blow-out apparently...

    People will die

    1. 6-2 I believe

      Lol well he may not lose this time, and his second round opponent is MUCH fairer (previously he'd have to face Kerrigan/Magneto, now he's got Hulk/Doctor- which may be one of the same :P) . Oddly that whole sub category is just brain vs. brawns

      Got any predictions on the new battles?

  4. Dr. Strange vs Dr. Fate:
    No idea on who wins, but if you get the winner to surrender willingly you are probably up there for victory.
    Goku vs Doomsday:
    If Goku avoids adaptation to energy he stands a decent chance at victory. Close.
    Reimu Harkurei vs Captain Marvel:
    Never underestimate the underdog, especially when the underdog has magical powers far exceeding yours.
    Superman vs Thor:
    Too close to call. They counter each others moves exactly.
    Alucard vs Alex Mercer:
    When it's close vs long, two pistols are inadequate for a majority of attack power. Even if they are the most powerful pistols I have ever seen. Familiars are asking for trouble against a consumer.
    Arthas Menethil vs Jackie Estacado:
    Gonna go with Arthas for the powerful spells and Frostmourne, but Jackie is a tough opponent.
    Ghost Rider vs Spawn:
    Spawn is a force above Ghost Rider's caliber. He has defeated far worse, and fire magic is not enough by a long shot.
    Aizen vs Shadow:
    Both are very powerful, but Shadow has not experienced anything like sense-takeover. Aizen takes this by a slim margin.
    Magneto vs Sarah Kerrigan:
    Do not mess with a master of a force of the universe. See my Magneto vs Kerrigan comment for details.
    Mewtwo vs Aang:
    Mewtwo shall prevail. He has abilities Aang has never seen the likes of,(while numerous Pokemon have powers similar to Bending)Mewtwo is a genius above Aang's caliber, Aang is not a fighter. While Mewtwo is not picking fights, he will recognize he must fight to win. He will break Aang's spirit, and make him surrender.
    Eldrad Ulthran vs Alduin:
    Never mess with WH40k. Even gods are not exempt to this rule; Eldrad will win. He has known when your attacks will be for a hundred years.
    Albus Dumbledore vs Emperor Palpatine:
    Close. I see Palpatine getting close, but Dumbledore keeps apparating and casting. It will continue until someone makes a mistake.
    Azula vs Galen Marek:
    When your enemy has brought down a Star Destroyer in a fit of rage, firebending may not be enough.
    Rogue vs Raven:
    Just a touch from a very agile and flying opponent...!
    Batman vs Kratos
    When you do not kill and your opponent has no quelms about doing so and has defeated quasi-gods and has magic and very powerful equipment, you are at a decent disadvantage. Science only works against the Supernatural when something unknown works with Science.
    Dr. Who vs The Incredible Hulk:
    A device tht primarily works with machinery does not work on Hulk. Hulk...SMASH! But anyway, the Doctor cannot harm the Hulk in much of a way and convincing the Hulk to calm down is not a very easy thing. If Hulk is not angry however, Banner will lose.
    Good matchups, but whoever gets Fates and Stranges powers will probably win the tournament.

  5. You know I do:

    Doctor Strange vs Doctor Fate- I'll go with Strange since I have only heard the name Doctor Fate before and know nothing else about him.

    Goku vs Doomsday- Well, Goku has killed some extraordinarily powerful foes before... and I'd like him to win... but Doomsday IS a mother fucker. I'll say too close to call without seeing the specs of each fighter first, since even a slight variance could change the outcome here.

    Captain Marvel vs Raimu Hakasaki(It's something like that)- Captain Marvel, since I know he's powerful, and I know nothing of the girl.

    Superman vs Thor- Thor has it, his Godblast is unmatched by any of Superman's attacks.

    Alucard vs Alex Mercer- Alex Mercer's offensive abilities will take it.

    Jackie Estacado vs Arthas Menethil- Arthas, if for nothing else than his bitchin' sword and Daedric armor.

    Spawn vs Ghost Rider- Spawn. Period.

    Aizen vs Shadow the Hedgehog- I know nothing about Aizen, but Shadow was in Sonic games... so Aizen wins automatically.

    Magneto vs Sarah Kerrigan- Magneto, for reasons I've already gone over on their bio page.

    Mewtwo vs Aang- Aang, since his powers are more diverse.

    Eldrad vs Alduin- Eldrad, since Alduin really isn't very powerful. I mean seriously, I killed him at level ten.

    Dumbledore vs Palpatine- Palpatine for sure, all he needs to do is take the Wand away from Dumbledore and he's got an easy win. Even with the wand, force choke and lightning can hurt bad from a range, and once they're in close combat there's no contest.

    Azula vs Galen Marak- Galen Marak, since he has a lightsaber.

    Rogue vs Raven- Raven, even though I'm not entirely sure what kind of powers she has, I just remember her being a badass in the Teen Titans.

    Batman vs Kratos- KRATOS GODDAMMIT!

    Hulk vs Doctor Who- Hulk, since I'd rather have unlimited brawn than unlimited brains. Or would I? That's an interesting question right there. Still, Hulk wins.

  6. These are some interesting matchups o_0

    Some of these will definitly leave me guessing as to their outcomes while I'll admit some look like landslide victories. But thats just my honest opinion.

    The Aizen vs Shadow was a matchup that almost suprised me as much as the fellowship vs the necromorphs was. Aizen is going to give that hedgehog a run for his money big time. Not only can manipulate his enemy's senses but is a master swordsman who single handly crushed some of the most elite warriors of the souls society and the vizards only using his shunpo, swords, and illusions without so much as even a scratch on him. It should also be noted that he hadnt transformed at all while doing this.

    Aang vs Mewtwo now thats going to be some epic stuff cant wait! :D

    1. Thank you sir for the comment! Always awesome to have another viewer.

      Which ones do you think are landslide victories and close ones?

      And oh ya Aizen's sensory is going to be a huge problem, though the hedgehog will know about it ahead of time! And hopefully I can get Aang vs. Mewtwo up soon!