Azula vs. Galen Marek

After two days of prep time who will prevail in a fight to the death between the Dark Knight and the God of War?

Batman vs. Kratos

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Tournament of Mortals

First of all I would like to apologize to everyone who have been consistently following my blog for updates. I am sorry for the lack of progress, tests and loads of work have been hurting me. In addition I have recently founded a facebook group, dedicated to preserve one of the last dying embers of DW. There I am organizer to a tournament, the so-called tournament of mortals that I intend to preview here. Oh all the battles I have seen or done, this  tournament excites me the first. So many A list characters!

   The Tournament of Mortals is a tournament dedicated to finding out who is one of the greatest, most powerful mortals in fiction. To that end there are three requirements to getting in: 

1. Has to be able to beat Superman.

Yes, this battle could happen in the tournament, though both have formidable characters to get past first.  
2. Has to be able give his/her/its opponent a fair fight at least. 
Unlike in the comics both fighters will be warring to the bitter end here, should they clash.  

3. Be mortal or have a power rating low enough to get in (is capable of dying, even if just temporary). 
Alduin from Skyrim  is in, and funnily enough this may be a scene from his next battle, where he faces off against a powerful Warhammer character.
Diversity , fighting ability and potential are all factors behind a characters inclusion. 

There are also 4 Rules that make the overall tournament spectacular. 

1. Prep-time: With one exception, every character will be able to use two days prep time in which they can use a powerful library to look up all aspects of their foes and plan accordingly. Some even have pre-battle bonuses, like Batman's lab. 
This character's chances have now been tripled

2. All environments take place in neutral ground, which has characteristics benefiting both warriors.  I.E. Marvel mastermind Magneto fought the Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan in a valley containing both metal and Zerg creep. 
With Zerg creep her speed is nearly doubled, and she can see everything on it. 

3. Battles can be won by either knockout, incapacitation  or death, to give characters like Batman or Aang who don't like to kill the opportunity not to do so. Also makes it possible for one certain  character to be beaten. 
Though dangerous to pull off, Aang's energybending would allow Aang to finish the fight by forcibly removing his foe's powers. 

4. Most importantly, the winners are able to take from the losers items, weapons, armor, and/or even powers! This is determined by character ability and traits, and some gain even more unique applications, like whoever Alucard beats is forced to become his familiar (meaning forced to fight for him). 
Understandably, the sight of this man freaks many people out.

This is like a regular tournament, with established brackets.All characters are fully motivated, with the promise of whatever they could want if they win.  Winners are determined on the facebook group through reasoned voting. The following are the battles in round 1(plus theme songs/tributes when applicable!) :

*credit goes out to all the wonderful people who made these videos/pictures

Dr. Strange vs. Doctor Fate : 
  Amoung Comic book types, two companies stand out above all others: Marvel and DC. These universes contain all sorts of fantastic individuals, men and women both, with some of the most fantastic superpowers that the depths of human imagination can come up with .  Whether its light manipulation, super strength, reality warping,  overwhelming telepathic destruction; there seems to be no limit to what the minds in these two organizations can come up with. This battle will focus  on one set of superpowers and one set of superheroes, those that possess a mastery of magic beyond any other mortal in their respective universes. Doctor Strange has always stood gaurd against the threats to Earth, whether mystical or otherwise, but can he overcome the overpowering force that Doctor Fate and his helm of Nabu possess? In the ultimate battle of Marvel vs. DC, which of their opposing Sorcerer Supreme's will come out on top? 
               (Sorry best I could do for you,Fate!) 

Arthas Menthil  vs. The Ghost Rider:

  Johnny Blaze has man-handled many demons and sinners before, sending them straight to hell in with his punishing penance stare. In this battle however he faces his toughest foe yet; the tyrant of Northrend, Arthas Menthil/the Lich King. Fire meets ice, the Hellfire chain tangles with the cursed runeblade Frostmourne, and  all sorts of dark magic and twisted abominations are unleashed on Blaze and his Hellfire powers as the Ghost Rider finds a foe immune to his soul scorching gaze, for Arthas had lost his soul long ago....

The Incredible Hulk  vs. Doctor Who  :




 One of the most classic  questions asked by man has always been : Brain vs. Brawn? Our next bout pits the extremes of both against each other, as the World War Hulk(Green Scar version)  takes on the Lord of Time, Doctor Who.Both possess feats unparalleled, whether they be done through technology or a good old fashioned pounding, but only one can emerge victorious.  Can overwhelming strength and unsuppressed anger prevail, or will the gadgets and innovative mindset of the star of the longest running television series in history settle the dispute....permanently?
Jackie Estacado vs. Raven:

  * We are using the comic book version of Jackie here, as the video game one sucked. Raven's powers will also primarily be based on the comics, though both will retain aspects from their video games/anime series. 

 Throughout fiction there are many powerful wielders of the elemental force known as the darkness; here we deal with two of the most powerful versions. Raven has beaten many criminals in her career, and is a master witch, but she has never soloed a man quite like Jackie, a shapeshifter who has tanked blows with the hulk before, boosting his strength by summoning a massive army out of ...darkness. When we finally gather up the nerve to turn the light back on, which of these two will lie beaten and bloodied on the floor and the other triumphant?  

Albus Dumbledore vs. Emperor Palpatine:

  Star Wars was  considered THE main thing of my parent's generation, with media surrounding it omnipresent in many aspects of life, with phrases and figures from the series permeating into American mainstream culture. Nowadays Harry Potter seems to have replaced it, with a Harry Potter theme park even in existence to show for its influence. Thus its no wonder that figures from these two series have been pitted against each other frequently in forums dedicated to fiction. Today we are not dealing with the protagonists or squads of troops, instead the powerful  men who drove the plot forward and manipulated the action, both behind the scenes and when necessary, in the heat of battle. Two Machiavellian sages, one good, one evil  will fight one  titanic duel to determine whether wands and magic can trump the force and lightsabers. Both men enter the arena  at their most powerful, however only one will leave battered and bloody, but victorious nonetheless!

Captain Marvel vs. Rogue: 

  The debate between fans over  which comic book company, DC and Marvel,  is superior will probably be one of those timeless questions, one that will be debated for the rest of human history. While this next battle cannot claim to answer that question, it will give whichever series loses  Strange vs. Fate the chance to avenge their loss, or the victor to capitalize on it. Captain Marvel (ironically of the DC universe) , a boy who originally lived a miserable existence in a sewer, grew up to wield the power of the ancient wizard Shazam. Now a powerful hero, Captain Marvel can become more powerful still by calling upon the powerful mystic to aid him, gaining the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and speed of Mercury- all at once! SHAZAM! But his opponent today possesses the ability to take all that and throw it right back at him, absorbing the best of it for her own use. Rogue had always been a force to be reckoned with, given her special ability to take her enemies powers and make them her own through her life draining touch. Thus, the question here is whether good old Captain Marvel can keep Rouge at bay from afar, or whether Rogue  can use her impressive durability to close the distance to finish the fight with a single powerful touch?

Goku vs. Doomsday:
Depending on the Circumstance, that may be Spawn standing behind the two.
    I will not be shy to admit that growing up Goku was my hero. I loved the anime series that he starred in, what he stood for, the fights that he fought in- I was a complete DBZ fan as a kid. While I may have grew out of the series, I will never stop admiring the man that Goku represents- a selfless hero, willing and able to stand up to the worst the universe and stop their malicious intentions. Having exhausted all capable enemies in his own universe, Goku now needs a new opponent, one even he might not be able to vanquish. Doomsday's sole purpose is destruction, cruelly bred to adapt to the toughest conditions possible and overcome them. The creature desires nothing other then murder pure and simple, growing in power exponentially as it single-mindedly pursues the goal . Goku will have to once again take up his mantle as champion of the universe in order to stop this monster from bringing about its namesake- the end of times!
*Victory will be either the death of Goku or Knockout of Doomsday, seeing as the latter cannot be permanently destroyed. 
Spawn vs. Superman:
 Superman is arguably the most famous of the comic book heroes, and  a cultural icon to boot! Superman is the  antithesis of villainy and evildoers of all types, and the very definition of strength and fantastic feats. Able to fly into the sun unharmed, toss mountains with ease, and shoot power laser beams from his eyes, its no wonder that villains of Earth are scared of this guy. Unfortunately his opponent is one of the few who is not, and is capable of putting up a successful resistance to even Superman's scary might.  Spawn took on the forces of both Heaven and Hell , both the chief deities of each and all the angels and demons they commanded-and won. Magic is and always would be a soft spot for Superman, one that Spawn would gladly use against him should he manage to survive the onslaught of Earth's mightiest hero. 

Batman vs. Kratos:
  In this category reside a special pair of fighters. These two have made it into the tournament despite neither possessing any special non-equipment related powers, showing great cunning on the part of Batman, and pure ferocity for Kratos.While neither may wield powers like the rest of those in the tournament, they both have proved their capabilities against those that do- despite very different philosophies. Kratos's style emphasizes brutality and viscous executions, basking in the glory of combat, while Batman loves prior planning and stealth, aiming for takedowns rather then kills. In this round only one philosophy can prevail, as the slayer  of the entire Greek Panthenon takes on what many consider the living embodiment of Deus Ex Machina in the DC Universe. 

Magneto vs. Sarah Kerrigan: 

    The "Master of Magnetism" Magneto, frequent foe of the X-men and famous villain of Marvel, possesses power far beyond his title. He can create giant storms, set someone's nerves on fire, bend light and even construct giant robots out of nothing.  A formidable foe for anyone... a trait he shares with his opponent, Sarah Kerrigan. A girl drilled to kill without a moment's hesitation, the Queen of the Zerg Swarm, who is capable of destroying vehicles the size of cities effortlessly, scourging the landscape with a psionic storm,  or even collapsing the brain of her opponent with a single glance. Can Magneto's helmet hold up to the psionic onslaught long enough for him to score a victory, or will the Queen prove too much a challenge for even him to overcome? 

Azula vs. Galen Marek: 

  Age is no barrier to getting in this tournament, and these two powerful teenage prodigies prove that. One is the sword of her nation, a hyper-intelligent weapon of mass conquest, able to infiltrate the heart of her nation's staunchest enemy and tear it out. The other the secret assassin of Vader, trained to kill anyone and everyone at his master's command. Both have proven themselves capable of destroying the strongest enemies in their respective universes, with Azula nearly killing the Avatar while Marek defeated both his surrogate master and his true master (Emperor Palpatine)  in single combat. This duel between them will be completely unlike any other either have faced before, as the force takes on elemental fire-bending, two different types of lightning soar through the air, and master  of deception tries to make the most out of a character of impeccable offense. Who will win is anyone's guess. 

Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Thor:

   Shadow the Hedgehog. Anti-hero to the Sonic universe and on/off again foe of the more famous Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow vies for Sonic as the most powerful being in that universe. Capable of wielding the chaos powers, running at super-fast speeds and turning into the superhuman Super Shadow, one can quickly understand why Shadow has been dubbed "The Ultimate Life-form". That title is about to be put to the test, as he faces off against none other then a literal god, Thor of the Norse religion. Thor too comes to this battle with impressive feats, whether it wielding his mighty hammer wield the elemental forces of the storm, and possesses a super-transformation of his own. When these two titanic creatures collide the very Earth itself will quake as a result of their battle. 

Alucard vs. Alex Mercer: 

 For those familiar with the Hellsing series, Alucard is a name that needs no introduction. For those unfamiliar with the man is quite possibly the single most powerful vampire in fiction,  a monster who hunts other monsters. This man's impressive list of power and familiar army allows him to hunt down some of the most fearsome monsters the world has ever seen. He has killed the Monster of Fascism known as Millennium SS and even a monster of god known as Alexander Anderson....but never a monster of science, specifically the one known as Alex Mercer. This one man army took on the forces of both U.S. army/Blackwatch spec ops and the endless onslaught of New York infected, stemming from a outbreak he caused!Will Alex Mercer consume Alucard and make the no-life king's powers as his own, or will Alucard's familiar army gain a powerful new recruit? 

Eldrad Ulthran vs. Alduin: 

   In the extremely powerful Warhammer 40k universe, the Eldar stand out as the oldest and most technologically advanced species. And among the Eldar, the farseers stand out as individuals capable of using  foresight hundreds of years in the future to both save the Eldar species and in combat, where they are known walking into battle, each step meticulously planned a century in advance to allow them to avoid every speck of dirt, shrapnel or projectile thrown there way. Among the Eldar Farseers, Eldrad Ulthran is rightfully regarded as the greatest, having saved the Eldar race multiple times in his 10,000 year tenure. His opponent, the Nordic god Alduin, seeks to destroy rather then save, and has lived much longer. While Eldrad may have his psionic powers, Alduin has his dragon shouts, as well as his very majesty of presence. Will Eldrad rise to the occasion and prevent the demise of the Eldar once more, or will the Nordic god of Destruction leave his charred remains strewn across the arena? 

Mewtwo vs. Aang:

     In the Pokemon and Avatar universes, two beings stand out as some of the strongest of each. Both have played pivotal roles in their worlds, and are extremely formidable fighters both. Mewtwo, bred for the sole purpose of criminal gain, a psionic of almost unfathomable potential. Aang too was born for a purpose; to safeguard peace across the land and  return balance to the world. While the former understandably rebelled against his purpose the other embraced it, returning peace to his world. 
   Their past is history now, almost irrelevant to the coming battle. When these two clash Mewtwo's psionic powers will go against the very elements themselves as Aang unleashes his Avatar State. 

Sosuke Aizen(?) vs. ???:

Our Last Battle will pit the antagonist of Bleach, Sosuke Aizen against....

That is what we are trying to find out, who should get the last available slot?So far ideas include: Ermac, Scorpion, Ben 10, Juggernaut and many more. Who do you think should get in? 

What the Tournament looks like can be found here (*spoiler alert, will reveal the names of two winners * ) .

For those interested in participating in it, the facebook group can be found here.

So, what are your predictions? 

Thanks for your patience everyone! Maybe you'll see some of these guys another time, on this blog!


  1. Yeah, this would probably win best preview, if that was a catagory. This looks ultimately epic in every way, shape and form. I want either Goku or Sidious to win. Goku because he's a major part of my childhood, and Sidious because one of my nicknames is Darth DeMoss... In any case, this tournament is going to be sextastic!

    1. Thanks for the comment man! Feel free to join the group if you like; right now we are on Kratos vs. Batman and i'd to see some of your votes! Or lurkings just fine, we have plenty of those.

      Goku has a good chance to win, if he can beat the monster he is currently fighting. The problem is doing just that, seeing as the doomsday used in this one is now ten times stronger then superman, and has a great resistance to energy blasts (though not total; spirit bomb and a few others will be able to due him in) . However Doomsday is much too stupid and homicidal to use prep time, so Goku will have a monopoly on that. IF Doomsday wins then he'll become completely immune to energy blasts; if Goku wins then he gets a more moderate version of Doomsday's adaptive resistance, in addition to a great deal of resistance to physical attacks.

      Darth Sidious is also up for a tough fight, as his opponent can blow up his lightsaber, turn him into a duck or even send a magical wave of fire at him. That said, Sidious could easily predict the wizard's movements, send a bolt of force lightning his way or pull him into his blade. This battle might be over quickly, but would be epic if they took longer.

      What are your predictions for the rest of the fights?

  2. Righto, predictions, as you requested. Can't be too indepth, don't quite have that much time on my hands, but here goes:

    Dr. Strange vs. Doctor Fate: Dr. Strange
    You do not hose with the Sorcerer Supreme. Dr. Strange also regularly fights entities way above Dr. Fate's level.

    Arthas Menthil vs. The Ghost Rider: Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider can take down Galactus:
    If you say that the Penance Stare doesn’t work, they’re a lot more even but that might be unfair for Johnny Blaze. I’d say Ghost Rider’s ability to run away when the going gets bad and hit where least expected overcomes Arthas’ ability to summon glaciers on top of his foes, given they should be about equal physically. If they’re not even strength physically, I think Ghost Rider would be stronger basedo n past actions.

    The Incredible Hulk vs. Doctor Who: Doctor Who
    Depends wholly on how close to each other they are when the fight starts. At close enough distances, the Hulk will pulp The Doctor. Farther away, the Doctor can escape, hide, and eventually come up with a plan to stop the Hulk. I give it to The Doctor because he is a slippery old chap and that sonic screwdriver might be able to stun the Hulk enough to leg it.
    Also, he is “The Doctor”, not “Doctor Who”.

    Jackie Estacado vs. Raven: Jackie Estacado
    Jackie completely eats Raven’s lunch, and hands her an empty plate. The man has fought some insane foes, some completely beyond what Raven has encountered. Also, he’s fast.

    Albus Dumbledore vs. Emperor Palpatine: Emperor Palpatine
    I’m assuming Palpatine is from the Star Wars EU. He’s not called “Wankatine” for nothing. If not, and he’s the movie version, he gets trounced since Dumbledore is probably one of the few competent wizards in the entire book series.

    Captain Marvel vs. Rogue: Rogue
    I’d say Rogue is, in fact, durable enough to tank the magic lightning. I think. Honest, I flipped a coin for this one.

    Goku vs. Doomsday: Doomsday
    As much as I like Goku, he’s a fly but stupid chap, Doomsday was only beaten by himself. Kinda. Doomsday actually looks like my favourite to win this whole thing, so far.

    1. Thank you for the predictions sir!To clarify this tournament was originated by someone else, but I do a lot of management of the characters

      Dr. Strange vs. Fate: I have not yet researched them in depth as I have the others, but I believe Fate has a ability, in what circumstances I don't know, to simply nullify magic thrown at him. Basically Strange could shoot his most powerful spells at Fate and Fate could say "Nope" .Then again, if fate's helm is removed he dies.

      Arthas vs. Ghost Rider: Unfortunately Penance Stare is stated to not work on the souless, which is what Arthas is. Ghost Rider still has hellfire to combat the ice, but dark magic is going to hurt him like no other. Still this should be a very good fight.

      Hulk vs. Doctor: Sorry I felt I had to specify, since there are many doctor's in fiction!The doctor is one of the smartest, if not THE smartest in the entire tournament. Still the Hulk can close the distance VERY quickly.

      Jackie vs. Raven: I believe Raven can manipulate light to some degree to hurt Jackie, but otherwise I too lean Jackie.

      Dumbledore vs. Palaptine: This may actually be the next battle in the tournament! To clarify this is indeed "Wankatine" however his force storm is not going to be used by agreement among Star Wars fans as its too big for a duel; it would just kill them both. Also Dumbledore can spam apparition and will have his fire magic to go against Palpatine's force vision and lightning.

      Captain Marvel vs. Rouge: I find myself completely unable to give a opinion on this one yet, like you said its really close

      Goku vs. Doomsday: Goku may not be the brightest, but he's still smarter then Doomsday. Also Doomsday cannot use pre-battle, being the savage completely murder obsessed beast he is. Goku's spirit bomb/dragon punch would probably be enough to do Doomsday the necessary K.O., but he may not be able to survive that far.

  3. Part 2:

    Spawn vs. Superman: Spawn
    Spawn is H4x. Even assuming he doesn’t keep those powers over creation he gained during that “Heaven and Hell” arc, that “can’t be killed by anything other than own powers and holy weapons” is a terrible thing even for Superman. Plus, according to you, Spawn has to be able to beat Superman in the first place in order to get into the tournament.

    Batman vs. Kratos: Batman
    Ordinarily, I’d give Kratos some pretty decent odds. Unfortunately, that post on your group says Batman gets power armour.

    Magneto vs. Sarah Kerrigan: Magneto
    Magneto got some crazy stuff, yo. As good as Kerrigan is, the Master of Magnetism outclasses her. Unfortunately, I think Magneto already lost according to your group page.

    Azula vs. Galen Marek: Galen Marek
    Hahahahaha Galen stomps. He got way more tricks and a lot more pure combat ability.

    Shadow the Hedgehog vs. Thor: Thor
    Hahahahaha Thor stomps. The only time Shadow stands a chance is when he’s in Super-Shadow mode, and that don’t last forever.

    Alucard vs. Alex Mercer: Alucard
    Alex got some nasty tricks. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he got the endurance to kill Alucard enough times to put the vampire down for good. Pity, I’m not terribly fond of Alucard.

    Eldrad Ulthran vs. Alduin: Eldrad Ulthran
    Eldrad is a dick. That aside, Alduin can be brought down by swords, axes, and bows and arrows. They might be magic, but I think Eldrad’s psyker powers can stand in for that. Any elf that got the fortitude calls the God Emperor of Mankind something along the lines of a “lousy psyker” has some serious swag.

    Mewtwo vs. Aang: Mewtwo
    Avatar state is a nasty piece of work, but movie Mewtwo can influence the entire planet. Also, I think Mewtwo could do some cheap facsimile of bending with his psychic powers.

    As a minor quibble, I’m not sure how rigorously these fighters adhere to one of your initial requirements. Silver Age Superman was essentially a force of writer fiat. Do you mean that they have to be able to beat at least the weakest incarnation of Superman?

    1. Spawn vs. Superman: By "must be able to beat Superman" I meant that he must be able to beat Superman at least 400 times/is actually capable of doing so. The Spawn used is not the god version, but he still retains a LOT of powers. Also remember only a knock out is required.

      Batman vs. kratos: Yea, I didn't write Batmans....the guy who did, Marcus, is a bit overzealous for batman. Still Batman is superb at pre-battle, so that isn't his only plus.

      Magneto vs. Kerrigan:
      Kerrigan won because we included book feats (about ten times better then the feats in Game) , abathur for pre-battle (which gave her the ability to become immune to Magneto's direct attacks, like pulling metal from her blood) and the fact that everytime she was seriously injured she would jsut go underground and quickly heal. Plus her psionic storm is DEADLY.

      Azula vs. Marek:
      This was a VERY close vote, but ultimately Azula's tactical mind (she would have figured out how to escape from force choke ala Boba Fett) and blue fire flames (which Galen really doesn't have a defense too) barely won it.

      Thor vs. Shadow: Another one I need to look up, but while Thor won't get the odinverse (which would put him above the criteria in this tournament) Shadow gets his Chaos powers/super form. Other then the Odinverse, Thor will get everything else.

      Alex vs. Alucard: Ahh but consumption takes away the need for Alex to kill him multiple times. At worst this would kill Alucard permanently (otherwise Alex would have to wait till zero restriction form), at best Alex gets many of Alucard's powers. Plus Alucard always fucks around his first battle and lets his opponents kill him .

      Eldrad Ulthran vs. Alduin: Stay tuned, this one might be closer then you think.....Though Eldrad is quite the dick, and makes me want to vote agaisnt him for that Emperor comment.

      Aang vs. Mewtwo: True, but Mewtwo won't profit from playing around with storms or anything really in the Avatar's domain. He'll need to stick to his psionics to beat Avatar Aang (normal Aang he'd destroy), as well do the proper research.

      I think the criteria was for the more modern superman, or the one from Doomsday era. Certainly not the Silver era one....then only a few characters liek the god emperor would be in.

    2. This tournament is going to undoubtedly rock :D
      As for my predictions:

      Fate vs. Strange: This one's really too close to call. Nice even matchup here.

      Arthas vs. Ghost Rider: It depends on who's in control of the Ghost Rider. If Blaze has full control then it will be an easy win for Arthas. But if the Ghost Rider entity has full control, then he stomps Arthas

      The Hulk vs. Doctor Who: The Green Skar version of the Hulk isn't quite as flat out stupid as some of the others (he's actually kind of cunning), but the Doctor still outmatches him mentally in every way. That said, I don't think he has enough power to bring down a fully enraged Hulk.

      Jackie vs. Raven: I don't really know enough about either one to call this.

      Dumbledore vs. Palaptine: Going very narrowly with Palaptine. He's more ruthless, and I think that his lightsaber and force protection will protect him from most of Dumbledore's spells. Apparition will still be a giant pain in his ass though

      Captain Marvel vs. Rouge: Rouge's always been a bit hesitant to use her power absorption, so I'm not sure how effective it will be against Marvel. Plus, he's got a lot more raw power.

      Goku vs. Doomsday: Going with Goku, very narrowly.

      Superman vs. Spawn: Surprisingly, this may be a bit of a mismatch. Superman and magic DO NOT mix well, and Spawn's all about magic. Plus, he's ridiculously hard to kill, unless you have some weapons forged in Heaven on hand, which Superman doesn't.

      Batman vs. Kratos: Given enough time and planning (and two days is plenty), Batman can take anyone down, although Kratos will still give him a hell of a fight.

      Magneto vs. Sarah: Magneto's helmet will only protect him against a few of Sarah's powers, although I think he still would have enough versatility to take her down, even though she already won.

      Azula vs. Galen: Galen's pretty messed up emotionally, and a master manipulator like Azula would have little trouble screwing with his head. I'll still give it to Galen though, for his dual lightsabers/force powers combo.

      Thor vs. Shadow: Super Shadow only lasts for a few minutes, and once that's gone, Shadow's just an oversized rodent with an attitude problem, going up against the freaking GOD OF THUNDER.

      Alex vs. Alucard: This will be very close, but I'll give a slight edge to Alex.

      Eldrad Ulthran vs. Alduin: I know almost zero on either of these guys, but Eldrad seems a little more powerful at the moment... even if he is a dick.

      Aang vs. Mewtwo: Is Aang going to be in his Avatar State for the entire fight? If so, then my money's on him, otherwise it's on Mewtwo.

      Overall this is shaping up to be really great. As for my overall winner prediction, it's probably going to be either Spawn or Ghost Rider

    3. Thanks for the predictions Mongol!Ill answer some of your questions

      Arthas vs. Ghost Rider: We are still debating which version to use, however it may be the spirit of the Ghost Rider, as we are using Lich King Arthas at the height of his glory.

      Hulk vs. Doctor: Indeed the Hulk is very cunning in this stage, something I admire about him, however it remains to be seen what the Doctor can do

      Dumbledore vs. Palpatine: This is actually out next battle in the group, and looks like it would be close.

      Batman vs. Kratos: yea batman has pretty much won it in our group, due to the pre-battle thing, though I don't think that he'll win every battle with it.

      Magneto vs. Kerrigan :essentially Kerrigan won this for the same reason Batman won, she had a much better pre-battle bonus that comes close to rivaling Batman and his lab(who she will face next) : abarthur, the minion who actually evolved Kerrigan to face her foes. Thus she became immune to half the stuff Magneto could do directly to her.

      Galen vs. Azula: the version used for Galen is from the first game only, the original and no clones. you should see more on this battle later.

      Thor vs. Shadow: need to look up more on Shadow to say.

      Eldrad vs. Alduin: Eldrad is indeed a huge dick.

      Aang vs. Mewtwo: Aang is going to start out normal, but after the finale its established that he has greater control over the Avatar State, and can change with some effort.

  4. Hey bro :D I told you this before but now I'm saying it again. THis is a badass preview :D I'm seriously impressed by the quality of this work ;)

    Now for me predictions.

    Aang vs Mewtwo: This is a tuffie, but for the time being I'll narrowly give this to Aang. Mewtwo is a hard bastard who was brought into a loveless world and very powerful, but Aang's taken on some great foes and prevail. I give my slight edge to him, but that could change.

    Hulk vs Doctor: I know he's called "The Doctor" but I think it's cool when you call him Doctor Who. Now the test of strengh is obvious, but I think in this case the Doctor wins. His sonic and laser screwdriver give him a great deal of versatility, combined with his intellect he'll take down the Hulk. As I've said before, I'd be more worried about the Doctor fighting Kerrigan than the big green guy.

    Spawn vs Superman: Based on superman's weakness to magic, I'll give it to spawn. That said, Superman won't give up without a fight, and though Spawn may win, Superman's last act may to shove those chains up spawn's ass.

    Jackie vs Raven: I have to give it to Jackie, he was sweet in the game and in the comics he's supposed to be godly. So I give it to him, no disrespect to Raven.

    Alucard vs Alex: I give it to Alucard on this one, but I still think that Alex could in theory kill the bastard. I never liked that whole "only a man can kill a monster" thing. Far from it, a monster is perfect to kill a monster. And Alex is not only a monster but a genius. Still, Alucard's sheer level of power and experience may be too much for Jackie.

    Eldrad vs Alduin: This is pretty close. One is a deity, but Eldrad is some heavy Hitter. And just based on what someone told me, he called the God emperor a lousy psyker. How can you not love that? edge: Eldrad.

    For Aizen: I volunteered the Devilman, but I'm not sure he'll win :) Oh well, so it goes.

    Goku vs Doomsday: I go with Goku. From what I remember, those bastards in Dragonball Z are regularly blowing up planets with their minds. With doomsday, that's just what the Doctor ordered.

    Rock on :D

  5. Dude are you gonna finish this ever. Also Raidan(Metal gear), Cole Mcgrath (infamous), Deslin Rowe(Infamous Second Son), and lastly James Heller(Prototype2) Would all Make excellent entries i believe.